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Chad, how nice to see you. Are you all right? I’m, I’m fine. I You’re alive. I’m alive. I, I heard, I heard that, that you were alive. I just had to seat with now and two eyes. I’m glad you did. Come in, come in.

How are you? Hey, you look amazing. Oh, well, thanks. I feel amazing. I’m just so happy. Happy and thrilled to be back with the people that I love. Well, everybody who knows and loves you is every bit as happy. It really is a. It is, she’s too bad that Tay didn’t come into,

I’m sorry, C can you repeat that? I didn’t hear you. Is, is it your mom? What is she saying?

Oh no, wait. How did this happen? I don’t understand.

Could be so important that Victor would keep all

a letter to my mother. My name is Steve Johnson. I’m working with the isa. I need to see any evidence you have from the raid on Will Helm, Rolf’s hotel room. I’m afraid your colleague has already made that request. My colleague? Yes. He arrived a few minutes before you did. Is he still here? Yes. Derek Donovan is waiting on that room.

Shane. Donovan is here. Why don’t you go and join him and, uh, we’ll go see what’s taking so long.



is it really you?

How can this be

your You’re alive. That I am.

How is this possible? How are you

and what are you doing here in Chris posing as Shane Dono?

Let’s see if we can get these people to talk to us about Thomas Banks. I want to.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Thank you so much for calling. Yes, I will be there as soon as I can. Was that about Kayla? Was she all right? No, I mean, that call wasn’t about, my mom seemed urgent. Who was it? A hospital in Seattle. She’s been in an accident.

I’ve sent this back to Victor without even opening it.

Victor kept it all these years. Why?

Oh, miracle. Thank you.


My dear is Caroline, I have just returned to Greece. It was terribly painful to leave you behind in Salem, but I knew it would be the best after what happened between us.

What’s going on? How are you alive, bitches? What are you doing here? It’s a long story. Well, that’s a story This dude would like to hear

C that cop out there. He told me that you said you were Shane Donovan, and you were trying to get all the evidence that was collected from Dr. Rolf’s hotel room. Now why would you say that

I’m working undercover for the isa? What? I can’t go into detail. I just have to get some evidence and get the hell outta here. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Are you in some kind of trouble? No, I’m not. I’m working the case and the clock is ticking. I just gotta go. No, not until we talk. I can’t talk. This is a highly sensitive operation.

It’s true. So I don’t have your operation. Listen to me. Kayla is missing some. Psycho has her. That’s why I’m here in Greece. I’m trying to track down Thomas Banks. Why banks? Hope, and I have reason to believe that he’s the one who took Kayla

Hope is here in Greece. We gotta call her and tell her you’re alive. You’re not calling anyone,

sir. We mean no harm. I know you don’t, but this one is a different story. Sir, my name is Constantine. I own You were in here a couple of years ago. Yes. I’m surprise you. Remember I never forget the face. And imagine my surprise when I saw yours again sometime later. And where was this? In the newspaper. We get a lot of tourists in here, always leaving their international papers behind.

I saw your picture on the front page. You been arrested for committing many terrible crimes. Including trying to kill you at your wedding. If I recall correctly, uh, Harris was in, how did you get outta prison, sir? You just, you must have escaped and now you are a wanted man wanted by the police. I, I can assure quiet is he holding you against your will.

Sir, of course you cannot say you are too scared. It is. All right. You are safe now and we’ll make sure he never hurts anyone again.

Joey’s been in an accident. Is he okay? He’s fine, thank God. But they said he is pretty banged up. He cracked a few ribs and he broke a leg in two places. He’s in surgery right now to have it repaired. Oh man, that’s, that’s tough. And. He’s gonna be all alone, so I, I gotta get to Seattle. Stay. He’s gonna need help getting around.

No, I know, but Dad’s in Greece looking for mom, so obviously neither of them can get there quickly. Someone has to, someone has to go right away. I will. I, I’ll go to Seattle. What? No, you don’t have to do that. No, I, I want to. Okay. Joey’s my brother too, and I do have some medical expertise and a job here.

Same as you. I can work from anywhere. Steph, you haven’t slept since you talked to your mom. Okay. You need to go see Marlena and figure out if Kayla left you any clue of where she might be. I just don’t want Joey to think that he, he won’t trust me. He wants you to focus on finding your mom and getting her back home.

Hey, look, I, I, I’ll book my flight right now. He, I’ll be in Seattle before he even wakes up.

Thank you. Trip. I really appreciate this. Of course. Oh wait, what about your big date? So when you and Kayla were in the lap, Kate was, Megan was holding all three of us

and now you’re home. Kayla’s missing and Kate’s, uh,

I’m so sorry, Chad. You can’t stop thinking about her. You, I’m trying to put all these bizarre pieces together. You know, I mean, at, at first we thought that Kay was dead and then it turns out that she’s actually alive on some island. And, uh, now,

What did Megan want? What did she do?

I, I, I know you don’t want to relive this nightmare. It’s just that Tate was like a mother to me, and knowing she had a second chance and my own sister took it away from her.

With Abigail, it was a shock. You know, losing her the way that we did, having the answers and, and knowing what happened, it didn’t take away the pain, but, uh,

um, it made it a little easier. I understand. I wish I could tell you something more. In fact, as we were, we were sedated most of the time. There actually was only one day that the three of us were, were conscious together. How was Kate? Was she all right? She was all right. She kept going after Megan, demanding to know what Megan planned to do with us.

What did Megan tell you? Not much, unfortunately.

And then she put us under again. When Kayla and I woke up, Kate wasn’t there. We tried to escape. And, and, and find her. But Ralph, stop this. Did he tell you where Kate was? She was with Megan. Apparently Kate was going to be the first test subject of Ralph’s new serum, five new. I don’t know. He just said it was going to be life changing.

How or what? I don’t know. So Megan made Kate her own personal Guinea pig. Yeah. Megan came back into the lab at one point and said that Kate had refused to cooperate, so she was going to be taking a different path.

So Kayla and I were left in the, in the lab for a while,

and then a few minutes, and then a few minutes later

we heard a gunshot. Very shot.

Uh, she said she didn’t pull the trigger, so I imagine it was her henchman, the one that had. Taking Kayla off the island. Thomas Banks, I hadn’t ever considered him. Did his name come up? Stephanie was talking to Steve yesterday and Megan is claiming that Thomas Banks is the one that took Kayla.

Sir Constantine, there’s been a misunderstanding. If you would allow me to explain, I’d be happy to. Fine. I know they read. It is not fake news, but it is old news and if you let me show you, you’ll see Commander Harris Michaels cleared of all charges. Yes. That was a few days ago. You see Harris was found innocent on all charges.

Is this true? Yeah. Look, I feel terrible about what happened to all the people I heard, but yes, it’s true. My apologi. Now you had every right to be concerned. I’m, I’m glad you were looking out for Hope. Hope Reading Forer. Thank you so much for looking out for me. And I promise you this guy here is not a danger to anyone.

In fact, he is helping me. We’re working together to find my sister-in-law who is kidnapped. Um,

her name is Kayla Johnson. Have you seen her?

As much as I wanted to stay in Salem, I could not. It had become too much of a risk. My feelings for you longing, my, my desire. It had grown so strong. I feared that simply by looking at you. I give myself away. Give away what’s in my heart.

And each day the temptation grew stronger to throw caution to the wind and tell the world just how very much I love you. That made me dangerous, Caroline. I was a ticking bomb that could go off at any moment and destroy your life, but I could never hurt your family. Not Sean or your beautiful children, not Roman or Kimberly or Little Kayla

Bo. What the hell are you doing? We need to call Hope and we need to find Thomas Banks. No, you don’t. Didn’t you hear what I said? He’s the one who took Kayla. Yeah, I heard. But no, he didn’t take her. I did. What are you talking about? I don’t have time to explain. What do you mean you can’t explain? What do you mean you took Kayla?

Where is she? Answer me. Is she all right? Of course she, you think I’d hurt my own sister? No, but I don’t understand why you took her off Megan’s Island without telling. John and I were there searching for her. I don’t know how we missed you. What difference does it make? What’s done? What’s done? What difference does it make?

Kayla’s my wife, you had to know how worried everybody would be. You couldn’t let someone know she was okay and then you were alive for God’s sake. I told you, I know you told me you were working undercover, but you couldn’t find a way to make contact. If, if not with me, at least with hope, okay? I don’t have time for this.

No, listen, well listen to me. Whatever’s going on, you can talk to me. You can trust me ina. I gotta get this evidence now. Move. No.

Get the hell off of me.

No, I have not seen this woman. You’re sure? I’m sorry. No. All right. What about this character? Oh, yes. Here. May have seen that is a face I wish I could forget. So he was standing here. He asked a few years ago when you were here Commander, but I have not seen him since. Well, thank you. Anyway, we should head back to the hotel, see if Steve Penny, you’d like the police station.

Wait, wait, wait. If I could not give you any information, at least let me provide you with a nice meal. Hmm.

Okay. As much as I’d hate to can on Wendy, Joan needs me and, and Wendy has a brother. She’s close to She’ll, totally underst. Okay, well if you’re sure. Put my flight. Alright. You should go see Marlena, right? You’ll call me when you get there. Gimme an update. Absolutely. Thanks Trev, you’re the best. Tell Joey I.

And that he better get well soon, or his big sister’s gonna kick his butt. Will do. Good luck. I hope you remember something that helps Dad find Kayla.

I could never hurt your family, Caroline. But I must confess that I’ve dreamed many times that you and I have a child together. Sometimes it’s a son and sometimes it’s a daughter. How I hate waking up from those dreams. I know it can never be that we can’t be married and have a family. I’ve so often seen in my dreams, but I wonder if we might have something else that’s just our own.

If perhaps you could come here to Greece. There’s a little house in the hills where I grew up, a secluded little villa where the two of us, just you and I could be together.

Do you think that Thomas Banks is the one that took Kayla? It’s possible. I mean, he. Worked for Megan before. Did you see him in the lab? No. No. The only people that I saw were Megan and Ralph.

Wait, what is it? There was someone else there.

Get the hell off of me. Whatcha gonna do? You gonna cut me? I don’t think. And we may not have seen each other for almost a decade, but I am still your best friend in the whole world. No, that’s right. You remember that, don’t you? There was a time we hated each other and I took bad eye. Do you remember that?

How could I forget? Yeah. Now please put the knife down. And let’s talk. You’ve done enough talking. Now let go made before someone gets hurt. Listen to me, Paul. I don’t know what’s going on with you. I don’t know what you’ve been through, but the things you’re saying, the way you’re acting, It’s not you. Oh, Brady would never hurt me.

You sure about that? Damn right. I am.

Hey, I took, why? How about I take the other? You can’t. Oh, yeah. Watch me.

I knew you couldn’t do it.

Okay. Hey, man, I don’t know what’s happened to you. But you can’t change 40 years of history. You will always be my closest friend in the world. Oh, do me a favor friend, and shut the hell up. Oh,

so there was a fourth tube in the lab. There was Kayla and I kept pressuring Ralph to tell us who was in it, but. Well, as he was about to tell us, Megan walked in. So he didn’t give you a name? No, but I don’t think that it could have been banks. I mean, how could he be gallad all over the globe causing problems and, and still be frozen?

Frozen banks? Who do you think it was? I’m not sure we’re ever going to know.

Um, uh, thank you for telling me what happened. Of course. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of some comfort to you. No, you were, I’m glad to know that you and Kayla were with Kate in our last days. Unless you wanna fight,

I should go.

I’m so glad you came by

and if you have any more questions, please just call me. I appreciate that.

I am an ambitious man, as you well know, but I’ve come to learn that nothing is more precious than time. The people you love. I want time with you, Caroline. I want that so badly and we can have it here in our own private paradise. Oh gosh. I could send you a plane ticket tickets, continue. A plane ticket, and you could, you could tell Sean that you’re visiting a relative, perhaps a sick aunt in Ireland.


It would allow you to steal away even if it’s only for a little while. For a little while. You could be.

You could be my wife,

Constantine, that is very kind of you. And normally I would absolutely say yes, but we have a lot of work to do. Yeah, we have a big search ahead of us. Oh, be more reason to keep up your strength. Besides, I cannot let my best customer leave without taking. Would care of her. Me? Are you talking about me? As I said, I never forget the face.

And I remember you being in here as well, who a year or so ago that was, uh, the first night we met, the two of you were sold. You look so happy together. You were practically glowing while you laughed and talked and ate, danced on tables. I never, I never danced the table special. A lot of plates that you did do?

Yes. All right. That I idea. I did. I remember I special a lot of plates. True. Yes, you did. It was a celebration of joy, of life, of love, and all the people that would hear, they couldn’t have enough of the beautiful American. They all fell in love with this woman. Please sit, sit, please,

and allow me to recreate the magic of that night.

Yeah, at two 30 to Seattle.

Great. Thanks. You’re going to Seattle this afternoon. Oh, I saw that we were having dinner. Yeah, I know, and I’m, I’m really sorry about this, but my brother Joey, he, uh, he’s been in an accident.

I knew you were back, but Oh my God. It’s so wonderful to see. So good to see you, drew. How are you feeling? I’m, I’m fine. Uh, my family’s taking very good care of me. I’m sure they have been. I wasn’t expecting you to be here. Well, I, I wanted to see a miracle with my own two eyes, and Marlan was kind enough to tell me what happened.

I’m so sorry.

Uh, is there any news about your mother? Not yet. That’s why I’m here. Actually. I was hoping that you might be able to help us find Finder. How can I help? She called me yesterday and what did she. The connection was very bad. There was tons of static, so I could barely hear her, but to sure. It was your mother, definitely.

We were on for a few minutes, but all I could make out was that she’s somewhere in Greece, which is where my dad is now. Did she say exactly where? If she did, I couldn’t hear it, but Tripp thinks that maybe my subconscious mind might have, and that if you hypnotize me, I might be able to remember. I know the chances are slim, but I will try anything that might help my mom and so will I.

Wow. He really went all out. Yeah. You can always stay here. Yeah. But we already know that this is a dead end when it comes to Thomas Banks. Okay. So let’s eat and then get back to the search for care. Okay. You know, Constantine copying this meal had nothing to do with him. Feeling bad about threatening me with a bad, or not being able to help us find Kayla.

I think he’s hoping for an encore performance. Really but of me breaking more plates, I sincerely don’t. You can, you can deny it all you want hope, but I was here that night. And to my purpose, my purpose was to find prisms. I was programmed to find those prisms, but I saw the same thing Constantine did.

Beautiful American who made every person in this place fall madly in love with her.

Have you retrieved those prisms yet? Well, I don’t suppose they say it’s prepared to offer me a reward. Huh? For my trouble. Are you asking for a payoff? Of course not. Director Donovan. I have all three prisons right here. Well done.

What’s with him? I thought he was your colleague. Ah, he just told you that to get access to these prisms, he’s a con artist. It’s not who he claims to be. It’s not me.

Sorry. It was ah. Battering rather violent. Two came out me. I had to bash him in the head. Poor fella. The sooner I get him to a secure facility, the better. Cheers. Don’t.

Is Joey gonna be okay? Yeah. Yeah. His leg is pretty badly broken apparently, but yes, from what they told us, he should be just fine. Oh, thank God. So what, he’s in surgery now or? Yeah, that’s why I’m leaving for Seattle right away. I wanna be there when he wakes up. I’m just really sorry that I’m gonna miss our dinner trip.

Please don’t worry about it. I am brother needs you. Thank you for understanding. Of course. And look, I don’t know exactly when I’ll be back, but, uh, is there any chance I can get a rain check on dinner? Count on it, and hey, please tell Joey that I hope you get well soon, okay? Will do. See you.

Stephanie, now that you’re completely relaxed, I wanna take you back to yesterday, a Newton in the square was Chad. Did you get a phone call? Yes. And who was it?


It was my mother. What did she say?

I know it’s shock honey, but it’s true. I’m, I’m alive. She said that it was really her. She was alive. And then what?

What did you say, mom? The connection’s getting really wonky. Mom, I’m sorry. The connection’s really bad. I can only hear every third word or whatever. There’s lots of static. Tell me where you are. Okay. Greece. I’m in Greece. Greece? Yeah. Yeah. Greece. Where in Greece? What’s the name of the city? There’s so much static.

I, I can’t hear what she’s saying. Okay. That’s all right. I, I want you to try to black blackout all the. Until you only hear the sound of your mother’s voice.

You said Megan Henchman was who? Where are you in Greece. What’s the name of the town? She said a name. I heard a name. Who’s up?

Stephanie, can you still hear the sound of your mother’s?

All right. It’s okay. I’m gonna bring you out of it. Wanna count to three? Just open your eyes. 1, 2, 3.

How do you feel? I’m. Did it work? Sorry, I think I messed it up. What do you mean? You were under, um, recalling your conversation with your mom? You said you heard a name and I I jumped on it. I said, who was it? I think I, I threw it off. I did hear her say a name. Was it Thomas Banks? No, I’m pretty sure it was.

Victor, Kiki.

Caroline, my darling. I know what I’m asking may be impossible, but I hope you will consider it.

Please know that whatever you decide, I am forever your. Victor.

Oh, hello. You’re back. Yes, with the prisms you needed. Pen. Another thing, a little present.

Stay back. He’ll live maybe.

Hmm. This is the best lamb I’ve ever had. This puts my seafood dish to shame, that’s for sure.

Oh, you’re feeling it. You feeling it? I’m feeling what? I think you know. Oh my gosh. Paris Michaels for the last time, I have never, ever danced on a table. Not ever. Hey, I know, I know. But you look so happy that night. You look free and relaxed. It’s not hard to imagine you getting up there again. Time again, house.

What is happening right now? Well, I think they want you to join me. I can see that. But thank you so much. But we’re eating and drinking. I don’t think he’s gonna take no for an answer. All that please. Woo.

Okay, come on. You know what? Screw me. This

one more.


You kids behave yourself.

Can you hear me? Steve? Steve, can you hear me? Yeah. Can you hear me? Can you, can you.

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