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Nate: I think we need to address what happened the other night.

Victoria: I thought that we were pretty clear with one another.

Nate: Saying everything is fine is one thing, but is it really?

Victoria, I don’t want what happened to change our work dynamic, and I hope it doesn’t alter the trust and comfort we have with one another.

Victoria: Nate, don’t give it any more thought. Really, it bears little to no weight on my end.

Nate: I hope that’s the case.

Victoria: Look, if it would make you feel better, I will willingly admit that i overstepped, and I’ll apologize. I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable.

Nate: No apologies necessary

[Chuckles] Because you wouldn’t mean in anyway.

Victoria: Excuse me?

Nate: You don’t feel like you overstepped, now, do you?

Victoria: No, I don’t.


Victor: Let me ask you, how do you think Katherine would feel? She realized you drew a very hard line with Devon. I mean, Devon is her grandson.

Jill: You’re playing the Katherine card, aren’t you? Look, Katherine had a lot of opinions, a lot of opinions about a lot of things, and most of them I did not agree with. But make no mistake, there are times when I miss her like crazy.

Victor: Yep.

Jill: What I don’t miss is when she harped at me on how to run the company all the time. She and I can discuss that in the afterlife.

Victor: [Chuckles] Well, that’s fair enough.

Jill: Just

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