Y&R Best Lines Monday, March 20, 2023

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Daniel: Is everything okay? Are you ready for your arbitration hearing?

Lily: Um, yeah, everything’s fine. I just — I didn’t sleep very well last night.

Daniel: Figured as much, seeing that very large cup of coffee. Did you ask them if they’d sell it to you by the gallon?


Jeremy: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, god. What are you — what are you — what are you doing, yelling my name? I just made this whole show that I washed my hands of you and your plans for Diane. I — I — I just made a big deal out of it. W-we can’t be seen here together. That’s why we’re meeting in your room.

Jeremy: I just finished my morning workout, and my endorphins are in overdrive. Now I’m ready to sit down and discuss next steps.

Phyllis: Okay, well, let’s do that, but let’s leave before we get busted. Let’s go and get out of this…

Diane: [Exhales sharply] I should have known. Every word out of your mouth was a big, fat lie.

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