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Ashley: You know, I am just not interested in discussing my romantic entanglements with you.

Billy: Oh, my g– even hearing you say “romantic entanglements” makes me…

Ashley: Get over it.

Billy: Okay, fine. If you’re not gonna take any brotherly concern from me, what about Jack?

Ashley: [Laughs] That’s funny.

Billy: I mean, he’s got to really not love this entanglement that you —

Ashley: Jack doesn’t have any credibility.

Billy: Why?

Ashley: Well, obviously because of his relationship with Diane. I mean, he moved her in. And I never thought of a house as big as ours could feel crowded, but indeed it does.


Ashley: What are you saying? You’re having an affair already?

[Chuckling] Really? What?

Billy: No, I’m not.

Ashley: What?

Billy: But, you know, I mean, there is someone that, um… look, I’m trying to be thoughtful and I’m trying to take my time and be conscientious. This, you know…


Ashley: Very novel for you. Gosh, I can’t wait till you go public with your relationship so I can just judge the hell out of it.

Billy: Okay, and — and — and because of that right there, I just want to straight up apologize. I am very sorry if you are offended by this line of questioning.

Ashley: Yeah, you should be sorry.

Billy: Whatever you have going on with that manipulative, scheming megalomaniac… it’s none of my business.

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