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Did you hear what I said? I did. You still have feelings for me?

Aren’t you gonna say something? Well, When we had our little adventure in Hong Kong, I, I thought you liked me and then I moved here and you came back and I dunno, I just felt like you were over for me. I thought I was too. At least that’s what I told myself. Then today I was talking to a patient and it just kind of hit me like how much I still feel for you.

Wait, you were talking to a patient about. Do I know this person? Uh, yeah. It’s Chanel’s mom pulling a price. You discussed me with her. How could you do that? You were in the hospital. Why didn’t you say anything? Are are you all right? Yes. I I’m fine now. I you don’t have to worry. Video people. Were fine.

Don’t take themselves to the hospital now. What’s going on? You have to promise not to overreact, please. Almost. Okay. I went to the hospital because I thought, I thought something might be wrong with my heart. Your heart, but it’s not. It’s fine. I’m fine. Oh, what I had was, was a panic attack courtesy of that bitch Sloan Peterson.

You invited me over here to watch you work. No way. This isn’t gonna take long. I just am finishing up a request for a restraining order. I really think that’s necess. Yes, I do. Paul Price is drained. Showing up here, accusing me of sending her a, a threatening note with letters cut out of a magazine. Yeah,

that’s, uh, pretty wild accusation. Won’t happen again. I can guarantee that as soon as the judge grants this request, Paulina Price won’t be able to come with them 1500 feet of me. Now she doesn’t mind ending up in a jail sale.

Where the hell is she? Who are you looking for? Uh, it’s you. Gabby’s supposed to be here having a business dinner. Oh, you’re checking up on her. Right? That’s none of your business. What are you so worried about that Gabby lied to you? That she’s really hooking up with my Uncle Stephan right now.

I’ve spent enough time in this room to know that you are quite the decorator. Come on. Really? No. Really? You’ve got talent. It’s not like this is a picnic on the beach in Ibiza. Our matters is that we’re here together and we can’t find this. It’s perfect. You’re perfect. Perfect for me, Gabby. I have never loved anyone the way I love you.

I can’t believe it took me so long to remember that. Time’s over now. Okay. What matters is that we beat Kristen, and Ralph and Lee, and we did it because we love each other that much. I. Do you have any idea how long I’ve dreamt of this moment?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

If we keep this up, that dinner that you smuggled in is gonna get cold. Let it, I’m gonna devour something. I want it to be you. I can’t believe you’ve got the Demara chef to make this for you. And on top of it, we have to keep our strength, but come on. Good point. Thank you. Wow. So how did you, uh, how did you get the kitchen to make all of this without the Lord and Lady of the Manor finding out, oh, please, EJ and Nicole, they know about dinner.

They know. Yeah. They just think that I’m upstairs eating in my bedroom with me. Belinda Trask.

How stupid does he think we are? I don’t know. He never should have talked me into coming downstairs. I should have bought straight into that room. There is no way in hell that Stefan would cheat on Gabby, especially with an I sculpture like Melinda Trust. Well, after what I saw when we got home and what we heard, Maybe good old Melinda can heat up whenever she wants to.

I don’t care what we saw or what we heard. Me too. What I wanna know is what Melinda tries is getting out of all of this more than I’m getting from you. Excuse me. How are you doing? Changing the subject to what? Well, maybe instead of obsessing over Stephanie’s love life, we could turn our attention to ours.

Why don’t you do whatever you came here to do and stay outta my business? Hey, I didn’t mean to overstep. I just, and when I came over to your guys’ apartment the other morning, I couldn’t help but notice a chill in the air between the two of you. I don’t care what you noticed. You don’t know anything about Gabby and me.

I’ll tell you what, I’ll make you a deal. I won’t comment on you and Gabby anymore if you promise to stop trying to convince me that there’s something going on between Wendy and Tripp. I can’t believe you talked about me to a patient. I’m a very private person. Okay. Well, Pauline is not just any patient.

She’s my sister’s boss. She’s like a friend of our family. She was really great to us after Kayla died.

Okay. I guess I understand. I’m really screwing this up. I’m, I’m sorry that I broke my mouth to Paul. No worth to you, but you don’t have to leave. I, I’m on duty. Okay. I, I decided that I had to talk to you and so I took a break, but I, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have butted between you and I I didn’t think you were butting in.

I didn’t realize you two were so serious. You act like Johnny’s my boyfriend or something. Well, isn’t he? But, but I thought you two patched things up. Yeah, we did. We’ve had like a few dates, but not exclusive. Oh, okay. What does that mean? I have a shot with you. Look, I am beyond flattered, flattered. Okay.

That came out wrong. No, no. I think you made yourself perfectly clear. Uh, how I feel for you is just the way you feel about me. That’s not what I’m saying. Oh, Kevin, what are you saying? I’m not sure.

I dunno what to say now. Maybe we should just stop talking.

How, how long have you been having these panic attacks? Um, it was just the one, I swear, Abe, I, I don’t want you worrying about. I have been worrying about you and Chanel ever since Sloan Peterson started this. The police should be putting a stop to it. I agree. But they keep saying all they have is my word against hers.

And Abe, she always is one step ahead of the cops. I didn’t even bother to tell ’em about the latest thing. What latest thing? After the police left my office, someone left a note for me. It said This is an over. Which in her handwriting, no. She knew better than to do that. Oh, she cut letters out from a magazine.

I wanna see that. No, I gave it to Chanel. You should have taken it to the police. They might have been able to lift fingerprints off it. Mm. If she was smart enough to cut letters from a magazine. She was smart enough to wear gloves besides who wanted to tell her a thing or two before I talked to them.

You confronted. What happened? She denied everything like she always does. That doesn’t, wherever you going, I’m going, no, no, you’re going home. You’re gonna lie down and get some rest. Oh, no, that’s, that’s it. It is time that I handled Sloane Peterson, myself.

This won’t take long. Where are you going? The courthouse. This slate? Yes. I wanna get this requested by tonight. Yeah, but the courthouse is closed. Well, they don’t lock the front entrance. I’m just gonna slide this under Judge Bauer’s door and I’ll come back. No, no, no. You can email it. No, judge Bauer’s Old School.

I want her to see this first thing tomorrow morning. Like it’s not gonna take long. I’ve. And I’ll make it up to you when I get back.

What has she done now?

I suppose it was petty of me insinuating there was something going on between Trip and Wendy. So why’d you do it? Because you went to such lengths to expose my involvement in what Rolf did to him, your involvement. You hired the guy, you told him to rearrange My Uncle Stephan’s brain. You are outraged on behalf of an uncle you never even knew.

No, I didn’t do it for him. I did it for my, no-no. What? Yeah, it’s Italian for grandfather Stephano, the mall boss. No, not to me. To me, he was the guy who pulled quarters out of thin air. Let me keep him, let me eat the cherries out of his Manhattans. I adored him. Stephan was his son. I mean, my own father didn’t give a damn about his brother.

So somebody had to, huh? You tried to ruin my life. And not only that, you also involved my younger sister in your place. Oh, okay. Wendy. Just as excited to get to the truth as I was. And Lee, we didn’t ruin your life. Okay. You did that on your own and you don’t think you’re splitting hairs here. What’s your problem?

You and Gabby are still together, so she and my uncle are farther apart than ever. Right? Right.

I suppose it is time to two of us bury the hatchet for my sister’s sake for reasons. That I don’t understand. She seems quite fond of you and you’ll be pleased to know that there doesn’t seem to be anything between her and Dr. Johnson, but friendship.

Did I, did I mis Reid? I’m sorry, I should ask this. No, no, no. It’s, it’s not like you forced yourself on me. Okay, then. Then why did you fool away just now?

Ever since I came to Salem, I haven’t had much luck in the romance department, and I don’t wanna mess up whatever this is before it even starts.

Okay. It’s pretty obvious there’s something happening between the two of us. I see you feel that too.

It’s awesome,

but there’s still Johnny to consider. I care about him. Right, right. Of course. Um,

what if you and I went on a real day tomorrow night and then afterwards, if you’re not feeling it or you just decide that Johnny is the one, we’re just going back to Peter’s friends, what do you say?

I thought you said this whole thing with Melinda Chaz, just last night. Yes. But I had to cover for where I was going to be tonight. So I sent her a text to come here and she was cool with it. So what happened tonight, Melinda and I had to make out in front of Nicole. You made out with that bitch? Just, just for two minutes.

Okay. But now EJ and Nicole think I’m upstairs with her so I could be down here with you. So be careful with that woman. She’s on our side. She hates EJ for letting Kristen escape. I don’t care. Doesn’t do anything without wanting something in return. Well, I already promised her that I would make a sizable donation to the foundation she set up in her daughter’s memory.

What if she wants a real shot with you? I have told her that you are the only woman for me.

So I remember the feeling like I lost you forever, Stephen. I can’t, I can’t go through that again. Gabby. You’re not gonna lose me again. You said something like that the night that you helped Vivian leave town, and then the next time I saw you was on a more table table.

Everything is fine now. Right

now is not the time to get superstitious. I get that and, and I know that you made quite the effort, but could have picked a better place for this rendezvous. I mean, right over here is where I helped Abigail tie Gwen to a. Do you know what else happened right here? What? Right here is where you and I got real with each other about our feelings.

Remember that finally admitted our true feelings for one another. So maybe being trapped down here wasn’t the worst thing. I don’t know about you, but I’m not here to be rescued.

Tell me you’ve forgotten. Of course, I haven’t forgotten. I remember every second I’ve spent with you. And every second. Every second. And I know that we’ve had bad times, but it’s, it’s led me to this journey, led me to where I’ve always wanted to be. Right here in your arms.

Cut out of this one either.

Hey, hey, where is she? Where’s Sloan? She’s not here. She’s out to run some errands at this time of night. You better hope that she’s not delivering another threatening note to my wife.

Oh my God. Are you stalking me now? I should be asking you that question. Nothing to see here. How? Nothing to see here. Really, the mayor’s wife is harass. A private citizen. Oh girl, you are losing your mind. You should know I just filed a restraining order against you. You did what? You heard me. By this time tomorrow, you won’t be able to come within 1500 feet of me not getting thrown in jail like the criminal you are.

Peace offering. Thank you.

I’m sorry if I’ve been neglecting you, but in my defense I thought you were enjoying our little game with my brother and Gabby as much as I was, I was. My inner schemer has been garment for quite a while now because he was spending so much time crying with Eric, but, oh, here it comes. No, listen, listen, listen.

Being a co-conspirator isn’t enough for me, even if I’m a co-conspirator with benefits. Is it enough for you?

Oh, but now you’re cutting me off because I made the complaints.

I do see you as more than my co-conspirator. You’re the woman that I want to be with, and it’s high time. I started acting like it. Well then where are you going? This occasion calls for more than near cocktails. I’m going to go down to the wine cellar and grab a bottle of Father’s vintage champagne, and then I’ll be right back to romance, the beautiful woman by my side.

That’s more like it, and I promise you not. Another word be spoken about Stefan or Gabby in this house.

What’s wrong? You’re gonna make a phone call right now. You never heard of setting the mood.

We have this dance.

Whisper. This is a dream of ending. I hope we never wake up.

With harmony

yesterday, you are even more beautiful than I remember.

Can I get you something? Yeah. Hey, I can see you’re upset. I am more than upset. That woman that you are sleeping with has been terrorizing. My wife and my stepdaughter terrorizing our very strong words. Abe. Paul, you know what? To the hospital today? Why? Why? She said she was having a heart attack, but it turns.

She was having a panic attack. Now, what do you say to that? I’m sorry. I’m just really sorry that happened. But Sloan says she wasn’t anywhere near Paulina’s office today. Oh, God. She’s such a, she’s such a, a woman of her word. You know, somebody, somebody left a note, Paul Lena, right after the police left and that note said, this isn’t over.

Bitch and the letters were cut out of the magazine. Someone says she didn’t do that either. What the hell else was she going to say? Don’t you honestly believe her?

The accounts of your own

God, God sake. Your, your father and your mother are two of my closest friends. I’ve known him since you were born. Are you, are, are you gonna stay here? Neutral when this woman is coming after my loved ones.

You got a restraining order against me. I’ll have it by tomorrow morning. Haa, you admitted to me that you came to town with the express purpose of going after me and my loved ones. Well, did anybody hear me say that to you? I heard it. You hear what you wanna hear. You know, the truth is that I came to Salem with the sole purpose of opening a law practice.

It was only a coincidence that you and your home wrecking slut of a daughter happened to be here too. You, you took that coincidence and just ran with it like the bottom feeding shy at you more as opposed to you. The shady, uh, real estate tycoon who tried to tear down this historic town square and put up a big box store.

If you’re calling me a liar, then you’re just projecting. You lied through your teeth to cover up Chanel’s involvement with my mother. Oh, oh, oh. That was no lie, huh? And you are no better than your mother. She trapped Chanel on that roof so she could kill her. Chanel is the one that did the killing. Seems to me like it runs in the family.

I hear that your other daughter. The one who you pretended like she was your niece for most of her life is in prison for shooting her own father to death.

You know what’s good for you? You will keep my daughter’s name outta your filthy mouth. That sounds to me like another threat. I’ll just like to add that to my complaint.

What is the matter with you? It’s, it’s panic attack. Oh, I can’t get my breath. Yeah, breathe

Torturous. I wish Jing Wynn could see me having. Civilized drink with our new boyfriend. Hmm. I’m not her boyfriend yet. Hmm. Huh. Yeah, we’re taking it a day at time. You all right with that? Uh, well I wish things were moving a little faster. I’m actually, uh, bringing her here for dinner tomorrow night. That’s why I ran into you.

I came here to make the reservation. So you’re serious about it? Yeah. Yeah. I am.

Please remember that Jing Wen isn’t as, um, experienced as you are. You know nothing about me. Oh, Gabby does. And she filled me in.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I, I guess I earned that reputation, but it’s different with Wendy. I haven’t felt this way about anyone since my divorce, and I wish you and my sister nothing but the best. Well, thank you. Uh, I should probably get going. I gotta tell Wendy about our big nights. Yeah. I’ll see you around.

I hope you have better luck finding your woman than I do.

That was, yeah,

I can’t believe. I’ve missed us doing this. Me too. How am I gonna stay away from you for another four months? Just have to think about them. Lovely stock shares. Okay, the last thing I want to think about right now, stock shares. Well, we have time. Make it worth our.

Anna left the bloody door open again.

What kind of stunt are you trying to pull? No, not stunt, breath, breathe. Deep breath. What kind of attention do you think this sort of performance is gonna get you from me or anybody else? No, not performance. You know, if this is a panic attack, well then you’re getting off easy. If there is any justice in this world, you and Chanel will never know.

Another moment’s. Peace.

No. I think of you as part of my family.

I hear a butt coming. You are constant in my. But Chanel and Paulina, they aren’t, I mean, we hardly even know one another. What the hell are you talking about? You were there at my wedding when I married Paulina. Chanel just ended a relationship with your niece. Paul’s sister was your mother’s roommate at college.

You know what, what? What does Mar Lena think about this relationship? My mom and I have a lot to say to each other, but the last thing that I’ll be discussing with her is my love life.

I know when John told me, uh, told me that Marlena was alive, it was like a miracle. It happened. No, it was a miracle. We thought we lost her. I thought I lost my mom and I went to a very dark place. I wanted to kill Morpheus and Kristen with my own hands, and I wanted to watch them tie. I think that’s why I empathize with Sloan.

Because her loss, it was greater than mine.

Sloan’s mother tricked Chanel into meeting her on that rooftop. She had found out about the affair and she attacked Chanel. That’s what Chanel says, Abe, because that’s what happened. Chanel had nothing to do with the death of Sloan’s father and Paul did exactly what I would’ve done under the circumstances.

Protect my child.

I know you’ve been through some horrible times and something like that, that, that, that changes a man.

But the Eric Brady. That I watched grow up.

He was always a good judge of character and he would never, never be taken in by a woman like Sloan Peterson.

So are we on for tomorrow night or No?

Hold that thought.

Johnny. Hey, um, you know, it’s, it’s kind of late, but I wanted to stop by and let you know that I made plans for us tomorrow night. You did? Yes, I did. I booked us the bistro’s best table. I told the manager that I wanted to be a very special night for someone who’s really important to me.

You are never going to guess what I just saw. Nicole,

I thought you’d left. Oh, I thought I’d slip into something a.

So is Harold chilling, the vintage champagne. Actually, I, I couldn’t locate it. I need to have a conversation with Tony about Anna’s expensive tastes. That’s okay. I don’t need anymore alcohol. I just need you.

So why don’t you and I go upstairs and need, take care of my needs? You go ahead. I’ll be right behind you. You better be. I’ll be right behind you. Mm-hmm.

Ej, what the hell does he want now?

Wish we could stay like this forever. No, me too. But he whose name, who cannot not be spoken is. Suspicious. Right. And now I gotta go. I hate playing this game.

I know. Me too. In four months. You and I are gonna be together. We’re gonna enterprises together just as we

I’m back, and I’m all yours. You just missed Dave Carver, are you? The mayor showed up at my home unannounced. I’m gonna have to get a restraining order against him too. He’s worried about his wife and his stepdaughter. Okay. Hey, I’m the innocent party here. Get it. If anyone’s being harassed, it’s me.

Who are you texting? I’m following up with a friend who clerks for Judge Bauer. Wanna make sure that my request for that restraining order gets processed right away. It’s time someone taught Paulina Price a.

I thought you were coming straight here. I, I, I was just afraid something had happened to you. Oh, something did. I had another run in with Sloan Peterson. I went to her, Barbara to look for her, and she was with. What happened? She started it on me. Oh. Told me she’s getting a restraining order against me. Can you believe it?

Well, I think it’s better if you don’t see her, but, you know, maybe, maybe Eric can talk some sense into her. I, I, I think I got through to him tonight. I mean, he didn’t, you know, he didn’t, uh, really say anything about it, but I. I think he’s having some doubts about her. Oh, well, oh, maybe that, that young man, he should start thinking with his head instead of with his libido.

Well, I think people are starting to catch on to Sloan. I just hope that before too long she’ll overplay her hand. And we’ll nail mm-hmm. From your mouth to God’s ears. Oh, I need to sit down. Oh, yeah, yeah. Wait. Here, here. Everything’s gonna be all right. Oh, I got you. I got you. Oh, ignore it. Ignore it. Ignore it.

It might be Chanel. Oh, oh, it’s not Chanel. Whoa. What does it say?

Your husband can’t save you.

Uh, dinner’s at seven, so I thought I’d pick. Say six 30,

something wrong. I just wish you checked with me before you made this plan. Are you busy tomorrow night?

Yeah, I am.

I’m going.

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