Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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Sally: What are you smiling at?

Nick: Do I need a reason to smile at you?

Sally: No. Well, I guess not.

Nick: I mean, you walk into a room, and this is what happens to my face.


Adam: I… I assume that you would be concerned about how I was going to react, so I wanted to address it head on and quickly… so you could rest easy. I mean, you seem relieved now.

Sally: I am. And I appreciate that.

Adam: And it’s also because I wanted to say these things out loud so I could hold myself accountable. It’s like I’m making a vow. I mean, we have a long road ahead of us, so it’s good to set the ground rules early, right?

Sally: Wow. This is the most mature I’ve ever seen you act.

Adam: [Chuckles] What, like — like an actual grown-up?

Sally: [Chuckles] Well, I mean, I wouldn’t get that carried away.

Adam: Come on.

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