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[Lively jazz music]

[Sighs] Ok, people. People! The guests are gonna be arriving any minute. The doors are about to open, and the show is about to begin.

Maxie, bobbie, I don’t want to freak anyone out, but I don’t think the new accompanist has the updated sheet music. Oh, it’s ok. I got it. I’ve got it right here. Oh, my goodness. Maybe we are gonna pull this thing off after all.

[Phone ringing] We’re gonna do it. Tell that to lucy.

[Phone ringing] Huh? Oh, um, what I meant was wherever she is, I’m sure lucy is smiling down at us.

[Soft dramatic music] Bobbie and maxie-they’ll never pull it off, never. They’re in over their heads. They have no idea everything that can go wrong and surely will at the nurses ball tonight without me there to guide them.

[Phone ringing] Excuse me. I need to answer this. Ok, so let’s go look for her. I do not have time to talk to you right now. Maxie, ooh, do not hang up. Do not ignore me or else. Maxie. Call me after we wrap.

Ooh. I will not be ignored!

[Sighs] Oh. Yeah. You know, our little girl can sleep through almost anything, that is until 2:00 A.M. Well, then we should be able to watch the nurses ball without interruption. All right, let’s take a seat. And if you fall asleep on my shoulder, that is ok too. Tomorrow’s a big day, and you need all your strength. I don’t want to think about tomorrow and the procedure. Tonight I just want to watch our friends and family dressed up to the nines and performing for a great cause. Ok.

Well, good evening, everyone.

I am sydney val jean, east coast editor of “crimson magazine,” and we are live on the red carpet here at the 2023 general hospital nurses ball. That’s right. I am back and flying solo tonight. It is my pleasure to interview the arrivals, critique their fashion, and get a little down low on their personal lives. But first I want to pay tribute to general hospital itself, which opened its doors on april 1, 1963. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Our beloved general hospital is 60 years old. Oh, this place has meant so much to so many over the years, myself included, and I am honored to be here to celebrate its 60th anniversary. On a more somber note, tonight is dedicated to the life of the late head nurse epiphany johnson and the late lucy coe, whose time here at the nurses ball was more than an event. It was her life’s work. Oh. They love me. They really love me. So anyway, don’t change that dial there, port charles. Leave it right where it is because I can promise you this. We are in for a night of thrills…

[Laughs] Excitement, and mystery. And remember, at the nurses ball, anything can happen, and it probably will.

[Ominous music] Oh, you have no idea.

[Dramatic music]

And now to get this party started, the dynamic duo, the driving forces behind this very special nurses ball, my former colleague at “crimson,” maxie jones, and the one, the only, the awesome nurse barbara jean spencer.

[Laughter] Ew, bobbie. Do you really think that’s your best look? Did you even think about consulting a stylist? Well, hello, ladies. Hello, sydney. You look wonderful. I’m so happy that you’re here. Oh, my goodness. So ok, so there’s a story behind this, folks. I was supposed to be in milan this week, but when maxie reached out and explained that the date of the nurses ball had been moved up to sync with the hospital’s 60th anniversary, well, milan had to wait. There was no way I was gonna miss this. Oh, we are so glad that you adjusted your schedule. I mean, tonight is a very special evening, and you make it even better. Ok. Let’s get down to business. Who are you wearing? Cartullo. Maha cheng. Well chosen. And you both should be congratulated for your fashion and for staging this spectacular event in record time. Quite an achievement. Well, bobbie and i have followed the example set by lucy coe through many successful years of the nurses ball. It’s safe to say lucy’s spirit is guiding us tonight. I only hope we can make her proud. Thank you, maxie. That is so sweet. Ok. Credit where credit is due. It is your extraordinary talent and commitment that is making tonight happen.

Well, as a member of the gh community, I am just happy, and I’m grateful to be here tonight. Ok, since you ladies are staying so humble, I am going to brag because I’ve been told by multiple sources that this is going to be the best nurses ball ever. Oh. Really? The best nurses ball ever without me? I don’t think so. Next year, we’re gonna walk down this red carpet, and you are going to be the envy of every fashionista here to manhattan. I don’t want to think that far ahead. Tonight, I’m exactly where I want to be.

[Tender music]


[Knocking] Uh, come in. Oh my, my. Oh. You know, I heard they’re looking for a new james bond. That is high praise coming from my fiancéE. But you know, she’s got a point though, you know. Well, that’s very nice of you guys. Thank you, I just didn’t want to head to the nurses ball without coming to see you both and tell you that you’ll be missed. Yeah, willow and i actually we’re just talking, and we’re right where we want to be.

Have a wonderful time tonight.

Thanks again for hosting, sydney, but I’ve got to get backstage. Oh, you go, girl. You go. Oh, look. It’s a red carpet family reunion. Three generations of fabulous spencer women are with me tonight. That’s bobbie’s daughter, carly spencer, the ex-mrs. Sonny corinthos, and her gorgeous daughter josslyn jacks. Wow. Your mom looks gorgeous tonight.

So, carly, I know there’s been some changes for you in the last year.

Mm, a few. Well, you seem to be weathering them in style. Well, what can I say? With my mother and my daughter by my side and the love and support of my family and friends, I’m up for any challenge. Mm, well, everyone knows you’re a fighter, carly. Any interest in reclaiming any of what was once yours? Well, to quote a great man, “success is not final. “Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” Poetic but short on details. Look, I’ve always truly gotten whatever I wanted, and I don’t expect that to change. Uh-huh. And what about you, josslyn? I’ve heard that you’re a lot like your mom and grandmother. Well, I hope so. Well, do you usually get what you want?

[Lively jazz music] So far so good. Ladies, enjoy the show. Thank you so much. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, this night keeps getting better. Sonny corinthos has just joined us.

[Soft dramatic music]

I feel bad not being there to run interference for my mom and sister. Carly and joss don’t need anyone to stand up for them. So, so true. Anyway, I better get going. Have so much fun. Hey, give everyone our best. I will. I get that drew and your mom can’t go public because of the whole insider trading thing, but I sure hope that she’s better at hiding her feelings than he is. I like that they don’t have to hide their feelings around us. Because we’re a family. You said it.

[Tender music]

All right. Come on.


[Lively jazz music]

Let’s all play nice tonight. I will on my end. Come on. Let’s get going. Mr. Corinthos. Hello, sydney. Call me sonny. It’s great to see you tonight. Ah. Just so you know, this is the highlight of my evening. You know, you just get handsomer every year. And you just get more gorgeous. I can’t imagine. Ok. I appreciate a man who knows how to pay a compliment. And with dimples. Ha, even better. Ok. So now who is this with you? He’s–he’s-he’s my bodyguard. Oh. And do you have a name, bodyguard? Dex heller. Ok. Nice to meet you, dex heller. Listen, you do a good job protecting this man. He’s very valuable to a lot of people. Understood. Mm-hmm. So I’m surprised that you’re here alone with just your bodyguard, sonny, but where is my former red carpet co-host, the gorgeous nina reeves tonight? Oh, oh, there she is. I just–oh. And with a very fine, unexpected guest.

I just think we’re gonna need more time for the results. That’s all. Hi. I’m so sorry to interrupt but, doc, you seem to have forgotten that you have plans tonight. You, me, and the nurses ball. Right. I really want to. I’m not sure how to manage this. Dr. Robinson just asked me to do a consult. Oh, no, no, no. Go. Make yourself handsome. You have to walk the red carpet. You have to make a splashy entrance. Don’t want to be late. She sounds like a woman with a very specific plan. It’s ok. I can hold down the fort. Ok. Thanks. I’ll be right back. So why aren’t you ditching that lab coat and slipping into your sexiest gown? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I won’t be going. Curtis will be there, and that’s why I picked up a shift tonight. Curtis filed for divorce. No. No. Not that I know of. Well, then he’s still your husband, isn’t he? And trina is still your daughter. Ok. So you made a mistake. Big mistake, but it’s not like you burned the city to the ground. My unsolicited advice, use that ticket.

[Tender music] Sydney, always a pleasure. Absolutely.

[Lively jazz music]

Nina. Oh, it’s been way too long. And I’m so sorry to have missed you at both the paris and new york fashion week. Well, I certainly hated missing out but you represented “crimson” brilliantly, sydney. Oh, well, thank you. Now you are looking flawless as usual, nina, as is your escort, curtis ashford, the hottest nightclub owner in port charles. I mean the club is hot, and so are you. Why thank you. I mean it. Any time. Yeah. So nina, the last time that we were here on the red carpet together co-hosting, this was carly’s hotel, and she was married to sonny, and now the hotel is yours, and I heard that the man is too. Any comment?

[Soft dramatic music]

It’s a little late to change anything, don’t you think? Is it really too late?

Wait, what has the internet got to do with my hair? I’m just in my head, second guessing myself like I always do. It wouldn’t be fair to you or blaze to change anything now. It’s too late. So go have fun out there. Ok? Break a leg. Brook lynn, wait. Do you have a question on the song or-no. I just want you to know… that I think you’re incredible. I am? Yeah. The way you’ve thrown yourself into the rehearsals, really helping maxie and bobbie out. But you have a special touch. I mean, these performers, this isn’t exactly their day job, and you’ve convinced every single one of them to perform to the best of their ability and to have fun doing it. Well, anything for the nurses ball.

Well… tonight’s the big night, huh? Your music, you and blaze in the spotlight. It’s gonna be an incredible win-win for everybody. I’m gonna go change. Was it something I said? Yes. It’s always something you said.

[Camera shutters clicking]

[Lively jazz music] All right, ladies. This next arrival is just for you. That’s my boy.

Hitting the red carpet is port charles’ most eligible young bachelor, the one and only spencer cassadine. Well, I don’t know that I’m port charles’ most eligible bachelor, but I am certainly happy to be here tonight to represent my family. Well, that’s more like it, spencer. Show everyone what character and good breeding looks like. Your father may have failed us, but not you. You give those good people of port charles a glimpse into what the future is gonna look like.

Well, I understand the cassadines are one of the ball’s biggest underwriters.

Is that your doing? My grandmother always taught me that an important part of being a member of this city and of this community is being of service to others, and that means giving back. Oh, yes, indeed. Wow. Well said, spencer. And might I add, you look good. No. That’s-that’s good. I’m good. Thank you.

[Laughing] Everyone does. Really? I know it’s kind of-

[Lively jazz music] Yeah, I’m gonna leave you two alone.

Damn, you look good. But you always look good. Thank you. You look pretty good yourself. It’s a long ways from the firehouse dance in nixon falls. Yeah. I miss that old firehouse and the simplicity of that dance. You did so amazing, grandma. Oh, thank you so much, honey. Let me tell you this nurses ball is a great event, but I have-I have no regrets about agreeing to be co-chair, but after this week is over, I’m gonna sleep for another whole week. Pulling this off was a huge amount of work. I know. I know. I can only imagine. Mom, this place looks incredible. You really outdid yourself. Good job. Aw, thank you. And ooh, ooh, one minor adjustment. Excuse me. I will be back. Ok. You thinking about a certain someone who has to work so you can’t be with him tonight? I don’t know. Are you thinking about someone who isn’t here tonight? Now you’re the product of a fascinating legacy, spencer. Rumors about the cassadines range from mysterious and ruthless to-megalomaniacal. So they say. Meanwhile, your uncle is sonny corinthos, and your grandmother is one of my personal heroes, the legendary laura webber baldwin spencer collins. Any chance that she’ll be joining you tonight? My grandmother was looking forward to attending, but unfortunately, she’s been held up on some official business. But she does want everyone to know that she is with them in spirit and hopes that the night is a huge, huge, huge success. Oh, wait, so does this mean that you’re here alone? Will someone else be joining you tonight?

Trina. Well, trina robinson. You look nothing short of spectacular. Thank you. Took the words right out of my mouth.

[Lively jazz music] Ok. Tell me, just between the three of us, are you two an item, because there’s certainly been online buzz. Oh, we’re just friends. Good friends. Ok, spencer. Well, now that you have graced the red carpet, will we also be seeing your father, the elegant, mysterious nicholas cassadine? Yeah. You play your part? I’ll play mine. Ok, got it. Well, here’s a woman who hopefully can answer the question. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s ava cassadine. Oh. Oh, I’m sorry. You’re behind the times. Nicholas and i divorced months ago, so I’m back to ava jerome. But please give my ex-husband my regards, if you can find him. It’s not my job anymore to keep track of his comings and goings. Well, I couldn’t agree more. When it comes to exes, out of sight, out of mind. So who is this inspiring gentleman at your side? Well, this is dr. Gh himself. Oh, really? General hospital’s own dr. Austin gatlin-holt. Ah, yes. How appropriate that you’re accompanied by one of the dedicated health providers at gh. Yes. Well, after the very tumultuous year that I’ve had, I’m just fortunate to be here. And I feel so lucky to have a friend like austin to lean on. Oh. Well, anything you’d like to add dr. Gatlin-holt? Only that if you ask me, I’m the lucky one. Nice talking to you. Ah. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.


[Camera shutters clicking]

This is the nurses ball red carpet, not some episode of “the bachelorette.” I mean sydney val jean is fabulous, but we do not want the gossip to overshadow the cause. You know what, maxie would have known this if she just listened to me but, no, maxie had to do it her way. Oh, well look who it is, pcpd commissioner jordan ashford looking dazzling and glamorous. Thank you for the kind words, but tonight I am off the clock. I am just here as one more fan of the nurses ball and its efforts to raise money for a terrific cause. Well, I admire your professional dedication as well as a killer gown. Oh. Well, what can I say? For work, I have to wear clothes that convey authority, so on the rare occasion I get to dress up, I jump at the chance.

[Phone ringing] Ah, excuse me. I need to take this. Oh.

[Chuckles] So much for off the clock. Am I right? Have you heard from the medical examiner? Then it’s almost certain that eileen ashby died from a fall. Speaking of gorgeous, it’s general hospital’s own dr. Portia robinson. Hi. Oh, portia. You know, you have something in common with my last guest, jordan ashford. We do? Yes. You both are committed to public service. We are. We are. But I think that that’s a good thing to have in common. Absolutely. Go ahead. Go ahead. Oh, thank you. You know she did that on purpose. That woman is fierce. But she makes for some good television though.


[Camera shutters clicking]

You look amazing. Oh, girl, so do you. Oh, it looks like a certain bodyguard is looking at you from across the room. Uh-huh. You know, I am surprised you noticed that between all the looks going on with you and spencer. Oh, I was just behind him on the red carpet. Oh, it almost seemed like he was waiting for you. No, he wasn’T. It was just-fate, coincidence, manipulation? Joss. I know. I know. I know. I’m sorry. He’s different when he’s with you. I get it, and I’m in no position to judge. Just be a little careful, please. If I get hurt, it’s not going to be because-I’m sorry. What were we talking about? Our performance and how there’s nothing to worry about because the number is perfect and we have it down cold. Right. I’m sorry about that. After you. No. No. I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking at where I was grabbing.

[Tense music]

All good. Oh, I am thrilled to welcome our next guest, one of port charles’s most dynamic power couples, pcpd detective dante falconeri side by side with his lady love, private investigator samantha mccall. Whoa. Oh. I got you. Oh. Thank you for the save. My pleasure. Ooh. Well, well. Hey. Disaster averted. Oh, hey, but proving the point that you can scale buildings and dodge bullets but there’s nothing more dangerous than the red carpet. Yeah, well, lucky for me I have somebody to catch my fall. Well, you know, for the record, you’re the one catching me most of the time. Ok. You two are a living, breathing relationship goal. Hey, you enjoy your night. And please welcome the president of aurora media, my publisher, mr. Drew kane. Very nice to see you here, sydney. Ah, it’s always nice to see you too, drew. And I’m not saying that just because you’re my boss. Ok, now, did you really come here alone or are you waiting for a special someone? What can I say? You never know. Oh.

[Laughs] That’s true. Ok, ladies. You are in for a treat. Please help me welcome one of our signature performers tonight, former pcpd detective turned pop star, harrison chase, and his equally dreamy brother, world-renowned dr. Hamilton finn.

[Lively jazz music]

Hey, brookie. It’s a good night for a nurses ball. Wouldn’t you say? Just leave me alone, linc. Can’t you see I’m busy? There’s no need to be hostile. Come on. We can play nice together, can’t we? You signed that non-disclosure agreement. You got your songs back. You can give them to your boyfriend to sing. Chase isn’t my boyfriend. Ok? Those songs came at quite the high price, never telling the world what kind of serial predator you really are. Careful, brook lynn. Don’t worry. It’s not on. That’s a good thing for you, because if you break our agreement, you break your silence, you lose everything.

[Ominous music]

Ok, I’m all for this family togetherness, but you two handsome, unattached bachelors could be making better use of your time. Now, isn’t there someone besides your brother that you would want to be with tonight? Well, uh-

I’m going to wait for you over here. Ok. Everyone was wondering if nurse elizabeth baldwin would be making an appearance tonight, and here she is. Oh, you look lovely, elizabeth. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Beautiful. Enjoy. Enjoy.

Hey, uh, I wasn’t sure you’d come tonight. You weren’t the only one. May I escort you? Sure you want to be seen with me? It’d be my honor.

[Camera shutters clicking]

Here you go, mr. Corinthos. Thank you very much. Hey. Sam, dante, you look good. How are you doing? So do you. You do too. It’s a special night. We wouldn’t have missed it. Well, at least sonny had the good grace not to walk the red carpet with nina, or is there another reason why he showed up with a bodyguard and no date? Yeah, um, sonny’s got a situation. Sonny has always got a situation. He better not bring it to the nurses ball. That’s all I have to say. I don’t think he would do anything to mess up the nurses ball. You know how important it is to him. Ok, yeah, I’ll give him credit for that. That’s all I will give him credit for. You don’t have to be mad at sonny on my account. No. I’m not mad on your account. I’m mad on my account. Well, maybe a little on yours. No. It’s actually hypocritical. I’m glad you’re away from sonny. I want to see you with somebody who’s going to treat you with all the consideration and all the love you deserve. You know what, mom, you just might get your wish.

And now please say hello to the face of deception herself, sasha gilmore, arriving solo. Oh. Oh, I spoke too soon. Sasha’s escorted by… cody bell. She’s being escorted by cody bell.

Cody bell. Yeah. And your producer should have prepped you. I would have prepped you for that. Mm. No. No. Don’t turn it off. I’m just–I’m just muting it during the commercials, although I am wondering if we should just record it and go to bed. I mean, after all, tomorrow is a huge day for you. No, the ball hasn’t even started yet. I want to see it. You sure? Absolutely. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

[Tender music] Well, we are just moments away from the start of the 2023 nurses ball. I’m sydney val jean saying good night. It has been my pleasure to serve as your host and catch you up on the movers and shakers of port charles. While the glitz, and the glamour, and the gossip has been smoking hot, this night is really about raising money to fight hiv and aids. Whatever you can give, a lot or a little, it all helps.

[Lively jazz music]

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2023 nurses ball is about to begin. 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of general hospital. Think of it, our beloved gh has been a home and haven for 60 incredible years. And since 1994, the nurses ball has been a way to support the life-giving work gh does. The nurses ball is a night of music, dancing, and laughter. Ok, and maybe a tear or two. So let’s open those doors and have a celebration to remember.

Well? We traced the car that the late lucy coe recently hired.

[Ominous music] I refuse to let tonight turn into a total disaster. What do they say? The show must go on. And I will be damned if I’m gonna let the show go on without me.

Well, now we know where to find lucy coe. And where we find lucy, there we find anna and valentine. Time to teach them a lesson, don’t you think? You’re the boss. Yes. That’s right.

I am. It’s showtime, folks.

[Lively jazz music]

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