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Kyle: Please don’t say no.

Summer: Kyle… I asked you to give me some time.

Kyle: Now I’m asking for the same thing — time together, an hour to ourselves, without interruptions, where you can enjoy your favorite chicken salad, sparkling rosé while I plead, grovel, beg, attempt to be mildly entertaining and generally throw myself at your mercy.

Summer: This wasn’t some silly fight that’s going to be solved with a few “I’m sorries.”

Kyle: I promise to be charming, as well as contrite. Look — whether you stay or go, I’m going to keep apologizing until you hear me. I overstepped with Victor. And I own that. But, worse yet, I lied to you about it. And that is unacceptable. I thought I could control the situation, protect Jabot, and benefit from the results. It wasn’t till I saw the effect it was having on the people I loved the most that I was able to overcome my foolish pride and admit that I made a mistake.

Summer: Chicken salad, huh?

Kyle: With sliced red grapes and walnuts on a fresh croissant with that triple-cream brie you love. And for dessert, your favorite citrus tart.
Summer: All washed down with some sparkling rosé? You really think of everything.

Kyle: I try.

[ ***************************

Billy: You should leave the jokes to me, Jack. I’m the funny one in the family.

Jack: It’s not a joke.

Billy: Okay. Do you recall the last time that I ran Jabot? It didn’t go so well, except for the guy that I lost the company yacht to in a poker game. Went fantastic for him.

Jack: You would not be running it solo. There is more than enough work for both of us. Besides, if I could give you a hand up in your journey of self-discovery, or whatever we’re calling it these days, so much the better.

Billy: Okay. “A,” you’ve never taken me seriously, okay? And for good reason. And your last little comment right there actually proves the point. And “b,” I’ll figure myself out, alright? I don’t need a handout.

Jack: Would you relax? This is not a mercy hire. You are an Abbott. This business belongs to both of us.

Billy: On a technicality, yeah.

Jack: Furthermore, when you are focused, when you are determined, when you are not sabotaging yourself, you are a creative, insightful executive whose opinion matters. Look — you would be an asset here or anywhere else. I know I have questioned whether or not you fit into the corporate life, but I’d be willing to give it another try. Hell, I’d be grateful. Look — this could be your chance to find out how and where you want to be for the long haul.

Billy: Well, thank you for the kind words, but we both know my pattern, okay? I get the slightest whiff of responsibility, and I crash and burn.

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