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Heather: Okay, and you gathered a lot of gifts.

Lucy: I think have everything.

Heather: Do we need to buy a new suitcase?

Lucy: I don’t think so.

Heather: Lucky duck.

Lucy: I am, like, a really good packer.

Heather: Can you help me?

Lucy: Sure.

Heather: Can I outsource my packing?


Phyllis: Okay, I have no interest in aligning with you and whatever scheme you have planned that you came back in town to execute. See, it may seem like I’m at my breaking point to you… but I am not. And, yeah, it does bother me that Diane has conned so many people in town and they believe she’s an angel, while I keep on getting in trouble for trying to take her down.

Jeremy: My, Diane really gets under your skin.

Phyllis: When it seems like I don’t have options is when i double down. And I don’t need someone like you to help me. I know how to get what I want.

Jeremy: Hmm. How about… I could offer you a plan that would guarantee bringing Diane down and at the same time giving you an escape from all the blame and hate that you’ve been receiving all the time now, even from your own son.

Phyllis: I don’t need an escape from anything. My relationships with people in my life that matter are just fine. I don’t need you. Keep your schemes to yourself. I’m not interested.

Jeremy: Right. And you keep telling yourself that.

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