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 Ooh for me. You shouldn’t have, I didn’t. Hmm? My mistake. Just keep it. Oh, thanks boss. Man. Don’t mind if I do, I could use the boost. I didn’t get much sleep last night. Hmm. Gonna tell me you’re, don’t tell me you arrived. Digging through residential trash cans again for your. Police, after the success of Lady Whistleblowers first installment, I have tipsters lined up around the block to feed me morsels.

Finally, problem now is, what do I call my groupies little ladies? Little blow spare. Bottom line, Mr. Publisher. I have more sources than I know what to do with, which should make you very happy. My little column’s gonna have the spectator back in the black in no time. Ah, from your lips to our accountants is wait.

If you weren’t out tracking down scoops to the wee small hours, what to keep you up last night? Nevermind. I have zero interest in hearing about your sex life. Oh, well it wasn’t my sex life that robbed me of my beauty. It was Gwen’s.

Oh my God.

Oh wow. You are incredible. You’re so yourself,

so no more regrets. About hooking up with me again. I mean, I know Cousin Zander isn’t too thrilled about us being friends with extremely good benefits. You know what, Zander’s opinion doesn’t matter to me anymore, and that’s the last I want talk about him.

I’d much rather talk about you. Alexus and specifically that incredible is the trick that you did with your

this true.

Good morning, Sandra. Um, would you send Alex in, please? Oh, he’s not. I see. Oh yeah, sure. Of course. Send him in instead. Thanks.

Hi. Uh oh, Greaty. It’s so good to see you. Boom. Boom. Oh my goodness. Oh. Says beautiful flowers. Thank you, Adam. C e o oh oh oh. Family business. Could not be in better hands. Oh, thank you. That’s very kind. Well, it’s true, it’s true. Although I was, I was a good surprised that granddad passed over, Alex, to put you in charge.

But yeah, I’m surprised Alex, too, especially, he’s not a happy one. Mm-hmm. , but I think he’s coming around. Speaking of Alex, he should have been here by now. We have a very important meeting this morning with a content syndicator. He’s interested in distributing digital articles from Titans Publications. Oh my gosh.

Listen to you, you, you sound like you’ve been in charge of a major conglomerate for the, I don’t know, your whole life. What can I say? Quick study. . I’m so, so proud of you. Uh, thank you, Brady. That means a lot. Well, I just hope that granddad doesn’t keep you so busy at Titan that you will not have any more time to be my sponsored a.

Don’t be ridiculous. I wouldn’t let this job or anything else keep me away from being there for you. I’m glad to hear that. Just to be honest with you, this whole situation with Chloe is, it’s been, it’s been pretty tough and I’ve been struggling a little bit, Maggie. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Have you been going to meetings?

No, not lately. Nothing. Brady. I know, I know Brady. It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m okay. I will go. I will. Okay.

Hello? Uh, yeah, I guess I’ll accept the charge. Who the hell’s calling me from Statesville? Hello? Hello, Chloe. It’s your old friend Kristen.

Like Sam, through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Good morning, sleepy head, . Good morning. What’s all this? Oh, it’s just breakfast in bed. Well, I can see that, but what’s the occasion? Well, it’s the first night you slept over. Thought that was worth celebrating


I wanted to say thank you for what? For, for giving me, for opening my big mouth to Leo.

Well, aren’t you the least bit curious who Gwen was hooking up with last night? Couldn’t care less. Well, if you don’t care, then you want my knowing. Leo, it was your smoking hot cousin, Alex.

Oh my God.


I put two into shame actually all day’s. Word, me, millennium. Speaking of work, I think I gotta get going baby. Got a big morning meeting at Titan and the old boss lady is gonna kick my ass. If I show a blade enough, I take a quick shower

actually. Plus

we have that shower together.

Damn good plan. Mm-hmm. tricks.

What do you want, Kristen? Oh, is that any way to talk to your future sister-in-law? Oh wait, actually you’re nothing to me and never will be. Now that Stephan has come to his sensors and dumped your pathetic ass, he didn’t come to his senses. You psycho. He was deprogrammed or do you not remember your little brainwashing scheme with Lee and Rolf?

God, you call me pathetic. You were so desperate to keep me and Brady apart that you. You know what? I don’t have time for this. Go to hell, Chloe. Don’t you dare hang up. I have got something that you damn well need to hear.

Oh, sorry I’m late, Dawn. I’m late. . Couple minutes. You know, , I took the privilege of ordering forest. Oh, and half a grapefruit And two egg white omelets. Turkey sausage . No, no, no, no, no, no. . You’re gonna have to tell the cook. 86. The health plate. I want pancake cakes and scrambled eggs, yolks included, and bacon.

Two extra sides of it. We’re celebrating Abraham Carver and breakfast is on me. All right, well then I assume that they’ll succeeded in getting your assets unfrozen. Oh, no. If she did so much more than that, she got the whole case dismissed. Shaone, the devil herself. Peterson is out of. Forever,

Chad, we’ve been over this. I know that you were only trying to defend me. Yeah. But I should have let you deal with it and I should have never brought up your mom. Especially not to somebody like Leo. Well, like I. You were just trying to get him to back off and I shouldn’t have been so hard on you. I’m really sorry.

I’m sorry too. It was a big thing about our first fight though. Oh, what’s that? As we got to spend all night.

So there I was having just exfoliated getting ready to tuck in and watch that sexy nerd Seth Meyers. When I get an urgent text from Gwen, she was bringing Alex home and I had to scr before they got. And since a certain newspaper man barred me from crashing at the spectator offices, I ended up on one of those lumpy lounge sofas.

At the end. Side note, I need to speak with management about cleaning the furnishings. A spritz of lavender or something. I can’t believe it. I know, right? The least a five star in could do is provide appropriate accommodations for those of us displaced by their promiscuous roommates, not Alex. Him steer clear of Gwen, he didn’t listen to me.

Well, at the risk of facing the wrath of Zandy, I don’t think you’re in a position to tell two single hot people not to do what hot people do. Best present, company included. Okay, my my point is, is that you had your chance, it’s paraphrase for legal certain queen, if you were interested in said parties should put appropriate matrimonial jewelry on said party’s finger.


Well, I’ve gotta get to work. I’ll see you at the office, boss. Man,

I just really thought once this whole situation with Stephan was resolved, that Chloe and I would be fine and we’d be together and I just feel like We’re further apart than we’ve ever been. Those are Rachel. Yeah, my little girl. My beautiful big eyed. Big smiley girl. She, uh, she’s never had an unkind word to say about anybody ever up until the last couple months.

Mm. And now she des, she despises Chloe. How the hell am I supposed to handle that? Well, I don’t know. Would you like for me to talk to her? I appreciate you saying that, but I don’t think it would do any good. Mm-hmm. honestly. Kristen has done such a good job of turning her against Chloe, that anytime anyone brings up that subject, Rachel just shuts down or she goes on the attack or she has a tantrum.

Well, I wish I could say I’ve been surprised by Kristen using her own daughter in that manner, but we both know that that woman will stop at nothing to get what she wants. It’s true. The only thing she wants right now, the her, her main goal in life right now. Hmm. It is just to keep cling me apart. Go on.

What the hell do I need to hear? Well, you’ve heard it before, since you don’t seem to retain anything in that pea size brain of yours, and since Stephan dumped you for a woman who actually has a personality, meaning you’re on the market again, and I will say this for the umpteenth time. You stay the hell away from Brady.

Let’s get one thing straight. Kristin, who I choose to date is none of your damn business. Well, it is my damn business when it concerns the welfare of my daughter. Well, I’m going to say this one more time. Since you can’t seem to retain anything in that evil, twisted brain of yours, I would never do anything to hurt Rachel.

Well, you obviously not endeared yourself to her. In fact, Chloe, she can’t stand the side of. And whose fault is that? You’ve done everything in your power to turn that little girl against me. Well, I didn’t have to do much. My sweet Rachel is an excellent judge of character. Your sweet Rachel is now a little monster, and if you and Brady aren’t careful, she’s gonna grow up to become just as deranged as her mother.

That’s what I’m talking about,

You know, it’s so good to see that beautiful smile on your face again. Oh, well, you can expect to see even more these pearling whites now that we are rid of Sloane Peterson and all of her awful lies.

So, well, where’s your? You know, I’m, I’m relieved. I’m relieved that Sloan’s bogus civil case has been thrown out, but I’d be lying to say that I wasn’t concerned about her latest threat against you and Chanel. Police. Sloan Peterson has been selling wolf tickets ever since she showed her sour puss here in Salem

She’s not scar anybody anymore. The biggest mistake that we made was even given that woman one drop of our energy to feed off of. It’s time to move on. I know the perfect way to do it,

huh? Oh, who know? Who? Who are you calling? Someone more than capable of letting the citizens of Salem. Oh hell. Even the entire world know Paulina Price is back in business and better than ever.

I guess this means our first sleepover at your house is officially over. Oh, I wanna sleepover at wa. Hmm. First of many. I hope better be

it’s Paul. Paulina, good morning and it’s going to get even better, but I need you and Chad to meet me at the Pub Toronto. Okay, I will let him know. See you soon.

What’s that? We’ve been summoned to the pub pronto. Did she say why? No. What She did sound very chipper. Well, it’s one thing I know that’s not to keep Pauline apprentice. Wait. Shall,

how dare you call my daughter a monster, an innocent little girl who is heartbroken because she was separated from her mother. If anyone is a monster, Chloe, it’s you. Look, I, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I lost my temper. Okay. , you pushed my buttons. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Blame it on me like everything else. It’s my fault that you finally expressed your rational hatred from my daughter.

You hurling these vicious insults at me. Damn you, Kristen. Don’t ever call me again,

Leo. Hey, uh, I didn’t see you there That much is obvious, girlfriend. Otherwise, I doubt you would’ve been calling Brady’s daughter a little monster. . Oh wait, what are you doing? Just jotting down some notes. I find it very interesting that a certain sale mite thinks another Salem’s daughter is the next Rhoda pen.

Oh, that’s the little girl from the bad seat, played by the inimitable Patty McCormack. In case you haven’t seen the movie, Leo, please, it’s clear you despise the girl for wrecking your relationship. You, you can’t print what you just overheard. Please. I’ll be seeing you Ms. Lane on the gossip page.

I had a great time last. And this morning? Mm-hmm. , how about you? Smashing?

I think we should do it again sometime. Yeah, I think we should. The rare double walking shame. Whos ashamed? I wasn’t talking to you guys. Why should I be ashamed? Well, you certainly can’t be proud, can you that you invited Salem’s most notorious manslaughter into your Becca? I hope you use protection. God knows what kind of STDs he has.

All right, that’s enough. Cause I’m a little bit curious though, Alex, what’s it like? Lapping up a heart serving of my sloppy seconds. You know, I’d really watch your mouth if I were you, mom, boy, why? What are you gonna do if I don’t? Okay, look, Alex, let’s just go. Let’s just walk away, shall we? Yes. Alexis, listen to your little playmate here before I have to teach you a lesson.

You most certainly did not learn in a prep school.

Good morning. Good morning. Holly know what so urgent. Well, I’m happy to announce a drum roll, please. Oh, please, yes.

Sloan Peterson’s frivolous lawsuit has been thrown out. Boom. What? Which means I am now once again a control of, oh my vast real estate holdings. Price. That is so great. That’s incredible news. Congratulations, . Oh yes, thank you. Thank you, . But there’ll be plenty of time for celebrating later. Right now I need SJ p R to put on a press release announcing my victory.

I want the whole world to know that if you want to mess with the best, which is me, you must be prepared to lose cause pulling the prices. One woman who never backs down from a.

Enough trust. Fun. Is that it? Hey, hey. Stop, stop, stop. Alex, you are already late for work. You should go here. Should go now. That’s okay. Excellent advice. Actually, you don’t want, aren’t he mags breaking out the rule and wrapping your knuckles, do you? No. No. Alex, peace please. Just.

Fine, we’ll call you later.

This is an over, oh, anytime, anywhere you want me to, even up that face of yours, just let me know.

What the hell is wrong with you? Me. He shoved me. Why are you doing this? You made it very, very clear that you don’t want me, so why should you care if somebody else does that? Playboy isn’t good enough for you, Gwen,

I see what this is. You, your precious. Sarah’s no longer here, so you’ll just settle for work. What did you call me Sloppy. Is that really, is that really what you’re thinking? Of course not. I was just, you know, I was just talk. Yeah. Well, you said it with a lot of conviction, didn’t you? I’m sorry. I don’t want your apologies.

You know when you told me how you felt about me, I took you at your word. You don’t see a future with me. And that’s fine, but I will be damned if your Neanderthal antics prevent me from moving on with my life. What I do with Alex is none of your bloody concern. Do you hear me? Zander?

So you just leave us the Hello? Hello?

I was surprised that you wanted to see me. Let me guess. Chloe came crying to you about our little Tiff. Tiff? Mm-hmm. . No, I don’t know anything about that. I haven’t spoken to Chloe. Why would she come here to see you anyway? Oh, we talked on this new invention called the telephone. Hey, here’s something new.

Why don’t you try leaving her the hell alone? Why don’t you do that? Calm down, Brady. I merely offered my condolence suit about the end of her relationship with my brother, and she got testy and she got nasty and she called our daughter a monster Brady. Say this. I don’t wanna hear it. Of course. You don me to think I could say one bad word about your dimwitted little song.

God, I don’t even, I don’t even know why to try with you.

Is that for me?

Yeah. Yeah. This is a, this is a picture that Rachel drew for you in our.

I want something from you first.

Thanks to Chloe Lane not using her inside voice. The second installment of Lady Whistleblower is going to put the first one to shame.

All right. All right.

Who is it? It’s Chloe Lane. Ms. Lane do come in. Are you here to borrow a cup of sugar? Do you know damn well why I’m here? Oh, right, because I’m finishing up my new column to kill a songbird. The social life and death of Chloe Lane. Leo, you cannot print that column. What? What you heard was one side of a conversation.

It was taken outta context. I’m sorry you’re out of luck. I have a responsibility to my readers and they know I chant to be silenced. Please, Leo. I’m desperate. Desperate, huh? Well, that’s an interesting new wrinkle. How desperate.

This price. We are so relieved that you and Chanel can finally put this nightmare behind you. You’re here, and if I may speak for both of us, you can count on SJ p r to generate tons of positive press in any of your upcoming business ventures. Well, I’m counting on you both to do just that . In fact, Stephanie, why don’t you and I head back to the office now?

Re-up your contract to handle all my PR needs. . Uh, you boys don’t mind, do you? No. No. That’ll give Chad me a, a chance to catch up. Wow, what he said. . Well, all righty then. Okay, young lady. Let’s move it. . Alright. Let’s give this. Mm-hmm. . There you go.

I am sorry, Chloe, are you attempting to bribe a lady of the fourth estate to prevent her from printing the truth? Just take the money you bottom feeding little twerp. Do the right thing for once and keep an innocent child from getting hurt even more than she already has been. Innocent child. You mean the innocent child?

You call the little monster who’s gonna turn out like her deranged mother. That innocent child. She weren’t supposed to hear that. If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it is said tree’s, boyfriend’s daughter, not still profoundly insulted. What are you talking about? L Look what I said to Kristen was a mistake and I deeply, deeply regret it.

Haven’t you ever said anything that you wished you could have taken back? No. Regret is a waste of time and it costs us friend. God damn it. Well, if cash won’t fire your silence, then what will? Well, let’s see. I am a big fan of Basic Black’s. Latest men’s line used to work there, right? No, I do not. Oh, I hadn’t heard that.

But your bff, Nicole Walker still does. Yeah. Maybe she can hook us, assist up if you ask nicely. Okay. Yes, I will call her. Excellent. I believe it was Jeff Pulitzer who said it best? Show me the swag. The tongue won’t wa it’s a Joseph Pulitzer. You dolt. That’s what I said. Anyway, get me one of everything from the men’s collection in a size small, or am I a medium better?

Make it a S medium. You do that. Nobody has to know about your hateful outburst. My lips and my laptop will remain. Fine. Fine. Ooh,

What kinda game are you playing? Brady? You’re the one that likes games. Kristen, you love games. I’m just trying to keep one step ahead of you. Oh, what? By withholding a drawing that our daughter made from me, and people say, I’m cruel. Kristin, you can have the. As soon as you help me convince Rachel to ease up on Chloe, not a chance.

What’s one picture? Just keep it,

you know, I can, uh, I can withhold much more than just, uh, die from here. What is that supposed to mean? We know exactly what it means though, right? I want you to think of this as just a symbol. Of what you could lose. You are gonna write a letter to Rachel telling her that you no longer harbor any animosity towards Chloe, and that you are fine with Daddy and Chloe being together.

Okay? If you don’t, you are not gonna see Rachel live again.

Yeah. I need. Everything from the men’s line sent to Leo Stark at the Salem and asap. I will explain later. Medium. Yeah, I know Nicole. I really, I appreciate this. I, I, I really, really owe you on. Thank you.

What happened to you?

My, uh, cousin Alex. He smashed his smug pointy little face into my fist. And why would he do such a thing? Sleep with my ex. Oh, Sarah’s back. I’m not Sarah. Oh wait, don’t tell me you two. Were fighting over Gwen Riz check. Ugh. She’s just a slimy. As her pal Leo starts. Actually, that guy’s worse. He’s sadistic little.

I thought I could hold a grudge. You’re still pissed at Leo, I promise. Taking you down to the cleaners, huh? No, I have a much more pressing reason to hate the guy. That little vermin just blackmailed me. What’s he holding over? I’m not gonna tell you that I’ll have two people holding something over. Nah, clay, I’m not gonna do that.

Trust me, Leo works for me, but I’m not exactly his biggest fan. You know what I mean? Fine. Leo overheard me saying something negative about Brady’s daughter and now he’s threatening to publish it in his column unless I give him thousands of dollars worth of basic black merchandise.

Sorry, I’m late. You’re sorry, Alex. We are doing the conference room in five minutes and what happened to your. Sander happened. Sander, and what did you, no, you know what? Just scratch that. I don’t wanna know. I need to get to this meeting. Okay, well, let me just freshen up real quick and I’m right behind you.

Hell no. I can’t let Titan look like a gang of hooligans. Is that blood on your shirt?

Oh, oh, no, no, no, no, no. Are not going anywhere near that conference room. I’m taking this meeting alone, auntie

oh oh oh oh. And Alex, when I get back here, you and I are gonna have a serious conversation. About your future at this company,


I would go easy on the eyeshadow next time. Hmm, good call. Um, I told your assistant that I had an appointment. I hope my little fear isn’t going to get you in trouble with boss Maggie. Trust me, one, your little fib would be a drop in the bucket. As far as Maggie’s concerned, she’s already totally fed up with me.

I’m so sorry, Alex. This is all my fault. How is it your fault? When I’m the one that let Xander under my skin? I started that whole stupid fight. Yeah. But Xander targeted you because of me.

Um, you know, um, maybe we should just, you know, call it.

No way. A little bump on head is not gonna scare me off. Zander be damned. I think that we should let this ride and see what it takes us. What do you think? It’s like a plan. It sounds like a plan.

I do your makeup next time.

Oh, amazing. So it was all just delivered. Oh, thank you. Of course, Leo didn’t tip your delivery person. He’s such a stingy little creep. Nicole, thank you. I, I owe you my life. Thank. Love you. Bye. Ugh. I am off hook. Leo got his merchandise. Now I’m saved from that gossip column. Ah, Chloe. I’m afraid no one is saved from the lady.

What is that supposed to mean? Leo just turned in this new column, Chloe Lane Brady. Daughter is a deranged monster like her mother. Oh my God. That double crossing snake Xander. After everything that Brady and I have been through, we finally had a chance at a fresh start. Now you still did. You, you tell Brady that is so alive, but it’s not.

I actually said this. I let Kristin der go me into insulting their daughter, and now when Brady sees this, I am gonna lose him forever. Oh my God. On my God.

Is this house gonna be till Rachel’s 18? A tug of war of threats back and forth. I threatened to take her away from you. You threatened to take her away from me. You made it the. I did not want it to be like this. Oh, right, right, right. Because I am always the bad guy. You are the one that stoked Rachel’s resentment of Chloe in the first place.

Okay. You have used our daughter as a weapon against the woman that I love. You are using my love for my daughter against me. You’re no better than I am, Brady.

Maybe not, but I’m the one holding the cards right now.

I will write Chloe a letter of recommendation to our daughter. Will that satisfy you?

Make it glowing,

Well, you and Stephanie seem to be getting along pretty well these days. Yeah. Yeah. Things are good. And the kids, they love her. Well, dad seems to be pretty fond of her too. I am. I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to move on after you lose the, the love of your life. No. No, you don’t. You know, I never thought I’d find in love again after I lost your sister, but Paulina.

Well, she makes me very happy. It’s obvious. . Well, it’s also obvious that Stephanie makes you feel the same way she does. Couple of lucky old dogs are we? Indeed we are. Uh, don’t think I ever noticed that satisfying little grin on your face all morning. Really? Hmm. I’ve been grinning. Or maybe it’s the twinkle in your eye.

Uh, whatever it is. , I’m guessing it’s because Chad has been lighting up your day and hopefully you are nice too. Am. . I like to remain professional and discreet, but yes, he’s been lighting up my dates and my night . Oh, I knew it. Oh, a woman. A woman can sense these things. . I’m so happy for you. After all that awfulness with.

Yeah. Yeah. That was a bad situation. Mm-hmm. . Well, you have yourself a winner now. Just like my Abraham. Oh, I’m telling you Stephanie. Oh, everything. Everything is coming up Roses for me and for.

Oh my God. Oh my God.

Neil, I’m troubling you. I mean, normally I wouldn’t ask about someone else’s life, but your sadness amuses me, . I’m trying to text this girl I met at a party. It’s so much pressure. I feel like I’m gonna die. Neil picking up a pizza from Chuck E. Cheese doesn’t count as a party. . It was a real party. For my grandmother’s 90th birthday at her care home

Oh, that’s the stuff. But I did meet a very cute nurse. Her scrubs had puppies on them, so I told her I have a puppy. I’ll have to figure that out later.

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