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Morning baby mama. Oh, I see you took down that health one sign . And I’m sorry I had to put down my foot about it. Mama left. Chanel. Chanel . No, I know you run off your feet put Allie gone. But it’s outta my hands. The court won’t let you hire anybody. Mama, you didn’t let me finish. I already did.

Mm God. I love these Brady Pub Muffins.

Mm. I’m not so sure what, I dunno. Something’s missing. Trying to figure out what it is. Brown sugar? Mm-hmm. . Oh yeah. How come I didn’t think of that? You know, it’d be more perfect that you had added a little bit more of a caramel note too. Caramel note, huh? Yeah. Everything else is great though. I mean, I still can’t believe you get to roll out of bed and have breakfast like this waiting for you.

What? Well, don’t get too used to it. Now that you found a job, you’re gonna have to find your own place too. I don’t plan on sharing my bed with my little sister forever. Why not? It’s not like you’re sharing it with anybody else.

Commissioner, find a house. Call come bearing documents. Still think you’re making a mistake, but uh, you want to drop the charges against Brady and Eric, you’re gonna need to sign on the dotted line. I do. Don’t come in. Okay. Look, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I enjoyed being kidnapped and worked over by a met scientist, but gotta say I can’t complain about the end.

Come. Right? Yeah. You made that clear. So why did the police commissioner find it necessary to run this errand in person? Well, actually, I’m not just here to have you sign documents. I’m also here about my sister, Gabby,

you won’t regret agreeing to take this meeting, Mr. Sax. Hmm. In fact, I’m, I’m very confident that you’ll be impressed with my wife. She’s not only a a, a brilliant businesswoman. She’s extraordinarily creative. Good morning, Mrs.

Good morning, and it’s been a very enjoyable one so far.

Oh, a text really this hour. It’s not a text. It’s an alert.

It’s an alert to let me know if there’s any job opportunities for a photo. and it’s may be covered because of you and I appreciate it, but I need to fill my daytime hours.

What a lovely way to wake up. Did you sleep well? Better than I have in. O I don’t know how long, uh, well, not having a drug-induced hangover probably helps, no doubt. You know, maybe what also helps is you and Stephan finally sitting down and hashing everything out. Yeah, about that. There’s a bit more to the story.

Hmm. We’ll film in, please. Yes, Ste and I hashed things out, but that doesn’t mean everything’s settled far from that, you see. Though my brother may not know it. I’m as committed as I am and was to taking him down

like sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Stop. Stop. What? The alert. Just cancel it. Sorry. I need a job. Right. No, I get that. But not just any job. You’re incredibly talented. Eric, a wonderful photographer. So who needs a boss? Hmm? You should be your own boss. You should open up your own gallery.

I don’t understand. I mean, not that I expected you and Stefan to become best friends. I understand. Look, I said all the right things to him. But I did have my fingers crossed behind my back, as did my brother, I’m sure. And it’s obvious he wants what he’s always wanted Lee out of the way, Gabby in his life, and the two of them running the mirror, which I am not going to allow to happen, meaning I have to stop the two of them teaming up to sme.

Okay? And how are you gonna accomplish? Well, they’re forming my own team, of course, which I’ve actually already done with Lee Shin.

Mm-hmm. . I look forward to it as well. Yeah, talk soon then. Thanks. So how much did you hear? I heard your comments about me, your very effusive comments, all of them sincere. You want this deal for your fashion line to go through at Saxons, don’t you? What I, no. I haven’t even agreed to go in and pitch them and hear you her setting it up.

Well, you seem intrigued enough last night you took all the paperwork to bed with you. Just curious. That’s all. It doesn’t mean I’m ready to make a deal. It’s just an initial meeting and no one’s gonna rush you into anything. Gabby, I want you to have an outlet. This incredible creativity of yours and Saxton seems very interested, but if, if I’m being too pushy, I can always call them back and cancel the meeting.

So can I assume that Gabby living with Lee bugs the hell outta you as much as it does me. I hate it a lot. Figured as much, although I will admit, I, uh, don’t really know all the details of their arrangement considering Gabby, uh, well, she stopped confiding in me since she knows how I feel about Lee as opposed to all the warm and fuzzies you feel about me.

Well, let’s just say that he makes you look. Uh, now with that said, I hope to hell you, uh, haven’t given up on getting her away from. Oh no. Never giving up on that. You can bank on it. Good, good. Just be careful. You know, Shannon obviously already tried to pull the plug on you once. I, uh, don’t think he really likes competition.

I’m not competition shin. I’m gonna blow that son of a bitch out of the water.

A gallery. Me. Well, when I couldn’t fall asleep last night, I spent a good hour going through your portfolio. Eric, you would have no trouble filling in entire gallery’s walls, especially with those photos you took in Africa, . Now you’ve been building this whole library of images. And meanwhile, you set alerts on your phone for someone who has a 10 of your talent, hoping that they’ll dein to hire you.

Listen, I need a job, Sloan. No. What you need is to take charge of your career. You know, I appreciate your support, but I mean, God getting a gallery space, do you know what it takes? It takes money to buy the supplies, not to mention a gallery. So how am I supposed to find that I have the perfect place? It’s called Sweet Bits.

You may remember the person I hired. Her name is Talia and she is perfect for sweet bits. I remember her fine. You are the one forgetting we can Scott throwing money around Chan. Now every penny we spin is being watched by the court. Damn it, mama. I can’t believe Sloane Peterson got that judge to sign off on a plan like this.

Please tell me that bail is working on getting that freeze on our accounts reversed. Believe me, she’s trying. I mean, she’s hoping to get the whole crazy case that’s missed, but we have to be realistic. Baby girl. She’s a lawyer, not a miracle worker. Okay, well, neither am I and I can’t rent a successful bakery without any.

I need to swoop in and lock Talia down before I lose her. But what if you made this girl an unpaid intern? No. Nope. Just until the lawsuit is over. I cannot do that. Mama. She worked at one of the most successful bakeries in New York City. I mean, I have to offer her a competitive salary or else someone else in Salem is gonna snap her up in.

Now I guess you need to win the lottery.

I open my door to you, give you a place to lay your head, and this is the things I get grief about my love life. I was just joking. Really? You thought that was funny? Ugh, you’re too sensitive, Jada. And look, I’m not with anyone else either right now and it’s fine. Me and you we’re independent women, right?

We do just fine on our own. That we do. So here’s to the both of us flying solo.

So how long has it been, since what? Since that flying solo and here I thought we were dropping the subject. Fine. It’s none of my business. No, it’s. But I, I have nothing to hide. I broke up with someone a few months ago. Wow. A few months. It’s a long time. My breakup was pretty loose. I’m doing fine, Talia, and I’m sure you are.

But is there someone new on the horizon at least?

After my brother and I got honest with each other, I invited Lee over to tell him that I’m willing to join forces, and now he knows that I fully support his reconciliation with Gabby, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Okay. And what did you tell him about the situation with Stephan?

Nothing he can use against. Leon knows what I want him to know, and more importantly, Leoni heard what he’s willing to hear, and in return I got an earful. Meaning, meaning he’s cooked up some wonderful distraction for Gabby one, which she’s just made.

Don’t cancel. The meeting won’t look on either one of us if I bail now. So I’ll go in beat with sex and see what happens. I actually know what will happen. You’ll go in there and press the hell out of them. Before you know it, everyone will forget all about Gabby Sheik and your new designs will leave them in the dust.

Okay. You can dial down on the flattery. I know how good I am. Oh, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded, does it? I’m gonna go get ready for this meeting. Oh. Then I’ll make you breakfast to remember.

So Gabby might have a new fashion line through Saxon’s department stores. Department starts, right? So while Stephan’s forced to sneak around, try and statue a few stolen moments with. She’ll be going to bed every night just a few feet from the man who revived the artistic side of her career. My Gabby’s in love with Stephan, and she’s mourned him for years.

She’s never gonna be able to stay away from him. Mm. And that’s where things get interesting. Oh boy. How so? He filled me in on a very important stipulation in his and Gabby’s deal. She will get his Demir shares if she remains in the marriage for six months, but only if she remains faithful. Oh my God. The contract actually has a fidelity.

one, which I might be able to take advantage of. Aj, you’re playing a dangerous game. What if Stephan finds out what you’re doing behind his back? ? Well, I like taking risks. That’s the fun in life, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you say? Yeah, bet. I guess it depends on what that risk is. Wow. Getting involved with someone romantically.

That’s risky business, isn’t it? Since one. You can have that poor little heart. True, but it’s definitely fun nonetheless. Wouldn’t you agree? Yes.

The hell do you think you’re doing? Getting dressed. This is my bedroom. Remember living out a suitcase over here, unless of course you wanna change our sleeping agreement, invite me into your bedroom. Nice try. I’m gonna go get ready myself. Hey, listen for breakfast, um, egg white omelet with spinach butter toast, coffee, black.

Coming up.

Hello Stephan Lee. What the hell are you doing? Answering Gabby’s phone.

Uh, sweet bits. They’re going out of. Well, Chanel and Paul might not know that yet, but yes, and once I win my case against them, the space is mine. I want better use of it than for your gallery. Are you sure about this? Did it all win? No. Yes. No. No, no. But this is a good idea. Look, I get it. You don’t wanna take business away from Chanel and you won’t be, you know, that’s, that’s my job.

And believe me, I’m really looking forward to doing it. You’re just like the beneficiary. And with the cash I win from my judgment against them. I mean, hey, I can even be an investor too,

me with Brown Gallery. Oh, don’t say no because it’s Complic. Say yes because it’s thrilling.

You better get that. This maybe. About the case. Hold on, on Peterson here.


God, I hated this never ending war with Sloan. Oh, believe me. Believe me. I hate it too. And you are right. This is war. That’s why we need to think strategically now. If you hire this girl, it’s gonna look like you’re trying to put one over on the court, and then the judge will penalize you and then Sloan wins

it’s bill. Well, well answer. It’s probably about the case. Hello? What

Bella are you. Oh, no, no, no. She knows right here. She’s right here with me now. Y Yeah. Okay. No, I have to call you back. Oh. Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord, Lord, mama. Stop calling for the Lord and tell me what happened. Come on. What did Bell say? Mama? Mama. You’re scaring me. Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know what we’re gonna do now that we’re gonna have all this free time since Bell got the case thrown out.

Oh, baby throw we free, which

Good morning, brave. Hi. Hi. So, uh, you enjoying your time in Salem so far? You know, I was until about 20 minutes ago when my big sister was saying I was cramping. Her style. Need to move out stack. But little does she know you have to have style to cramp first. . Please feel free to ignore her. Yeah, duly noted.

That’s, what were you guys talking about a second ago when I walked up? This seemed kind of intense. You know, it’s funny you should ask, didn’t you say you have the new Java Co too? You know, we didn’t want you to be late. Oh no, it’s. A good point. You know, now that I’m a baker, I have to get used to the early morning shifts.

Wait, wait, wait. You’re going to be working at a bakery? Mm-hmm. at Sweet Bits in Horton Town Square. You know it. That’s your new job. What’s wrong with that? Sweet Bits has the best donuts in town, and they’ll be even better now that I’m there. What’s going on? Why would you work as a baker? What’s wrong with Bakers?

Nothing. That’s your chosen field, but it isn’t yours now, is it? What am I missing here? It’s just that tie here is not a baker. She’s a doctor.

You’re a doctor? I have a medical degree, yes. Stop making it sound like you just got your learner’s permit. She got her degree from Stanford, one of the best medical schools in the country, and she graduated top 10% of her class. Top 5%. Actually, you know, you’re only proof my point, right? How is working at a baker using any of your talents?

I’m a very talented. When you said you got a job, I assumed it was at University Hospital. I thought it was always your dream to follow in daddy’s footsteps. No, it was daddy’s dream to me. Follow him into medicine. It doesn’t make it mine. But you worked so hard. Who walks away from a career like that? Me.

And you’re right. I don’t wanna be easily from my new job, so I’ll catch you guys later. Bye. Re bye. Bye, Jada.

I wonder if Chanel Dupree knows just how overqualified her new baker is.

So this means I can hire Talia or No, I already hired her. So this means now I don’t have to fire Talia . Oh, you can hire, uh, baker’s dozen of Talia if you want to. Oh, did you see what I just did there? Uhhuh. . Yeah. I, I did what? I’m just way too happy to even complain about your terrible sense of humor. , we owe Bill big time.

Oh, do we ever hold that? Brilliant woman left Sloan. Dust

I wondered how that witch is taking it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s okay. Okay. It’s okay. Please. Everything is not okay. That whole lawsuit, everything, everything relied on that, and now it’s dead in the water. They’re murderers, and they won again. Right. It was just a civil case, right? No one was going to prison. It’s about money you have. It was never about the money.

They’ve torn my family apart and they just keep getting away with it because they’re cute and cuddly and fun and everyone loves them. But me, Sloane Peterson, he’s the soest soulless ambulance chaser. God forbid I forget about my mother being pushed off of a roof to her death. She’s like, whatever happens to me, whatever I get taken from me, you know?

Oh, I deserve it.

Sorry, I’m on your side and I’m sorry if. It sound like your case was unimportant.

Is my last shot my,

can I help you? You can help me Lee, by giving Gabby her phone back. I’m afraid. My wife is a little busy right now. Doesn’t have time for Chit Chat. She’s getting dressed for a very important meeting. What meeting? If Gabby thinks it’s any of your business, I’m sure she’ll tell you. It’s just not my place.

The clock is ticking on that little six month deal you. You know what happens when time runs out? I know what will happen if you keep calling here. I also know what will happen if by some bizarre chance you actually succeed attempting her into some secret rendezvous thought of that scares you to death, doesn’t it?

It should scare Gabby to death because she fails to resist you. She’ll lose all those dememer shares and she’ll have you to thank for that because you couldn’t keep it in your pants. So do her a. Do yourself a favor and stay away from my wife, Lee. Lee.


Uh, is there a problem, brother?

Thanks for all your incredible work. Bell, you, you are truly a lifesaver. You don’t know how much of a relief this is to me and Chanel, oh, we are eternally grateful. . Mm-hmm. Oh, oh, you too. Bye now. Oh, what are you working on, honey? Oh, I am revising the budget for Sweet Bits with Talia on board. I’ll be able to add back some of the popular items to our menu, and thanks to Bill, I will be able to actually pay my new employee

I didn’t know that was an issue. , but I’m certainly happy that you can. Hi, Talia. Uh, this is my mother, Paul Price. Mama. This is my new employee, Talia. Oh, I am so sorry. I forgot your last name. I, I know it was on the application. Oh, it’s Hunter. Hunter? Mm-hmm. . Any relation to Detective Jada Hunter? Yeah, she’s my sister.

You know her? No, but I do know of her. My partner arrested me once.

I just don’t get it. She spent all those years in medical school just to become a baker. She’s trying to change her life, pursue her dream. Her dream was to become a doctor and she pursued that dream with a vengeance. Totally driven. Little Miss Overachiever. You heard the way she corrected me about where she graduated at Stanford.

I mean, who does that if they’re not proud of their. Well, it’s certainly something to be proud of. Exactly, but I know better than to try to sit her down and set her straight. It’d be a complete waste of breath. I wanna hear that. I mean, Garo and Gabby, they have made some curious choices over the years, despite my excellent advice.

Must be hard being right outta the time. Mm-hmm. , . And also being the older sibling, you know, we were born to be, um, ignored, disrespected, and resented, but we love those disrespectful, recent, resentful, young ones anyway, don’t we? Dearly . Yes, we do. And we will never stop trying to rescue them from themselves.

Damn right. We won’t.

Hey, will you put that omelet in a container for me? I want to eat it later, but I don’t wanna be late. Wow. Saxtons is about to be deluged with women who wanna look exactly the way you do now. I told you to tone it down on the flattery. Well, why are you dressed up? You don’t think you’re coming with me, do you?

Well, I, I I was the go-between. I, I I’m the one who told them to snatch you up. Yeah, but it’s my pitch. I can do it myself. I don’t need help with that. They are expecting both of us. That’s fine. I can just tell ’em that you’re Stephan called.

I dunno what my problem is. His name’s Lee Shin.

He just told me that Gabby was too busy to talk because she’s headed to some important business meeting, and I’m sure that creep made the whole thing up as another ploy to keep us apart. Well, maybe it wasn’t made up. What do you mean? Word on the street is Saxon’s, maybe partnering with Gabby on a new fashion line.

Word on the street. Well, yeah, I hear things at Basic Black, that’s part of my job. Well, if that were true, Gabby would’ve told me about it, and I would’ve heard first.

I can’t speak to Gabby’s willingness to share information, but if I were to guess what’s going on here, it sounds like Lee is trying to get her interested in a new business opportunity. So she loses interest in his DEMIRA shares and by extension, You. No way that’s gonna happen. Gabby loves me and she wants nothing more than to be back together.

No, Wakely distract her by waving some shiny new business opportunity in front of her face. But if she gives in to her feelings for you, she could lose her mirror shacks. How do you know about that?

You wanna ride to the station? Sure. We can talk about what a bummer it is, being the older sibling. And you can tell me what you and Talia were talking about when I walked up. I mean, it’s none of my business. It’s just what? Hmm hmm. Oh, just the look on your face is when I came. Nevermind. Oh, you know, it, it’s Sean.

Uh, you know, we’ve been trading info on the case we have, so I should probably take this. You you go ahead. I’ll drive myself. Hunter.

So you never went to culinary school? No, um, actually I had a different focus, but baking is just something I know. Do you also know that you’re talking to a couple of criminal. You think you’ve won, don’t you? Oh honey, we know we have. Well, you are wrong. I am not giving up on making YouTube bitches pay for what you’ve done.

Look, I don’t know what your problem is, but you can’t just talk to them like that. They’re my problem. This one’s a murderer and this one covered it up. Your lawyer may have pulled a rabbit out of her. But you are not off the hook. You listen to me, Sloan Peterson, you have lost and you will keep on losing and losing.

So how about you’ll find something better to do with your time than trying to hurt me and my family trying to drag us a court to satisfy your sick need for revenge. When my daughter and I, we have done nothing wrong. Do you hear me? Maybe. Maybe I don’t need court to get my revenge. Ever thinking that,

so Stephan called and you didn’t think to tell me. You saw the notification before I had a chance. Uh, it was a very brief call. He asked for you and I said you were getting ready for a meeting. Needed to stay focused. Lee, I don’t need a secretary, nor do I need you answering my phone without my permission.

Well, I I, I’m sorry. I, I just, I wasn’t thinking, uh, why don’t you call him back now if you like. I mean, it might make us late for the meeting at Saxon’s, but. We can probably make up the time on the break. No, I don’t wanna be late and there’s no, we okay. It’s just me remember. Fine. Um, the only thing is they’re expecting me to, and I wouldn’t want them wondering why I didn’t show up.

That would be an unnecessary distraction, and I wouldn’t want to spoil your pitch before you even get to make it.

You’re driving.

Oh. Uh, Lee’s little sister, Wendy, she mentioned something about her morals clause in their, uh, marriage contract. Wow. Surprise Lee would share that information with her and that she would just impart that knowledge onto. Well, no one’s ever accused Wendy of discretion. Look, I’m sorry if I spoke out of tone.

I didn’t know that this clause was on a need to know basis. Either way, I, I, I don’t envy you, Stephan. It certainly is a very tricky situation. It is indeed. He’s watching us like a hawk waiting for me and Gabby to give into feelings for one another, and I, I can’t figure out a way.

Well, Stephan, maybe I can help you. How? Well, maybe, um, yeah, I can arrange for you and Gabby to meet privately. I mean, after all, Lee’s not watching.

It’s a very kind offer. What can I say? I’m, I’m a romantic at heart, and I just, I really want you and Gabby to be happy together, and since you two boys have made peace, I’m on your side as much as EJ is.

That’d be amazing. Thank you. Of course. But I, I’ll, uh, I’ll get to work and. I’ll let you know as soon as I come up with something. I’m very grateful, Nicole, and I know Gabby will be too.

Well done Oscar worthy. Now I was just following the plan. Now all we need is for Lee to catch Ste and Gabby and the act and it’s by by shares. Gabriela earned controlled D mirror. Let’s just hope Stefan makes it worth it.

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