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If it wasn’t Stefano, then who was the last person in that chamber? I never said it wasn’t Stefano, but you strongly implied it, and you said that you kept that person alive for over a decade and impressed his feet even for you. You are impressed. Well, we are women of science. Of course we are. Yeah. And I would think that you would be dying to tell people about your achievement.

So am might not share it with us. I mean, who are we going to tell you raise a good point. I suppose I wouldn’t her to brag a little about one of my great successes.

There’s no sense in drawing this out any longer. You might as well go ahead and kill her. No, no, no. You don’t wanna do that Megan. Call him off. Kate, you destroy the serum, but you see you to me now. I’ll do what you want. Just give me a second chance. No, Bo No. You know you don’t want to do it. Oh, I think he.

Actually, she’s right. Thank you. Oh, what are you doing? This could get messy. You don’t want blood all over the lab, do you? Ah, good point. How about to take this outside? Great idea. Kill her outside and then leave her to rot. Hmm.

Thank you so much, Andrew. I’ll be in touch.

The Isa granted visiting privileges for Harris. Michaels great. Let’s go. No, no, no. Hold on. You too. Should hit back to Salem. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You don’t want us to come along. John, this is something I need to do in my own.

I have brought people back from the dead, of course, but in this case, I think you will be awestruck as well as jubilant. When I tell you that’s a person in question is, look what we have here. I do hope I’m not interrupting anything. No, it’s fine. And just asking me questions about my new serum. Rolf was just telling us that you were planning to use it on Kate, like she’s some kind of Guinea pig.

Where is she? What have you done with her? Well, you don’t need to worry about those tests anymore. Kate refused to cooperate, so she’s gonna suffer a different trait now.

Okay. Megan’s gone. You know, you don’t have to follow her orders. You can, you can say that I got away, or the, the gun jams. I know you don’t wanna do this.


like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Ah, Katie, will I ever hear from you again? What will it take to make you reach out?

Do I have to plot another murder?

Maybe I’m crazy. I just imagined it all.

Okay. That’s good. That’s good. I think this is a perfect place for you to die. Okay. Look, I, I, I don’t know what Megan stands to you. Oh, no, not about her. Okay, well that’s good because she’s crazy and you need to get the hell away from her bow. Elena, Kayla and I, we all know you. This is not you. So me the real blow.

See a sweetheart of a guy most of the time, but you are definitely not a stone cold assassin. Okay? Do you know how many people are going to beat overwhelmed by the fact that you’re so alive? You need to think about. Okay. Because you loved her, why would she think if she saw you like this?

Ms. Brady, welcome to Isa PSYOPs. Thank you, agent Rose and uh, Ms. We’re so honored to have you visit us. Agent Donovan called and said you were coming, but not to fango out. You and your late husband are kind of legends around here. That’s very flattering. Thank you. My condolence is on his death. Thank you.

You must still miss him every day. Commander Michaels is in here. Yes, right inside. May I please see? Of course.

We’re never getting out of this door. Now I wanna tell Megan comes back for us. What do you think she’s planning now? I mean, saying that Kate is going to suffer a different kind of fate. I, after all she’s been through, um, she did find a cure for the virus. She put us into a cryogenic state until she decides to wake us up, but she wanted to keep us alive for some reason.

Remember Ralph said that she was planning on using the serum on Kate. I don’t know. I think Megan’s new plan sounds ominous at best. Yeah. Do you think I’m overreacting? No, I don’t. I think we’re in a world of trouble here.

Do you think it might have been shortsighted for you to order bull to kill our test subject? How so? You can make a new serum, right? Yes, but it’ll take time. Fine. And we still have two women that we can test it on. Megan, don’t question me Wolf. Get to work very well

and no more procrastinating. It’s been months since Bo and I were reunited. We all the respect, you’ve already waited 40 years. And I don’t want to wait any longer than I have to.

Oh my God, it works. Bone. You’re conscious.

It’s me, Megan. Oh, what’s darling? I knew you would come back.

Can you say something, please?

What’s hope?

I literally brought that man back to life and all he could think about was her. Yes, you gave me quite an earful about it at the time. Why do you have luck? Megan, let me outta here. I have to fly my wife. Come on. I gotta find hope. Megan,

Ralph. Thank God. Last thing I remember I was in the park. I was dying in hopes. I have to get to her. As you can hear this must stop is you’ve taken me away from a very important project your brother Stephan did. I don’t care about that. Megan, I need you to make this stop. I cured more of his brain tumor.

And I need you to cure him of Hope Brady,

I did as you asked. Yes, but it didn’t turn out as I expected.

Why would I care what hope thinks? Because she’s your wife. Uh, correct me if I’m wrong, but ex-wife got a divorce. Okay, well, there’s the mother of another one of your exes whose heart she broke. I know all too well that hope was the one great love of your life and that you never got over it. Isn’t that true?

Oh, what a beautiful story. Okay. Time to die. Okay. Is at least, uh, take this. Take my wedding. So you can return it to Roman.

Sorry man. I know you’re closed. Not to you guys. Come on.

Right. What are you, uh, doing back to her? What’s going on? Did you find Megan? Well, not exactly bud. We got an. What’s going on? Your nephew, Andrew did us a real solid, let us access ISA records. So we found out where Megan went after she left Ruckus. We got there. It was too late. She’d already cleared out. So that was the end the line.

Maybe not. We went into Hope. Oh, yep. What was she doing? Same thing we were doing, I suppose. She has an idea that Harris Michaels might know something that could lead us to Megan. Well, if he does that, bastard’s never gonna tell. Maybe, maybe not. You see, when he was in Montreal, he indicated to hope that he thinks maybe he.

Was brainwashed by Megan, so if she used the same techniques on him that she used on us, he could be reachable. Kayla got through to me. Marla and Paul were able to reach John help figures. She gets a face-to-face with Michaels. She might have a breakthrough there also, but Harris never really loved hope, did he?

I guess we’ll see about that.

You got him locked down pretty tight with good reason. Commander Michaels has been quite uncooperative. I can’t say that surprises me. Advised arrangement after he sent the third agent to the hospital. Thank you. One of our top psychoanalysts Donovan’s wife. Has met with him several times, but he’s been highly resistant to treatment.

Yes. So I see. I’d like you to let me in there with him alone. Yes, Erin. It’s some privacy that would be inadvisable. As I said, he’s very dangerous. Yes, I understand an agent Rose, but I need to look him straight in the eye for this to. I can call Shane if you’d like. It won’t be necessary. I trust you. Thank you.

Here’s your panic button.

We’ll be right outside if you. Thank you agent.

Hello, hope.

It’s been a long time.

I had such high hopes at first.

What? What is happen? What, bro? What are you doing to me? Just relax. Bob. You’ve been through a little procedure. That’s all procedure. What kind of procedure on your brain just need to make sure that it’s worked?

How does that make you.

Ah, excellent. As I said, , the procedure worked exactly as intended. Yes. He no longer wanted hope, and he was loyal to me. He did everything I asked him to. But the spark between us, the the spark was gone.

What’s with the yearbook? Well, it’s our yearbook though. Don’t you remember? We are a voted best couple. Yeah, so well, we could be that happy again, . That was a long time ago, but the feelings can come back. I know they can.

He was supposed to love me. I warned you that a procedure could not create romantic feelings out of nothing. They’re not nothing. They’re just. Dormant. Now, this serum, this serum had better work as you promised when Megan’s said that Kate was going to suffer a different kind of fate. Now, do you think that she was just trying to scare us to get us to behave?

I mean, why would she kill Kate after she had gone through so much trouble to revive her? Well, she wouldn. And even if that were her intention, I, Katie was just, she’s resourceful and, and she’s able to talk her way out of any dire situation. I know she will. Here again, as I recall, you and Roman were over a long time ago.

Well, we got back together again recently and actually we got. On my deathbed, although it was the first time, you know, because I got sick and then I recovered and then I relapsed, and then apparently I died. And yet here I am. Which is pretty miraculous. Wouldn’t you say ? No, no. Ralph made it happen. Have Megan’s request.

Oh, well Ralph makes a lot of things happen, doesn’t he? Did you see I’m a survivor? You’re a survivor. Roman’s a survivor. Do you remember, do you remember saying goodbye to him on that beach when you thought he was dead? Because Roman loves me. If you kill his wife, he’s gonna be devastated. Is that what you want?

So you only think that hope can get through this Harris, my close guy. I mean, he might not know anything even if, uh, she gets in to talk and after the way he got the upper hand on both of you. Oh, hey, we were on Bush, man. Come on. That’s right. Hey, we’ve been prepared on that. Hey, relax. Okay. I’m not questioning your skills.

All right. I’m just worried about hope. The point is he is in ISA custody. It’s a highly controlled situation. We wanted to go with. , but she insisted she had to do this on her own and you know how damn headstrong she can be. Yeah. She almost got herself killed last time she got involved with this guy. I hope she’s being safe this time.

What are you doing here? Why would you even want to talk to me after everything I did to you and your family?

The last time we saw each other in Montreal, you said you thought Megan had done something to you, brainwash. You said that you wanted help. We got you that help Harris, but I’m confused because ever since then you have fought it every step of the way. Why is that? I was lying. I said whatever it took to mitigate that.

Punish. No, no, no. I don’t. I don’t believe you. If they were two, you’d still be keeping up with that. No, I think that you are still fully under a million’s control and why? It’s the reason why you wouldn’t open up to Kimberly, and that’s why I only see the real you when we’re alone. Harris, look at me, Harris.

I came all this way today.

Remind you of what we had. There was nothing between us. We had was a card. I was just playing you to get to the prisons just like you were playing me. No, it’s not true. Not in the beginning. I wasn’t. Here is something, something grew between us. Before I realized that you were after the prison, you said it yourself.

It’s the reason you couldn’t pull the trigger. When Megan had urged you to kill me, I said what you wanted to hear. Yeah, yeah, I know. To communicate your punishment. I heard you.

All right

then. Tell me this. Why? Why did Megan have to hire Thomas Banks? Put him up in the rafters to kill me? You could’ve killed me. You could’ve done it from two feet away. It’s a backup plan. Why am I still alive, Harris?

Because I failed. No,

because you succeeded. You succeeded. Aris, you stopped.

I am alive because of you.

You felt something for me.

You still do. It’s real. It is.


What about you?

Do you feel something for me too?

Do you don’t hope is risking her life? Is it worth it, Roman? Megan’s out there somewhere behaving like a true Demir Stephanie’s daughter through and through who knows what she could be planning right now to hurt even more people we love. She’s still a threat. We need to stop her. Whatever it takes. As you recall, I made no promises, but if it works, This serum will allow you and Bo to go back again and start at the beginning.

It’s about time my flight was delayed from Jakarta and frankly, I’m not even sure why you summit me. I thought my work was done. Not quite. Although Bo has forgotten his feelings for hope, then what’s the problem? The problem is, That the spark between us, between bow and I is gone. And how do you suppose I can change that?

What are you asking me to do? I read an article in the Salem Spectator the other day about an orchid that seems to have magical healing properties and or could you grew in your lab before it disappeared? And what does that have to do with. I’m just wondering if you might be able to use it to help bow and me to turn back time.

Ah, you want to reverse the aging process? Oh, and I lost so much. And you think the orca could be your own personal fountain of youth? Almost as good as a time. Is it possible? I know you told the police that it’s gone, but I wonder if you might not know where I can get my hands on it. Actually, I do.

When we’re young, again, like when we first met, I know he’ll love. Instead of just following my orders like a loyal soldier, you know, he has never once questioned what I’ve asked him to do or why.

No one knew he was in Salem. They all still think he’s dead and they’ll never know otherwise. Come on, we’re Homan thinks you’re dead. I pull this trigger. We’ll make a damn bit of difference to him. I know, because eventually he will find out what you. I guess the truth always comes out, doesn’t it? Both. I don’t really care if the truth comes out.

I don’t care about Roman. You know? I don’t believe that. I really don’t. I mean, I think that you’re lying to yourself because I think everything that I’ve said to you deep down has struck a chord with the real vore who is devoted to his family, who adores his sisters, Kimberly and Kayla and his brother Roman, and his children and his grand children.

Sean, Douglas, Sierra, Zach, Claire, Chelsea. I mean, you could forget about Chelsea, your daughter. With my Billy. I mean, I can see you trying to deny that you have feelings for hope, even for Roman, because certainly those relationships are fraught. They, they’re complicated. There’s not a baggage there. But the parents love for their child.

That is pure, that is unshakable, even in the worst of circumstances. So you see Chelsea is my flesh and blood. Blood. You wanna see blood? I’ll show you blood. Listen to me. You are not going to break Chelsea’s heart by killing her grandmother. You and I. That you are not going to pull that trigger. You know that I will only to shut you up.

So you were together for a whole year. When you kissed me, I felt something that wasn’t just part of the game.

Come on hope. I want the. Okay. The truth,

as much as I wanted to stay disconnected, there were moments I thought something,

okay, I admitted it. I can, I can you Can you admit?

Or maybe, um,

Me just think about what Megan was willing to do to get revenge on hope. Yeah, on a pure spine. Well, just because Bo lived another woman, it’s not like she could have ’em anyway. Now. and if she has succeeded in getting hope out of the way. Yeah, I still can’t believe it. I mean, Megan Hathaway is still alive and our wives are damnit.

You know what guys? I mean, sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy. I mean, I, I tell people, you know that Kate is talking to me from the great beyond

through an.

So have you picked up on anything from her lately? Now she’s gone silent and that’s what makes me wonder. I mean, did I. Did I imagine that Paulina herd of two?

I saw Kayla. She came to me. John, what about you? What about you? Did anything like that happen to you? Did you ever hear from Martin Le?

I haven’t heard anything at all from Doc. I thought appealing to to Ralph’s ego might get us somewhere. It was getting us somewhere. I’m sure that he was about to tell us who was in that fourth chamber when Megan walked in. Not that it even matters now. But it might because if somebody had been in there and they got away, maybe if they’re friendly, they was able to come back, they could help us escape.

You don’t think My relationship with Chelsea was complicated. She’s responsible for the death of one of my kids. I know, and you got past that because of your love hurt. Both, you know, Chelsea and Max London now because they’re, they’re so happy. Bella and Shawn are happy. Sierra and Sierra and Banner sailing around the world just like you would hope to, but you know who’s not happy?

Hope hope’s miserable because she, because she misses. And you could, you could fix that. You have another chance. I, there’s no fixing that. It was over a decade ago. Let’s see. So you’re just, what? You’re just meeting’s lap dog now. So some may think it’s selfish of me to keep them all to myself, but I brought him back to life.

And I’ve loved him faithfully all these years. , which is more than anyone else can say, I deserve this. I deserve him.

Dr. Marlena, Evan. Dead virus claims. Third victim. I had no idea that you get sick again, sorry ladies,

but I needed this beauty for myself.

Oh, hey, what are you doing?

What are these women doing here? Oh, they’re here for us though. You see, with their help, you and I are gonna get back all the time that we lost and finally live halfway ever after.

When you got here a few weeks ago, Ralph, I gave you this facility and the plant continues to thrive. You can make limitless amounts of the serum. Quantity is not the issue. Assuming every single is just planned. When the testing process is complete and we are able to administer it, foe and I will be young again and we can start all over from the.

This time he’ll stay and he’ll love me forever and ever and hope will go off of some other poor stop.

Do not try to play me again.

You know, I can stamp your neck in an instant. You could, but you won’t. You can’t. Any more than he could bring yourself to pull the trigger. God, I went into yours.

You’re making sweet just like I was. You still are. Do you want that woman to get away with everything she’s done?

Like you give it down what happens to me? I do.

Course I Care. Harris, we’re not our only victims.

She kill my sister-in-law, Kayla and her brother, Roman’s wife, Kate Roberts, and hi. John Black’s wife. She’s, she’s killed a lot of people I love and care her about greatly.

Why should that matter to me? Because you were so much more than a trained assassin. You are a Navy hero. Before Megan got ahold of you, you were a good man. You were an honorable man, a good and honorable. You forget the fact that I killed two men. That wasn’t you. That wasn’t you. Doesn’t change the fact that that was the brainwashing Harris, you have the chance, the opportunity to get your life back.

To get back what’s real.

Don’t you want that? I wanna help you. Let me, let me help you and then you can help me make sure that Megan never hurts anyone ever again.

I, them, I don’t, I don’t care what Megan did,

didn’t do it for me. Harris,

do it from me.

Good coffee man. We’ll let you know if we hear anything from Hope. Hang here to Roman. Yes, you too.

Damn. A hell of a wind man. Looks like uh, we’re in for storms. Yeah, that’s what they say. Okay. You guys be careful out there. Yeah. All right.

You okay? Oh yeah. Quiet time’s the hardest, I guess. I keep trying to reach out somehow to John and my family. Have to know how much I love them. Oh, I end up picturing in there the pain. Hello. I remember how I breathed for Steve when I thought I’d lost him, went on for years. And to think about our families going through that, well motivate us to get out of here.

That’s what it’s


Ms. Brady, is everything all right? Yes, everything is. Perfect. In fact, manager Michaels has agreed to another session with Dr. Brady Donovan and I have a feeling that, uh, he’s gonna be a lot more cooperative this time around.

No, I mean, nobody’s lap dog really. That’s not what it. Like to me, I mean, this is Megan’s idea. This was in your idea. Take her outside and, and, and kill her. Now, I don’t know. It, to me, you just look like a glorified Aaron boy, I pray you’re right. You know as well as anybody that we have to keep our faith right now.

We are going to get out of here. The two of us and Kate, so you think this is the best time to insult me? , I, I, I don’t know. I. It’s just that I’m surprised. I’m really surprised. I wouldn’t think that you would fall in with a two bit wannabe Ste like, Megan, stop, stop, stop. Or what? I mean, you’re gonna shoot me because that’s what Megan expects you to do.

I, I don’t know. I don’t understand where is the boat that, that I knew that was a rebel that would’ve come in here and would’ve blown off this whole lap and taken off on his motorcycle without ever bothering to look back at the flames. I mean, this is not an action movie. This is real life, my life. And yours for the next few seconds anyway.

Fine. That’s fine. I, I just never expected to see you go out this way. I mean, how many times did you take down Megan’s old man I, that though Brady, I did not follow orders, did hated anyone to tell him what to do. That Bo. Right now we think that you’re disgusting that you’re doing something just because someone ordered you to do it.

Someone, my, the likes of Megan’s Hathaway. How about Chris? I want you dead. Do you? Do you really? Because if you do, Pull that trigger. Shoot me.

Did you hear that the deed is done. I heard now you need to get back to work and make some more of that serum so we can test her Marlena and. And if it works, then it had better control. And I will be young and in love, and we will finally have our happily ever after. Ah, it’s done. I know. I heard the gunshot.

I’m very proud of you though. Okay, now look, I’ve got something else that I need for you. I don’t give a damn what you need. I don’t take orders from you, lady. It’s over.

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