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Paulina walks through the town square and greets Chanel at the Bakery. Paulina sees that Chanel is removing the “Help Wanted” sign from the bakery and starts talking about how she’s sorry she had to put her foot down but reminds Chanel that the court won’t let her hire anyone. Chanel then stops her and reveals that she already did hire someone.

Jada and her sister Talia have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Jada praises the muffins while Talia is unsure, feeling they could use brown sugar and caramel. Talia comments that she still can’t believe Jada gets to roll out of bed and have breakfast like this waiting downstairs. Jada tells Talia not to get too used to it, reminding her that now that she has a job, she will have to get her own place. Jada jokes that she doesn’t plan on sharing her bed with her little sister forever. Talia then questions why not, remarking that it’s not like she’s sharing it with anybody else.

Rafe goes to the DiMera Mansion. Stefan answers the door and questions why he’s making a house call. Rafe says he comes with documents and notes that he still thinks Stefan is making a mistake, but if he wants to drop the charges against Brady and Eric, then he will have to sign on the dotted line. Stefan confirms that he does and invites Rafe in. Stefan says it’s not like he enjoyed being kidnapped and worked over by a mad scientist, but he can’t complain about the end result. Rafe says he made that clear. Stefan questions why the police commissioner found it necessary to run this errand in person. Rafe admits he’s not just here to have him sign the documents as he’s also here about his sister, Gabi.

Li is at home on the phone, saying they won’t regret taking this meeting with his wife. Li praises Gabi as she comes out of her room and he greets her.

Eric and Sloan kiss in bed. Sloan calls it a very enjoyable morning so far. Eric gets an alert on his phone which he explains is for if there’s any job openings for a photographer. Eric notes that his nights have been filled thanks to her but he needs to fill his daytime hours.

Nicole and EJ kiss in bed which EJ calls a lovely way to wake up. EJ says he slept better than he has in a long time. Nicole jokes that not having a drug induced hangover probably helped. Nicole adds that maybe it also helped that he and Stefan finally sat down to hash everything out. EJ informs her that there’s a bit more to the story about that. Nicole asks him to fill her in. EJ confirms that they hashed things out, but that doesn’t mean everything is settled as it’s far from it. EJ reveals that Stefan may not know it, but he’s as committed as he ever was to taking Stefan down.

Nicole tells Eric to stop the alert and job search. Eric responds that he needs a job. Sloan says she gets that, but not just any job, noting that he’s incredibly talented and a wonderful photographer. Sloan suggests Eric should be his own boss and open up his own gallery.

Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t understand. EJ says he said all the right things but he had his fingers crossed behind his back and he’s sure Stefan did too. EJ adds that Stefan still wants what he’s always wanted and that’s Li out of the way, Gabi in his life, and the two of them running DiMera which he is not going to allow to happen, so he has to stop Stefan and Gabi from teaming up to oust him. EJ declares that he will stop that by forming his own team, which he’s already done, with Li Shin.

Li finishes his call and asks Gabi how much she heard. Gabi says she heard his comments about her which Li calls all sincere. Li asks if Gabi wants the deal to go through with her fashion line. Gabi complains that she hadn’t even agreed to go to the store but he’s already setting it up. Li remarks that she seemed intrigued enough last night since she took all the paperwork to bed. Gabi says she was curious but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to make a deal. Li calls it just an initial meeting and assures no one is going to rush her in to anything. Li wants Gabi to have an outlet for her incredible creativity. Li adds that if he’s being too pushy, he can always call back and cancel the meeting.

Rafe assumes that Gabi living with Li bugs the hell out of Stefan as much as it does him. Stefan admits he hates it a lot. Rafe admits he doesn’t know all the details of their arrangement considering Gabi stopped confiding him since she knows how he feels about Li. Stefan asks how that compares to how he feels about him. Rafe states that Li makes Stefan look good, so he hopes Stefan hasn’t given up on getting Gabi away from Li. Stefan assures that he’s never giving up on that. Rafe advises Stefan to be careful since Li already tried to pull the plug on him once and he doesn’t like competition. Stefan responds that he is no competition because he’s going to blow that son of a bitch out of the water.

Eric questions Sloan thinking he should open a gallery. Sloan informs him that while she was having trouble sleeping last night, she went through his portfolio for an hour and sees that he would have no trouble filling a gallery’s walls, especially with the photos he took in Africa. Eric insists that he needs a job. Sloan thinks he needs to take charge of his career. Eric appreciates her support, but reminds her that it takes money to buy the supplies and the space for a gallery, so he questions how he’s supposed to find that. Sloan responds that she has the perfect place and it’s called Sweet Bits Bakery.

Chanel informs Paulina that she hired Talia and she’s perfect for Sweet Bits. Paulina complains that Chanel is forgetting that they can’t start throwing money around since every cent they spend is being watched by the court. Chanel can’t believe Sloan got the judge to sign off on a plan like this. Chanel asks if Belle is working on getting the freeze on their accounts reversed. Paulina assures that Belle is trying and hoping to get the case dismissed, but they have to be realistic. Chanel argues that she can’t run a bakery without any help, so she needs to lock Talia down before she loses her. Chanel adds that Talia worked at one of the most successful bakeries in New York City, so she has to offer her a competitive salary or someone else is going to snap her up in no time. Paulina guesses that she needs to win the lottery then.

Jada questions Talia giving her grief about her love life. Talia says she was just joking and says she’s too sensitive. Talia points out that she’s not with anyone either and calls them independent women who do just fine on their own. Jada agrees and toasts to them both flying solo. Talia then asks Jada how long it’s been since she was not flying solo. Jada thought they were dropping the subject. Talia accepts that it’s none of her business. Jada decides she has nothing to hide and informs Talia that she broke up with someone a few months ago. Talia calls that a long time compared to her break up being pretty recent. Jada assures that she’s fine. Talia asks if there’s at least someone new on the horizon. Rafe then enters the Pub.

EJ explains to Nicole that after he and Stefan got honest with each other, he invited Li over to tell him that he’s willing to join forces, so now Li knows he fully supports him getting back with Gabi and is willing to do whatever it takes to help make that happen. Nicole asks what he told Li happened between he and Stefan. EJ assures he told him nothing that he can use against him and Li only knows what he wants him to hear. EJ adds that Li only heard what he wanted to hear anyway and says he’s cooked up a wonderful distraction for Gabi that she might just fall for.

Gabi tells Li not to cancel the meeting since it won’t look good to bail now. Gabi agrees to go and see what happens. Li encourages that she will impress the hell out of everyone and they’ll all forget about Gabi Chic and will be blown away by her new designs. Gabi says he can dial down the flattery because she knows how good she is. Gabi decides she will go get ready for the meeting. Li says he will too and then he’ll make her a breakfast to remember.

EJ explains to Nicole that Gabi will have her new fashion line in department stores, so while Stefan will be sneaking around trying to steal a few moments with Gabi, she will be sleeping just a few feet from the man who will have revived the artistic side of her career. Nicole points out that Gabi is in love with Stefan and she mourned him for years, so she won’t be able to stay away from him. EJ says that’s where things get interesting as he informs Nicole of the contract that Gabi must stay in the marriage for six months to get Li’s DiMera shares, but only if she remains faithful. EJ feels he could take advantage of that. Nicole worries that EJ is playing a dangerous game and asks what if Stefan finds out what he’s doing behind his back. EJ responds that he likes taking risks and calls that the fun in life. Nicole feels it depends on the risk. EJ jokes that getting involved with someone romantically is a risk, since one could get their heart broken, but it’s still definitely fun which Nicole agrees with. Nicole says it’s definitely worth the risk as they kiss.

Stefan looks at a photo of Gabi on his phone and then goes to her number.

Li starts getting dressed in front of Gabi, so she questions what the hell he’s doing. Li reminds her that the living room is his bedroom, unless she wants to change their sleeping arrangements and let him in to her bedroom. Gabi says nice try and decides to go get ready herself. Gabi tells Li what she wants for breakfast as she heads to her bedroom. Gabi left her phone behind as Stefan calls. Li answers the phone. Stefan questions what the hell he is doing answering Gabi’s phone.

Eric questions Sloan telling him that Sweet Bits is going out of business. Sloan says that Paulina and Chanel might not know it yet, but once she wins her case, that space will belong to her. She asks what better use for it than Eric’s gallery. Eric asks if she’s sure about this being a good idea. Sloan gets that he doesn’t want to take business away from Chanel, but says that’s her job and she’s really looking forward to doing it. Sloan says that Eric will just benefit and with the cash she wins from the case, she could even be an investor too. Sloan encourages Eric to say yes as they kiss until her phone rings. Sloan answers the call and is shocked by what she hears.

Chanel complains to Paulina that she hates this never ending war with Sloan. Paulina says she does too but it is war, so they have to think strategically. Paulina worries that if Chanel hires Talia, it will look like she’s trying to put one over on the court and the judge will penalize her, then Sloan wins. Paulina gets a call from Belle, who tells her some surprising news. Chanel questions what she said. Paulina responds that she doesn’t know what they are going to do with all this free time as she announces that Belle got the case thrown out. Chanel can’t believe it as Paulina tells her that their longshot came through. Paulina declares that they are free of that witch at last as they hug.

Rafe greets Jada and Talia. Rafe asks if Talia is enjoying her time in Salem so far. Talia jokes that she was until about 20 minutes ago when Jada said she was cramping her style and needed to move out. Jada tells Rafe to ignore her. Rafe aks what they were talking about when he walked in as it seemed kind of intense. Talia says it’s funny he asks but Jada interrupts and reminds her that she has to get to work. Talia talks about having to get used to early morning shifts now that she’s going to be a baker. Jada questions Talia working at a bakery. Talia confirms her job is at Sweet Bits in the town square and asks if she knows it. Rafe asks what’s wrong with that and says they have the best donuts in town. Jada questions what is going on and why Talia would work as a baker. Talia asks what’s wrong with bakers. Jada says nothing but points out that is not Talia’s chosen field. Rafe questions what he’s missing. Jada informs him that Talia is not a baker and reveals that she’s a doctor! Rafe is surprised as Talia confirms she has a medical degree. Jada points out that she graduated from Stanford in the top five percent of her class. Jada questions how working as a baker is using any of her talents. Talia argues that she’s a very talented baker. Jada says when Talia got a job, she assumed it was at the hospital and that her dream was always to follow their dad’s footsteps. Talia clarifies that it was only their dad’s dream for her to follow him in to medicine but that doesn’t make it her dream. Jada points out that she worked so hard and questions who walks away from a career like that. Talia says she does and that she doesn’t want to be late, so she says bye to Rafe and Jada as she then exits the Pub. Jada wonders if Chanel knows how overqualified her new baker is.

Chanel tells Paulina that this means she can hire Talia and doesn’t have to fire her which Paulina encourages. Chanel says they owe Belle big time. Paulina agrees and exclaims that Belle left Sloan in the dust. Paulina wonders how Sloan is taking it.

Sloan begins throwing things in her apartment. Eric gets up and tries to encourage her that it’s going to be okay. Sloan complains that everything relied on that lawsuit and it’s over. Sloan cries that Paulina and Chanel are murderers and they’ve won again. Eric reminds her that it was just a civil case so no one was going to prison and she has money. Sloan shouts that it was never about money as they tore her family apart and they just keep getting away with it. Sloan screams that everybody loves Paulina and Chanel except her and refuses to forget about her mother being pushed off a roof to her death as she breaks down crying. Eric tells her that he’s sorry and assures that he’s on her side. Sloan cries that this lawsuit was her last shot at justice for her mom as Eric hugs her.

Li asks Stefan if he can help him. Stefan tells him to give Gabi her phone back. Li says he’s afraid that his wife is a little busy and doesn’t have time for chit chat as she’s getting dressed for a very important meeting which Stefan questions. Li is sure Gabi will tell him if she thinks it’s any of his business, but it’s not his place. Stefan warns him that the clock is ticking on his six months while Li warns that he knows what will happen if Stefan keeps calling or if he somehow tempts Gabi in to some secret rendezvous. Stefan asks if the thought of that scares him to death. Li says it should scare Gabi since if she fails to resist him, she’ll lose all those DiMera shares and have Stefan to thank for it because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Li tells Stefan to do himself and Gabi a favor and stay away from her as he then hangs up on him. Stefan throws his phone out of the room in frustration as EJ and Nicole enter. EJ asks Stefan if there’s a problem.

Paulina calls Belle back and thanks her for all of her hard work, saying she doesn’t know how much this means to her and Chanel and that they are eternally grateful. Paulina hangs up as Chanel begins revising the budget for Sweet Bits and says she can bring back some popular items and she’ll actually be able to pay her new employee. Talia then walks up and says she didn’t know that was an issue but she’s glad she will be able to. Chanel greets Talia and introduces her to Paulina. Paulina notes Talia’s last name of Hunter and asks if she has any relation to Jada. Talia confirms that is her sister and asks if she knows her. Paulina says no but she knows of her because her partner arrested her once.

Jada tells Rafe that she doesn’t get it since Talia spent all those years in medical school just to become a baker. Rafe suggests she’s changing her life and following her dream while Jada argues that Talia’s dream was to become a doctor which she pursued with a vengeance. Jada knows trying to set Talia straight would be a waste of breath. Rafe relates to that with trying to advise his siblings over the years. They agree that they love their younger siblings and they will never stop trying to rescue them from themselves.

Gabi gets ready to go then questions why Li is dressed up and if he thought he was going with her. Li points out that he was the go-between that set this up. Gabi argues that it’s her pitch and she doesn’t need help with that. Li confirms they are expecting both of them. Gabi starts to say she can just tell them something but then she sees on her phone that Stefan called which she questions.

Stefan informs EJ and Nicole that his problem is named Li Shin, who just told him that Gabi is too busy to talk because she’s headed to some important business meeting. Stefan says he’s sure Li made the whole thing up as another ploy to keep them apart. Nicole suggests maybe it wasn’t made up since word on the street is Gabi may be partnering with stores for a new fashion line, noting that she hears things at Basic Black. Stefan argues that if that were true, Gabi would have told him about it and he would’ve heard first. EJ says he can’t speak to Gabi’s willingness to share information, but it sounds like Li is trying to get Gabi interested in a new business venture so that she loses interest in his DiMera shares and by extension, Stefan. Stefan says there’s no way that’s going to happen since Gabi loves him and she wants nothing more than to be back together. Stefan declares that there’s no way Li can distract her by shining some business opportunity in her face. EJ points out that if Gabi gives in to her feelings for Stefan, she could lose her DiMera shares. Stefan then questions how he knows about that.

Rafe offers Jada a ride to the police station which she accepts. Rafe brings up wondering what Jada and Talia were talking about when he walked in, noting the look on their faces when he came in. Jada then gets a call from Shawn and says they’ve been trading information on a case so Rafe can go ahead to the station as she answers the call.

Talia tells Paulina and Chanel that she never went to culinary school as she had a different focus, but baking is just something she knows. Sloan interrupts and asks if Talia also knows that she’s talking to a couple of criminals. Sloan guesses they think they’ve won. Paulina says they know they have. Sloan tells her that she’s wrong and that she hasn’t given up on making them pay. Talia tells Sloan that she doesn’t know what her problem is, but she can’t just talk to them like that. Sloan responds that they are her problem. Sloan calls Chanel a murderer and says Paulina covered it up. Sloan remarks that her lawyer may have pulled a rabbit out of the hat but she hasn’t won. Paulina tells Sloan that she has lost and will keep losing, so she suggests finding something better to do with her time than hurting her and her family. Paulina argues that she and Chanel have done nothing wrong. Sloan decides maybe she doesn’t need court to get her revenge and asks if they ever thought of that as she walks off.

Gabi questions Li not telling her that Stefan called. Li says she saw the notification before he had the chance. Li adds that it was a very brief conversation as Stefan asked for her but he told him that she was busy preparing for the meeting. Gabi complains that she doesn’t need a secretary or Li answering her phone without her permission. Li apologizes and says he wasn’t thinking. Li suggests she call Stefan back now if she’d like. Li notes that it might make them late for the meeting but they could probably make up the time. Gabi says she doesn’t want to be late and reminds him that it’s only her. Li points out that they are expecting him too, so he doesn’t want them wondering why he didn’t show up as that would be an unnecessary distraction. Li says he wouldn’t want to spoil her pitch before she even gets to make it. Gabi tells Li that he’s driving. Li smiles and follows her out.

Eric goes through some of his pictures and come across a photo of Nicole.

EJ claims to Stefan that Wendy mentioned the morals clause in their contract. Stefan is surprised that Li would confide that to Wendy and that Wendy would just share it with him. Nicole jokes that no one ever accused Wendy of discretion. EJ apologizes if he spoke out of turn and says he didn’t know the clause was on a need to know basis. EJ states that he doesn’t envy him as it certainly is a very tricky situation. Stefan complains that Li is watching them like a hawk, waiting for he and Gabi to give in to their feelings for each other and he can’t figure out a way around it. Nicole suggests maybe she could help by arranging for he and Gabi to meet privately, since Li’s not watching her. Stefan calls that a very kind offer. Nicole says she’s a romantic at heart and she really wants Stefan and Gabi to be happy together. Nicole adds that since Stefan and EJ have made peace, she’s on Stefan’s side as much as EJ is. Stefan agrees that would be amazing and thanks her. Nicole says she’ll get to work and let him know when she’s come up with something. Stefan tells her that he’s very grateful and he knows Gabi will be too. Nicole and EJ then exit the room. EJ praises Nicole, who says she was just following the plan. EJ declares that now they just need Li to catch them in the act and it’s bye bye to Gabi’s shares and control of DiMera. EJ hopes that Stefan makes it worth it.

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