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You didn’t push your plate away without eating anything. I’m gonna take that as a good sign. Take it any way you want, Gabby. I will do anything. Anything to get back in your good grace. Well, it’s gonna take a lot more than scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs with Teresa, and I’m a patient man. After six months, I’m gonna wait on time.

We need to cut it down on these fattening breakfasts, if you remember. I do have other talents.

I’m gonna get going now. Where are you off to? Well, why don’t you just track my phone and you’ll figure it out yourself? I’m assuming you turned it off. Right. Wouldn’t want to keep Stephan waiting.

I heard you talking to the old man when I came in asking for more words of wisdom on how to screw me over. I wouldn’t try playing the Mato. You can’t pull that off. I know what you mean. Of course you do. We were in this very room when I told you that I knew what Rolfe and Kristen were doing to you, and I kept silent.

You thanked me for being honest and then assured me that you could get past that as long as I made sure that you or my partner in the running of the company, I upheld my half of the bargain. You responded by dragging me. Hmm. Well, after we made that agreement, I had some time to think. And I remembered all the months that you spent watching me make a fool of myself over Chloe.

And you kept your mouth shut. I was breaking Gabby’s heart. And you knew why, but you didn’t give a damn. So you tried to make me look incompetent in front of way shin last night. Every word you said prior to that about forgiveness, about working together was a lie, wasn’t it? This is all, damn right. It is.

I beg your pardon? Hmm. Oh yeah. You heard me? I. I spent last night shagging, Alex, Kiki. I know I hurt you and you wanna get back at me, but you might want to come up with something I might actually believe. Do you think I’m lying? Yeah, I do. You know, there’s no love loss between Alex and me, and you’re just trying to stick it to me, right?

Wow. You really do think that you are God’s gift, don’t you? Well, Sorry to burst your bubble, darling, but Alex did stick it to me all night long. In fact,

how exactly did I ruin your career? You know exactly what you did. Lady below my whistle, uh, it’s lady whistleblower, if you don’t mind. Unless you’re extending an invitation, pigs will fly first. Leo. Now, because of you and your stupid little column, I didn’t get made. C e o of Titan. Do you know what I do to guys like you?

I’d love to find out. Let me give you a hint When I’m through with you, you will not be able to whistle anything.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Do you want me to show you the contract you signed? Do you want to see the clause that says if you commit adultery during our six month trial period, our deal is off? That’s not necessary. Is a mid-morning role in the hay really worth losing your chance to run DER Enterprises? I said I agree to the terms.

I won’t be sleeping with anybody or Stephan until this farce of a marriage is over. Means seven and I waited four long years. We can wait another six months, especially if it means that we’ll be running to mayor together. You sound more determined than ever. You catch on quick. Now get out of my way.

What are you doing here? Oh and a pleasant good morning to you too.

I thought we were going to draw a line across the past and forge a new relationship. Yeah. That was you, but you never had any intention in doing that. You were counting on me to trust you long enough to allow you to strike if I knew that you had been brainwashed and I kept my mouth. , would you really believe me if I told you things would be different from here on out?

Probably not.

We are both his sons. After all, you know, I have to give you credit for slipping me that drug he used. I really didn’t understand what was happening to me. Now, don’t be so modest. You figured out exactly what was going on. And you flipped the script, just like a move on that chessboard over there. Now it’s my turn to play,

so I tell you that I’m not over Sarah, and you seek out my cousin to get revenge.

If only your brain were as massive as you. Ego zander, Alex, being related to you, had nothing to do with what happened. We met and had a few too many, and then I asked him to come home with me. That’s it. Classic. Oh, you wanna talk to me about morality? Really you, you do know that Alex is just using you right?

To what end? Well, he was in the mood and you were there. You know he is shagged half the girls in town. Since he came back to Salem, you was just another notch on his bed quote. Really? What should I do then? Should I go have a little cry? Should I, don’t you confuse me with Sarah? No, it’ll never happen. You know what?

We really hit it off. We were in bed all night long together. I didn’t even think about you. One. I know that’s a tough act. It’s what you pull when you don’t have anything else. Look, credit. Alex is a player. He always has been. I don’t, I just don’t wanna see him hurt you. Oh, but you’ve got no bloody problem hurting yourself, do you?

Can we dial this back a notch? No, no. I like it dialed right where it is. All I did was ask your uncle to gimme a quote for my column. I didn’t know he was thinking of naming you. C e o. My uncle’s the most powerful guy in this town, Leo and ya PR in and told him how I got it on with two women. How did you think that was gonna turn out for me?

He gave my job to his wife. I know Chad told me I couldn’t believe. I thought Maggie Horton curio skillset was baking cookies and butting into other people’s business. Well, now she can add running a major corporation to her resume. And that’s because of you. Would it change things if I told you I was very, very sorry.

I wanted my very first column to be clickbait. You’re lucky I don’t use you as bait. Does that mean you’re no longer feeling homicidal?

I’m gonna make you a deal. Tell me where to sign. Keep my name outta your mouth and out of your little column, and maybe I will let you live.

Hey, trip. Hey, Wendy. What are you doing there? You left without having breakfast this morning. And how do you know You usually make the coffee? Well, yeah, I overslept. I was Ryan late. Yeah, I figured it was that. I was afraid you’d get lightheaded when talking to a patient or something. Wow. You didn’t have to do this.

Yeah, I did feel bad that you got in trouble here. That was not your fault. Hey, if anyone should feel guilty, it’s Johnny. Your boyfriend needs to learn to mind his own damn business.

Come on in. You’re here pretty early, aren’t you? Gabby and I were just having breakfast. Oh, I’m sorry. I can come back later if you want. Oh, don’t worry about it. Breakfast is over Unless you want Ali to whip you up some of his famous eggs. No, I, I had something. Thanks. Uh, I just, just came by to see Wendy.

She was up and uh, out pretty early. I think she was headed to the office. Actually, she told me she was gone to the hospital. Is she all right? Oh yeah. She said she had to talk to Tripp. I guess the two of them have gotten pretty close since he moved in here.

Is this doctored? No, I had a cup from the very same pole, and I’m just supposed to. Take your word on that. I found out you were drugging me. What did you expect me to do? Forgive him for death. I wonder what our father would say if he knew that you fell in with a creep like Lee Shin against your own brother.

If you’d ever met Father, you wouldn’t ask that question. My mother told me plenty about him. How is dear Vivian finding ways to occupy herself at Statesville?

She told me he wasn’t without his faults, but that he put family above everything else. And where was your sense of family values when you seduced Chad’s wife, you really want to go there? They weren’t married when I had my affair with Abigail, and she was also right in the mind measure. Rest in peace.

Well, for what it’s worth, what happened with me and Abigail. I’m not proud of it. I know what it is to regret your actions and what you did to me and Gabby that on your list of regrets. Absolutely. In fact, I thought Roe and Lee, what they did to you was a favor. You gotta help a lot of nerves saying that you may have idealized Gabriela, but I have not.

She will do anything for power. So you keep that in mind. Hmm? You resent her because she’s made it on her own. She built her business from nothing. Now you. You were born on third base and you walk around in this world like you hit a triple

and will be amusing to watch from the sidelines. If the two of you manage to take over the mirror enterprises, I wonder how long it will take before Gabby starts viewing you as the obstacle to her success. Now, we’ve already fought that war and we’ve realized that our love is the most important thing to us.

We’re determined to be together now, and Iran Father’s Company the way we want. The only obstacle in the way is you.

Come on. I’ve told you how. Sorry am for the way I treats you. Oh, father, just shove your bloody apologies, will you? I’ve heard it all Before you dangle this life in front of me so that I’ll do whatever you want while you secretly pine for Sarah to come back to you. Well, you know,

I am over wanting you. Did your night with my cousin convince you of her? Whether it did or not is none of your business. Why are you still here? Anyway, go on. You said that I should be running the paper, didn’t you? Or was that just another night?

Leaving so soon. Well, Maggie wants to be in the office by noon. Did I already tell you I hit your guts? Oh, dear. And here I thought all that was behind us. Yeah. Well, you thought wrong. Well, wow. You were showering in my bathroom. I thought of some questions I’d like to ask. I’m not telling you anything. Oh, come on.

I’m dying to know about your butting romance. What? Butting romance with Gwen, my B fff.

Do you remember saying that The Spectator is my father’s newspaper and so that I should run it? Sure. I do. I still have half an interest. I’m gonna protect that interest. Well, you know what? You can do that without breathing down my bloody neck. And from now on, you don’t get to ask me what I do in my off hours.

I came here to work. You’re the one I had to start talking about last night. I only did that because you patronizingly assumed that I was weeping over you all night. Do you know what Quinn? This is getting of snow miss. So let’s just, right. Yeah. Finally there’s something we finally agree on Zander. I’m gonna work for more motel room.

The last thing I’ve ever want to do is breathe down your neck. You know, maybe next time we see each other we can try to be civilized. Oh, you really civilized. Oh, . That would be a very refreshing change, wouldn’t it?

Will. I guess I’ll, uh, try and catch up with Wendy. Word of advice. Let her call you. Seemed like she had something very important to talk to Chip about, but she told you that I picked up on it. Don’t, don’t listen to him. Okay, Johnny, if you wanna go, fine Wendy, do it. I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you. Okay, uh, we’ll see you guys later.

What was that about? Why are you giving Johnny such a hard time? I don’t trust that kid. He’s a bad influence on Jing one. Oh, that’s right. He influenced her to go to Jakarta and then figure out what you and Ralf were doing to Stephan. It’s not just that he’s pursuing Wendy while he is still involved with his ex-wife.

He and Chanel are just friendly exes and there’s nothing wrong with that. Yeah, I still don’t trust the guy. You have the nerve to judge somebody on their trustworthiness. I have a duty to look out for my sister. Wendy can look out for herself. Oh wait. That’s right. That’s not how you do things. So why don’t you just call your buddy up, Rolf, have him brainwash Wendy.

Out of caring about Johnny. Gabby. Wait, see what now? What? I have something.

Something you are going to absolutely love.

You know, I really gotta think of something nice to do for John about him. I never would’ve realized that you turned, the tables started drugging me. Johnny enjoy is trying to aggravate me, but he’s still my son. Hmm. I don’t know. He’s got a lot of Brady in him. The honesty, strong sense of what’s right, what’s not

You do remember Samantha Brady is his mother. Nah, skip the generation. It happens. So what now? Ej? Hmm? You drugged me. I drugged you. Or even. Ostensibly, I don’t think either of us wants to jeopardize Damara. I agree.

So I suppose I’m going to have to accept the fact that you and Gabriela are intent on finding your way back to one another, which may result in my having to share the running of my father’s empire with the two of you. And will you accept that gracefully? Oh, I, here I have six more months and probably I have to make up my mind about that flat.

Hmm. Okay. . Okay. That was great. Mm-hmm. . I didn’t realize I was hungry. I was, yeah. You put that burrito away in record time. Mm-hmm. . Oh, my dad says I have a trash compact over my stomach. Should be. Ah-huh. Yeah. Well you are a growing boy. That’s just something my father used to say to Lee whenever he was on his third helping of something.


you what? Have a little.

No, you’re perfect.

What is this it? Find out. Oh, mate, I don’t hear any ticking. You went shopping at Saxtons. It’s your favorite store, isn’t it?

Don’t tell me it’s that person. I was going crazy over at dinner. Is that papers? Is this what I’m supposed to be excited over? Hmm? Read what’s on Them. Business proposal. Hey, what did you do? Now, word on the street is the CEO of Saxtons is looking to partner with a fashion brand for an exclusive collection.

This is your idea of a joke. This is not funny. I lost Gabby Sheik to ej. I’ve, I was having you try to buy it back and you couldn’t. EJ may have taken away your company, but he couldn’t take away your talent. You made a success out of Gabby Sheik, and you could do the same thing with a new company, right,

a little early to be dipping into the hard stuff Now. And how do you propose to this new era of Daytons with coffee? Well, can you put it that way?

To family and to two prodigal sons who’ve joined forces to hold onto an empire. It’s a family.

You don’t know when to quit. Excuse me, don’t play dumb with me. You’re not interested in me and Gwen, because she’s your homegirl. You’re trying to get dirt for your sleazy little column. Uh, first of all, lady Whistleblower is not sleazy. And second Gwen isn’t just my friend or my editor. She also owns the paper I write for, well, her end Zander.

Please don’t say his name. My point is, Alex, is that Gwen would never publish episodes from her own life no matter how scintillating they.

What does sound like her? Thank you. So just how scintillating was it? I’m kidding. But in all seriousness, Gwen is my best friend in the entire world, and I’ve already seen one Kiki man hurt her. If you think I am going to stand by and watch another one, use and lose her. You don’t know me very well. Well, I’ll be damned.

Leo Stark actually gives a damn about something besides himself. Don’t let that get around. I have an image to maintain. I ain’t gotta worry about that. Secret’s safe with me, pal. It’s always Gwen because we’re just friends. So if you would, excuse me, I need to get to work. Me too. After you

now, you’re all good to go. Thank you. Johnny, what are you doing here? I came to make things bright. How are you gonna do that? Well, you can gimme the name of your supervisor. I will talk to him or her. Tell him that I, that I was the one who took your id. I, I got the lab results and you had nothing to do with it.

Just let it go. Okay. I can’t do that. Look, I’m the reason you got in trouble. Okay? You’re a doctor. I messed with your professional reputation. That was wrong. I know it was wrong. Yeah. And all I got was a slap on the wrist. All right. It’ll die down unless you go and speak to my supervisor and stir it back all up again.

Is that true? Yes. Hey, best thing you can do for me right now is just stay out of this.

You think I’m just gonna drop everything and launch another fashion line with a a local department store. The CEO of Saxton is serious about growing her business. You’re a media influencer. loaded with design talent, you’d be perfect for them. That’s starting another line that even the pitch takes a ton of work.

It’d be worth it. My friend at Saxon’s is dying to hear from you. I don’t, I can’t even think of a name for the label right now. Oh, I’ve been thinking about that. Uh, yeah, I bet you have. Okay. How about pos of Shin? Oh, you’re gonna make me laugh, please. Okay. Gabby Shin original. Gabriel limited. You know what?

You need to stop. You need to stop this. Okay? Okay. We’ll table the discussion about the name for now, but Gabby, think about it. This could be a huge opportunity for you. I know what this is. You think that you could just sh dangle something shiny in front of me, like a whole new company of my very own, and, and I’m just gonna forget about the C position at Damara.

If you keep me busy enough, I’m gonna just forget about Stephanie and run back into your arms too, you know? Gabby, that is not what I’m doing. Damn it. Okay, I’m on your side. EJ swindled you out of Gabby Sheik, and he’s gonna make sure you don’t get within a mile of Dera Enterprises and I can’t get you back what you lost.

Okay? But I can do everything in my power to help you reclaim yourself as an entrepreneur. I’m serious, Gabby. I believe in you.

I, I have to go look. Just do me a favor, okay? Look over what’s in that box. If it sparks anything in you, you already have an in it. Saxons, whether you want to use it or not is up to you.

Is that text am mayor. Speaking. Hmm. I’m gonna head to the office. A lot of work to get done. Now that games are over, we’re working together. I’ll be alone in a bit. So you’re sending a text about the merit business and you won’t tell me what it’s about. You’re gonna be late to the office. And you’re not telling me why.

It’s your idea of a hunt. You have nothing to worry about from me. Let’s see about that.

Stephan thinks he has his guard up now, but I can still destroy him and he’ll never see the fin break the water because he wasn’t taught by the best like I was.

Julie’s place has been running a full page ad since they opened, I mean, They can’t cancel. We need the revenue. You know what? I’ll just deal with this later. Thank you for telling me. Yeah. Bloody hell. You are late. I didn’t realize I was supposed to clock in. Why are you so stressed? Because I’m trying to publish and edit a digital news source that needs to turn a profit in order to survive.

That’s why. Sounds like somebody needs another marathon night in the sack with her new boyfriend.

Keep walking. You stay the hell away from gr.

And if I don’t stay away from Gwen’s check, what are you gonna do about it? Believe me, Alex, you do not want to know what is with you cause huh? You don’t want Gwen, but nobody else can have her. You don’t know anything about her. Gwen and me, just stay away from her. I’ll meet you. Pay, you’re gonna dress up like a clown again.

Drag me off in a Uncle Vic’s gardening shed. Oh wait, you only do that to women who can’t defend themselves. Speaking of women, Harry enjoying saying, yes, mom. No, mom to Aunt Maggie. Well, we do have one big thing in common. We both can’t stand you. . You thought you had that job and we were so up, didn’t you?

Kind of like you did when he got passed over for Phillip, but can you really blame Uncle Vic Phillip’s? His. You were just the poor relation. He kept the round out of the goodness of his heart. Look, you spoiled, cocky, little piss son. I haven’t taken care a law back when I’ve seen the way you treat women as opposed to you, sir.

A had. She doesn’t need you pounding your chest, taking your claim to her like you’re a feminist. I mean, Gwen’s a grown woman, one who seems more than capable of choosing who she wants to be with. This is your last warning. Stay away from Gwen. We will regret it.

Pures bud is Zand. How so?

I had to tell him that Alex isn’t the love of my life and we just shagged. One night and that’s it. Sander knows that you did it with his cousin. I told him this morning. How did he take it? He wasn’t thrilled. Oh my God. This is perfect. How is this perfect? Vir? You lack my vision, sweetie. You are in the perfect position to use one Keio as to make the other.

Curio is crazy with jealous. I know I’m not interested in making Zander jealous. Okay, fine. How about we make him suffer?

You know, I, I’d really feel a lot better if you love me, make this up to you, but if, if you want me to butt out, then I do. Yes. Okay. Well then I will just say that I’m really sorry. I have to get back on the grounds. Thanks. Give for breakfast anytime.

Hello? He’s definitely not over this. I guess I’ll be seeing you, Johnny.

I do appreciate you trying to make things right. Well, that was the least I could do. I was, I was so set on finding out if my dad was right about stuff and using drugs that I just, I took his ID without even thinking about what it might do to him or what you might think of me, but you admitted you were wrong and you were ready to take the blame.

What guys wanna do that? He made me proud.

I could have my very own fashion line again.

What are you adding, Mike? Coming here. What? And doing that. Come back second. You can have spies all over the building. Calm down, calm down. Calm down. You can just ruin everything we’ve been working for. I made sure I wasn’t filed. Okay. I watched the building until I made sure that bastard was gone. Why take the chance?

Because something happened with ej. Tell me. Oh, we had it out and then we agreed to start working. So he’s over you drugging him. Oh, no way. But he started talking about how we should declare a truce. How we should band together his brothers to protect Damara. Sounds like a bunch of crap. A hundred percent, but I agreed to it.

Why? Because he needs to believe that we’re on good terms. It’s gonna make it easier to oust him in the long run. Okay, but you better sleep with one eye open. I know what I’m doing. I’m gonna end up running my father’s company. Put the woman of my dreams.

Okay, but you can’t keep doing this. You can’t, can’t do this because Lee Lee brainwash you. God knows what else he could do to you. You’re right, you and I, we’re gonna get everything we want and EJ is not gonna see it coming.

Sorry about making you go round the back. I couldn’t risk the two of us being seen together. Servants like a gossip coffee. I’d rather have answers. I don’t like being summoned, especially by the guy who fired me. My, I had no choice in that matter, and that doesn’t mean that we can’t be allies secretly, of course.

What are you babbling about? What sort of alliance could you and I possibly form? I was thinking of helping you hold onto your life.

How do you intend to do that? I have no idea that’s why you are here, but I think you and I need to come up with a plan to ensure that you remain married to Gabby permanently. What’s in it for you? The satisfaction of knowing that I finally succeeded in prying her, grasping little fingers off my brother.

And off our family fortune.

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