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Kyle: You are engaged?

Summer: Uh…wow.

Kyle: Getting married. Did not see that coming.

Jack: I know it sounds a little out of the blue, but if you think about it, it’s really not. It seemed — well, it made perfect sense to us.

Kyle: Yeah, perfect sense to you, but you have —

Summer: Is that something that you’ve been thinking about for a while or —

Kyle: Why didn’t you say anything?

Jack: Well, I suppose the moment actually, uh, surprised me.

Diane: Both of us.

Jack: But our relationship has been heading in that direction for some time now, and it felt right.

Kyle: Why this weekend? At the cabin? The timing is weird.

Diane: What do you mean, kyle?

Kyle: The two of you leave town because stark has returned, to avoid whatever potential revenge he has planned, and you come back engaged? I have to ask — is this engagement because of the threat of jeremy stark?

Phyllis: I am. That’s what I’m doing. I’m carrying out the next phase of our plan. But it’s gonna take some time. Because we need personal items of diane’S. That’s not gonna be easy to get. It takes maneuvering and finesse. And I feel like I need to remind you — please do not endanger my family while I’m making this happen. Mr. Stark, you don’t get to make threats and be impatient. I am telling you, do not hurt my family. Uh, I have to go. Alright. Bye. Bye. Hey!

Lauren: Hey, phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey, lauren.

Nick: Hey.

Victoria: Hi there.

Nick: What are you doing here?

Victoria: Uh, I’m just getting a little work done and having a glass of wine. Are you on your way up to see sally? How’s she doing?

Nick: Uh, physically, both she and the baby are doing great.

Victoria: “Physically”?

Nick: It’s a tough situation emotionally.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Yeah, because of adam. Whenever he gets involved, somehow it becomes more difficult.

Nick: It’s been difficult the whole time. I will give adam credit, though. He seems to be behaving like an adult and respecting the rules.

Victoria: Well, that’s a first.

Nick: Sally was very explicit about what she wanted his role to be during the pregnancy.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. And he’s not using the fact that he is the father to his advantage? He’s not trying to manipulate sally to suit whatever his agenda might be?

Nick: Not yet. But I’m ready for anything.

Summer: I just can’t help feeling in my bones that things aren’t over between you and adam yet. I sense some sort of eternal connection there, as if…

Sally: What?

Adam: As if we’re meant to be.

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Victoria: You know, one of the things that I love the most about you is that you have this ability to see the best in people. You have a very big heart.

Nick: You’re just jealous because you don’t have a heart at all.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Well, maybe that’s true, but not in all cases. Anyway, it comes in handy when I’m dealing with certain personalities, like adam’S. You know, you have to remember who he is and what he’s capable of, and you cannot take him at his word.

Nick: I know. I’ve been burned by it too many times.

Victoria: Yeah, we all have. So, the fact that he is suddenly acting like a responsible, mature adult — that should be setting off alarm bells for you.

Nick: Oh, I know. They are clanging in my head loud and clear. But I appreciate the reminder, especially since I know that you would prefer it if adam and sally ended up together.

Victoria: Well, I mean, i can’t lie. They do seem like they’re better suited for one another.

Nick: How so?

Victoria: I don’t know. I mean, their personalities just seem closer. Look, nicholas, I’m not judging you. I’m just saying, my observation when I look at sally and adam, they just seem like a more natural couple than you and her. Don’t you agree?

Nick: No. But I guess I could see why you would say that.

Victoria: Okay. Well, if that’s true, then maybe you should be asking yourself, “should I be concerned?”

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Adam: Roses. I know. Alarmingly cliché.

Sally: But still very sweet. I love some good old-fashioned romance from time to time.

Adam: Well, good, because that is what you’re gonna get with me.

Sally: Ahh. I remember when you brought me flowers on my first day as ceo of newman media.

Adam: You didn’t exactly have a classic response to those.

Sally: What, I didn’t thank you?

Adam: I think it was more along the lines of, “this is such a big risk. I don’t know if I have the experience.”

Sally: God, yes. I had a total freak-out. I’m very sorry.

Adam: Well, don’t be. It was honest. And it was endearing.

Sally: Sure. Yeah. We’re gonna go with that.

[ Both laugh ] Look, I really appreciate how much you’ve believed in me since the very beginning.

Adam: Of course I did. Because I know you like nobody else does…or ever will.

Lauren: That looked like a pretty intense phone call.

Phyllis: Ah, no, that was nothing. Thank you.

Lauren: Thank you. Well, it sort of felt like something.

Phyllis: Really? No.

Lauren: Yeah!

Phyllis: I mean, I was just talking to the salon. I’m trying to get a mani-pedi appointment, and they can’t get me in till next week, and i just — look. Look how horrible my nails are. I need to get them done. So, that’s all that was. I… hey. Thank you. Thank you for pointing out that I was intense. I really appreciated it. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna call that salon and I’m gonna apologize to them. That’s what I’m gonna do. I’ve been apologizing a lot lately.

Lauren: Yeah —

Phyllis: Hey, but I want to talk about you. You — you’ve been planning for the bicentennial party. So, I want to know all about it.

Lauren: What’s going on?

Phyllis: What do you mean?

Lauren: Well, the last time i saw you, you could not have been more miserable, and now you’re just, like, vibrating with positive energy or energy of some sort. What happened between then and now?

Jack: No, it was not the threat of jeremy stark that led me to propose.

Kyle: How could that not have been a factor?

Jack: If anything, it might have put things in perspective for me. And by that, I mean I realize i no longer want to keep looking backwards, rehashing the past. It’s not fair to diane. And we’ve done it too long.

Diane: Yeah. I don’t expect people to forget all the things I’ve done or to just let it go. I mean, I’m aware that forgiveness has to be earned, and I will continue to win people’s trust by the way I live my life.

Jack: When diane first came back into our lives, I was suspicious of her motives, of her intentions.

Kyle: We remember.

Jack: I was trying to protect you, kyle. Now, I can’t remember the exact moment when I fell back in love with her, but I know it happened shortly after I realized she was trying to protect you, too. When I saw the love she had for you and for harrison, yes, it was a change of heart for me. I realized then that she is not the same person, that she is a different person with different — different priorities. Not everyone’s going to agree with me, but as far as I’m concerned, diane has nothing left to prove. Kyle, I asked her to marry me for one reason. I love her. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I have not been this happy in a very long time. You have to also remember that this love started many years ago. Yes, it has been put through unbelievable tests, and still the flame has not extinguished. And we feel the full force of it now. And we can’t — we won’t deny it any longer.

Diane: And we also have the wisdom and experience that we didn’t have the first time we were together. We’ve both been through so much. And we have matured into different people. And we are better together than we are apart. I love my hardwood floors.

Jack: Kyle, diane is already an integral part of this family. She’s your mother. She’s harrison’s dee dee. She adores that little boy every bit as much as we adore him. This is the natural next step.

Kyle: I can see how strongly you both feel. I appreciate that. But you must know not everyone is going to see this as a natural next step.

Jack: We are well aware of how others might react to this. We can’t let them dictate our decisions. We have chosen each other. We want to embrace this wonderful thing that has happened to us, and we are sincerely hoping the both of you can do the same.

Kyle: No, we want you to be happy. You have to know that.

Diane: We do.

Summer: And you do seem happy.

Kyle: But I am still struggling to understand why you feel the need to get married now. It’s a lot to process. We just — we need some time to let it sink in.

Diane: All right, that’s fair. We don’t want to push. We just hope that you can see it in your hearts to give us your blessing — at some point.

Jack: And we are trying to keep this quiet for right now. Of course, we wanted to tell you both, but if you could keep this to yourselves, we would appreciate that.

Summer: I will be very quiet, silent.

Jack: Well, we are headed to society. We’ll talk later.

Diane: Oh, kiss harrison for me.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

Summer: What the hell was that?

Nick: I’m not worried about adam making inroads with sally, if you’re asking if I’m jealous.

Victoria: Are you?

Nick: No, but I am worried that he’s going to cause sally a bunch of stress that she and the baby just don’t need.

Victoria: Well, just do your best to protect her. Make sure you keep your guard up.

Nick: I will. I would tell you to do the same, but I know your guard is always up when it comes to adam. And just so you know, adam did confirm dad’s plan.

Victoria: And what plan is that?

Nick: Once newman enterprises acquires mccall unlimited, adam’s gonna be placed in charge.

Victoria: [ Laughs ] That is never gonna happen.

Nick: Look, vick, I know fighting with dad is like a newman family staple, but i really think you should consider staying out of this one. Dad wants to bring adam closer to the family, and you know how he is. He’s not gonna quit until he gets what he wants.

Victoria: Well, then I guess he’s just gonna have to find another way to get what he wants.

Nick: By letting adam run mccall, it keeps him out of our business and lets him focus on something else.

Victoria: But then adam wins.

Nick: Who cares, vick? Let him, if it keeps him out of our hair.

Victoria: My plan is to fold mccall into newman, and I’m not gonna let dad and adam derail that.

Nick: Newman doesn’t need mccall. We’ve made a bunch of greatacquisitions. The company is doing great. Let’s just focus on what we have. Let adam and dad go off and do whatever they want away from us.

Victoria: Look, nicholas, i understand where you’re caution is coming from, but I am not gonna pass on this phenomenal opportunity so that dad can use mccall to lure adam back into the family, which is only gonna make him more beholden to dad, like some emotional hostage. It’s bad business. It’s miserable parenting. You and I — we’ve seen this movie before. We know that it ends in disaster for both of them.

Nick: So, now you’re worried about adam’s emotional well-being?

Victoria: I don’t want to fight with you right now.

Nick: Alright. Should we reschedule this fight for some other time?

Victoria: Hi, nate. What a pleasant surprise.

Phyllis: After that very unfortunate evening I had with you and michael, um… I had a moment. I had a wake-up call.

[ Chuckles ] I’ve been self-sabotaging. And it’s made me very unhappy. I don’t want to do that. You know? It’s not what I want.

Lauren: Well, good. I’m glad to hear it.

Phyllis: Yeah. And I am sorry.

Lauren: Wow. Look who’s getting better with the apology thing.

Phyllis: I know! I know!

Lauren: Wow.

Phyllis: Practice makes perfect.

Lauren: Yeah. You know, I so want to believe this change is positive and legit, but I still think you need some, you know, perspective and — and distance.

Phyllis: Okay. Sure. What do you have in mind?

Lauren: I have a great idea. Girls’ trip. Let’s go for the weekend to vegas. I have some business there, and it’s not gonna take too much time, which means you, my friend, can have some fun.

Phyllis: That’s great. I would love that. You know, um, why don’t we do that, but just not now. I can’t get away at the moment.

Lauren: Really? I mean, don’t take this the wrong way, but you don’t have a job and you’re fighting with your kids.

Phyllis: Why would I take that the wrong way?

Lauren: Look, I’m just asking you, what is keeping you from leaving?

Phyllis: I-I just have a lot of things going on, other things, and I just can’t leave town at the moment. You can’t run away from your problems, right?

Lauren: Honey.

Victor… why are you still

living with odors?

Jack: Evening. Lauren. Phyllis.

Lauren: Hi, jack.

Phyllis: Hey. You two look amazing.

Diane: Thos sincere.

Phyllis: Well, I’m just pointing out the obvious. That’s all.

Lauren: So, let’s just leave it there then, okay? An unspoiled, surprisingly civil moment.

Phyllis: I mean, I made an effort. That’s what I did. I get points for trying.

Diane: Oh, is that because you’re always keeping score?

Phyllis: That’s right. I was always keeping score, wasn’t I? I played a game, and I lost. And you know what that caused me? Nothing but misery. Nothing but misery. But, see, I want what you guys have. That’s what I want. I want romance and love and beauty. I want what they have. And, uh, that’s hard to get, isn’t it? It’s harder to sustain. Right? Especially in your current circumstance.

Jack: What circumstance?

Phyllis: I’m just surprised to see you back in town.

Nate: So, elena crashed as soon as we got home, but I still had all this energy, so I wanted to see you. The latest developments with tucker’s company have my mind working overtime.

Victoria: Yeah. That makes two of us.

Nate: I was thinking maybe we could continue strategizing about the deal?

Victoria: Yeah, of course. Um, nick and I — we just bumped into each other by chance.

Nick: Huh. Yeah. Um… I was just coming by to see sally.

Victoria: Well, you’re welcome to stick around for the discussion, if you’d like.

Nate: Absolutely. I would love to hear your input, nick.

Nick: Yeah, maybe next time. I got to get upstairs. You, uh, have a great conversation.

Victoria: Actually, I have been going over some of the numbers that I wanted to show you.

Nate: Okay.

Victoria: Well, this page here.

Nate: Yeah, I was going over this, as well.

Sally: Why are you here?

Adam: You know why, sally.

Sally: Refresh my memory.

Adam: Because we are meant to be.

Sally: I didn’t say that.

Adam: It doesn’t matter because it’s something that we both know is true. Do you remember how perfect things were when we were together? I mean, of course you do. It was impossible to forget.

Sally: I remember.

Adam: And up until that moment, both of us had lived lives like we were on the outside, like we were at war with the world and ourselves. And then suddenly there was this person in front of us that understood us. I mean, I saw you exactly for who you are. I accepted you. I loved you in a way that made you feel like you didn’t know what love was until that moment. We had a connection of a lifetime, and I know that you feel it just as much as I do. We are meant to be together. And that is what this baby represents. This is our love that is real. You and me, whoever, we’re gonna create this incredible person. Sally? Sally!

Sally: [ Breathing heavily ]

[ Knock on door ]

Nick: Sally! Sally? Sally, if you don’t open this door, I’m gonna call security! On the count of three. One, two — are you okay?

Sally: [ Exhales sharply ] Get in here.

[ Door slams ] Want luxury hair repair that doesn’t cost $50?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Sally: [ Breathing heavily ]

Victoria: You know tucker. He has been a bit unpredictable. I thought I knew what fueled him — to win at all costs.

Nate: Mm. You definitely understand that.

Victoria: Well, so do you. I mean, we’re both very ambitious, but it feels like tucker’s taking a different path.

Nate: Hmm. So, what do we think has changed?

Victoria: I don’t know. I’m not sure, but something is definitely different. Maybe after everything he’s been through, maybe he’s getting a little soft.

Nate: Is that what age and life experience do to you?

Victoria: Mm. Well, not to me, but for tucker, maybe. Or maybe he really does want to bridge the gap between him and devon. He has a grandchild now. And apparently he has a woman that he can’t get off his mind.

Nate: You’re talking about ashley, who bought up his debt.

Victoria: You know, he has been pursuing her since he came back to town. Ashley — she bought up all of his debt, yes, maybe to keep him engaged, maybe to keep him under her control.

[ Sighs ] Are they mixing what happens in the boardroom with the bedroom? I have no idea. At least, not yet. But regardless, buying up all of that debt was a very smart move on ashley’s part. It was very powerful. Something that I might have done. So, if the goal is to get tucker to sell his company to us, then we have to figure out why ashley did what she did. What does she want?

Nate: Control.

Victoria: Yes, that’s a very powerful motivator. Most people crave that.

Nate: Some more than others.Just me honest about it.

Nate: Okay, um, let’s try to connect the dots. Ashley is in a position to make demands of tucker. You think tucker offered to sell his company to devon. Is it logical that she’d use her leverage to force him into it?

Victoria: Logical? No. No. Why would ashley care about tucker’s company or who he sells it to? Why would she work so hard to try to repair the relationship between devon and tucker? No. It’s occam’s razor. The simplest answer is usually the most likely. They’re two very dynamic and powerful people with a passion for business and for each other.

Nate: She’s testing him to see how far he would go for her.

Victoria: Yeah.

Nate: It’s a game.

Victoria: Exactly. It’s a game, one that most men, I think, enjoy playing. We’re not talking about ashley and tucker anymore, are we?

Nate: We’re talking about us.

Victoria: Yeah, that’s right. We are. Nate, we should just stop dancing around this. What is going on between the two of us?

Kyle: Look, I… I-I’m not crazy. This engagement is impulsive, right?

Summer: Buying a pack of gum at the register — that is impulsive.

This is madness.

[ Exhales sharply ] We have thought about this being a possibility before.

Kyle: Yeah, but now it’s real.

Summer: It’s a little too real. I don’t know if I should tell you what I’m actually thinking right now.

Kyle: Please do.

Summer: Kyle, I’m wondering if this was diane’s plan all along.

Kyle: You know how diabolical she would have to be to come to town to try to marry my dad?

Summer: Maybe it was an unconscious thing. But then again, she did lure jack to L.A. Using mysterious texts and inserted herself in his life in underhanded ways. And, honestly, what about her has been on the up-and-up? It’s been secret after secret. And if you tally it all up —

Kyle: No, no, no, people aren’t equations. Most of the time, they’re a bundle of messy emotions. You and I are examples of that.

Summer: I’m not disagreeing with you there. I am just worried that you and jack are turning a blind eye to something.

Kyle: And I’m worried you’re never gonna be able to let go of your suspicions and give my mother a chance.

Summer: Are you serious right now, kyle? I have given your mom so many chances. But, no, I’m not gonna ignore that they are rushing into this, and it’s a red flag. Come on. You can’t actually think that them getting married right now is a good idea. We both know that things are moving way too fast.

Nick: I mean, you barely let me get a word out before you had my clothes off.

[ Chuckles ]

Sally: Are you complaining?

Nick: No. No way.

Sally: I should hope not.

Nick: No, it was [Chuckles] Amazing. Um…it just seemed a little urgent. Again, not complaining. I just was wondering if there was something behind it.

Sally: Well, I thought you liked my urgency and spontaneity.

Nick: I do so much. Don’t stop.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: I guess I’m talking more about the look that was in your eye when I first got here.

Sally: What do you think you saw?

Nick: [ Stammers ] I don’t know, uh…like maybe you were trying to lose yourself in the sex or something. Is… is there something going on i should know?

Sally: [ Sighs ]

[ Inhales sharply ] Ohh. You’re right. There is something. She found it.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Yes. Something has been bothering me.

Nick: Tell me.

Sally: It’s summer.

Nick: I’m so sorry that you have to deal with that. I’m gonna talk to her again and just make sure she fully gets it. That you and I are good together.

Sally: No, look, that’s just it. The last time we ran into each other, I was ready for a whole nother round of name-calling and accusations. But she told me that you had talked to her, so I don’t know if that had an effect on her, but for summer, she was very muted. Like more than muted. Like she actually really wanted to try and make peace.

Nick: Hmm. I don’t see the problem.

Sally: It was just strange the way the whole conversation went. Like she started off as a concerned daughter, which I get, and then a concerned friend to me. And I would not say that we’re friends, but then the whole conversation veered into talking about adam, like how adam and I were so happy when we were together and this bond that we share. And now that we’re having this baby, it’s like we’re meant to be.

Nick: Well, obviously, i don’t agree with that. Did it bother you because maybe you were thinking you and adam were a better match than you and me are?

Sally: Of course not. Look, we don’t — we don’t have to get into all that again.

Nick: Well, you’re the one that brought it up. I just think that summer’s words are hitting you on a level you haven’t acknowledged yet. Are you still feeling conflicted?

Kyle: I want my mom and dad to be happy. I see how much they love each other and it makes me remember when I was a kid, that was all I wanted — to see them happy and together.

Summer: But you’re an adult now.

Kyle: But seeing them this happy, it makes me worried. My dad has put his whole heart and soul into this, and it’s clear how much they love each other. But is getting married the right thing for them? It’s happening so fast, and there’s so many reasons why they’re not on the road to happily ever after.

Summer: Starting with jeremy stark.

Kyle: Even if he didn’t exist and he wasn’t on his way to europe to track them down, it sounded like my dad wanted to ignore reality. It’s like he’s setting himself up to be hurt again.

Jack: Excuse me. You said you were surprised we were back in town. Why?

Phyllis: I don’t know what you’re getting at. I mean, I knew you were going out of town. You were going to be gone for a while, but then you came back, and here you are. I mean, I guess that makes sense.

Jack: What do you mean? Makes sense how?

Phyllis: Well, I mean, summer and kyle must have told you that jeremy stark was flying to paris to find you.

Diane: How did you know that?

Lauren: Yeah, what is all this about?

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] I was the one who told him. Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Victoria: I’m gonna get a room upstairs. I’d really like for you to join me. I won’t be insulted or take it personally if you choose not to. But this has nothing to do with your job or our professional relationship. One has nothing to do with the other. Either way, that’s up to you.

Sally: It’s just that summer was really friendly after that, like she was, like, putting on airs and I just… I just wasn’t buying it.

Nick: Well, it sounds to me like she was trying, but the animosity is still there. I mean, you two had quite the history.

Sally: Yeah, I’m sure she believes I deserve a head game or two after what I did to her.

Nick: You know what? My daughter may be trying to pull one over you, but I don’t want that for you. I don’t like the effect it’s having. I just want you to exist in this bubble of peace and harmony.

Sally: I’m gonna tell you the truth, okay? There is no bubble of peace and harmony.

Nick: What?

Sally: Yeah.

Nick: Oh, man. Okay. You know, regardless of my daughter’s motives, are you feeling any new conflict where adam is concerned?

Sally: No, I’m not.

Nick: Are you sure?

Sally: I just have been having these stupid thoughts, like these anxiety dreams of what the future might hold and what it might look like for me and all the grief and negativity that might be coming my way as we move forward.

Nick: Well, it’s not gonna be easy. But we’re gonna get through it.

Sally: Yeah. I just seriously wonder if I’m gonna be able to handle the onslaught that’s about to come from your family.

Summer: You’re worried that diane could break your dad’s heart?

Kyle: And that they’re in danger and she may have to leave again. There are so many unknowns, including the looming threat they want to ignore. Do they think that he’s just going to go away on his own?

Summer: Getting engaged is definitely not gonna get rid of jeremy stark.

Kyle: And if it’s so right, why are they keeping it from people?

Summer: Well, we know why. Because they know how problematic it is and that no one is gonna welcome this news.

Kyle: No one.

Summer: Oh, my gosh. Oh, just wait until my mom hears about this. It is not gonna be pretty.

Phyllis: Oh, gosh, I’m embarrassed to admit this. Here it goes. Jeremy stark came to me and asked me to be part of his scheme to get to you.

Diane: It’s not surprising.

Phyllis: Well, I told him i wanted nothing to do with it.

Diane: You know, phyllis, there’s something about this

Phyllis: You know what? Jeremy stark scares me. He is a very, very dangerous guy. I mean, I saw in him right away what you eventually came to see. But I don’t want him in any of our lives.

Diane: Maybe you should have thought of that before you called him to begin with.

Phyllis: You know what, you are right. My fight with you cost me so much, diane. It cost me my relationship with my kids. And I’m working very, very hard to fix that and make amends. And that’s why I went to summer and kyle and told them that jeremy was on his way to europe to find you. So… hey, enough of me. Enough of me. Go enjoy your dinner. Go, go, go, go. Enjoy.

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: What?

Lauren: That was quite a performance.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Lauren: What the hell are you up to?

Phyllis: I’m not up to anything. Really. See, I wish for diane and jack nothing but happiness.

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