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Think he works for pikeman? I don’t think they want to risk jeopardizing the deal. Too much at stake. But I’m going to find out who this guy is working for. Wake up. Wake up! You want me to help you? Then you got to help me in return. You understand me? What do you want? I want you to tell me who you’re working for. Thank you, trish. Okay. Ooh. Oh, I can smell it from here. Yeah.Chef giselle did not skimp on the ginger and the garlic, did she? No. Okay, this should do the trick. Champagne. What’s the occasion? You and kevin making up. You’ve been friends way too long to stop now. I couldn’t agree with you more.

[ Glasses clink ] So cody actually encouraged you to talk to kevin? He did. He told me that I shouldn’t let that baggage fester between us. Good advice. Yeah. So it was a good visit, then? It was… until it wasn’T. Dante: Is mac really your father? Seems so. Wait, so then these tests were taken, what, like, weeks after the other test? Yep. So what’s the deal? The first tests that said that mac wasn’t your father, those are wrong? Uh, not exactly. Mr. Cassadine, I, uh — I don’t know if we officially met. My name is hamilton finn. Yeah, I remember you, doctor. I’m also aware of your relationship with elizabeth baldwin. Well, I’ve been called in to consult on the pathogen found in your system. Although extremely rare, I was able to identify it. Ah, excellent. Now you can get rid of it as soon as possible. At least take some time to consider my offer. You’d be enhancing charlotte’s trust fund. You wouldn’t have to concern yourself with elq matters. I’m sorry, but I can’t just give up valentin’s stake in the company. But he’s gone. It doesn’t really benefit anybody to hang on to passive stake, unless… unless there’s something else going on. Victor went to great lengths to get his hands on that necklace. So what is the significance of those codes engraved in the diamond? Well, according to laura, victor jumped at eileen’s suggestion that she could get an unredacted report of the necklace. So what I’m thinking is, what if we planted false codes in that report to see where it led victor? I like the way your mind works. Is it sexy or scary? I think it’s both.

[ Laughs ] What was that noise? I have to leave immediately. Oh, no, not this. No, please. Make her stop. Look, do you think that anybody remembered to order the step-and-repeat for the ball’s red carpet? No. Do you think they know how to find a llama that doesn’t spit? No. Without me, the nurses’ ball is going to go down in flames. It will be the end of the show forever. Thank you for coming. Olivia sends her regrets. She caught the little bug that’s going around. Oh, james’ teacher has it, too. Tell olivia I sympathize and send her lots of get well wishes. Would you prefer we come back at another time, when olivia is better? Not necessary. Olivia totally deputized me. I am ready, willing, and able to discuss using the metro court ballroom for the nurses’ ball. But there’s a slight hitch. Already? What is it? Or who is it? Carly: No, that sounds good. And also, I need you to put more drops in donna’s ears when she wakes up. Yes, and give her a big hug for me, and tell her I will be home as soon as I can. This meeting should not take long. Bobbie: This is outrageous. It’s unacceptable! Maxie: Brook lynn, are you sure?

[ Sighs ] On second thought… groveling to that woman, it’s not part of my duties as co-chair. What the heck is going on here? The nurses’ ball needs a new home. And if we don’t find one soon, the nurses’ ball is not happening.

I’m afraid treating your condition is no simple matter. A pathogen, mr. Cassadine, it’s, um — it’s an organism that causes disease to the host. The severity of those symptoms is — it’s referred to as virulence. Well, a specific symptom I’m experiencing is virulent in the extreme. I understand. What is highly uncommon here is for a pathogen to cause such a specific immune response. Well, could this affect my other organs, like my heart or my lungs? This is not an invasive pathogen. It doesn’t seem to have spread to other organs or other tissues. The effects are localized, and as I said, very, very specific. So what does all that mean? Pathogen has a mission. One it has achieved. You said you d on’t deserveto have mac in your life. And I quote, “not after what I did.” What did you do? I screwed up. And I… I don’t know how to make it right. You lied. About the first dna results. You said that mac wasn’t your father, when in actuality, he is. Why did you do that, man? Mac: My visit with cody was great at first. Hell, he likes bludger. Your favorite obscure australian beer that no one knows about. Cody does. So what went wrong? I don’t know. I mean, we were — we got to talking, and then he clammed up. Sounds like cody’s not exactly in touch with his feelings. Yeah. I mean, look, you can’t really blame him. You know, he lived on an estate that wasn’t his. On the outside looking in. I’ll bet that’s why cody’s always looking for the next payday. Laura: It’s too soon to make any major decisions about charlotte’s inheritance. Because valentin only recently died. Okay. Got it. I hope you didn’t find my proposition to be insensitive. I certainly didn’t mean to come across that way at all. No. [ Chuckles ] Just trying to heal a family rift and also unify elq once again. Well, there’s absolutely no need to apologize. I can certainly see why the proposal makes sense from your perspective, but whatever happens with valentin’s shares isn’t up to me. Did you just saya llama that doesn’t spit?

[ Laughs ] Oh, duh. There was lana in 2017. Great llama. There was lloyd the next year. Great llama. Everybody knows, though, you do not hire lorraine because she is a notorious expectorator. You know, there’s all the rehearsals to plan for the musical numbers, the costuming, not to mention the orchestral needs. I really — I really do feel how disappointed you are not to be part of the nurses’ ball this year. I do. I get it. No, you don’T. You have no idea. I have been the mistress of ceremonies for the nurses’ ball since the ’90s. I’m the only one. And now this year’s so special because it’s the 60th anniversary of gh, and I need to be there chairing all the committees, planning everything with my friends and with marty. And instead, I am stuck here with the two of you. No offense. This is just totally unfathomable!

[ Door slams ]

[ Sighs ] She’s not wrong. I mean, the beauty of the nurses’ ball is that it really does just bring people together. Their time and their talent for such a worthy cause. For robin’s cause. She’s not the only onethat’s really sad not to be part of the nurses’ ball this year. Okay. I don’t understand. Why does the metro court need a new venue? It might not. Okay? And no one said anything about anyone having to grovel. Olivia did say that it would be a joint decision. What’s the problem? What decision? I — the nurses’ ball is always held at the metro court, guys. Yeah, while you were the co-owner. Okay, I’m sure we could still have the ball there. But it’s not only up to olivia. Oh, she needs the agreement of her new partner… nina. Who do you work for? Don’t know. You don’t know who you work for?! Contractor. Deal was anonymous. He’s not going to last much longer.

[ Groans ] Sonny: Brick. Sonny. I’m glad you showed up. Listen. That the doctor? “Concierge physician.” Very, very discreet. All right, I need you to make sure that guy stays alive. At least until I get some answers.

Come on, doctor. We don’t have all day. He’s gone. He’s — son of a bitch! I’m sorry about that. Alright. It was a long shot anyway. You know what, doctor? Can you help out dex? No, I’m good, boss. No, we have a doctor. Let him help you. Kid seems to have the worst of luck. How is it that he’s always in the line of fire? Cody’s job at the quartermaine stables is a really good gig. Cody told me he was sellin g hisplasma for extra money. What? Plus I’ve seen him with selina wu on more than one occasion. It seems that money is the driving force with cody. Or he’s on a never-ending quest for stability. Can’t we help him with that, mac? I knew that caesar faison and leopold taub were members of some cartel in the ’90s, and… I just… I thought that maybe faison had access to taub’s money. So when I met britt and discovered that she was faison’s daughter — you thought you could use her to get to her father’s money. Did you ever really like britt? I did. I did. I did eventually. Heck, my feelings for britt actually made me take my eyes off the prize. And then it just fell into our laps thanks to peter august’s final effects and safe deposit key. And then what? You met mac, and that threw a wrench in your plans? That necklace belonged to taub. In the late ’80s, early ’90s. And then it just mysteriously showed up in a safe deposit box owned by faison’s son? I really believe that that necklace was my birthright. Except that that dna test you did with mac proved that whatever belonged to leopold taub was not your birthright. But you lied and led everyone to believe that he was your father. My birth mother was an heiress who gave away every dime to her daughter. Serena. Yeah, some woman that I’ve never even met, who ended up giving away what was supposed to be my half of the inheritance to save the whales. Don’t get me wrong. Look, I like whales. I like dolphins, too. But right now, financially, they’re doing better than me. That necklace was supposed to be my shot, dante. You lied to mac. You used britt. Maybe sam was right about you. Good news is this pathogen has a low toxigenicity. Bad news? The microorganism is not one that naturally occurs in north america. Well, I… I do have several international business associates. Could I have contracted this from one of them? What you’ve contracted is known as an obligate pathogen, which means doesn’t survive for long outside of the human body. So you’re saying I couldn’t have got this from being in contact with anyone? Highly unlikely. Then how did I get it? Do you have any enemies? Va lentin’s stocks aren’t mineto give, sell, or trade. They belong to charlotte, and when she comes of age, she’ll decide whether or not to keep them. I respect that.

[ Chuckles ] Well, unfortunately, it does put a pin in your family’s plans for elq. Well, my family can live with charlotte retaining her stake. The stock could be in far worse hands, like valentin’S. May he rest in peace. Thank you for your time, laura. Bye. Bye. For all her delusions of grandeur, lucy is right. She has done so much to make the nurses’ ball a success, and she has helped countless people along the way. Robin included. Forgive me. I didn’t even think of that. I shouldn’t have made light of her feelings. No. Oh, no, no. In all fairness, she’s a real pain in the — the — the thing. You know, I just wish that she could trust maxie and bobbie, because they’re more than capable of making this happen. The show will go on. The nurses’ ball is bigger than all of us. It’s an honor for the metro court to host the nurses’ ball. I’m sure nina will not object. Oh, I swear, if that woman makes us beg — we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Meanwhile, maxie, thank you for asking me to help. I’m honored, really. You’re also essential.

[ Laughs ] Okay, well, whatever you need, don’t hesitate to ask. I mean, I can help organize. I would love to be on the entertainment committee. Music to my ears. We have so much to get done in such a little amount of time. Well, I only wish I could save you from having to involve nina. Oh, carly, what are you trying to keep from me this time?

Thanks. You’re lucky. Few millimeters over, it would have shattered your arm. Six inches, it would have blown hole through your chest. Tony, let the doctor out. Make sure he gets paid. Yeah. Let’s go. You want to tell me what happened here? Shooter was right there. If dex hadn’t spotted him, I’d have been taken out. Hmm. Nice little ambush spot. Guy was a pro. I need you to find out who hired him. Brick. Yeah. Hmm. Check the contact. There’s only one contact, one message — an address and a time. I’ll see if I can dig up more data. Your guy’s wearing no jewelry, has no obvious tats. Only thing he’s got on him is a key fob and a matchbook. May I? Go ahead. It’s the highsider logo. The biker bar. You might just be useful after all. You have no idea. The kid saved my life. Nina, perfect timing. I would say so. You know, nina brought olivia soup. Isn’t that thoughtful? I’m gonna take this soup up to olivia. So, what did I walk in on? Maxie: Bobbie and I are co-chairing the planning committee for the nurses ball. That’s nice. When is the ball happening? Three weeks. Wow, that soon? Yeah, well, gh’s 60th anniversary is coming up, and we didn’t want to break tradition, so we’re kind of hoping that you and olivia will agree to let us use the ballroom at the metro court. Carly, I’m surprised that you didn’t just pretend to agree when you still co-own the metro court. Well, that is something

you would do. Look, nina, the nurses’ ball can’t get off the ground without your consent. So do you want to keep making jabs, or do you want to rise above your hatred of me for a good cause? Hey. Hi. How’s olivia? I think she is secretly enjoying the opportunity to stay in bed and read. Nice. Secret meeting? More like a gladiator match. And it is anyone’s guess who’s going to emerge from the arena alive. As much as I’ve grown to like cody, he’s not our responsibility. He’s not family. I don’t know. I can’t explain it. But sometimes he feels like it. Actually, I think sam and I reached a truce. Well, yeah, you did. She stepped out for sasha. She was impressed. But, you know, now you’re lying about this whole thing and who your father is. I know. I screwed up. I mean, even before the necklace burned up in that cabin, I regretted everything I did to get my hands on it. Which is why I’m telling the truth now. Why don’t you tell mac? The reason I got the second test was to show mac. Oh, okay. I figure I can convince him that the first test was just the result of a lab error or something. What, so you’re going to tell him the truth and then wrap it up on another lie? All right. There’s no winning with you. Well, there is winning with me. You just — you use the absolute truth. All of it. All of it? Yes. Everything. You want to move forward with a relationship with mac, you start with transparency. That’s what you do. You fess up. You can handle that, right, cody? Are you suggesting I was deliberately infected? Well, this is not an accidental pathogen. So common means of transmission do not apply here. So how did I get it? Well, either by injection, which would be invasive and probably noticeable, but more likely through ingestion. So something I ate or drank? Based on the timing of your symptoms, I would say you contracted the pathogen somewhere late november, early december. That doesn’t make it any easier to pinpoint. And as for perpetrators… we’ll run some further tests to confirm. Oh, wait, you haven’t mentioned treatment. Research in this area is extremely limited. So you’re saying that there’s no cure? The damage done to you is not known to be reversible. So is that right? You saved sonny’s life? Brick, he clocked the hit man before the hit man could get a shot off. He pushed me out of the way. And sonny returned the favor. Some cultures would say now y’all are indebted to each other. I’ll get the data on the phone. I’ll run fast ballistics on this rifle, and I’ll get back to you with what I find. Thanks, brick. Of course. How’s your arm? Just a crease. Sonny: Tony? Yeah. You and dex get rid of that body. I’m tired of looking at it. Grab his legs. Let’s go. Dex!


All good! Hydrate. I’m okay now. I’ll help tony. No, no, no. Look, you’ve lost a lot of blood. You coming down from the adrenaline. You got to take it easy. Just — look. Take a drink. And you’re no good for me down for the count. Got it. Who do you think sent the shooter? If anybody can find out, it’s brick. He’s good. Yeah. Not the only one. How did you know to push me out of the way? I saw something out of the corner of my eye. In afghanistan, sometimes that’s all the warning you got. You know, what’s amazing… is I was going to keep you out of the pikeman deal, and now you’re right in the middle of it. Drink up, then I’m going to take you home. No, I’ll be fine. Tony can give me a ride back to my place. No, no. No, no, no. I’m not taking you to your place. I’m taking you to my place. You got to come clean, cody. All the way clean. Don’t give mac a partial truth. Don’t rob him of the ability to make a choice. You’re right. I can’t tell mac that I’m his son unless I admit that I lied about the first test. And why. Good. Hey, man, if it helps, I’ll be here or wherever it is when you talk to him. Thanks, but, uh, not necessary. I won’t be telling mac anything. Wait, what are you talking about? You’re gonna let him live his life not knowing he had a son? It’s not like mac raised me, so it’s no big loss. You can’t take away what someone never had. Yeah, you can, actually. Why would you deprive him of that? Of getting to know you, getting to know his son? Why would you cheat yourself out of all that? Maybe I don’t deserve it. Does mac deserve it? What’s mac losing? A son who’s beat up from stunt riding and broke down from grifting. Oh, I see. So he pays the price because you don’t want to admit that you screwed up? It’s not a huge price. It’s me. Mac will be better off. You treat everyone like family. I can confirm that.

[ Laughs ] Where’s my husband? Kevin wanted us to tell you that he had to go see a patient. But not before he and mac had a very nice chat. Oh, good. I’m glad to hear that. May I? Please. Please. You know that kevin doesn’t blame you for doing your job. I know that. We’re good. As for the opposite of good… two fingers of your top-shelf scotch. Neat. Thank you. So how did I get it? Well, either by injection, which would be invasive and probably noticeable, but more likely through ingestion. So something I ate or drank? Actually, give me a new bottle, unopened. Mr. Cassadine, my officers have been trying to contact you about the disappearance of your nephew nikolas. Why have you been avoiding us? You could be a part of the nurses’ ball if it weren’t for my father. Oh, it’s all right. Mac and felicia will be there. They were there for robin the toughest part of her life. What we’re doing now will put viktor away for good. And it will allow you to always be a part of robin’s future. Nope. Nope. Nope. And nope. So, guys, I just looked at the entire metro court ballroom calendar for the next five months. There is absolutely nothing. Well, I’m sure maxie will find her way around that. You would hope so. I’m sure your leadership will be sorely missed. Look, I-I just really want — I need the nurses’ ball to be special. It will be. You know, despite all the glitz and glamour, it’s the mission that is so important to people to celebrate. Okay. Yes, you are right. You better believe it. You are so right. And I think that celebration will be realized. Yeah. You know, just without all the pizzazz that you would bring to it, of course. I like pizzazz. I think I could still do it. No, lucy. No. No. I could. I could go still. Look, I know that this is going to hurt us all. But life is going on without us. I have to check the schedule, but we’ll make it work. Of course the metro court will host the nurses’ ball, as long as olivia agrees. Oh, she did already. She gave us her blessing. Great, and then I hope you will let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. Unless you don’t want me involved. What? Of course we want your help. Don’t we, bobbie? Sure. The more the merrier. Okay, look, ladies, we are the four most capable women that I know. As long as we can work together peacefully, we can achieve anything. Yeah, I’m in. Okay. I’m in, too. Maxie, bobbie, would you mind just giving carly and me a couple of minutes alone?

[ Door closes ] Perfect timing. Please tell drew he has to perform at the nurses’ ball. Wait a second. Can you carry a tune? He can. He sings in the shower. You hear that? The acoustics are a little weird in this house. And I am sure you have some moves. Okay. All right, everybody. What would I have to do? Oh, I’m sure you’ve heard of magic milo and the magic wands. Uh… is for charity, drew. Come on. The least you can do is give us that shirt off your back.

[ Laughter ] Why do you need to speak to me privately? It’s not like our issues are secret. It’s not about our privacy, carly. It’s about willow’S.

I’m good, boss. I’ll be fine. No argument. It’s an order. Any luck with the phone? Still trying to dig out data. Did lift some prints from it, though. And? The guy’s not from any registry I can access. He was a ghost. What about the weapon? It’s been modified, probably by the shooter. I can tell you the original manufacturer, but there’s no serial numbers. It’s untraceable. What are you thinking? A guy who doesn’t exist, with an untraceable rifle. I’d say you have a very, very powerful enemy. I’ve got the perfect song, and I know exactly who could sing it. Let me grab my phone. Maxie: What about a variety? I could do a magic act this year. So carly and nina are alone in there, and I don’t hear any furniture breaking, but — it might not be long. Now you’re concerned about willow’s privacy. Boy, you sure weren’t concerned at all when you accused willow of having an affair with tj. Oh, god. This, carly, is about her health. Okay, if willow wants you to know about her health, she’ll tell you. That’s just the thing. She has.

[ Knock on door ] Am I interrupting? No, no. Join us. The three of us are privy to willow’s health updates. Okay. Since when? Since I had a conversation with my daughter and she promised to keep me in the loop going forward. I hate to see you doing this to yourself. Because you care about mac? I care about mac. I care about you. Why are you sabotaging yourself? Why do you think you don’t deserve good things? And I’m not talking about fancy jewelry. Some secrets are meant to be kept. Yeah, not this one. I know what you sacrificed. Stop punishing yourself. Mac is a great guy. He’s surrounded by this beautiful family. You have an opportunity here to come out and tell the truth. And have these people, these good people, embrace you and give you a life that you’ve never known. Come on, cody. Come clean, man. Mnh-mnh. Leave it. Sure. I’m a very busy man, chief scorpio. Busy man with a big thirst. Yeah, well, a nightcap isn’t illegal, is it? As long as you don’t intend to drive or harbor a fugitive. And where exactly would I do that? In my suite here at the metro court? It wouldn’t be the first time you gave nikolas safe haven. So what did you do? Smuggle him to some secret island somewhere? Where’s nikolas?

[ Chuckles ] Your guess is as good as mine. Elizabeth baldwin told the pcpd that you cleaned up evidence that nikolas held esme prince hostage. Well, now, that’s just hearsay, isn’t it? I can haul you in for obstruction of justice. Oh, for heaven’s sakes. Can’t a man drink in peace around here? Look, I don’t have a clue where my nephew is. And if you have any more questions, contact my attorney. Laura: Well, I’m back now. And I’ll put it all back together again. And when I have, I’m going to take you apart. It was you. What was me? Yeah, had to be you. Mac deserv

Do the right thing. Maybe saying nothing is the right thing. I know what you’ve done, laura. Really? What have I done? You’re a vindictive — you’re determined to strip me of my power and humiliate me in the process.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. You don’t need me for that. When your life falls apart, and it will, there will be more than me to blame. But you’re the one that will pay most dearly. Mutually assured destruction, mayor collins. You struck the first blow, and now we both have everything to lose. I hate missing the nurses’ ball, too. I really do. But we all have to make sacrifices.

[ Laughs ] But they don’t need you. They need me. Yeah, but they can’t have you, can they?

[ Scoffs ] And that is not really your decision to make. Okay, you can’t risk being seen. Oh, yeah? I can’t risk it? You did. You left here for several hours the other day doing god knows what. Anna’s a professional.

[ Laughs ] Are you forgetting I was an asset, too? I helped, and I was very effective, if you remember. What I remember is that we’re all in this mess because you wouldn’t follow my orders. So you follow my orders now. You sit tight, and you zip it. Hm.

[ Sighs ] I think that went very well. So both carly and nina will be on the planning committee? We’ll be a formidable team. If we survive. If willow gave you an update on her health, why are you asking me how she’s doing? Because willow is sick, and I don’t want to bug her with updates, and I just assumed that she told you that it was fine to fill me in. No, she didn’T. Did you know? What? No, I haven’t spoken to willow at all. But look, we will respect willow’s wishes. I guess if it helps, I can ask her and michael the best way to share information. Anything else?

[ Laughs ] Okay. Once again, your disapproval speaks volumes. Yeah, we all know how dangerous you are with the tiniest bit of information. I’m sorry. I’m dangerous? I’m dangerous? If it was up to you, I’d still be in the dark about my daughter. Okay. Nina, carly is just worried about her family.

[ Laughing ] Oh, please. When have we heard that before? So much for being cordial. You’re right. You’re right. I’m not going to argue with you for the sake of willow. I’m not doing it. But I’ll tell you this. You’re no longer the gatekeeper of information. Okay. And it would serve you well, carly, to have this in the back of your mind. I know a lot more than you think I do. Okay. Okay. I know.

[ Door slams ] My guess is the shooter was contracted by a professional outfit, possibly even an agency. Cia? Wsb? Whoever it is, they’re gonna be very, very sorry.

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