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 Hi. Oh, hello there. Martini or Gin Atomic. Oh, after the day? I’ve had both, but not yet. Unfortunately, our workday is not finished. It’s not. Now, I think specifically you may have a problem. What happened? Well, I ran into Johnny at the park today and I overheard him talking to Wendy and I don’t know how they figured it out, but they suspect that you are the one that is trucking.


Yeah. Thanks for calling Dad. Yeah, it’s, uh, being back here without Kayla. It feels wrong and sad, you know? Yeah. I just really wanna do my best to live up to the Sanders that she set.

Yeah. Yeah. First day’s going. Okay. So far. Uh, I got my new ID badge and drained, uh, my first ABSs in the er. It’s like I, it’s like I never left.

Thanks. I love you too, Johnny. Hey, are you, are you okay? Oh, yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Um, actually, I was uh, here to see you.

That’s right. I wanna talk to you about Bella. Well, it’s just that Auntie Mag and I aren’t really seeing eye to eye on its future, and since Bella’s been my baby for the past six months now, I was hoping that maybe you would consider my input before making any major decisions. Do you want to talk about us?

Well, I thought that was the last thing you’d want to talk about, given the way you rushed out of it just a little while. And I was wrong, cowardly. Well, in all fairness to you, Oh, I kissed you impulsively. Um, I could see how very thrown you were and I, I honestly, I just, I got really caught up over the sales and numbers.

You don’t have to explain Glenn, and you don’t have to apologize, but I do need to explain my, my reaction at least, and apologize for it. Yes, I can. No, there isn’t. Okay. Please just let me speak. When I found out that my divorce papers had been lost, I dunno. I thought maybe that was fate telling me that there was still hope for me and Sarah.

Yes, Sarah assigned the papers and she left town, right, and I know it’s naive to keep holding out hope, but naive or not, it is what I am doing, which is why I, I can’t even consider a romantic relationship with you until I know for sure that my divorce is. And if that’s not okay with you, I do understand

like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

What are you doing here, father? Checking up on your wayward offspring? Well, without much luck lately, but I went to the Salem in to see Lee and he told me he is living here now. He is. Ian Gabby moved in yesterday, he and Gabby. So your brother is celebrating by that ridiculous contract with a woman who doesn’t love him.

Yeah. You know, I suggest you take that up with him, but, uh, he’s not home right now. Is someone actually sleeping on a sofa? I mean, don’t you have enough bedrooms for the three of you? Uh, we do have enough rooms for me, Lee and Gabby, but, uh, there’s four of us here. Now that my friend trip has moved in,

Wendy told me you were working here again. Uh, yeah, I am. And uh, look, this is about Wendy. You’ve got nothing to worry about, man. We’re just friends and roommates. There’s nothing romantic going on between us. Oh, I. . Yeah, Wendy told me, um, and I trust her. So anyway, I’m not even here about Wendy. I’m actually here about my dad.

But I spoke to Johnny and Wendy earlier. I could have sworn they believed me. Oh, by the time I got to them, they were questioning if Stefan was using drugs. And they’ve suggested that you might be the one jacking Stephan. But how did they figure it out? Well, I, I don’t think they. I think it was just conjecture.

Ah, damn. So what did you do? Uh, how did you react? Light my ass off. Of course, I totally vouched for your innocence. I even told them that I was there when the investigator told you that S’S fingerprints were on the vial. Good. Good. Did they buy it? They seem to, I hope they. Oh, if Johnny knew the truth, then he could ruin everything.

Uh, is your father all right? Oh, yeah. Yeah. No, he’s, he’s. He’s fine. He did though, um, get some tests taken the other day for some demer business. I just wonder if I could get a copy of the results. Nah, I’m afraid I can’t help you there. Uh, HIPAA rules. I’d still need written authorization from your father,

Well, yeah, but my dad sent me here to get the results form to save him time. So now you’re telling me I gotta go all the way back home, get him to sign some paper and then come all the way back here to get ’em. Come on. Sorry Johnny. I don’t make the. And I really prefer not to break any on my first date back here.

You’re living with a boy, a man, a doctor, a friend. So he’s living here with you, but he’s not a boyfriend. No, he’s not. I’m seeing Johnny Damara, actually. Johnny Damara now. Why didn’t I know that? It’s not like I was hiding anything. Johnny and I have been friends for a while and uh, we just started casually dating.

I, I know, I know. He’s not a doctor or a lawyer. He is not Chinese. No, I don’t care anything about that. You don’t, your brother turned his whole world upside down for Gabby Hernandez. He lost his job. He gave away his shares of stock and he’s gonna lose his marriage eventually. But you, you are cementing our family’s legacy at this company by being involved with the air for the Damara enterprise.

Well, don’t you win . I’m so very proud of you. Why are Johnny and Mundi so determined to investigate any little irregularity they stumble across? I clearly spent too much time reading Hardi Boy’s Mysteries to Johnny while he was young. . Great. Well now you have to figure out a way to assure him that there’s no mystery here to think my very own son would accuse me of, of doing exactly what you’re doing.

Look, it’s, it’s cuz he loves you and he’s worried about you. That’s all he’s worried about. My brother. Hmm. Little does he know what his beloved Uncle Stephan is willing to do to me. He actually drugged my water at the office earlier. Bastard. Yes. Luckily I was able to switch the bottles. , and you did that without my help.

Good job. So how did it affect him? I’m not too sure. He skipped out of there early, just like he did yesterday to see Gabby. This is the second wasted opportunity for him to make a fool of himself at Tamir.

Ah, good Miss.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stephan, did you get a head start on your cocktail somewhere else? No. No. I just, I got a. Hi, Kevin. Okay. Why don’t you sit down, Stephan. I’ll get you some water.

Thanks. Mm-hmm. . Wow. I don’t, I don’t know why I’m feeling so out of it. It makes sense to me. You were held hostage for days while Rove, zapped and repped your brain. No surprises here Experiencing. After the fact. Yeah, I, I’m sure that’s it. Or maybe there’s a flu going around. I’ve been feeling peaked on and off myself, but I certainly can’t attribute it to having been brainwashed.

Right. Oh, that is strange. I, Ugh. Oh man. I’m gonna go upstairs, splash some cold water on my face and lay down. Leave it up. Yes. Feel best. Yeah.

It seems the drug is having its intended effect. Maybe there’s a flu going around. What is that all about? Well, if I had to play along, obviously otherwise he might suspect, oh no, my head is spinning. How long is this gonna go on? As long as it. Well, you know, if no one at Damira sees him like this, then it’s all for nothing.

Nicole, you have just given me a Scathingly. Brilliant idea.

You’re welcome. Thank you Uncle Vic. No, you know what? I knew you would end up seeing things my way. Alright, take care.

Is it possible that I didn’t be clear that that chair is no longer your domain? Uh, sorry again, please. I went downstairs to, uh, break the news to the Bella staff, and I’m terminating the magazine. Well, I wish you had told me, but, oh, well, listen, I thought that since I was gonna lower the boom, it was my decision.

But you know what? It seems that someone has been allowing the staff to keep banker’s hours cuz they were gone. So I guess I’m just gonna have to tell ’em tomorrow. Hmm. Sounds a good plan. I’m glad you approved.

Look, Alice, I know you didn’t agree with my decision, but it was my decision, so I hope you respect that. Of course. I’m the ex c o, the only person with authority over you. Now it’s Uncle Vic

Hello. Hello, Victor. What can I do for you?

You think that there might still be a chance for us? Of course. I’m willing to.

I love you Zander. If you need to know that your, your marriage is over before you can move on.

Vir Zandy, I have acquired some very exciting news. It’s about you, me. Ooh, whatever it is. I’m sure. I don’t want it in Lady whistleblowers calling. Oh, don’t worry. Lady W can be very discreet when necessary. Right. So you suggest some news? I do indeed. I was sniffing around for dirt at the county clerk’s office and wallah, what’s this?

It’s your final divorce decree.

Wait, how did you get this in so quickly? Well, I was sweet talking Jimmy in records. Reminded him how he screwed up royally when he lost the decree the first time. Turns out he didn’t want to be in my column, so he agreed to expedite the executed paperwork from what he just gave it to you. Are you doubting my charms?

Okay, fine. He knows you’re my boss and I told him how eager you are to move on with your life. And now Sir Xander of Cook, you most certainly can.

Dunno what to say. I believe the words you’re looking for are, thank you, lady Whistleblower from the bottom of my heart. Yes, of course. Thank you. And now that you’re finally free of that Sanctimonious, judgey Mc Judson, mayor of Judge Town, we can finally celebrate.

Okay, look, I know Sarah Pacer rejected you and it still hurts, but I wanna remind you that she ended your marriage because in great that she is, she didn’t appreciate that every action you took was done so that you could support her in the manner to which she was accustomed. And how does she repay you?

By ratting you out to Bonnie and Justin and dumping your incredibly finance. Meanwhile, g Guinevere over here puts her own cute little ass on the line for you. She goes so far as to sacrifice her relationship with her father to take you aside when there was nothing in it for her. That’s how much she cares for you.

Okay? Netty, you don’t, you don’t need to. I, I, yes, I know I don’t need to sell you to him. You’ve already sold yourself. I’m not in the literal sense of. What I meant to say, Mr. Sandman, who rhymes with Sandman, but you do not put anyone to sleep. In fact, you are a stimulating and fascinating person in my book, but there is nobody in your life who ever has been or ever will be so loyal and so dedicated to you as Madam Mazzeo Guinevere of Riz Check.

And not that it’s any of my business, but if it were, I would already have a ring on this fine woman’s finger.

Yes, Victor. Thank you for calling and I, I really appreciate your input on this. Yeah, you too.

Um, he wanted to talk to me about Bella really. What’d he say

That he fully supports my decision to shut up the magazine? Does he? You know, I was so curious as to one, how he knew about my decision since I just made it today, and you are the only one I discussed it with.

So what you, you think I said something to him? I know you did. Because Victor told me. So

tell your dad if he wants the results of his test, he’s gonna have to come and get them himself. I hope you understand. Yeah, right. Um, of course. Yeah. Uh, and I actually need to go. I’m don’t wanna leave you around. See it though. Yeah, sure. Thanks. Thanks for nothing. Damnit. How am I gonna figure out if my dad’s lying?

I don’t think I heard him. Right. Did you just say you approve of something I’m doing? Oh, very much so. Okay. What if I told you that I don’t? Johnny’s the Dera. He, you don’t have to care. I do. Tony doesn’t even want to follow in his father’s footsteps. He wants to make movies and he’s good at it. Well, he can pick daisies for all I care.

He is still a dememer and will still be the heir apparent. And the more time you spend with the Demaris, the stronger our position will be. And Jess, when. Scathingly. Brilliant idea. Away. Shin is in town for a meeting. No shin. Mm-hmm. . I think I see where you’re going with this because you are as brilliant as you are.

Give him a call.

Hello, Mr. Shin, AJ Dira, how are you going? I’m fine. What can I do for you? I was just thinking it’s been a long time since we’ve broken bread. How would you like to stop by the mansion and dine with your co CEOs? Well, that sounds lovely. When do you have in mind? Well, if you don’t have any plans tonight, whenever you can get here.

Well, I’m vanished. Didn’t, uh, well my daughter’s out that much of a cook,

I’ll be there immediately. Excellent

way. Shin is on his way. And now all we have to do is wait for the.

Oh, uh, Mr. Shin. Hey. Hello. Hello, Johnny. Good to see you. Jim Wynn has been saying some very nice things about. . Really? Mm-hmm. . Oh, that’s, uh, that’s good to hear. What? I’m going to give you two some privacy, so have a good night. Hey, I hope I didn’t chase him off. Believe me. You didn’t. What’s up? I was wondering if, if you had a minute to take a look at something.

Yes, sure. I, uh, I was able to get into the lab and I got a copy of those test results my dad had ordered on that drug that I found, and I. Have no idea what I’m looking for. How did you get this? I have my ways. Okay. Well, I am an expert in cyber, not Ken. Mm-hmm. . Let’s cross source this puppy. Oh, well I already did a web search, so did you try the dark web?

No, no. I, I guess I should have.

Okay. I got a hit. Oh, what? Uh, your dad said this was some kind of recreational street drug. Yeah, well, I think if your Uncle Stephan wanted to get high, he probably wouldn’t use a rare medical grade tr that not only induces euphoria, but also has a host of nasty side effects. So what you’re saying, my dad lied to me.

I’m sorry. I think so.

This is perfect. And when Stephan tries to drug me at dinner, you will turn the tables on him. Right. And he will make a fool of himself in front of none other then way shin. Mm-hmm. the best person to witness his foolishness. Exactly. And given Mr. Shin’s notoriously thin patience, my brother could be on the unemployment line by tomorrow.

Yeah, I hope so. But ooh, do you really wanna do this under shin’s nose? I mean, there’s more people to, to witness you switching the drinks, and it’s a risk unwilling to take besides if the truth ever does come out. I haven’t drugged anyone. It’s all on Steph and my, my hands are clean.

Auntie Maggie, don’t you, aunt Maggie? Me, according to Victor, you told him I didn’t have enough experience to make an informed decision. Whoa. I I, I didn’t say that. Not in so many words. Well, then what did you mean by calling him and giving him a heads up that your incompetent wife was about to make a big mistake?

Oh, I definitely didn’t say that. No, but you went on and on to him about how I was cav literally shutting down this magazine. That he named after his beloved daughter. Nice use of pathos. I’ll give you that. Did you seriously think that DIB would overrule me? That he would side with you over his own life?

That he wouldn’t tell me that you went behind my back, auntie. I’m sorry. And believe me, I know my place around here. It’s just that I passionately believe in the magazine. I felt like it was worth fighting for. It’s nothing personal. Nothing personal. I have, I have reminded you twice today that that chair no longer belongs to you.

I am your boss, Alex. I am the C of this company. I know, and I respect that. Do you, because your behavior says otherwise. Now if you can’t accept the fact that I now have the job that you think you’re entitled to, well then you know you are free to resign. Now

let me fix my work here is done. I will leave you two love birds alone. Go bend Jimmy’s ear some more. Maybe a few other choice Body parts Chowk.

Um, I’m sorry he put you on the spot like that. Please know that I, I did not put him up to my, I I know you, I know you didn’t. Grandma we’ll say he did have a few valid points though. I agree. And you did for everything on the line for me. You sacrificed your own happiness to try to make things work for Sarah and me, and you’re so very grateful for that g.

I can never thank you enough, but, um, I thought with time maybe things would become clearer and I know I promised you a decision when my divorce came through, and

the truth is

I still love Sarah. I dunno if I’m ever gonna get over her. And you deserve someone who’s gonna love you with their whole heart.

I’m sorry, I just, I think the of us can be

not right.

Damn it. And I, I was worried enough when I thought my dad or my uncle might have a drug problem. But if my dad is the one giving the drugs to my uncle just to get ahead in business, I mean, I know, I know they don’t have the best relationship and back stabbing is kind of the dememer way. But after everything Stefan’s been through, who knows what that could do to him.

And if my dad were to get caught, I mean, okay, take a deep breath, Johnny. We still don’t know what’s really going on here. Nicole said that the investigator found Stephan’s fingerprints on that file. Yeah, we don’t know that for sure. Now. I mean, she’s, she’s sleeping with my dad. She’d lie for him in a heartbeat.

Oh my God. What? Your dad called my dad and invited him over to dinner. Okay. Let’s say all of this is true. Could he be planning to drug Stephan and then get him to make a total fool of himself in front of my.

Yeah, I bet that’s exactly the plan. Look, I, I, I’m not just gonna sit here and do nothing about it. Okay.

Johnny, my man. Okay. Paa Uncle Stephan. Uh, I, uh, I really hate to tell you this, but I think somebody might be drugging you,

Mr. Shannon. Of course. You know the lovely Nicole Walker, how you do Indeed. She is doing a super job at Basic Black. Thank you so much. But I understand that your co c e o was arrested for kid. Yes, but we expect all the charges against Brady to be dropped. But in the meantime, we’re fully cooperating with police.

We don’t want to have any scandals on our watch

on that subject. I, I have to confide. I’m rather worried about my brother. I’m not sure what Dr. Wolf put him through, but I’m afraid it may have taken its toll on his physical and mental health. He doesn’t seem to be himself lately Really. I haven’t heard any word about Stephan’s behavior at work, but I’ve heard plenty about yours.

I’m sorry. I how you understand.

You know what, and uh, I don’t.

I mean, sure when there’s blackmail to be done or your dead body to hide or claps are closing in, you have no problem calling on good old friend Gwen.

Have a romp around in the hay to thank me,

but I am never the person you would take home to meet your mother. Am I my mother’s dad? To me she is. The point is you see me as some sort of a fearless bad girl. Don’t you have a couple of laughs with, and I help you out with your schemes, but you will never actually commit to me. I was gonna marry you until you drugged Sarah.

You killed Susan Banks. You killed Laura Horter. That was an accident. Was it? The point is, is that you are no better than me, Zander, and you never will be. And you put Sarah up on this pedestal because you think I will never measure up. Isn’t that right?

Listen, then what you think?

Maybe like, that’s my thing. Good God.

Johnny, who do you think is drugging me and why? Look, I, I can’t get into all the details right now. Okay. All I can tell you is just be careful what you eat and drink. All right. Especially tonight. Okay. I need more information. That’s all I got for you right now. Just, just, uh, please take care. Okay?

I hope I did the right thing.

It seems to me that you’re more of a danger to the company after that debacle of the press conference. My portfolio is still recovering. My sincere apologies, Mr. Shin. Look, I’m not one to make excuses, but I had a terrible flu then, but I’m fine now. My brother, however, I’m afraid he may have permanent brain damage as a result of what he’s been put through.

Oh, and you invited me over so I could see for myself. I invited you here as our guest. , but I do think you’ll be concerned about what you witnessed.

I am here today with em Winter Mike Manning, who plays Caleb on the Bay. Part of the season is set in Puerto Rico. Did you have fun filming in Port Rico? Well, I knew he was town love filming in Puerto Rico. Hi, how are you feeling, Stephen? Much better. Thank you. Mr. Shin, has anybody offered to make you drink?

No, not yet. I’ll make a round for all of us. Mm-hmm. . Oh, Mr. Schmit is so great that you came over for dinner.

I know the business world is full of back biting and in fighting, and it’s especially distressing when family members do it to each other, which is why the Titan c e o, Merry-go-round ends. With me, so if you can’t deal with it, I can deal with it Auntie, believe me. If I’m not quitting, I’m sorry that we got off to this rocky start.

Truly, that’s just that I am proud of the work that we did at Bella, and now I have developed these personal connections with a lot of the employees and, okay, well if you feel that strongly about it,

well then baby, you should be the one to go and break the news to them. But you want me to fire the staff, but in the meantime, I want you to bring me all the accounts that you are in charge of. I’d like to review them for all of them, every single one. And Alex, if you ever go behind my back again to Victor, I will fire you.

And the next time I won’t be joking.

You’re brutally honest with me. Now, I’m gonna be brutally honest with you.

Have you an idiot? Told out hope for us. You’re an idiot, Quinn. You’re wickedly smart and so beautiful and sensitive enough. Do not patronize. Please.

I don’t wanna be your friend.

I don’t wanna be your business partner. In fact, I don’t even know how I’m gonna bloody come into work every day and have to look at your face when all I want, all I want, Sandra, is just to claw your bloody eyes out right now.

Because where are you meant to leave me on or not? That is, that is what you did. I’m sorry. Handle things very poorly. I know that and I know I have to fix it. I have to make things easier for you because I’ve obviously hurt you very badly. I

look, this is, uh, This is your dad’s paper. You should be the one to run it. Yes, I know. You’ll do a bang up job without me, so, um,

goodbye. Bye.

I thought that follow up interview was tomorrow. Yeah, I, uh, I just came by to let you know that somebody else might be handling it. Oh, why is that? Well, I took your advice about having a candid conversation with Gwen about our future from the expression on your face. Take it. It didn’t go well. No, it did not.

In fact, don’t think it could have gone any worse.

Hi, can I get a refill please with the bloody alcohol at this time? Would you bad day washed? Join a club.

How did your uncle take the news? Uh, well, I mean, he wanted to know more obviously, but I couldn’t just out my own father. I wonder if he’s gonna think it’s your father anyway. Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch, I guess it’s inevitable now I’m gonna have to confront my father.

I mean, you can’t just do something that underhanded and expect to get.

You know, like what you just did to me.

Here’s. Mr. Shin. Careful Mr. Shin. My brother has a very heavy hand with the V. Well, I have a strong hair. No worries. Oh, step in. You forgot the olives, so I did.

Well, we must be fresh out. Really. I know. I saw them earlier. Yeah. I’m so glad you were able to join us, Mr. Shin. I’m very glad to be here. Yeah. And I know that Shep is making beef Wellington, so I hope it’s to your liking. Oh, sounds wonderful. Yeah. Ah, hit it down, huh? Ah, don’t know how I missed him. Ah, that’s all I, I’m sure he was just feeling a little bit off still.

Oh no. That nap did me just right. I’d like to propose a toast to the future of DiMera Enterprises. Here. Here, you’re here.

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