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[ Relaxing music ]

Brooke: So, did you talk to liam about the possibility of thomas working here again?

Hope: And I knew he wouldn’t be thrilled but…

Brooke: I’m guessing he was very much against it.

Liam: Please, please do not hire him at hope for the future. Please do not give him that opening in your life, please.

Hope: Yeah, I– I don’t blame him. I mean he– he’s right. I’ve trusted thomas before and look at where it’s gotten me.

Brooke: Did you land on a decision?

Hope: Okay, fine.

All right, I’ll tell him no.

Liam: Oh, my god, my god,

thank you.

[ Knock on door ]

Taylor: Hey, good morning, I left my tablet here last night. Am I interrupting?

Brooke: Uh no, actually I’m glad that you’re here. Hope was about to tell me if she’s decided or not.

Taylor: Have you decided? Is thomas going to come back and work for hope for the future?

Liam: So, did dad actually say that like in those words he doesn’t care about the amount, just get the deal done?

Wyatt: Yeah. Yeah and he’ll sign off on it, no questions asked, he’s gonna let me handle the whole thing, which is fine.

Liam: I’ve just never seen him so uninvolved in his own business.

Wyatt: Exactly. We’ve also never seen him involved with a homicidal maniac before. There’s that. He’s a changed man. What? You disagree?

Liam: No, no I don’t disagree, it’s just… I’ve been hearing that phrase a lot lately. A changed man, a changed man. Like really? Does anybody ever really change, like?

Wyatt: One would hope. Something tells me we’re not talking about dad anymore. What’s going on with you?

Liam: You got me. Um, all right I’ll give you a clue. It starts with a t and ends with ass.

Paris: I thought I’d see you at the office today. Everyone’s talking about it.

Thomas: Talking about what?

Paris: Hope for the future and how it’s in serious trouble and that a certain designer ought to be working on it again. Is that why you’re here, thomas? Are you back to save the day?

Thomas: Well, paris, I would love the opportunity, but it’s all up to hope.

Paris: Hope should be begging you to come back.

Thomas: She wouldn’t have to beg, I’d gladly do it.

Paris: Well, honestly, the line hasn’t been the same without you, but it’s not like you haven’t been putting in the work. Personally, I mean, you’ve been going to therapy and all that stuff’s rough, but you’re doing it. You’re making amends, you’re improving yourself.

Thomas: I appreciate you noticing.

Paris: Of course, it’s obvious you’ve changed. I see it and hope should see it too. But even if she does see it, there’s still an unfortunate problem. There’s still one person who may not ever accept the fact that you’ve changed, whose opinion she can’t ignore, liam.

Wyatt: What does thomas have to do with anything, all right? I thought he got booted from– from forrester?

Liam: He did.

Wyatt: Okay, so then hope doesn’t have to see his stupid face around the office anymore, right?

Liam: Well, apparently thomas has the magic touch when it comes to hope for the future and singularly determines whether or not the line is successful or can exist.

Wyatt: Hold– hold on, hold on. So, thomas is working on hope’s line again?

Liam: Thankfully, no, not anymore.

Hope: I’ve made a decision. Yes, it wasn’t easy, but after talking with liam.

Taylor: Liam has no idea the work that thomas is doing to make things right with all of us.

Hope: Well, we discussed it and liam believes that thomas is being disingenuous.

Taylor: I sat in on thomas’s therapy session last night and it’s legit. He is working so hard to become a better person. I– I would never support this if I– if I thought he wasn’T. Especially on your line. The friendship that your mom and I have built means so much to me. The years of battles that we have gone through to get to this point. I– I would never jeopardize it by putting you at risk.

Brooke: I’m sure that hope trusts you. But the question is, can you trust thomas? Can liam? So, what did you decide? Are you willing to allow thomas to work with you again?

Taylor: Can you just find it in your heart to give him another shot? Hi, I’m debra.

Thomas: You’re right, liam’s opinion definitely does matter. Um, which means my chances of being back on hope for the future are slim to none.

Paris: Oh, hey, try leaning towards slim, all right? Don’t give up yet.

Thomas: I’m not.

Paris: When is she deciding?

Thomas: She probably already has. I’d actually better go find out.

Paris: Well, I think she’s across the hall, if you’re ready to face the music.

Thomas: Ha. Uh, wish me luck?

Paris: Sending all kinds your way.

Wyatt: So steffy convinced hope to do it or not?

Liam: Convinced, I mean, I don’t know about convinced but– but hope was considering it for a minute there. Thankfully, it didn’t take me too long to bring her back to reality.

Wyatt: I mean, this doesn’t make any sense. Why would steffy let all be forgiven after everything that thomas has done?

Liam: Ah, you know, he’s her brother, unconditional love. She felt obligated to forgive him, yada yada yada. What I don’t understand is how steffy could expect hope to forgive him.

Wyatt: Hope can’t have thomas designing for her again. You did get through to her about that, right?

Liam: Thankfully yes. So, I mean, it’s– it’s looking like if thomas does have a future at forrester, it’s not gonna be because he’s working with hope.

Brooke: Look, honey, I don’t want to put you on the spot. If you’re not ready to answer, that is fine. Just, it’s a big decision so take your time.

Taylor: No, don’t take too much time. No, steffy is ready to pull your line. I mean, I know you’re worried about liam.

Brooke: Yes, of course. I’m sure he’s not happy about this.

Hope: No, liam doesn’t want thomas and me working together.

Taylor: Okay, but if thomas wasn’t genuinely trying to make things better, I would agree. But he is.

[ Knock on door ]

Thomas: Hey. Mom, I had no idea you’d be here.

Taylor: Hi, baby. I– yeah, I left my tablet here last night. I wanted to grab it before work. And also just seeing if there’s any news.

Hope: There will be after thomas and I talk… alone.

Brooke: Oh, oh yes, of course, shall we?

Taylor: We shall.

Thomas: Must’ve been quite the conversation with liam, assuming you talked to him.

Hope: Well, liam is my husband, not going to keep him in the dark.

Thomas: I’m guessing that he didn’t take things so well. Okay, look, hope, I wanna work with you, I do. I love what we do together, our line. I want– I want to create, you know, wonderful designs and– and bring our visions to life, I do. Not at the expense of your marriage or your relationship. I don’t– I don’t want to cause any tension between you and liam, so… if you have to say no, I’ll understand. Hi, I’m angela.

Liam: I did the right thing, right? Talking hope off that ledge.

Wyatt: Uh, yeah. Why are you even questioning that?

Liam: I’m not. I just, I don’t know. I’m starting to wonder if it’s more like a home life is home life and work life is–

Wyatt: Dude! Nope, nope. Stop right there. No, you did the right thing, okay?

Liam: It’s just if she loses her line and it’s because of me…

Wyatt: No, it’s because she’s not working with thomas. And if that’s the case, then it’s their loss, okay? She’ll figure something else out.

Liam: All right, here’s the thing. I– I have so much respect for hope. She’s so smart. She’s so hard working. You know, she– she’s strong willed. She doesn’t– she doesn’t need to be coming home and having me telling her what to do. Like that’s not the role I want in her life.

Wyatt: But you’re married. Her decisions affect you and your decisions affect her. That’s how it works. Especially when it involves someone you can’t trust like thomas. Okay, you were fully supportive and loving and caring, just like you always are, right? You weren’t bossing her around and acting all caveman like.

Liam: Uh yeah, yeah, I think 90% supportive, 10% neanderthal.

Wyatt: Okay. A little caveman’s okay, but you did the right thing because that’s what a good husband does, that.

Liam: Thanks, man. I really– I really appreciate the support and I hope my– my beautiful wife appreciates mine. I’m just, bottom line, I did get through to her and she’s not welcoming thomas back to her line, so.

Taylor: So, what do you think hope is going to decide?

Brooke: Whoo, I don’t know. Her line means so much to her, but is it really worth the risk? No, that is not a dig to thomas. And I believe your assessment about him. I do. I’ve always wanted him to be happy and healthy.

Taylor: And he is, he is well on his way. But I understand that you’re conflicted and so is hope.

Brooke: She was moved by what you said earlier. So was I.

Taylor: Good. So, were you both moved enough to give thomas another chance to prove himself.

Brooke: Mm, that is the question.

Taylor: I know. I know.

Paris: Oh, or better yet, you can hang out with your two grandparents.

Taylor: Hi, paris. Douglas!

Brooke: Hi, douglas. Oh, group hug. Hug, hug, hug.

Taylor: What are you doing here?

Douglas: Amelia dropped me off. I’ve got plans with dad.

Paris: But I told him his father’s in an important meeting.

Taylor: Yes, a very important meeting.

Douglas: What’s it about?

Brooke: Well.

Taylor: It’s a meeting between your parents?

Brooke: Yeah. It turns out your father and your mother may be working together again.

Douglas: Really?

Taylor: Yeah. How would you feel about that?

Douglas: That’d be so cool. It makes things a lot better. I hate it when they don’t get along.

Taylor: Mm.

Hope: You’d really understand if I had to say no.

Thomas: Well yeah, I mean, if you think working with me would somehow affect your marriage. I mean, if liam isn’t willing to accept the changes I’m making, what else can I do? I’m not gonna hold that against you.

Hope: I mean, if you were to actually follow through. If your words were backed up by your actions.

Thomas: They would be.

Hope: Then maybe he would initially be upset by it, but then, you know, he could move on. Especially if the line becomes a success. I mean, you have become an important part of hope for the future. I mean, no other designer captures the spirit of the line like you do. I mean, and believe me, I’ve tried looking.

Thomas: Well, thank you for saying that. I do respectfully agree, so.

Hope: And you were right about douglas, how it would mean something to him to set an example to see his parents working well together.

Thomas: Um, are you– are you saying?

Hope: I’m not ready to walk away from this. I’m not. This line is too important to me. It impacts too many people. It’s message is too important and I am not going to let those people down. So yes, I believe with you as lead designer, we could create something really special. Welcome back to hope for the future, thomas.

Liam: Hey, when was the last time that we had hope for the future on the cover? Was it like a few months ago, I think? I gotta, I gotta find it. Can you remind me? I was thinking about like having it framed for hope. As a gift.

Wyatt: It’s a good idea.

Liam: Yeah, right?

Wyatt: Or, or a bad one. Might be a painful reminder because it’s so long.

Liam: Oh, god. I didn’t even, ah, never mind. I don’t know, I’m just I want to do, I wanna do something nice for her. Something to make up for the fact that I was all like hardcore.

Wyatt: Dude, you do not have to make up for anything. You were being a protective husband. That’s okay. All right? Look, anyone in your shoes would’ve done the same thing. No one would want their wife working with that creep, okay? Look, hope is a remarkable, resourceful woman. She is gonna find a way to keep hftf afloat, I promise you.

Liam: Not if steffy has anything to say about it and she is the boss.

Wyatt: Okay fine, then she’ll find something else better. I– I know hope and I know that she appreciates what you did, okay? You were protecting your marriage. You were protecting your guys’ family, which means no thomas.

Liam: Yeah.

Thomas: Thank you so much. You have no idea of what this means to me. I– I won’t let you down.

Hope: Well, good. But thomas you need to understand if I see even a hint of the old you come out–

Thomas: You– you won’t, okay? And if you did, I’d be gone. I promise. I understand, look I am– I am dedicated to being the best person I can. The best co-worker, the best father and the best friend.

Hope: All right, in that case, I think it will work out.

Thomas: This is uh, this is my last chance. I get that and possibly hope for the future’s, so look, I promise I will not mess this up.

Brooke: Sorry to disturb you.

Taylor: Yeah, we just ran into one of your biggest fans.

Hope: Douglas!

Thomas: What’s up, man? Oh, what great timing.

Taylor: Wait, great timing does– does that mean?

Hope: Yes, thomas and i will be working on hope for the future again.

Douglas: You’re working together again?

Thomas: You bet we are.

Hope: Um, that is if steffy approves.

Taylor: Oh, of course she’s gonna approve, she’s gonna be so happy.

Douglas: But can you be friends too because I was just saying how much I hate it when you weren’t getting along.

Thomas: You know what? I think that we hate that just as much as you do. Maybe more.

Hope: Yeah. We’re making it a point to work well together as a friendly team, not only here at work but also as your parents.

Douglas: That’d be awesome.

Thomas: It will be awesome.

Hope: I am actually so happy that you are here so we could tell you the news in person. ‘Cause you wanna know something? I’ve um, kind of been missing you a lot.

Douglas: I miss you too, mom. You know, I’ve had fun staying with aunt steffy and uncle finn, but seeing you happy like this, I think it’s time for me to come home.

Hope: What, like– like now, today?

Douglas: Yeah, I want to be back at the cabin.

Hope: Oh, oh, my gosh, douglas, sweetie. Oh, that is, that’s amazing. It’s amazing. I’ve been hoping to hear you say those words.

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