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What is with all the clinging here? Oh, sleeping Beauty has finally awakened after a terrible night’s sleep. Oh, sorry about the noise. I, I was looking for the proper pan and a couple fell on the floor. Is that what woke you? Me and have a Salem? I. Where is everybody? Uh, chip and Wendy left for work. That’s what woke me up.

Uh, lots of loud shit chat out here, but how can I complain when the love of my life and I are under the same roof and on our first morning together? On the road to our future wedding bliss. I made breakfast. Your fave, qui you, you made Yeah, of course. Please take a seat. Ah, hard pass. I’m not hungry.

Someone is still upset that Stefan no longer loves Chloe.

Chloe. Hey, it’s good to see you, Sean. Hi. Good to see you too. When did you get back? Yesterday and, oh boy. If you missed one day in this town, We miss a lot.

Brothers Grim indeed.

Fine mess. You two have gotten yourselves into.

Oh, good to see somebody else’s family drag through the town square for a change. change of pays for sure. Mm. Brady and Eric being arrested for what they did to my brother as old news. What I’m more concerned about is what you and I are going to do to him. So why don’t you put that down so we can focus on the task at hand.

Absolutely. . And just so you know, I am still totally committed to helping you give your two-face distant brother a taste of his own medicine. It will indeed be satisfying. Yes. Once you and I are through with him, not only will he have reaped what he sow, but the one who will be deemed on fit to serve as co c e o will be staff.

Someone say my name.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Ms. Peterson, shouldn’t you be out chasing an ambulance? ? Oh, I think I hear one now. Off you go. Huh? Oh, that’s funny. I, I don’t hear anything. You must be picking up a distant dog whistle. What do you want, Sloane? I don’t have time right now for whatever dirt bag you’re representing. Right. And let’s be honest, whoever it is, if you are representing them, then they’re undoubtedly guilty.

No. Well, thank you for the vote of confidence, but I’m not here on business. This is personal. I came here to make sure that you throw the book at Eric Brady

well after your recent fall from Grace. So I’m not at all surprised to see my holier than thou brother get arrested again. But you, Brady, I did not see this one coming. Did you even think about Rachel? I mean, she already has one parent in prison. What’s she gonna do if she loses you too? Bell, bell, bell.

Come on. Stop. Stop with the haranging. All right. Just, are you gonna help us get outta here or not? Uh, no. I’m not gonna stop with the haranging. What the hell were you thinking? Kidnapping Stephan Damira and holding him against his will is a class one felony. If you two are convicted, you’re facing serious prison.

So please tell me why you would do something so crazy and stupid. Be Stephan didn’t gimme a choice.

Good morning brother. And Nicole and I were just talking about you. Ah, all good things. I hope. We were discussing the egregious crimes perpetrated by the brothers Grim. We are both outraged and concerned about what happened. You suffering through such a torturous or. Yeah. You poor guy. I, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to have someone messing with your head like that.

Ralph didn’t drug you, did he? No, no, no drugs. Just a good old fashioned crude, forced reconditioning. Oh, and while I do appreciate your concern and outrage, as much as I hate to admit it, I think they did me a favor. Is that so? It is. At least now I know where my heart lies. I love Gabby and only Gabby . Why would I be upset that Stephan doesn’t love Chloe anymore?

You know? Damn well that’s exactly what I wanted. Sub. Now I’m in this miserable situation with you for six damn months. It already feels like eternity.

I am now two So try to.

Your accent sucks. It means living present, right? That means stop with your lousy Spanish. Okay? And here I thought it was endearing. Am I trying to speak to you in your language? I am bilingual, which means Spanish and English are main languages. And if you think that speaking to me in butchered Spanish is endearing, it’s not.

It’s condescending and it hurts my ears not. And Lee, just because I agreed to live with you Debbie, I understand my position. My chances of winning you back are zero slim. Now that step is no longer pining over Chloe. I want you to know Mia. . Sorry. But I want you to know that I’m undeterred I, I gave you my Demer shares as a symbol of my commitment to you, and I’m gonna take these six months that we’ve agreed upon to show you that.

Though you’re fighting it right now, you will soon realize I am the man you belong with. I love.

So now you’re completely over Chloe. Yes, I am. I, it didn’t happen all at once. I had to see Chloe in order to realize that my feelings had changed. All right. When Rafe finally released me from Eric and Brady’s clutches, I went to go see Chloe and Rolf was success. It’s like I told Chloe, it’s, it’s as if the feelings I had for her were never even there in the first place.

How kind of you to let her down gently? No, no, no. See, she was the one letting me down gently because as she was expressing her feelings to me about how she could never love a man who was in love with two different women, I looked at her. It was as if all the. That I ever felt for her was gone.

Well, uh, that’s good news, right? I mean, especially for Brady. I know he could use that right now. So that’s why you missed cocktail hour yesterday. We were waiting for you. My apologies. Oh, please. And I’m required, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to raise your glass together. I look forward to it. As do I.

So amay right to assume that this means you will soon be reunited with Gavin. Are you asking me as my brother concerned about my love life or a COCE of Damara Enterprises concerned about his standings within the. I’ll admit to the former and not deny the matter. And yes, it is my fervent wish to be reunited with the woman I love.

Hulton. What are you doing here? Uh, well I’m here with my brother and his friend because for some damn reason Gabby made a commitment to stay with her husband, bonk. Sorry, does my French also hurt your ears? Everything you say hurts my ears. You sure this isn’t S delivery? Come on. You know Mercedes doesn’t make their tortillas from scratch.

Go ahead, try them.

Okay. I guess just, okay. Okay. What do you want a medal for? Not screwing up a recipe. Cavi. Um, I’m not asking you to pretend to like me. This arrangement we have, I, I I want you to be yourself authentic. Aw. Thank you for giving me permission. I didn’t mean it that way.

I know that you’re always authentic and though I know I deceived you in the past, uh, I, I’m determined to be honest from now on and to be. So let’s just, you know, give it a try. Okay. Would you, would you like some more hot sauce? Sure. Why not?

If one thing’s painfully clear, I have the devil Rose dev rows no longer run the spectator. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Gwen Zander may have used this as a hit job, but the thing is they’re not wrong. Oh my God. What Brady and Eric did to Stephan, no wonder they’re in serious trouble. Yeah. Well, I mean, there is one sliver of hope in all this.

I was on the case.

Oh. Oh, you had no. Right. You had no choice but to pull an insanely stupid and risky stunt because you couldn’t, I don’t know, use your head. Stephan was never willingly gonna let Ralf deprogram him. So, uh, I had to force things a little bit. Yeah. Okay. That’s not an excuse Brady. That’s a confession. He was terrorizing Chloe.

Okay. Remember Chloe? You’re good friend. You know who she is? I know who is terrorizing her. Okay. What do you mean by he was terrorizing her? By his, by his, by his obsession bell. Yeah. His all-consuming love for Chloe. And the only reason he felt it was because that lunatic Rolf messed with his brain. You understand?

Hey, it was borderline stalking. That’s what it was. She had to leave town just to get away from him to have a little bit of space. You understand why I had to step in and do something, right? Okay. Yes, I understand your motivation. Okay, but you understand we have no case here. Even if I could prove that Stefan was a threat, which is doubtful, your actions were a bit extreme and completely indef defenses.

And what about you, bro? What’s your excuse?

I am surprised that you have it in for Eric Brady. Did junior paralegal have a falling out? For the record? Eric Brady was never my employee. Never once did he provide professional services for me. And what kind of services did he provide? Ms. Peterson, he stole legal documents from me. That’s what kind of service he provided.

He snuck into my briefcase without my permiss. Stole some documents and used them to perpetrate a fraud. All without my knowledge, he caused irreparable damage to my reputation, which was spotless until now, of course, you being so moral and ethical, the only thing I’m concerned about right now is are you gonna do your job or not?

Are you gonna prosecute this offender to the full extent of the law or just love snide comments at me and then collect your paycheck? How about all of the above? I am a multihyphenate. After all. I can think of one or two other things that you are. I do have one question for you, Sloan, before you go. Um, if I put Eric in three hots and a cot, who’s gonna make you hot in your cut?

My excuse is helping Brady do what needed to be done. Right? Yeah. I guess the family loyalty runs deep when it comes to your brother, but when it comes to your sister as just another story, right? Are you seriously gonna make this about yourself? You made this about me when you assaulted my husband. And then questioned my professional judgment for defending Paul and Chanel against your malicious girlfriend’s.

Frivolous lawsuits. Yeah. Well, not that that’s relevant, frankly, none of your business, but still not my girlfriend. Whatever we are, we aren’t anymore. Hmm. Is that because you took my advice and dumped that bitch, or is it because she cast you? When she, when she realized your idiotic decision to pose as her paralegal and misrepresent yourself to someone in police custody, , which to state the obvious, did real damage to any case they had against Lee Shin, which means that Da Trask now wants your head on a pike outside of the courthouse, and I am inclined to give it to her.

So, Now that we’ve had breakfast, I’ll share with you the plans I’ve made for the day. Okay? I, I’m gonna stop you right there. See, as I no longer have the responsibilities of gainful employment and my daughter is on the other side of the world, my plans for the day are to crawl back into bed and sleep the next six months away.

Gabby, come on. It’s a beautiful day outside today. Unseasonably warm for this time of year, so I thought we. drive to the lake with the baby ducks. I remember the photos you showed me of Ari feeding them that sweet smile on her face, and Ari told me that you love those ducks even more than she did, that she had to drag you away from them.

Was she making that up? No. Why would she make that up? Well, your secret’s safe with me. And then after that, after we feed the duck, . How about a picnic on a paddle boat? A and then in the afternoon I got tickets to the immersive van go exhibit at the museum. Oh, oh boy. You should have made a lot of plans without consulting me.

Well, here’s what, here’s what, here’s what I think about that. I’d rather cut my own ear off. Then go to that ve go exhibit with you or go with you anywhere for that matter. Thank you very much for the chilaquiles, but excuse me, because I have a date with some pillows. Come on. I’m really trying here. Okay.

And, and, and look, I know I did some horrible things that, that hurt you very badly. But I also know that under all that hurt, somewhere in that big heart of yours, there’s rooms or forgiveness. So you please give me a chance to help you find it.

I can’t believe Gabby stayed with Lee after everything he did to her and to you. Right? I, I don’t know any of the details, but, uh, apparently Gabby made a deal with him with paperwork involved. What sort of deal? What did she say? I don’t know. I didn’t have a chance to ask. Lee kicked me out of there before I could even say anything.

Shut the door in my face. Well, rest assured brother, whatever Devils pack, the two of them are made. You have the full support of the Mirror Enterprises and your family in that. Why don’t we discuss this over a cup of coffee? That’s an excellent idea. Please allow me.

Okay, here we are. Cold cream and sugar. Oh, you remembered. That was in the details. Ej, I know you like yours. Like I like mine black. Thank you, brother. Mm. Oh my goodness. I think this cream is bad. It’s like a bit sour. Oh, I know. I hate to see you get sick on my right. It’s a good thing I noticed. And don’t drink anymore

Good thing.

All right, here we go. Thank you. That a taste, huh? Perfect. Thanks. Two. To married enterprises, huh? And to you.

Fine. It’s fine. I will go feed the baby ducks with you, but only because it’s gonna cheer me up. What about the picnic? The museum? Okay. Yes. Fine. All that might cheer me up too, in spite of the company. But you have to promise. Not to try to hold my hand, not to whisper, sweeten. Nothings in my ear. No Spanish or French.

No war even pig, Latin. You got it. And no rocking the boat. You hear me literally or figuratively during the picnic? I’d get seasick on those things. All right, first mate. No, no nautical talk either please. I sure think Captain. Uh, sorry. Yeah. Okay. You got it. Hey, it’s day one of Gab. The beginning of something special.

I’m just so happy to be spending the day with you no matter what the rules.

Okay, we’ll, uh, why don’t I go take a shower and get ready and then we’ll meet back here and start our day together. No rush.

And how exactly is my private life relevant here at M D A? We’re not in a courtroom, Sloan. I’m just trying to break that cold, thick ice between us with a little office gossip. Well, that’s not how gossip works, Melinda. See, we have to talk about someone while they’re not here behind their back. Oh. My bad.

And who told you anyway about Eric and I? Lady Whistleblower. Who else? Lady Who? Uh, lady Whistleblower. Where have you been? She’s only the newest, hottest gossip columnist. Don’t you read the Spectator? Hmm. And how exactly does Lady Whistleblower know so much about my private? Oh, you maybe know her by her real name or one of them.

Leo Stark, I believe he was one of your former clients. The lady went into excruciating detail. According to her, Eric was the best sex of your life. He did things to you that I have never even heard of. Give me that.

My God.

Bill told me that she’s, uh, she’s headed down to the police station to see if she can help. Yeah. If anyone can get those two out of this mess, it’s bell. Yeah. Well, I do know that she’s committed to helping Brady out as much as she can, but I’m not so sure if she feels the same way about her other brother.

Oh no, you’re saying Bell isn’t gonna take Eric’s case.

Fear you. I know. I’ve made my shared. And as of recently, I know that we’ve been at aunts. I just wanna say that I really appreciate you coming down here to help me. I’m really glad that given my recent transgressions, I can still count on my little sister. Are you serious? Yes. You think that even given your recent transgressions, that I would come down here and bail your As.

There is no way I am taking your case. What Bill? Come on. No, you come on. You blew up every bridge between us and now that you’re a sleazy girlfriend or whatever you wanna call her, said bye-bye. You have the nerve to come to me and ask me to represent you when all you’ve done is disparage my work and refuse to listen to reason.

Won. You have done his rake, Brady and I over the coals because you were so superior. Oh, well screw that. If you didn’t come down here to represent Brady or I, then why the hell are you even here? Oh, I never said I wasn’t gonna represent Brady, but you, Eric are on your own.

You know, you’re a real smug, arrogant, judgmental, thinking that you’re so smart and all because you got a lot of G gritty. Eric, come on. Oh, no, no, no. I remember correctly. You failed the bar like three times. Did you know that? I mean, it’s correct. That mom was like, oh, more poor little bell. All right. It’s good for you.

Put your damn mouth right now. Yeah. Well, he doesn’t know what’s good for. It’s clear he is hit the floor after his long fall from Graces. No Bell. Listen, listen. He, he, he did all this for me, all right. To help me out. So look, look, I know he’s been a horse’s ass lately. What the hell? No, he’s been the king of the horse’s asses lately since he broke up with Nicole.

This has nothing to do with Nicole. Objection. Overruled. Listen, I got him into this mess bell. Please him. I need your help to get him out of it.

Well, that’s very moving, heartwarming. Brothers sticking up for each other. And yes, it is very clear to me that Eric was only an accessory to your crimes to Brady. And I am sure whoever represents Eric will make that argument in court. But as I said before, and I have not changed my mind, I will not be taking his case.

What would Mom say if she knew you turned your back on me? Don’t dare. Don’t you dare, dare. No, don’t you. You can’t leave me in here Bell watch me guard. I’m taking Brady Black to court for his arraignment.

Yeah, bell offered her legal services to Eric and uh, he went out of his way to refuse. I mean, he didn’t even take her advice. So in other words, he’s been a world-class director. Hmm. That’s kind of shocking, isn’t it? I mean, after his breakup with Nicole, I feel like he’s just gone off the deep end, like he’s turned to the dark side or something.

Yep. How the holy have fallen. And from what I understand, his breakup with Nicole was his doing. Yeah, apparently. Yeah. Well, he might have been without sin when he cast stones at her, but I think he’s more than made up for us since then. Aj. I know I’m supposed to be on that call with the bank this morning, but, uh, I think you should handle this one on your own.

Oh, I, I don’t know. Stephanie, do you really wanna take that chance? Especially since the powers of be all deeply concerned, obviously with the recent calamus decline in our stock, which was precipitated by my slip of the tongue, my, my laps and judgment, all the more reason for you to fly solo on this one, give you a chance to redeem yourself, prove to them you’re at the top of your game, su their jitters, so to speak.

Right? That is, if you feel up to it, oh, I, I’m, I’m feeling quite fine. S Stephan, thank. But still, I think it’s best that we both take the call, fly in town, demonstrate to them that we are a team with unwavering unity of vision and purposes, co CEOs. So shall I guide us in?

Yes. I, I understand. Yeah, no problem. I’ll, I’ll be right there. Okay.

Um, I’m, I’m really sorry. It was Ari’s school. Really? Uh, I thought you said you took Arian outta school to go to New Zealand with Will and Sunny. I did. I did that, but, um, will and Sunny need her records to enroll her in this new school. We’ve been having some problems. Transferring them are not something with the vaccinations.

Oh, I see. And I don’t know how long this is gonna take. I really need to get there though. Yeah, yeah. But I mean, no problem. We have plenty of time for ducks another day, but I’ll go with you to Ari’s school. I mean That’s okay. I’ll figure out the mix up. That’s fine. I, I can do that. It’s okay. You sure? Yes, I’m sure.

Hey, look, I know that you’re worried about Brady, but I’m confident that Bell’s gonna get him out on bail, and when she does, can the two of you just, uh, I don’t start again? I’m not sure that’s possible now. But I heard that Brady and Eric, they were, they were successful getting Roe to Deprogram stuff. And although it wasn’t in the most productive way, but I mean, it happened.

So doesn’t that mean that Stephan’s no longer in love with you? That’s right. And how do you feel about that?

I mean, it’s, it’s fine. I mean, honestly, I, his feelings for me to begin with were overly intense. And since I knew that they didn’t come naturally, if you will, I never wholeheartedly believed in his love for me. But, um, Stephan not loving me is not the greatest obstacle that Brady and I are facing. No. Well, what was, or should I say what is.

That’s Rachel Brady’s daughter. She hates me and he’s convinced that we can move past it, but I’m not so sure that we can.

I could not believe that little weasel loved this . You could sue Lady Stark and the paper for libel, unless, of course it’s true. Was Eric the best sex of your life? Ah, what have you Here I am representing my brother Brady Black. And what about Eric? What about Eric? Uh, can I have a word in private? Can this waits counselor will be in the courtroom soon enough?

Uh, listen, I just wanted to let you know that I am requesting reasonable bail for Brady, and before you interject, he’s not a flight risk and he is not a threat to the community. I think s Steph and Damir would beg to differ with that last. Oh, come on. We both know why Brady did what he did, and the circumstances have changed.

Now the motive doesn’t apply. So please, I’m, I’m just hoping you’re not gonna oppose this release, and I did notice that your complaint doesn’t include a victim statement. Is there a reason you haven’t interviewed Stephanie? Well, I, I, yeah. I mean, I’m just guessing in hindsight that maybe the victim isn’t as upset as you think he is about what my client did

shall get this show on the road as they say. Yes, I agree with. A united front while also exhibiting our individual talents. And together we and Damara at large can help soo the markets. Your confidence in me, Stephanie? It, it means the well to me, especially after my little mishap. Hmm. Well, you can’t trust your own brother.

Gabby, we’re about to, uh, and quiet. Let me go first. Okay. I need to see you right now. I’m in the park office square. How soon can you get here? Uh, I’ll be right there. Okay. Good Hurry. That was Gabby Swear. Heard this room? Yes. Look, normally, you know, I would never put my personal life in front of business affairs, but given the.

Disastrous conditions of my personal life these days. I’m sure you, uh, sure you understand. Well, actually, I, I know you will represent the family well.

Oh, hey you. How’d the arraignment go? Well, I made the case to get Brady out on bail. And did the judge agree? Is Brady out?

There’s a seat taken.

Yes. Thank you. Hello, this is Le in Arian Horton’s stepfather. Right. I was trying to see if there’s anything I can do to expedite the transfer of her records. I heard there was a, oh, I see. No, no, no. Well, good then. I’m glad Will Horton was able. Settle all that before they went to New Zealand. No, I’m sorry for the confusion.

I must have misunderstood my wife. That’s all that’s. Yes, thank you, and you too.

I must have misunderstood my wife more like my wife looked her husband dead in the eye and lied to his face.

Where are you?

Wow. Looks like somebody’s in need of a good lawyer.

Best sex of her life. Ugh. New.

Well, the bank’s been dealt with. There were innumerable details to go over. Mm-hmm. offered the perfect opportunity for Stephan to stumble and appear on fifth. We only gave him his first dose. Mm. And as long as he believes he’s drugging me. You’ll never suspect the next one or the next one, and so on.

Perfect plan. Mm-hmm. , and it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable happens. He’ll slip up and the ball will have no choice but to kick him out on his ass. And I’ll be left on top and Stephan will be old news. Ooh, yes. Mm-hmm. . Yes.

I’m so glad you came.

Stephanie, are you okay? Is everything alright?

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