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Brady finds Chloe in the town square. Chloe mentions that Shawn told her that Belle was representing him, so she asks if she got the charges dropped. Brady responds that he’s out on bail, so he’s free for now. Chloe says she’s glad but Brady questions if she really is.

Sloan visits Eric in his cell and says he looks pitiful. Eric responds that he’s fine. Sloan brings up questioning Belle about him and infers that Belle declined to represent him. Sloan states that Eric must feel pretty desperate. Eric asks if she came to gloat. Sloan guesses only a world class lawyer would be able to get him out of this and she knows where he can find one. Eric jokes that he can search on the internet while Sloan remarks that she likes when a man can joke as he’s drowning.

At the DiMera Mansion, Nicole pours out the drugged coffee and comments on being in on a crime. EJ argues that Stefan was drugging him and all they are doing is turning the tables. EJ brings up Stefan’s unexpected call from Gabi and decides it’s a stroke of good fortune. EJ says they are drugging Stefan to make him seem unfit to run DiMera as CEO, so Gabi is the perfect witness to his first episode. Nicole points out that it might spoil Stefan and Gabi’s mood which EJ laughs about.

In the park, Gabi asks Stefan if he’s sure he’s okay. Stefan says he’s fine, just a little dizzy, as she has that effect on him. Stefan and Gabi then hug.

After calling Arianna’s school, Li realizes Gabi lied to him. Li screams in frustration as Wendy comes out from her room.

Chloe assures Brady that she’s glad he’s free as she hopes he doesn’t end up in prison for kidnapping. Brady is pretty sure that Belle will be able to get the charges dropped. Chloe mocks blowing off kidnapping as no big deal. Chloe adds that it was all against Stefan’s will. Brady says he tried to get Stefan to go along with it. Chloe asks what part of no he didn’t understand. Chloe admits she’s not happy with how he went about things. Brady tells Chloe that he would’ve done what he did and a lot worse to make sure they ended up together. Brady states that at the end of the day, Stefan and Gabi are happy with it and so is he, so he asks what about Chloe. Chloe acknowledges that in the end, Brady was just undoing what Kristen and Li did as they are the ones who played God with four people’s lives. Brady points out that now those four people’s lives are back where they started and they are happy about it. Chloe argues that Rachel still hates her so this is not exactly a happily ever after moment. Brady argues that it’s different now because Kristen isn’t around to manipulate the situation anymore, so she won’t be whispering lies to Rachel about Chloe. Brady insists that it’s a new start. Chloe questions where does she start and asks if she’s supposed to buy Rachel a pony. Brady encourages starting slow and mentions that John is bringing Rachel to the town square for lunch, so he would love if Chloe would join them.

Eric questions why Sloan would want to represent him. Sloan acknowledges that Eric could have lost her license by springing Dr. Rolf. Eric points out that Dr. Rolf and Li are both free now, so all is well that ends well. Sloan says that’s only because she’s a damn good lawyer and she freed Li. Sloan adds that she could do the same for Eric, if he would let her.

Li apologizes to Wendy as he thought she left. Wendy tells Li that she’s worried about him. Li explains that he found out Gabi lied to him. Wendy asks what she lied about. Li tells her that Gabi claimed to have a mix-up at Arianna’s school so she couldn’t spend the day with him, so he called the school and found out Gabi made it all up. Li then reveals that he tracked Gabi’s phone. Wendy accuses him of stalking her. Li argues that Gabi is his wife and right now, she’s in the park and he knows exactly who she’s with.

Gabi asks Stefan again if he’s sure he’s okay. Stefan insists that he’s fine, happy to be here with her and that they are finally back together. Gabi calls it great that they are together, but they aren’t together the way they should be. Gabi blames everything on Li. Stefan points out that Gabi chose to stay married to Li and live with him. Stefan asks if Gabi still loves Li. Gabi assures that she doesn’t, so Stefan questions why she agreed to his terms. Gabi reveals to Stefan that Li made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

EJ talks to Nicole about how Stefan knows all about the drugs and it’s effects, so he might start to get suspicious when he starts feeling the effects. EJ suggests Stefan could just think it’s after effects from Dr. Rolf’s treatments. Nicole asks if EJ thinks the drug could do permanent damage. EJ doesn’t think Stefan would risk that with him. EJ says he’s just going to screw with Stefan’s head until the point where he’s booted from DiMera Enterprises. Johnny then walks in and questions if he just heard EJ say he’s planning to boot Stefan from the company.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s not sure joining he and Rachel for lunch today is a good idea. Brady insists that it is, pointing out that Rachel just lost her mother and grandmother so he thinks it would be nice for her to have a woman to talk to and turn to. John then brings Rachel to the town square. Rachel runs up to Brady and hugs him. Brady says he missed her last night. Rachel feels the same. Chloe says hi to Rachel but Rachel responds that her dad was in jail last night and it’s all Chloe’s fault.

Eric questions Sloan offering to be his lawyer and says he’s trying to figure out why. Sloan guesses he hasn’t seen Leo Stark’s gossip column in the Spectator. Sloan then shows Eric the article. Eric reads the part about Sloan saying he was the best sex of her life. Eric is taken aback by the article but says he is flattered. Sloan admits Leo wasn’t that far off the mark. Sloan adds that she’s still furious with Eric, but maybe she was a little hasty in ending things so fast since she finds herself missing all the fun they had together. Sloan adds that she knows Eric misses it too and if he does, she thinks they can work out a deal.

Johnny questions again if he heard EJ say he’s waiting for Stefan to make enough mistakes to push him out of DiMera. EJ responds that the fact is that Stefan has made a serious mistake. EJ reminds Johnny about the vial of drugs he found at the office and reveals that it was Stefan’s.

Gabi informs Stefan that Li gave her his DiMera shares in exchange for six more months of marriage. Stefan gets up and gets dizzy again. Stefan comments on Gabi and Li being more of a partnership than a marriage. Stefan compares it to a short term marriage. Stefan then asks if they are having sex. Gabi confirms they are not and hasn’t come up since Li said he’s doing this to show he still loves her. Gabi says she’s in the driver’s seat since Li can’t do anything to upset her. Gabi adds that she did this because she was feeling rejected by Stefan and worried that he would never get over Chloe. Gabi mentions that Li pointed out that he could have held the divorce out longer than six months and she wouldn’t have the shares, so there didn’t seem to be a downside at the time but now there is. Gabi declares that she wants to be with Stefan so she’s going to tell Li that he can take his six months and his shares and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Wendy questions Li begging for six months with Gabi and then starting to stalk her on day two. Li responds that he can’t lose her. Wendy tells Li that he doesn’t have or own Gabi. Li argues that he wants to be her husband. Li knows he did terrible things, but only because he loves Gabi more than he knew he could love anyone. Wendy says she believes him. Li thanks her but Wendy says not to. Wendy says if you love something, set it free instead of making a six month extension and following her on a GPS.

Brady steps aside with John and asks if he told Rachel that he was in jail. John clarifies that she saw it in the Spectator. Brady question letting her read the Spectator. John explains that she was on her tablet and he thought she was playing games. Rachel adds that the Spectator also said weird things about her uncle Eric. Brady tells Rachel that it’s a very nasty newspaper that print lies to sell more. Rachel asks if Brady was in jail or not and if he kidnapped Uncle Stefan because of Chloe. Rachel questions if the paper was lying about that.

Eric appreciates Sloan’s offer for professional services and admits he could use a good attorney right now, but he doesn’t have a job so he doesn’t think he could afford her. Sloan suggests she could take it out on trade.

Johnny questions EJ saying the vial of drugs was Stefan’s. EJ confirms that he had it analyzed at the lab and it’s apparently a synthetic recreational drug. Johnny asks if he’s sure. EJ informs him that Stefan’s fingerprints on it. EJ tells Johnny that he’s sorry but he’s afraid Stefan’s on drugs. EJ adds that he’s not surprised given all he’s been through. EJ states that his first duty is making sure Stefan doesn’t do any damage to the company, his father’s legacy. EJ asks Johnny to keep this to himself because he needs to investigate what Stefan has done and is doing. EJ tells Johnny that he needs him to trust him. Johnny agrees to trust him for now and then exits the room. EJ asks Nicole if she thinks Johnny bought it. Nicole says he better pray that he does.

Li doesn’t think he can just give up on Gabi. Wendy tells him that he has to. Li argues that he’s never loved anyone like he loves Gabi. Wendy hates that he’s in pain but what he’s doing will only make things worse, so he has to think clearly and objectively. Wendy asks if Li really wants a wife who is in love with another man.

Gabi repeats to Stefan that she is leaving Li to be with him and thought he would be a little happy. Stefan assures that he wants her to leave Li and for them to be together. Stefan says they belong together but they are not star-crossed lovers. Stefan says they belong together because they know what they want and that is to run DiMera together, so for that, he thinks she needs to stay with Li.

Rachel accuses Chloe of getting her mom sent to jail and now her dad. Brady tells her that’s enough as Chloe is not why he went to jail. Brady adds that he doesn’t want her talking to people like that. Rachel argues that it’s the truth but John steps in and tells her that it’s not, no matter how much she wants it to be. John knows Rachel is dealing with a lot and they are trying to help her but they won’t let her go around saying things that are not true. John knows it’s hard when a kid loses his mother and Brady also knows that. John understands a kid getting angry when they think someone else is trying to take them from their mother. John takes Rachel off to the side and says he will tell her a story about Brady. John tells Rachel about how Brady and Marlena didn’t get along very well when Brady was Rachel’s age. Brady blames himself for that. John says Brady was having a very rough time and Marlena understood that and got him to understand that she just wanted to love him. John wishes Marlena was here now because she could tell this so much better. Rachel says she misses her. Brady says he does too. Brady talks about how Marlena wasn’t technically his mom, but she loved him like she was. Rachel argues that Marlena was Grandma while Chloe is not. Rachel declares that she will never love Chloe and she wants her gone.

Sloan goes back up to the police station and finishes a call with Melinda, thanking her for taking the hearing. Sloan then gets a call from Li, who says he’s having some second thoughts about the contract she drew up for him and Gabi, so he’d like to ask her a few questions.

Johnny goes to see Wendy at the DiMera Enterprises office. Johnny asks if she wants to have lunch with him if she doesn’t already have plans with her new roommate. Wendy says that Tripp is at work and she was a little late today, so she thinks she should wait before heading out to lunch. Johnny jokes that he has an in with her boss, so he thinks it’d be okay. Johnny adds that EJ really likes Wendy. Wendy hopes it stays that way and that Johnny kept her name out of it when confronting EJ about the drug vial. Johnny promises that EJ has no idea that Wendy knew anything. Johnny asks if Wendy has seen anything else suspicious around. Wendy says no and talks about trying to figure out who the vial did belong to. Wendy then guesses that Johnny already knows and questions him not telling her. Johnny argues that he promised EJ that he wouldn’t. Wendy asks why he would care, then realizes that EJ shares the office with Stefan, so she asks if it’s Stefan’s.

Nicole tells EJ that he was very convincing when he told Johnny that he would do anything to help his brother with his drug problem. Nicole calls it scary what a gifted liar EJ is. EJ jokes that it means a lot coming from her. Nicole asks about it being a risk since Johnny is really fond of Stefan. EJ says that’s why he’ll keep an eye on him to help him. EJ adds that Johnny will see Stefan’s decline and that’s why he will back him up when he tosses him out of the company.

Stefan assures Gabi that he wants her to leave Li so they can be together, but they have to think through this. Stefan tells Gabi that he wants her to be his CEO. Gabi asks about EJ. Stefan says screw that guy since he knew what was done to him and didn’t say anything. Stefan adds that getting EJ out is one thing but getting Gabi installed in his seat is another which requires board approval. Stefan points out that if Gabi leaves Li, he retains his shares. Gabi agrees that Li would use his vote against her. Stefan points out that would leave EJ with his 7 votes and then loses count. Gabi asks if he’s sure he’s feeling okay. Stefan says he’s fine and blames Dr. Rolf. Stefan declares that the bottom line is without Li’s shares, they don’t have enough. Gabi points out that they’d be at a tie which reverts to the status quo. Stefan says that’s unless EJ becomes tragically incapacitated..

Sloan questions Li wanting to cancel his contract with Gabi and back out of the deal, asking why he would do that when he has Gabi right where he wants her. Sloan reminds Li that if Gabi breaks the contract, she loses her shares and mentions that there’s a clause that says the same about if she cheats on him. Li has her repeat the part about if Gabi cheats on him and calls her a genius. Li thanks Sloan and says he has to go, then tells her to forget he ever called. Li hangs up and exits the apartment.

Brady asks John to take Rachel home. Rachel complains that she doesn’t want to go home. John says he would if he could but he has an important meeting with Steve. John encourages Rachel to think about what he said as he walks away. Rachel argues that Brady is just trying to get rid of her. Brady explains that he just thought it would be best if he talked to her and talked to Chloe separately, but he would love if it they all went to lunch. Rachel questions Brady inviting Chloe to her lunch with him. Chloe says she’ll just go but Brady asks her not to. Rachel declares that she’s not going anywhere that Chloe is going and sits on the floor.

Sloan returns to Eric’s cell and informs him that it’s done. Eric calls that the fastest bail hearing in history. Sloan says she worked some magic. Sloan instructs Eric to wait for the guard and he’ll be free. Sloan tells Eric that she’ll see him later and they will talk about her retainer as she exits.

Johnny asks Wendy not to say anything to EJ which she agrees to. Wendy talks about how Stefan was presumed dead for years, brainwashed, then finally gets what he wants and is CEO while on top of his game at work. Wendy states that Stefan is not the one screwing up around here. Johnny questions what she’s trying to say. Wendy asks if Johnny is sure that EJ was telling him the truth that he’s not the one using drugs.

Nicole tells EJ that she’s a little nervous about what she’ll find at the office today since Brady doesn’t seem too focused. EJ thinks the office would benefit from his incarceration. Nicole guesses they will see. EJ suddenly gets a headache so Nicole asks if he’s okay. EJ is glad she bought it and explains that Stefan needs to believe he’s drugging him, so he has to act accordingly. EJ remarks that it’s going to be a fun day at the office. EJ and Nicole then exit the mansion together.

Stefan sits with Gabi in the park and reveals that he’s been drugging EJ which is why he’s been acting so weird and why he messed up with the board. Stefan adds that with more instances like that, the board will remove EJ with cause. Gabi remarks that it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Stefan adds that EJ will lose his voting power, unless he assigns someone else as Kate’s proxy or pulls some other stunt. Stefan worries that if they don’t get this done, it will be nearly impossible to install Gabi in EJ’s seat or remove EJ from DiMera permanently. Gabi asks what he’s saying. Stefan responds that Li’s shares are their insurance policy and that’s why she needs to hold onto them and stay married to Li.

Nicole walks past the Brady Pub and finds Eric outside. Nicole mentions just reading that he and Brady were in jail. Eric informs her that his attorney got him out on bail. Nicole assumes he means Belle but Eric clarifies that his attorney is Sloan, which Nicole rolls her eyes at.

Johnny questions why Wendy would even say that to him and argues that it’s not like Stefan hasn’t been acting a little weird lately. Wendy admits that Stefan’s personal life has been a mess but his work has been amazing and if he was using drugs, people would suspect it. Wendy points out that she hates to say it but people are starting to talk about EJ. Johnny insists that EJ did not lie to him and he could tell that EJ was genuinely worried about Stefan. Wendy apologizes for saying anything as she didn’t mean to upset him. Johnny assures that EJ is totally back to his normal self and mentions that he even heard EJ talking about having Stefan removed from his job. Johnny stops and says he shouldn’t have said that because EJ doesn’t want that getting around. Wendy asks why not since if Stefan has a drug problem, removing him should be pretty straightforward. Wendy points out that the first thing they should do is get Stefan help. Johnny recalls EJ saying he wanted to help Stefan too, but remembers that he said that in the room with Stefano’s portrait. Johnny then begins to wonder if EJ is trying to groom him as his star witness against Stefan and what if EJ is the one drugging Stefan.

Gabi tells Stefan that this is not the response that she expected him to have when she said she was leaving Li for him. Gabi expected Stefan to sweep her off her feet with a kiss, but instead he came up with a brand new business model. Stefan asks if he let her down. Gabi says she actually finds it quite exciting. Stefan tells her that they can have it all. Stefan tells Gabi that he loves her and they kiss.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s going to go. Brady asks her not to as he doesn’t want Rachel to think she can get away with acting like this. Chloe feels Rachel has been through way too much lately, so it’s important and points out that Brady is all Rachel has right now. Chloe then walks out of the town square.

Nicole questions Eric about Sloan being his lawyer when he said they broke up and she was furious with him. Nicole asks why Sloan took his case. Eric informs her that they made up. Nicole questions what that means. Sloan then walks up and says it’s exactly what it sounds like. Sloan asks why they would give up the best sex of their lives. Sloan then kisses Eric in front of Nicole.

EJ goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and questions what Johnny is doing there and what he and Wendy are up to this time.

Stefan asks if Gabi is convinced that he loves her now. Gabi says she loves him and missed him so much. Stefan apologizes for how he treated her but Gabi says it wasn’t his fault. Gabi declares that what matters is that they are finally together now. Stefan and Gabi then kiss again until Li walks up and asks what the hell is going on here.

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