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Nine 50. Alright, I’m coming. Get your pants on.

Well, by all means, come in. How could you do this? Perhaps you give you more specific. Don’t play dumb with me. You knew exactly what you did and I am not going to let you get away with this time.

Funk could be a bit bigger. Here she is hot off the press. And by press I mean the printer downstairs. Can you say ancient? It took forever to print one page, but she is so worth doing. What’s this? The first lady? Come again. The premier edition of Lady Whistleblower’s Gossip column. You realize you could have just emailed me.

I could have yes, but I wanted to see the look on your face while you take in my literary prowess. Read it and gag. One highly placed source tells Lady w Sunny Kakkis contracted scabies following a raging gay Ory attended by his own father

again. And how was Henry on the flight? Hello, trooper. Hey, um, uh, Chad just got here, will, so I’m gonna call you back. I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you. Bye. Hey. Oh, I got your text. What’s up? Yeah, uh, I have some news. Ooh, that’s good news, I hope. Yes, definitely. Uh, will and I were not. Gonna be doing the long distance thing anymore.

Yeah, yeah. Hey, congrats. I know, uh, I know how hard that was for you guys. So what is will gonna be, uh, here working remotely then? Uh, no, he’s, he’s still gonna be traveling and, um, I’m gonna be traveling until kind of, Extended trip. Well, what does that mean, Chad? I’m leaving Salem.

Jackson. Kikis, c e o.

Not anymore.

I am gonna miss you, bro, but I could get used to this.

Someone’s getting comfortable. Stephanie. Hey, I didn’t see you come in too busy trying out the Iron Throne. You could say that. Yeah. Grace . So it’s true. son. He resigned from Titan. Yeah, he’s moving to New Zealand with Will and Allie and Henry. Wow. So I guess things are gonna be different around here for sure.

And for starters, you’re gonna be stuck with me.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

That was fast. Sunny hasn’t even left town yet. And your uncle already named you c e o? Well, it hasn’t been announced officially yet, but I’m the obvious choice. Why is that? Well, for starters, the whole reason why I came back to town was to help out Titan specifically to help out Sunny boy. How so? Look, I love my brother, but he isn’t exactly a killer.

That’s where I come in. There were times where I just had to give him a little extra support. So he benefited from your expertise? Exactly. And then when I covered for him after he was attacked by Clyde West, and that’s when I really got to show my stuff. You know the Kiki Drive, the Thes business acumen, though.

The Kriyas ego. Careful. Ms. Johnson, you are talking to your new boss. I am my own boss, Alex will. You’d be smart to remember that

Titan cuts you some pretty large checks. You’d be smart to remember that. Checks Sunny’s been signing. Sunny’s gone. You just said Victor hasn’t decided who’s taking over for him yet. I said it hasn’t been announced officially. Okay, so if you’re name’s CEO e o, then yes, you’ll be in charge of one of my clients signing some of my, when I’m named C e o, I’ll be in charge of your biggest client.

Cutting you your biggest checks. Alex, I’m not denying that Titan is great business for SJ p r. Well, good. Now, will that still be the same when Uncle Vic announces that I’ll be taking over for Sonny? What do you mean? I mean, are you gonna be. Working as closely with me as he did with my brother.

Well, what do you think? Oh God. It just keeps getting worse. I know, right. Wait, what are you doing? I wanted to save that for posterity. I can’t print this. What? Why? Because it’s not true. The truth is, so 2015, I’m sorry, Mattie Guinevere, the spectator is a snooze. It needs life energy buzz. I was giving that to you.

Item by juicy item. Guess in each one of those items is a liable suit waiting to happen. Oh, Jackson is not going to sue. Right? Cuz the Kes don’t have their own army of lawyers or. I am not loving this new professional you. She’s less three sheets to the wind, more wet blanket. Look darling, I know that son hurt you, but you cannot use your poem through exact revenge.

But I worked so hard on that. Do you know how long it took me to come up with scabies? I applaud your creativity. I do. But this is a n. And we have standards to uphold standards that were set by my father and my late sister. I am very determined to prove I am every bit as good of an editor as same one.

Geez, I had no idea you were so serious about. Maintaining these lofty journalistic principles. See anything about principles you did Gwyneth Pulitzer. Ah, now don’t you misunderstand me. I am fine with you going after every pious Salem that you want, but you have to write the truth, not something that’s made up.

Great. So what do I do now? You go out there and you get me some dirt. I can actually run. Go on chop. We’ve got a deadline. Thank you. Bar.

Look, if this is gonna be another lecture about me kidnapping, Bonnie and Susan are sleeping with Gwen. You can just, I ain’t come here to talk to you about that. Then why are you, Sarah made it very clear that we have nothing to discuss ever. There wasn’t. That’s how I heard about your latest stunt. So I heard on this time to deserve your righteous indignation.

You stole the spectator from Jack and Jennifer. You son of a bitch,

Maggie. Hi, uh, Henderson. Let me in. Sarah here. Um, I’m afraid not. Oh, well I need to, um, I need to speak with her. It’s kind of important. What a coincidence, because there is something very important that I’d like to discuss with you. Yeah, yeah, sure. What is it? Well, for starters, how about the fact that you’re sleeping with my daughter?

You’re moving to New Zealand? Yeah. You know that Will’s new project is out there and he’s, he’s really excited about it and I just, I want to be there to support him. What about Ari? Just come with us. I mean, Gabby wasn’t thrilled about the idea, but. She realized Ari wanted to come with us, so she’s gonna visit us there and, and we’ll come visit here and, and Allie’s gonna come with us too.

Her and Chanel just broke up, you know, she has a lot of changes going on and Henry’s so young. I know this is a lot. I’m just dropping on your lap at once. Jenna, I’m, I’m, I’m really sorry. Don’t. Don’t be. I think this is gonna be really good for everyone, especially for you. And Will, I’m happy for you, for all of you.

Thank you. When you leave, I am, uh, I’m going straight to the airport from here. What? That soon? Yeah. No, I, I mean, I, I would’ve left with everyone else, but I had some, uh, loose ends. Tie up the titan. How did Victor take exactly how you would, uh, you’d think he would like trash will and then screamed a bunch of curse words.

Pretty much. Yeah, pretty much. But you know what? He’ll get over it. And it’s not like I’m leaving in the lurch. You know, Alex has been dying to be c e o of Titan ever since Uganda into.

Okay with Alex step for you. I guess that means, uh, Stephanie’s gonna be reporting directly to him.

We’re both adults. Alex, I don’t foresee any problem with us working together, especially since we’re no longer romantically involved, but if you do. No, of course not. I mean, we both want the same thing, right? For Titan to thrive. Absolutely. So as long as we keep that in mind, stay focused, mutually respectful, mindful of each other’s.

Boundaries and we should get along just fine.

Wish I got it? Sure, why not?

I take it. Sarah told you about what happened between us. No, Henderson did. He saw you leaving Sarah’s bedroom the other day? , yeah. Ah, okay. Henderson. Yeah. Should have known that he would spread the word Rex. Sarah’s going through a divorce. She’s very vulnerable. Good. And, and I, I would never take advantage of that, Maggie.

I promise you. I have no intention of ever hurting Sarah again. Well then what exactly are your intentions for my daughter?

Didn’t realize you had such strong opinions about the fourth estate. I have very strong opinions about you stealing from my family. I’m not sure what you mean. I’ve read Jack’s farewell editorial. It says that he and Jennifer are giving you and Gwen the paper with her as editor-in-chief. Is that a problem?

Yeah, there’s a huge problem because there is no. that they would ever do that by choice. Why not? They was planned on giving the paper to one of their. Navil. God rest her soul’s no longer with us. JJ J’s not interested. So Gwen is the obvious choice. She hears Jack’s daughter too. You know Gwen is nothing but an evil bitch who has only ever brought misery to me and my family.

Right? Think about all of the lies. She’s turned upside down. Now all you Hortons were perfect saints until Gwen Rusche came long. Huh? I just save it. I called Jennifer. I told her that I didn’t believe any of this time for change nonsense, and I wanted to know the real reason that she gave up the. And what did you or do your cousin have to say?

She said she couldn’t get into it, but I had the very distinct impression that it was a decision made under duress. So is this how your twisted little partnership with Gwen works? She covers for you when you commit felonies and you help her find new ways to hurt Jack? Jack made a choice. Oh my God, do you really expect me to believe that this is what he.

That he chose of his own free will to hand over the reins to one of the most revived women in Salem who has exactly zero journalism experience. Explain this, your explanation is bull. What did you do, Xander? How did you force my cousins to hand over the paper that they put their blood, sweat, and tears into for 30 years?

Sarah? No. Answer me now. Fine. I’ll tell you, I blackmailed Jack and Jennifer into signing over the Spectator, and it’s all your bloody fault,

Chad. I’m telling you, there’s nothing to worry about. Okay. Alex and Stephanie are over. Yeah, I know. I know. Well then why do you seem so disappointed that the two of them are gonna be working so closely together? I wouldn’t say disappointed. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t use disappointment. Okay. , well then what is it?

It’s just that, you know, Stephanie forgave him Right. For, for turning off her phone the night kill died. So, you know, they’re on decent terms now. Okay, great. And that’s, that’s so great of Stephanie to do that. She was big. To forgive Alex, but I’m telling you, they’re not getting back together. I mean, from what you’ve told me, you’re the one that Stephanie wants to be with.

Yeah. No, that’s true. And then what are you feeling insecure about?

It’s just, I really like her. My kids really like her. That’s shocking to hear, son. I never thought I’d feel this way again.

Stephanie showed me that it, that, that it was possible that you could start over after such a horrifying loss, moss.

And, um, and I don’t know, maybe it’s because the horrifying loss that I’m just, I’m, I’m a little bit desperate. To, to not lose her. That makes sense. I mean, you went through a terrible traumatic loss. Yeah.

On a lighter note though, I am, uh, I’m very grateful that she is in my. And in my kids’ lives, I’m a lucky man.

Greetings party people. How the hell did you get in here Stark? Um, the door was open. Oh, that’s unfortunate. If you’re looking for sunny, I’m not. You’re the riyas. I’m after. Excuse me. How spare me the macho posturing for your girlfriend. I know you’re hopelessly hetero. I’m not his girlfriend. We work together.

Oh, you hold hands with all of your colleagues. Honey, who? I’m here in my official capacity as Lady Whistleblower. Lady Who? Whistleblower. It’s my Nam de plume. Oh. Are you a writer or No, not just any writer Sweet cheeks. You are looking at the new gossip columnist for the Spectator. Great. And what does Lady Whistle whatever have to do with me blower.

And I thought you’d never ask. So tell me, is it true that you had your paid pack abs broke up, Salem’s favorite bisexual bakers?

How is it my fault that you are blackmailing Jack and Jennifer? Because I wasn’t gonna do it. I all change your heart and then I saw you without Cretin Rex Brady, and you just couldn’t help it. rub. The fact that he had sex with him all in my face. Oh, just like you did, was sleeping with Gwen. Oh, I didn’t.

And that was different. How? Because No, stop. I do not care about your convoluted Neanderthal logic. I just wanna know how you and Gwen forced Jack and Jennifer to give up the spectator. No information is on a need to know that. I, I hope to know now. No can, I’m afraid.

Jack is your best friend. He’s Gwen’s father. How, how could you two do that to him? He makes me sick.


Maggie, I assure you what happened between Sarah and me. It was a one time. . In fact, she was very clear about not wanting to jump into a relationship with anybody right now. All right. We’re just friends. Okay. And you can accept that? Of course I can. I see. Well, so if you didn’t come back here to pick up where you left off with my daughter, why do you need to see her so urgently?

I’m heading back to Chicago, and then you came to say, No, I want Sarah to come with me.

So you and Sarah aren’t getting back together, but you want her to move away with you? Well, I mean, not. With me, but yes to the same city . Look, I want Sarah to work at my hospital. We have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and technology, and we have access to the latest medical research and to attract the best doctors.

We pay well, very well, and I think it would be a great opportunity. . I see. Well, that’s very kind of you to extend yourself this way. I’m, I’m extending myself from my hospital. I think she would be a tremendous asset to our surgical staff, and I think it’d be really good for her given everything she’s been through.

You look skeptical. Hmm. Well, I just. I hate to think of her leaving. Mm-hmm. again, but my daughter, she’s a grown woman. She makes her own decisions, and I just pray that she tunes out the noise and listens to her gut.

Sarah, I are you all right in there?

I’m. It must have been something I ate. Can I get you some water or some ginger or something? Oh, I said I’m fine. I just wanna know what you’re holding over. Jack and Jennifer, Sarah, I sincerely doubt that they would want me to share that information with you or anyone else.

I cannot believe that. I actually thought you changed.

I’m fool. You are just the same low-life thugs you’ve always been. I am so glad that I signed those divorce papers so that I don’t have to sit here and listen to my husband rattle off another round of excuses about why he committed yet another crime against the people I. Sarah, can you just No,

I’m done.


I hope you and going enjoy your stolen paper.

I am gonna miss this. Hang with my best friend, having a beer. Gonna miss it too. Hey, hey. Hello boys. So what are we drinking? Don’t worry, I already ordered you one. That’s my son. Always thinking about everyone else except this, uh, whole leaving Salem and moving halfway across the world thing that is incredibly selfish.

Selfish as hell. Okay, come on guys. It’s not that far. Okay. Yes, it’s, it’s, it’s pretty far, but you know, now, come on. You can come visit me anytime. Well, Bonnie and I will definitely do that. In fact, she just told me that she wants to. Kick it with the Kiwis. Ooh, I’m down for that. . Yeah, I was, I was just telling Chad how bad I feel.

Just dumping this on everyone out of the ball. I got some. And as much as I will miss seeing you every day, I’m thrilled that you and Will are going to be reunited. Yeah, me too. It’s, um, it’s been pretty rough being a part. Mm-hmm. for a minute there. I. Thought that Snake Leo Stark would get his fangs into you again, but we don’t have to worry about him anymore.

Leo is someone else’s problem.

It’s a simple question. Did you or did you not bust up Shalley? Yeah, I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but you’re way off base. sucking lemons and other things with one Alice Caroline Horton at a local bar before stumbling back to her place for night of raunchy sex. You and Allie, it’s not how he’s making it sound.

Are you telling me that Allie’s former live-in lover Chanel Dpri didn’t show up unexpectedly at the SAF sanctuary? They one shared to find the two of you in the throws of passion. Chanel caught you. She showed up the next. Sounds like confirmation to me. That’s not confirmation. Leo. I didn’t confirm anything.

No comment. Too late. So tell me how awkward was it for Chanel when she found the two of you together? Maybe not at all, considering that you’d already had a threesome with her and Ellie. A threesome. That’s it.

You want to comment? Leo, here’s one. Take your whistle and shove it up. Your blower.

Ugh. Look what you did. You’re lucky I didn’t do it to your face. You’re lucky I have a memory, like a steel trap among many other fine attributes. Leo, get the hell outta here before I actually lose it, okay? Okay. But be sure to pick up a copy of Tomorrow’s Spectator. I hear it’s going to be a must read.

About what he just said. Um, you do not have to explain. Your personal life is none of my business. Yeah, but the way he just made that whole thing sound, Steph, he made it sound a lot more salacious than what it actually was. Alex, really say no more. You, Allie and Chanel are all consenting adults. What you do with them has nothing to do with me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more work to do before calling in.

How’s it going, partner? It’s uh, it’s going. Um, I just thought I’d stop by, see if you have any last minute concerns about the paper. I mean, can you believe it? We’re actually gonna put our first issue of the spectator out. We did it, Sandra. We’re, we’re actually running a newspaper.

We don’t seem very excited. Is, um, is everything all right? Sarah just left. Oh, did she have to scold you about this time then blackmailing the paper away from Jack and Jennifer? How did you find out? No, no. She just, she just didn’t believe that her cousins would willingly give us the paper. So she asked Jennifer why they really did it.

Jennifer told her, no, no, no. Thank God she kept a trap shut. She was smart enough to do that, but Sarah came here to get it out of me. You didn’t, she’s relentless when I said No, no, no. I, I didn’t tell her. I just told her that we blackmailed them. I didn’t say with what?

Well, I will bet that Little Miss Perfect won’t be some bloody sanctimonious if she found out that her cousin was the one who move me over when she was high on painkillers.

Sorry, I shouldn’t speak Sarah. Love Sarah. Especially when it’s obvious for the look on your face that you were still in love with her.

Dr. Horton, are you okay? You look a little green around the gills. Yeah, I’m fine. Um, it’s just a touch of food poisoning I think. Are you sure that’s all it?

I guess we’ll have to figure out the time difference with New Zealand so we know when to call you. I’ve already committed it to memory. Okay, so New Zealand is 17 hours ahead, which means if it is 9:00 AM here, It is 4:00 AM there. So then don’t call at 9:00 AM No, do never call . Hey big bro over here.

There he is

not. This is family only. Come on. Okay. Chad is family. So can we just play nice please? Yeah, sure. No problem, Alex. Tough day. No, papa. It’s all good. So New Zealand, huh? It’s a pretty radical move. Yeah. You should come visit. That is, I mean, if you have any time off being the CEO of Titan, it’s a stressful job and big bro.

I think you’re gonna kill him. You think so? Yeah. You were born to be a ceo E o. It’s true of all my sons. You are the most like Victor . He wishes, okay, Chad, what did I say? Play nice. I mean, the old man couldn’t have made a better choice. Thanks that.

I’m gonna miss you. You big dummy . I’m gonna miss you too. You big dummy. I’m be a stranger, okay? Okay. I love you. I love you too.

All right dad. See you later, Chad. See you guys.

Hey Steph. If you’re looking for Chad, he’s right over there. Hey, he made it. Yeah. I wasn’t gonna miss saying goodbye to my favorite cousin. Okay. I hate to cut this short, but I have to take care of something for a client. Of course.

Oh, I love you. I love you too. Hey, hey, look, we’re on Easter. If you and Bonnie want to come up and uh, no, kick it with the Kiwis, we will definitely see you down under. Take care, Chad. Stephanie. Take care. Yeah, see,

so I finally moved back to Kelo and now you’re leaving. Yeah. Seriously, we need to, uh, Work on our timing and you need to promise you’ll be back. Just try and stop it. I’m sure that, uh, whatever it is, is gonna pass in a minute. I don’t know. There are a ton of bugs going around. Let me go. I I’m a doctor. I know the difference between a bug and nothing and this, this is nothing.

Maybe we should let the LA run a few tests just to be safe. Yeah, I guess it, it probably couldn’t hurt.

You are, aren’t you? You are, um, still luck with Sarah. It’s complicated and confusing

and it’s just that the other night when.

We were together, you seemed to indicate that you’d prefer to be with somebody like me. You actually said we’d belong together,

but then the next morning you woke up having dreamt to Sarah, and I realized that whether your marriage may be over, it may not still be over. I said I wasn’t, I told you that I dunno if or when ever will be I, right? And then we were gonna go talk and have breakfast and figure this out, which I just assume meant figure us out.

But then we bumped into Sarah in the squares, you remember? And we didn’t get to have that conversation. So, I guess I’m just a bit unclear as to where we stand. I mean, everything that I said, I, I really do care about you a great deal. I just can’t believe everything that you sacrificed for me, and I’m so grateful for it.

I just, I am still coming to terms with the very recent end of my marriage and just don’t have any answers for you.

Of course. Yeah, I completely understand. I mean, maybe once the divorce is finalized, I can start thinking about what I want for the future, but right now I’m just not ready.

Yeah, I know. That makes absolute total sense. Yeah, I understand.

So look, until then, I think that, um, I think we ought to keep things strictly professional between us and after all, we are running a newspaper together, aren’t we? Sounds like a plan.

Right? Well, I, I best be off. I’ve got a million things that have to do before I put the spectator to bed, so. All right. Thank you. Um, so, um, do you have any, um, last minute thoughts or, I dunno, concerns about the layout on headline? Oh yeah. I mean, not that I can think of. No. Something comes up just let me know.

But otherwise I’m, I’ll see you tomorrow. Partner? Yes, tomorrow.

I owe you a huge thank you son for taking a chance on SJ p r for giving me such a huge opportunity in Titan. Are you, are you kidding me? I owe Pauline a price for bringing you to doubt. And when you come back, which we’ve established that you will, I will be saving you a seat at the bar.

I hate to interrupt, but uh, you have a plane to catch. You missed that flight then. Then my husband will kill all of us. Yeah.

Okay, we,

Hey. Ah,

I love you guys. We love you too. See you

around’s. So great, isn’t he? He’s the best.

Sucks. He’s leaving. Yeah, that’s um, It’s a big change for you, Titan. I mean, you’re, you’re gonna have a new boss. Hey. Okay. As soon as I got your text, is everything okay? Oh, everything is fine. Uh, I asked you over to discuss some business, Titan business. Of course. Oh, okay. Where’s Uncle Vic? I assume this is always taking over for Sunny, right?

Uh, it is. Uh, your uncle is out of town. He asked me to handle. Handle letting me know. He chose me to take over. I’m assuming he didn’t. He didn’t. What?

He’s giving the job to a different ke hawk,

Justin and it’s late knows. Fine. Come.

Well, uh, it’s a nice surprise favorite cousin popping by for a visit. Yes, this isn’t a social visit.

Perfect timing. I just finished my rewrite.

These sauces on. This is solid. Got it. Straight from the studs mouth. I tell you what, that man whore, Alex Kiki, is going to be the gift that keeps on giving to Lady Whistleblower. Wonderful. Pointier. I thought you would be overjoyed. We have a hit gossip column on our hands. I know. And I am Mattie. I’m really impressed.

Really? Oh, here comes the big butt and don’t you lie. No, it’s um, not about the.

You just had a chat about where we stand romantically and he doesn’t want to think about the future until his divorce is finalized, which should be soon, right? Let’s not soon enough. As far as I’m concerned,

I’m here on behalf of my. So, sir, I want you to hand deliver the decree that formally ends our marriage. Go on, hand it over. I can’t. Why not? Because there’s a problem with the divorce.

Come in.

Hey there. Thanks. How’d you know I was in here? Amigo told me. Hey, there’s, um, something important that I need to talk to you about. Yeah, me too. Okay. You first.

I am pregnant.

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