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What brings you by? Hello? I just came to check on my big brother again. I felt bad about not sticking around last night, especially since you were so bummed about Gabby that she turned down your Valentine’s invitation. Actually, Gabby and I ended up having dinner together after all.

And you’re okay with that now? Are we moving so far away? I mean, the New Zealand’s like what, 10,000 miles? 8,000 miles away? I mean, it was her decision and obviously I’m not in love with this idea, but she’s gonna be with her daddies and I’ll come visit whenever I can. Okay. Well, If you think that’s what’s best for Ariana, it is.

It’s, we, we need to talk about Ralph and it wh when is your desk sergeant gonna figure it out? That I don’t need an appointment to see my own brother. When your brother feels confident that his sister is not gonna storm in here, demanding special treatment now. So, you know, Ralph did not sign the statement, so please don’t start yelling at me, I’m hope.

But I thought Malinda was gonna put the, the, the screws to him. I thought he, she was gonna tell him either he flips or he spends the rest of his license. She did. She tried, yes. But his lawyer said not to sign the statement, so he didn’t sign it. And there’s nothing else you can do to persuade him. Believe me, if there were Gabby, I would be doing it.

Okay. Look, uh, how about happier subjects? Huh? How, how was your date last night with Steph and Valentine’s Day? No, no. Next question. What do you mean? No, no, no. After the call you got from him last night, you were practically walking on air. Well, I ended up flat on my back and not in a good way,

Sloan. It’s, uh, it’s Brady Black. I, I’d like to talk to you. Please open up.

I dunno why I bothered going into the office, especially on a daylight today.

Johnny. Are you doing okay, ? Um, no. ? No, not really. Not after three funerals. Well, hopefully you’re watching something that lists your spirits. Um, I’m watching the market. Damaris stock dropped 20 points today, not because of basic black. All our numbers are trending up. No, no. It’s, it’s not your fault. Um, turns out some sensitive information was leaked thanks to my father.

Damn it. Ej. Why would you reveal that we were going to buy this company before we locked it down? We weren’t ready to go public for weeks. The recorder asked about the annual meeting, and before I knew it, I was telling her about our pending acquisitions. Yeah. One of which made it abundantly clear they did not want to be.

You knew in order for this deal to work, it required the utmost discretion, and now it’s in every business section out there.

How are you thinking? I wish I, I wish I could tell you, but I honestly have no idea why I said what I said. Well, coffee, uh, please you notice extra caffeine. You give you that extra boost you need for your big TV interview.

You are brother. Thank you

Stefan. I am so sorry I screwed up. Obviously, I’m. I’m mortified. Nevermind the apologies. Only focus now should be damage control.

I still don’t understand how I could have let this happen. I.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So EJ revealed sensitive. On television no less. I mean, he had to have known how that would affect the stock price. Yeah. I, I don’t know. Maybe it was some kind of strategy. Well, not one I’m familiar with. I just, I can’t believe the dad of all people would just blurt something like that out by mistake.

Yeah, I agree. You know, last night he did say he wasn’t feeling great. I hope he’s not coming down with something, or maybe he didn’t get enough sleep. Is that possible? I guess.

Why are you looking at me like that? Um, I saw you come out of his room. This.

Brady got you a pizza guy, clearly, since you’re obviously dressing dinner. So this is where you slithered off to after the funeral and needed to decompress. Is that what they’re calling it these days? What are you doing here, Brady? Like I said, I have to talk to Sloan. And when did you say. When I was pounding on the door, you were otherwise occupied, it seems.

Oh, you’re not the pizza boy. Yeah, my brother here needs to talk to you. Huh? About what? Well, I’m off. I understand you representing him. Yeah. I need him out of jail. I need you to get him to sign a statement saying that the person really responsible for his crimes is Lee Shin. You had dinner with Gabby. I I thought she gave you a hard No, she did.

Then a little while later she showed up here and asked if my invitation still stood. Okay. What, what changed her? It seems her Valentine’s celebration was Stephan Wera after he called her Chloe, I heard. Yeah. Johnny invited me over to his place to watch a movie. When we walked in. Stefan was trying to get a stain out of his shirt from the glass of red wine that Gabby threw it in before she stormed out.

He must have been pretty upset, obviously. He planned this whole amazing night for the two of them, and it was over before it even started. Hmm. That’s too bad. Yeah, I can see you’ve really broken up over it. And the truth is, you should be, in essence, you’re the reason Stephan’s plans went bust.

You’re right. You’re right. What’s done is done. Now I have to figure out what I’m gonna do about this. No, no. What we are going to do about it, we’re in this. One of the benefits of having a co c e o I made this mess. It’s mine to clean up. You, you, you have every right to be furious. Ej. I’m not. All right.

Look, if I came off harsh earlier, it’s only because I was surprised. But now I’m past it and ready to move forward with my brother and partner in leadership to write the course.

Thank you. S Stephen. Mm-hmm. Thank you for having my back. So, um, where do we start? Well, why don’t you confab with public relations. Once you’ve settled on way to spin this, we’ll move forward. Sounds like a plan. Thank you again. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your.

Hmm. You will always have my support dj. As long as it involves me being sole CEO e of this company.

A few more doses of this, you’ll be out on your pomp. Disloyal a

Mr. Damara.

So Gabby accepted your invitation. Why? I mean, what changed your mind? In short, Stephan’s brain isn’t functioning properly. , I see. And yet you seem totally psyched. Well, we had a wonderful time. We talked, we laughed. It was almost like old times. You mean before you got busted For ordering walls to manipulate Stephan’s minds so that he’d be repulsed by her.

Which by the way, she’s not anymore. I know Stefan loves her again, but. He also loves Chloe Lane, and while Gabby came here because she was offended by Stephan, she stayed because she was pleasantly surprised with me. I think she enjoyed being in the company of a man who only has eyes for her. I guess that’s possible, but leave.

You do know that this is only temporary. I mean, as soon as Rolf finishes fixing stuff and Kathy’s going to forget all about you, I’m just worried you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak.

She’s worth the risk Anyway, enough about me. How is your day with Johnny? Did you get to watch the movie or did you spend the whole night consoling Paul, old Stephan Detective. What can I do for you? I’m here About your recent assault. Assault when you were knocked out, dragged down to your basement and forced to undergo a medical procedure.

Yes. That, yeah. We’re building a case right now and I would like to know if you would like to testify against Gabby. Afraid I can’t do that. I’m in love with her. I thought you might say that, but Gabby did have an. Dr. Rolf? Yes. I must admit I do have mixed feelings about old Willhelm after Ali is the one who brought me back from the dead, but ever since I’ve been alive, and well, he seems to be a bit confused as to where his loyalties lie.

So are you willing to testify against him?

It would go a long way with putting him back in prison where? I’ll take it under advisement. Appreciate that, but don’t take too long.

Well, I am sorry that your evening was Ste, didn’t end up the way you’d hoped. Well you should be because it was all your fault. What do I do? Well, yes. You kept talking about how I should remain positive. A week ago. Stefan hated me. Now he loves me, and I, I should put all my insecurities aside and have faith in our deep connection will see us through.

Because of your brilliant advice. I ran straight toward the football. Mm-hmm. and ended up flat on your back. Yes, exactly. And he’d have this beautiful setup. It was dinner and candles and wine, and it started out perfectly, even though it was desperately trying to avoid the elephant in the room. Yes. And then things started to heat up.

We started to go upstairs and Stephan called me by the elephants name.

You saw me come outta your dad’s room. Yeah, I’m sorry. That’s none of my business. No, uh, it. I, it’s fine, Johnny. I mean, we, we live under the same roof, and it was only a matter of time before you found out, so, so, uh, you and my dad

I mean, he and I were, we, we were married before I, well, of course, you know that I mm-hmm. , you know, and, and you know, now that I’ve moved in here, we’ve gotten closer and.

And that is all I’m gonna say, . That’s okay. That’s okay. I think I’ve got it figured out. Yeah. Okay.

I am representing Dr. Wolf to the best of my abilities, but there’s just nothing I can really do for him at this time. He’s being held without bail. Right. Which is why I need him to sign the statement implicating shin, because once he does, he’ll be free. Why are you suddenly so concerned with Dr.

You remember when Anna was telling us about Stephan’s Deprogramming? Yeah. When Gabby forced him into it at the der mansion. Right. And then Chloe came, found out that, that, that Stephan is in love with both Gabby and her. Uh, she freaked out. Eric. She, she ran off and she’s kept running. Wait, wait. What do you mean?

I’m telling you, Chloe left town. , which is why I didn’t see her at any of the services today. Is she okay? I do. I mean, Nicole Saar talked to her, said that she was okay, but I don’t know. I don’t, she won’t see me. She’s completely overwhelmed. Hang on. So she left town because Stefan’s feelings and mine. Look, she’s on an emotional rollercoaster.

She has been for months, man. I just want to get her. He already started to undo it. That’s why I need him to, to, to sign this statement. Okay? So then he can finish the job. Then Chloe will have the security and the clarity to be able to come back to me and everything will be fine. Sloane, this is why I just need him to sign this statement.

I need you to convince your client to, to flip on shin, I’m sorry, Brady, but it’s an out.

So how was the rest of your night with Wendy? Oh, it was, uh, it was pretty good. Yeah. Um, since stuff stayed with Gabby, blew up, he let us have their dinner oysters, Chateau Brian and Tara Masu for desserts. So yeah, I think she had a pretty nice. You are not sure. I don’t know. Just, just things with us in the beginning were, were so easy, you know?

And now it’s gotten complicated, I would say. Yeah, in a, in a nutshell, I’m just trying to convince her that I’m not still hung up on my ex-wife

Johnny and I talked to Stephanie for a little while, but, uh, then he excused him. and you date, how’d it go? Yeah, we did watch the movie Evil Dead Too. Interesting Choice. It was fun. and uh, since Stephan’s stayed with Gabby, got ruined, he let us have their dinner. They’re very delicious dinner. Look at that.

Everybody wins.

Yeah, I should go. What’s your hurry? Got another date with Johnny? No, I have a job. I took a late lunch and I have to get back to the office. Hmm. I saw. That Dara’s stalk took a nose dive this afternoon. Looks like things have really gone downhill over there since I was fired.

What do you mean it’s a no? Your client’s sitting in a jail cell, he signs a statement. He’ll go free. not necessarily. And signing that statement is not what’s in Ralph’s best interest. Why the hell not Trask made him a deal. All right, Brad, just just take no, no note. Did she, did she hear what I was saying about Chloe?

I mean, I heard everything you just said. Unfortunately, I can’t base my defense strategy on your love life. What about the fact that your client would walk? Are you a lawyer? I’m not a. I gonna tell you what, if I was in the day, I offered my blatantly guilty client his freedom in exchange for his t. He’d be signing the document.

What you’re failing to consider is that the DA is Melinda Trask. She is kg and cunning and just loves to pull the good old bait and switch. I’m not about to fall for one of her dirty tricks. From what I’ve seen, she hasn’t been KG at all. She just made it very clear that she intends to get the big fish, and in this case it happens to be Lee Shin.

He’s the one that got Ralph to brainwash Stephan, and that’s the guy that she wants. Maybe, but that doesn’t mean waffle skate. There are other angles to consider. Is there mine?

Nope. That’s me. Oops. Sorry to cut this short boys, but I’ve gotta go see a client. You walked out on Stephan because he called you Chloe, then you went to see Lee. Well, I didn’t have any other plans. Gabby, the man asked you to marry him after he brainwashed your husband. Well, technically Lee is my husband.

Yes, exactly. And when I reminded you of that last night, you said not to bring it up that you didn’t want here, and then you went to see him. I was, I was humiliated. Okay, Ray, I, I, I was gonna be with seven for the first time since he freaking died. And then he says, I love you. I just, I wanted somebody to make me feel better.

Okay. Right. I understand that somebody would’ve been fine, family, a friend, but not to go see that creepy. I mean, come on. After what he did to you, you said you wanted nothing to do with him. I can’t look, I know, I’m not saying that he didn’t hurt me. Yes, he hurt me, but. He would never call me by another woman’s name.

Never expect me to just accept this insulting, infuriating, profoundly hurtful idea that he loves me, but he also loves another woman. Lee wants me and nobody else. Yes, I know that. And look at the lengths that he has gone to make you feel that way. Okay, Gary, I understand that you’re going through a rough patch right now.

Okay? I get it. But in no way, you cannot go back to Lee Shin. You can’t, you can’t do that. All right, let’s, let’s not make this more than it was. I just didn’t wanna spend Valentine’s Day alone like you. I wasn’t alone. That was with Jada.

Now that Detective Hunter is outta my hair. Let’s try this again.

Public relations is spinning away. Ah, great. Here, why don’t you refuel and we will start strateg. I don’t think I’m up for this right now. Ej, you can’t let one small misstep undermine your confidence. No one knows how to devise a better winning plan than EJ denier, right?

Musts be the new beans. Come on, fuel up. Let’s go. I’m sorry. I, I’m, I’m just gonna go home and hopefully that will clear my head. Fresh start. Of course. Yeah. Hopefully, uh, everything will look better tomorrow. Enjoy the beans spoon.

Damn it. Okay. Why couldn’t you just drink the damn coffee? How am I supposed to get the board to take the necessary steps to throw you out if you won’t? Damn rock.

Wait, you went on a date with Detective Hunter? It wasn’t a date. There was just two people having a burger and a beer. On Valentine’s Day, it’s total coincidence. Details. I’m gonna need details and don’t leave anything out. Yeah, I’ll bet. Let me just say there wasn’t much to tell. Okay. I went by the pub to pick up takeout and Jada was dead, so I asked if I could join her.

She said yes, so I did wait a coughing brother. Okay. Did you stop? Okay. I just figured it’d be better than sitting in front of my TV and eating by. And how’d it go? They went fine. We ate, we. Okay. You talked about what your hopes, your dreams. You love dogs, long walks on the beach. Yeah. This is exactly why I shouldn’t have said anything.

No, no. I’m ha look, I’m happy for you. Jada is way better for you than that skank Nicole. Okay. Let me be clear. Mm-hmm. Jada is my friend and my colleague and that’s it. Are you sure about that?

Well, you had a lovely Valentine’s evening with Wendy. Um, I’m sure that’s enough to convince her that you’re over Chanel. Yeah. Yeah, I hope so. What is that? Uh, I have a, uh, I’ve got an alert set up for whenever Damara News pops up. It looks like the, uh, Looks like the PR team is doing some damage control.

Um, they made a statement saying that the acquisition is one of many being considered, so that’s, that’s good. Okay. Well, I’m glad they’re on top of it. So what happened? It doesn’t make any sense. You said My, my dad wasn’t feeling well last night, but this morning he. Fine. I just don’t understand how he can make a mistake like that.

Neither do I. Hey dad. Uh, how are you feeling? Oh, I’m, I’m fine. Uh, good news troubles fast, icy. Look by tomorrow it will be a non-story. You know what, Nicole’s right. This whole thing is just gonna blow over quickly. He’s hoping Can I, can I get you anything, anything. Tea, water. No, I’m okay son. I’m, I think I’m just gonna go upstairs, change my clothes and try and forget this day that happened.

Listen, I’m sorry about before. I don’t know why Sloan doesn’t want Ralph to sign that statement. Me neither. Cause her explanation makes no sense. Eric makes me wonder if it’s even true. What’s that supposed to mean? You really think it’s in Ralph’s best interest to stay in jail? , Ms. So said. It is. I mean, she’s his lawyer.

I mean she, it’s her job to do what’s best for him. Yeah. Yeah. But why would she even take the case? She’s all about the Benjamins. He’s broke. I mean, she’s doing a pro bono, oh, come on. Come on. Sloane Peterson. She doesn’t get out of bed for less than 500 blocks.

Why would she take the case? Why would she represent a guy for free who’s obviously gonna need several lifetimes of, of, of legal advice and counsel doesn’t make any sense. She must have some reason for representing Ralph. Mm-hmm. , I think that reason just texted her. You think that text was from a client?

Yeah, the client that Sloan is actually working for

you rang.

Of course, there is nothing going on between me and Jada. There can’t. I’m her boss. Come on. You’re both single consenting adults. I mean, you work well together and apparently you play well together too. This conversation is so over brave. Come on, you’re, you’re not gonna tell me You wouldn’t want there to be something between the two of you.

Oh, hey Gabby. Brave is, it’s that time. Oh, no, no, no. It’s that perfect time. Yes, it is. It sure is. I was, I was just telling Gabby that there is nothing I can do as far as Ralph goes right now, so she was just, Yes, I was. And I am more than happy then to leave the two of you alone.

Hey, may I come in?

I, uh, I just wanted to see how you were doing.

I keep going over everything in my head asking the same question you asked downstairs. How could I have made such an enormous error letting slip such a crucial piece of information? It’s just, it’s just not me. When you had a bad day. I think it’s more than that. Lately I’ve been very distract. The same thing happened in a meeting for the Italian deal as well.

We did just recently lose your mother. Maybe it has something to do with that. Maybe, or maybe it has to do with Stephan, my nice to see you again. Could I offer you a drink? Oh no. Not while I’m on the clock. Oh, come on, Sloane. Live a little. You seem to be in a good mood. Does this have anything to do with the reason why I’m here?

I suppose so. It’s imperative that you continue to slow down my divorce. You know, I told you I would drag it out in court and I’ll continue to make sure that gears are grinding slowly. You need to grind those gears to a halt. I’m pleased to report that. , Gabby and I took some very positive steps last night.

Really? Hmm. Jen, I will zoom. Oh, not that positive. But with any luck, don’t worry. I told you. I promise you. I’m doing everything I can to make sure you and Gabby remain husband and wife. Hmm. And to that end, you’re making sure that Rolf continues. Enjoy his current accommodations. Nothing’s changed since last night.

He still hasn’t signed a statement, and I’ll continue to advise him that he shouldn’t please do in the strongest possible terms. Okay, then if that’s all

actually, there’s. Something else I need you to do for me.

So you think that Sloan is working, or at least Shannon, it’s just a theory. And think about it. Who has the most to gain from Ralph? Not signing that statement. So if she’s just pretending to be representing him and, but in reality she’s just trying to keep him in.

To benefit another client. Isn’t that a huge ethical violation? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I, I know she’s your bed buddy and everything, but does she really strike you as a particularly ethical person? Okay. Maybe not, but this is all speculation. We have no evidence that she’s working for him. That’s true.

Brittany, what are you doing? Oh, I’m looking for evidence.

Brady, you need to stop your invading someone’s privacy. Oh, come on. She left her bag wide open here. Doesn’t mean it’s an invitation. Come on, man. There could be sensitive documents in there. Yeah, let’s hope So.

Documents that are meant to be confidential, maybe like this one.

This is the statement that Rolf was about to sign. Oh my God, come on. Look at this. This is, this would put leash in away for life. It’s obvious that Sloan is working for Lee and keeping Ralf from signing that, you know, help me or not help me do what? Divide and conquer I went to see. Spoke to him about the case against Rolf?

No. Did he agree to testify? He said he’d take it under advisement. Why not? Guess that’s something. I’ll stay on it. Anything we have on Rolf could push him to flip on Shin, who I intend to put away. Whether my sister likes it or not, I thought Gabby would be thrilled to see him pay for what he did to her.

Yes. So did I. But uh, apparently she’s backslid when it comes to Lee. Gabby’s not considering going back to him, is she? I don’t know. Honestly, I’m little bit worried about her. You got my message why I’m here. Um, what was so important that I had to come. You left your scarf last night. Oh, I was wondering where that was.

What’s this? It’s, um, belated Valentine’s gift. Go ahead, open it.

This is about my shares in Demer Enterprises. I am signing them over to you.

Why would you be distracted by Stephan? I knew he’d been brainwashed that his entire life had been turned upside down and I said nothing. And when he found out, when I told him that I’d been keeping this huge secret from him for months, he forgave me. Isn’t that a good. Of course, but Nicole, I betrayed my very own brother,

Even today when I screwed up royally, when I disappointed him and embarrassed the entire company, he showed me nothing but compassion.

So I think that the reason why I have been a little off lately is because I can’t help but feel incredibly guilty.

Oh, Mr. Damara, I’m sorry. I was told you’d be in a meeting. Just canceled it. Okay. Well, , I need to install some new antivirus software on your computer. Should I come back? Oh, actually I was just headed out here. Do whatever you need to do. Don’t stay too late. You know what they say about all work with no play?

You’re in a better mood than you were last night. Yeah, well, I just got a text from Chloe. She wants to see me and that’s where I’m headed. What about Gabby? What about her? I mean, I love her. I love Chloe too. But Chloe is the one who reached out. I don’t know why I’m telling you this. Uh, gotta run. Don’t wanna keep her waiting.

As someone who’s felt a lot of guilt for hurting a lot of people, I, I understand what you’re saying about. . And even when someone forgives you, it’s hard to forgive yourself. But you can ej and I’m sure Stephan would want you to,

hopefully the stockholders can forgive me. Of course they will. I mean, everyone makes a mistake and you know the one thing that you are good at is raising the price of Demer stock.

After last night, there’s two things that you’re good at. . You were just trying to make me feel bad. No, not

last night was wonderful. You are truly wonderful.

I’m glad. So why, and I would be glad if it happened again.

Since we can’t count on Stephan’s testimony, I’ll start pulling everything we have on Wolf and Shin. Start building an ironclad case for trash sounds. Let me know if you need any help. Okay? Hunter, if you want, I can. I could order some food and we can work on it together. I’m sorry, there’s nobody at the front desk.

Jada. Hey, how can we help you here? I’m here to see Dr. Rolf.

Eric, you here?

Ooh, at least he left me some pizza. Oh,

Chloe. Chloe’s not coming.

Why would you give me your dira shares to show you how much I love you? That’s a lot of lovely. They’re worth a fortune. Not to mention they’ll allow you to vote on any prospective motions. Of course, it, it’s just one. But we both know how powerful that can be. See, I don’t, I don’t know what to say. I mean, this is, this is amazing.

So wait, what? What’s the catch?

Excuse me, Madam. C e o are you? , I’m just updating your uncle’s computer. Think you’d mind if you took a little break. I brought you hot chocolate. Ah, Johnny, that is so sweet of you. Oh, what’s wrong? Uh, I just stepped on something.

What the heck is this?

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