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Morgan. Have a wonderful day. Spencer, don’t stop. Curtis? It’s your wedding night. Why aren’t you — I will explain some other time, n’neka. Why don’t you head home? I’ll close up.

[ Exhales deeply ] Hey! It’s n’neka down at the savoy. Um, I don’t exactly know what’s happening, but you really need to get down here…like now. Jordan’s on her way over to wyndemere. What’s going on in wyndemere? Off the record? Fine. A hostage situation. Does this have anything to do with the three that escaped spring ridge? Why do you ask? Well, it’s why I wanted to talk to the commissioner. All the victims were linked to trina robinson. Yeah, we know that already. And esme prince. That list was compiled to avenge esme prince. We suspected something like that, but we didn’t have any concrete proof. Kevin: Do you? Do you know why the hook would avenge esme? I don’t know why. But I know who. You know? Are you sure about that? Who is it? It’s heather webber. Felicia, I think the best idea is for us to leave the island, and we will send help back for austin. You know, actually… now that I think about it, ava… you might want to hang back. And why would I want to do that? To finally end this unholy obsession between you and ryan once and for all. That obsession is one-sided. Thank you very much. And I will let the authorities deal with ryan — again. Let’s go, felicia. But aren’t you even the least bit curious to hear everything that ryan did to try to get you back? Not particularly, no. And how he’s responsible, really, for destroying your life in the process? Because when you do, I assure you… you’re gonna want to take care of ryan yourself. Ava, let’s go. I’m listening. How exactly did a man locked up in prison destroy my life? Isn’t it obvious yet? Ryan had help. Ryan: Esme?! Esme. Are you hurt? Get away from me! It’s okay. Daddy’s here.

[ Sobbing ] Ew. I know. It’s cold. Which means you can’t be on the ground. It can’t be good for you or the baby. And you are? Well, right now I’m the best chance for the both of you, so please — let me help. My water broke. The baby’s coming. Okay, we — we have to get you back to the house, but I’m afraid with only one hand I can’t carry you. You’ll have to lean on me. Get away from me!

[ Sobbing ] The baby’s coming.

[ Sobbing ]

Curtis: If you don’t like my rules…they’re only temporary. But I do need you to respect them just as I respect your boundaries. And while I hope this doesn’t compromise the friendship that we decided to try out, I’ll understand if it does. Two steps forward, one step back is still progress. Fork? Fork. Yes. Marshall: Put that glass down, son.

[ Glass thuds ] Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted this? I wanted it, too. Even when… hm. …Everyone told me to stay away. When everything exploded and you told me that we couldn’t even be friends anymore, I tried to stay away. I really did. Ahh. Uh, no. Um, I’m sorry. You mean too much to me. I won’T… why not? Heather webber is the hook killer? How can that be? She was locked up. Laura, she was locked up shortly and she just broke out. What makes you think she hasn’t broken out on a regular basis? Actually, you’re right. She has broken out of other facilities before. And there’s more. You know that letter that the hook killer presumably wrote? -Yes. -I remember a reference about avenging someone the killer cares about. It was written on an old-school typewriter with a very specific keystroke. So I called d’archam. And guess who had access to that exact same machine. That explains why they all broke out together. It was a family affair. You two clearly know something that I don’t know. So what — what am I missing here? We broke out of prison. It’s probably that stress that sent you into labor. But the good news is the contractions are just beginning. That means there’s plenty of time before the baby comes. Why should I… believe you? Because I’m a doctor. And I’m also your dad. Which is why I couldn’t let you stay in jail. We’re a team, you and me. And a damn good one.

[ Chuckles ] Just ask nikolas.

[ Groans ] Okay. Alright. Alright. No need to panic. Everything is proceeding normally. Nothing about this is normal! I have to get out of here. I have to — I have to find someplace that will take care of me and my baby! Esme, esme. Believe me. Right now I am the only person that can help you and that precious cargo that you’re carrying. But you have to trust me. Believe me, angel… daddy knows best. Ava, we can’t just stand around and wait while heather plays mind games with you. Okay, so, felicia, maybe you don’t want to throw shade at the woman who’s got a gun on you. Oh, austin. You alright? I’m glad you’re awake, doc. You know, hey, I’m sorry about the hook, but you shouldn’t have used your phone. Just tell me, what the hell did you mean when you said that ryan had help?! Well, he and I were in spring ridge together, and I got to kind of know him there, and he confided in me. You mean you knew he was faking and you didn’t say anything? If only you knew how badly he played you, ava. How he insinuated himself into your family… your marriage. It was brilliant — I mean, I have to admit that — but sick. But really — what did ryan do?! And who did he do it with?!

Let me guess. You just happenedto be in the neighborhood. Don’t blame n’neka. She’s just looking out for her boss, especially when that boss is supposed to be on his honeymoon. You might as well sit down and have a drink with me. I’m not having a drink, son. No, no. But I would like you to put the cap back on that bottle… so we can deal with whatever happened at the wedding reception. I’m sorry you came all this way down here, but the very last thing I want to do is talk about it. You know, I told your friend drew — I told him I was done being a no-show for when my family needs me. So tough luck, son. I’m your dad. And I’m not leaving till we talk this out. So ryan is esme’s father. That’s according to dante and sam, who spoke to esme’s old nanny. So if ryan is esme’s father… her mother could see herself as an avenging angel, believing that she’s protecting her daughter, even if she has to kill for her. Heather webber is esme’s mother?

And ryan is her father? Well, what a coincidence that they all escaped spring ridge together. And now they’re all over there on the island together. Alright. We’re gonna have to get you back to the house where it’s warm and dry and you can give birth to my grandchild safely. No. I am not going anywhere with you. Oh, now, that’s just the pain talking. You know, I wish you could remember how close we were before you lost your memory. You practically used to worship the ground I walked on. According to you, but why should I believe you? You went to great lengths to get an internship at spring ridge. We used to spend hours planning and dreaming for when I’d be free and all of us would be together. All of us? Yes. You, me, and ava. Oh, my god. Not only are you crazy, you’re delusional. I saw for myself — ava despises you. Oh, esme. When are you gonna learn? Hate is just… the other side of love. It isn’t my story to tell. Austin: Thank you. Ryan started it. But you finally have a chance to end it. Shoot her! Won’t solve your problem, shooting me. But ryan? That’s a totally different story. Ava, no one understands being tormented by ryan better than I do, but don’t make a bad situation worse. Forget ryan, forget heather, and let’s just get the hell out of here and call 911 for austin. Heather may be psychotic, but she’s right about one thing. Ryan chamberlain started this. And I’m gonna finish it.

[ Door opens ]

Know? Hm, not much. But I’m guessing whatever kept stella from the wedding wasn’t something contagious. That is correct. Portia has been lying to trina, she’s been lying to taggert, and she’s been lying to me. She’s known ever since trina was born. And when I asked her point-blank, she lied right to my face. And she’s been lying ever since we said, “I do.” The lie being? Trina might be my daughter. Whew.

[ Smacks lips, inhales sharply ] Are you sure that this is what you want? Yes. Don’t you?

[Chuckling] Yeah. Yeah, of course I do. But just not like this. Well, if it’S… if it’s because I-it’d be my first time… no, you just mean too much to me to make this anything o-other than perfect. Just not in an empty art gallery. And more than that, I know that you’re hurting right now and maybe you think that if we sleep together then the pain will subside — and maybe it would at least momentarily — but it would come back. And then I would just be the guy who took advantage of you. And for once, I really need you to see me. I really need you to see the good in me and not the bad.

[ Chuckles ] And that’s funny to you? That’s great. I just — I’m not sure if I like you when you’re trying to be noble. I’m not sure I do, either, but that’s the path that I’m choosing. So come on. Let me take you home. Oh, no. No. I can’T. I can’t go back there. I won’T. Okay, that’s fine. I — I don’t have to take you home. But then where should I take you? Do you think that esme was faking her memory loss this whole time? I don’t believe so. She may have no idea heather and ryan are her parents. We first got to know her when she and spencer moved in with us. I didn’t like her sense of entitlement, and she had the elitism of a young woman who had studied at boarding school in france. But I think underneath that there was a very wounded little girl. Yes, and it would be just like my brother to use her for his own purposes. Now that esme’s lost her memory, there’s no telling what ryan might have told her. She could be an innocent accessory in all this. She is nine months pregnant, after all. It’s hardly an ideal time to go on the run. Unwilling, I can buy. Esme prince innocent? That’s hard to swallow. Oh, it’s good to see you again, chief. Is your head okay? Arrest her. -Thank god you’re okay! -Ohh! I was gonna say the same thing to you. Ohh. When ryan picked up your phone, my heart dropped through my body! Where’s chamberlain now? H-he’s somewhere on the island. Esme prince ran away. He went after esme. And ava went after him. Ava’s pursuing ryan? She’s asking to be taken hostage. No. Ava is armed. Heather gave her a gun. What the hell?! Officer: Chief. Alright. Take photos and bag it. Detective bennet: Heather webber, you’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you free of charge. You know, it’s okay, officer. I’ve heard this all a few times before. But I gotta say you deliver the miranda with great panache. Do you understand the rights as I’ve explained them? Well, y-yeah. Didn’t I just say that? Yes or no? Yes, I-I understand, sir. Thank you for your cooperation. We wouldn’t want anything you say to be thrown out on a technicality, now, would we? No. Austin, what happened to you? I got stabbed. Well, with a hook, so I guess “hooked” would be more accurate. Who did this? Nice lady in the handcuffs over there. This is chief scorpio. We’re gonna need paramedics out at spoon island. There’s been another hook attack. The victim appears stable but will need immediate transport. Heather: Oh, chief, if it makes any difference, it’s not really a rush, because the hook I used on the good doctor didn’t have any venom in it. Bennet, organize a search of the island. Advise all personnel that chamberlain should be considered extremely dangerous… and esme prince, while technically a fugitive, is nine months pregnant. There’s also a civilian in the mix. Ms. Jerome is armed. She’s obviously been traumatized. And we don’t want her firing at one of our own. Let’s go. Yeah. Stay with the prisoner. What happened? After heather stabbed austin, esme freaked out and ran off, and ryan ran after her. Mac. Jordan. What does ryan want with esme? Heather: Oh. Didn’t I mention? He’s her daddy. Esme, be practical. It’s night. It’s february. You can’t give birth out here. Somebody just please help me! I’m only help that you need! I’m right here, esme! Get away from her. Ava! Now! Or I will blow your head off.

Aunt stella found out. That’s why she stayed away from the wedding. Because she knew. She knew, pop. Jordan knew. In fact… the only people who didn’t know this little secret were the people who were most affected by it. Trina, taggert… and you. Yeah. And me. And if trina wouldn’t have went and found stella… I never would have known. That young lady knew something was off. Aunt stella, she was just being aunt stella. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I am not going to believe for a second that your aunt stella would willingly break your heart or betray a confidence. Nope, but she did hint that there was a problem, but it was not her story to tell… and that trina should hear that story from her mama. And that’s why trina and portia disappeared from the wedding reception? Damn! How do you keep a secret that damn important for 20 years?! So, son, I did it. I did it for 40 years. You — you put the secret in a box, you shove it to the back of the closet, and you forget about it. Or — or at least you try to. That’s what you did with us? Out of sight, out of mind? No! No, of course not. I-it’s always there, son. Always. Then sooner or later, that closet door opens and… …it all spills out. What about… where are you staying? No. No. [ Chuckles ] Don’t tempt me. What about your dorm room? Mnh-mnh, no. That’s — that’s the first place my mom would come looking for me. Besides, joss is going through her own stuff with willow’s illness and the new baby niece. Okay, what if I call the metro court and I get you a hotel room for the night? No, my mom and curtis could still be in their room. Okay, well, we’re kind of running out of options. I just need a place where I can slam a bunch of doors and yell from the top of my lungs without neighbors calling the cops… and then be alone with my thoughts. Of course. Yeah. I, uh — I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before. Here. Hold on. Um, take this. This is for you. This is for you. Follow me. I know a place where you will be safe. You’ll have tons of privacy. Thank you.

[ Siren wails ] What did the officer have to say? Uh, jordan and mac have secured the house, and they have heather in custody. Thank god. Anyone hurt? There was one final hook stabbing. Austin gatlin-holt. How bad? According to mac, there was no poison on the hook, so the injuries are not life-threatening. Okay. And what about ryan? Still a fugitive. What about esme? Look, I promise I’ll get back to you with an update, but right now I have got to get over to spoon island. You mean we are. Hey. It’s me. We have breaking news, and there’s a lot of it, so turn on the recorder.

[ Clears throat ] The hook killer has been apprehended. The killer, after months and months of terrorizing port charles, is in police custody. Alexis: And that’s just

the beginning of the story. I know it sounds incredible, but so is everything else about this case. Ryan chamberlain is esme prince’s biological father? Heather, how did you know? What can I say? I just must have one of those faces. People trust me with their deepest secrets. Hold on a second. You guys have room for one more person? Can you take my wife to the mainland? No, mac, if you’re staying, I’m gonna stay with you. I need to know that you’re safe, okay? Ryan is still on the loose. You’ve been his obsession for so many years. What if he comes after you? That’ll save me from hunting him down. Tonight chamberlain goes to pentonville — or maybe hell, for that matter. Felicia, you think maybe you could come with me? ‘Cause I could really use the company. Yeah. Alright. I don’t want to make you worry more than you have to. I’ll go. Okay. Okay. Bye. Jordan. Please find ava. Jordan: Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to find her before ryan does.

[ Scoffs ] It’s ryan who should be worried. Armed and dangerous, I see. But how’d you get the gun away from heather? I have my ways. And the first thing you did was come look for me. Missed me that much. What can I say, ryan? You’re irresistible.

[ Esme groaning ] Esme. Please. Help me. My water broke. You’re in labor? Yes, she’s in labor! We have to get her back to the house where she can have my grandchild safely. Esme is your daughter?! Yes. And this has all worked out even better than I planned! You! It was you all along! Well, of course it was. How do you think she met spencer? Because I got her into that snooty french school where he was walking around with a nice, big target on his back. How do you think she learned to manipulate him? Him and his father. I taught her everything she knows. I created her. And this is my crowning moment. Don’t you see? Esme has brought us all together. One more step… and I’ll kill you.

[ Whimpers ]

[ Esme whimpering ]

No, no, no, no. 40 years ago, you made a decision, okay, however misguided, to protect the people you love. Okay? And you continued to protect us until that same love inspired you to reunite with your family. What portia did was only to protect herself. No, no. Unh-unh. No. No. I’m not gonna let you make me out to be a hero and portia to be a villain. I was scared of what I might become with or without the medication. And I truly believe, son, portia was scared, too. What if the truth cost her trina’s love and respect? What if you refuse to understand? Isn’t the way you walked out on your wedding night proof that portia was right to be afraid? You can’t excuse this, dad. Some things are really unforgivable. Alexis, I know that you’re just trying to get the full story, but austin has to get to general hospital. If you want to meet us there. Do it, but not until the doctors treat him. Okay. I understand. Um, is there anything happening at wyndemere? All I can say is mac and jordan have the situation under control. In other words, ryan chamberlain is still on the loose.

[ Sighs ] Oh, I — I’m sorry, alexis. I’m riding with austin. Thank you. Uh, they’re — they’re with me. What are you doing here? Aunt alexis, I was just getting ready to take trina over to wyndemere so that she could spend the night with ava. What the hell is happening?! Is ava okay? W-what’s with all the police? I assume you’ve heard about the breakout at spring ridge? Yeah, three prisoners escaped, including esme. Wha– are you saying that esme’s on spoon island right now? Sadly, she is. And she’s not alone. Okay. Keep me updated. And remember — ryan chamberlain is considered very dangerous. He is searching for esme prince, who is nine months pregnant. And a civilian, ava jerome, is unaccounted for. She’s armed, so identify yourselves as police and approach with extreme caution. Jordan, anything you need, any resources, I’ll get it for you. And if there’s anything I can do, give insight into how my brother’s mind works, whatever, just ask. Thank you both. This is a very messy situation. I just hope we can end it quickly with as little bloodshed as possible. I think that heather would be keen to help. Jordan: How do you figure? I don’t think she’d want to see any harm come to her daughter… or her grandchild. Daughter? Esme is your daughter, isn’t she, heather? Yours and ryan’s? How could you miss it? She’s got my smile. Ava, once you calm down and get a little perspective, you’ll see that every step I took was worth it. Worth it for who? Worth it how?! Worth it so we could be together, be the family we were always meant to be. You sent your own daughter to seduce spencer, to convince him to stalk and torture me and drive me away from nikolas? A-all the while making him feel like it was his idea? You convinced yourself you were in love with nikolas. It required strong measures. “Strong measures”? So when spencer’s efforts didn’t destroy my marriage… you ordered esme to seduce my husband, didn’t you?! Husbands come and go. You and I are forever. First, you took kiki. You murdered my daughter. And then you took nikolas, and you’ll keep doing it! You will keep taking unless somebody stops you! Ava, I know things are complicated. But we have plenty of time to work that out. Right now esme’s water broke, and we need to get… esme? Esme?! What’s the matter? You lose something? Yes! My daughter! And tell me, how does it feel? How does it feel, ryan, to lose the one thing you truly love?

Put that gun down, ava.We need to find esme.

[ Grunting ] You shot me! Does it hurt, ryan? Are you in pain? I could tell you a little something about real pain. The kind of pain that comes from losing a child. My daughter. My firstborn. Now your daughter’s gone. She ran from you. Esme needs me! I needed kiki. I needed nikolas. And they’re both gone because of you! Alright. Alright, alright. Maybe — maybe killing kiki was a mistake. But I haven’t hurt a hair on nikolas’ stupid thick head. No, I did that! You? Yes! Because of you! Because of you and esme! You destroyed my marriage! You poisoned it! There was nothing else I could do! Then it was all worth it. You killed him! And now we can be together! There’s nothing that stands between us! I know. You’re hurtin’. And you have every right, son. But I hurt you, too. And you found it in your heart to forgive me. And because you did, I rediscovered the family I thought I had lost forever. Now, in the eyes of god and the state of new york, you got a wife. And you also may have a daughter! Don’t shut yourself off from the woman you love just because she committed unpardonable sin of being human. Go on. You go on and let it hurt. But then you got to go on and let it heal. I know you. You’re gonna figure this out. And I’m gonna be right here for you. I love you, son. And I’ll always support you. Thanks, dad. Spencer? Are you okay? I know you’re thinking about esme’s baby. I’ll be a lot better when I know that my little brother or sister isn’t in danger. Now, when you said that esme isn’t alone, you mean that she’s there on spoon island with crazy heather webber and psychopath ryan chamberlain. Right?! As their hostage?! Actually, spencer, she’s on that island with her biological parents. Keep me posted.

[ Radio beeps ] Still nothing? I can assure you, laura, we’re doing everything we can. We’ve got the island surrounded. Ryan won’t get away. If esme is ryan’s daughter, then he sees her as a possession, someone that belongs to him. It’s like an extension of himself. And we know that he’s obsessed with ava. He’ll do anything to hold her. Look, I-I can’t just wait here helplessly while ryan does his worst. We have got to do something. Esme! -[ Esme sobbing ] -Esme. Oh, my gosh. With nikolas out of the way, we’re bound together forever. Your life is in my hands. And mine is in yours. You’re crazy. I know the wounds have to heal, physical and emotional. But I promise you, we’ll find esme and we’ll take her and the baby and we’ll vanish to someplace where no one can ever find us! And I promise you, ava, my darling… you’ll thank me. You’re right about one thing. Your life is in my hands. Till death do us part. Till death do us part.

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