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Adam: You sure you got everything?

Connor: Lunch, math, notebooks, water bottle.

Chelsea: Mm. Book report?

Connor: Of course, I have that.

Chelsea: [Gasps] Aha! Luckily, you’ve got the best mom.

Adam: And father.

Connor: The best mother and father in the world.

Chelsea: [Laughs] You left that masterpiece in the printer. I get extra points, huh?

Adam: What? You mean the printer that your fantastic father fixed?

Chelsea: Well, I feel like we overlooked a very simple explanation for that. Like, was the printer unplugged? Was it missing paper in the tray?

Adam: What I did to the printer is highly technical, okay? I could tell you, but I don’t think you would understand. You know, I became the printer.

Chelsea: Huh. Oh, okay. Before we know it, he’s gonna take credit for reading the book and writing the paper.

Adam: I am just saying it takes all members of the family to make things happen.

Connor: Thanks, dad.

Chelsea: Yeah. Thank you, Mr. Wonderful.

Adam: Hey, she is in a really good mood. What is that about?

Chelsea: Wha– why do I need a reason to be in a good mood?

Connor: She’s been laughing at her own bad jokes ever since she got backfrom her dinner with Billy. I forgot my title page. Be right back.


Chelsea: Why does everyone keep saying Billy and I were on a date? The server at the restaurant made the same mistake. It was just — it was two friends sharing a meal, having a g-rated conversation, which was a big step for me, by the way.

Adam: I know going out in the world has been a challenge for you. I mean, what has that been like?

Chelsea: It made me feel confident, strong.

Adam: Well, that’s good.

Chelsea: Yeah. And you know what? It’s nice to have a friend.

Adam: I 100% support your choice to have friends, Chelsea. Going out with Chloe. Go have coffee with Sharon. Hell, make some new friends. But — but Billy? I don’t advise it.

Chelsea: Why? Men and women aren’t allowed to be friends?

Adam: No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m looking out for you.

Chelsea: Ah.

Adam: The real Billy, you know, the one who can’t, uh, commit to a job or a woman for more than a couple months, the one who’s still trying to figure out what he wants to be, if he — [Scoffs] If he grows up — he’s in hibernation, and you’re being finessed. This “normal guy” act is not gonna last. It never does.

Chelsea: Adam, it’s not as if you’re involved or anything.

Adam: Well, you’re going out all the time. I mean, do you have any idea what that looks like?

Chelsea: [Laughs] Well, I hope it looks like I’m out having fun. And I refuse to feel ashamed about that

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