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Leo and Gwen sit in their beds in their room at the Salem Inn. Leo complains about how boring the Spectator is and says he can’t wait until Gwen and Xander take it over. Gwen sits nervously as she worries that Xander said he would be there first thing in the morning to talk strategy. Leo suggests Xander is probably just at the gym since working out his body is a full time job. Leo tells her to have a chocolate and relax. Gwen questions where he got the chocolates. Leo claims they were giving them out at the front desk but Gwen reads a card that came with them and realizes that he stole somebody’s chocolates. Leo assures Gwen that Xander will be there. Gwen asks what if he’s wrong and Xander changed his mind to go back to Sarah.

Sarah wakes up in bed with Rex. Rex says he’s been asking himself if there is a more beautiful sight anywhere in the world than a sleeping Sarah Horton and the answer is no. Rex surprises her with a rose and wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Johnny confronts Xander in the town square and accuses him of murdering his grandmother.

Chanel wakes up at Paulina’s where Paulina is making her famous heart shaped waffles. Paulina wishes Chanel a Happy Valentine’s Day. Chanel recalls Paulina making these every Valentine’s Day in Florida. Paulina figured she would revive them since Chanel is staying here until she and Allie work things out. Chanel informs her that after last night, she may be staying here longer than expected. Paulina asks what happened last night, so Chanel reveals that she almost cheated on Allie.

Allie wakes up in bed alone and complains of a headache. Allie thinks back to being with Alex last night and kissing on the couch. Allie tells herself that maybe it was just a dream but Alex comes out of the bathroom and asks if she has any aspirin. Allie then questions what she has done.

Jack is at home and comments that he’s being blackmailed by his own daughter and friend, questioning what the world has come to. Jennifer then comes home and surprises Jack, joking that she didn’t think she was gone long enough for him to start talking to himself. Jack then excitedly hugs her. Jack questions why she didn’t call him so he could pick her up from the airport. Jennifer wanted to surprise him for Valentine’s Day. Jack can’t wait to celebrate but Jennifer wants to know why he was so upset when she first walked in.

Johnny warns Xander that he’s a DiMera. Xander tells Johnny to get his facts straight because he had nothing to do with what happened to Susan as it was Ava who killed her. Johnny blames Xander for kidnapping Susan along with Bonnie. Johnny hopes it was worth it. Johnny argues that Xander could have turned Ava down but he didn’t because he’s greedy, worthless scum. Johnny remarks that he doesn’t know how a woman like Sarah Horton stays married to him. Xander responds that she can’t and reveals that Sarah is divorcing him, then asks if Johnny is happy now.

Sarah worries that Rex is upset. Rex senses some regret from her. Sarah assures that last night was great and reminded her of what it felt like when they first fell in love, but she’s just coming out of her marriage so she’s not ready to do anything with anyone, anytime soon as far as jumping in to things. Sarah asks if he can understand that. Rex responds that he can sure understand that she used him to get over Xander.

Allie starts freaking out and can’t believe what she and Alex did. Alex gets dressed and tells her that they did it more than once. Alex asks if it was that bad. Allie admits he was amazing so Alex jokingly asks if she wants to do it again but she says no. Allie calls what happened last night monumentally bad. Alex asks why she’s freaking out now when she was all about it last night even though they were both hammered. Alex asks if he misread things. Allie assures that she did want to sleep with him, but she can’t believe that she did this and completely betrayed her girlfriend.

Paulina asks Chanel how many times she has to tell her that she and alcohol don’t mix. Chanel assures that she and Johnny were not drunk. Paulina points out that someone polished off her wine. Chanel reveals that they poured it but did not drink it. Chanel explains that she ran in to Johnny, who invited her to a movie, but she offered to buy him a drink instead and they walked in to the bar to find Allie and Alex Kiriakis.

Allie goes over that first she cheated on Tripp with Chanel and now she’s cheated on Chanel with Alex which makes her a serial cheater. Alex tells her it’s not a big deal. Allie argues that she can’t have meaningless sex like him because she’s in a committed relationship or at least was until last night. Alex says he likes hooking up but saying it’s meaningless is not fair. Alex says the whole mess with Stephanie taught him things and says he’s not casual anymore as he now understands there can be real feelings involved, even love. Allie apologizes and says she’s just furious with herself but is taking out on him. Alex says it’s okay. Allie wishes she could go back in time and change the way she behaved last night, questioning why she got so upset about seeing Chanel with Johnny. Alex points out that Chanel was upset too. Allie points out that Chanel wanted to take her home and work things out, but she was such an unreasonable bitch that Chanel left with Johnny. Alex then tells Allie to look on the bright side; maybe they cheated too which shocks her.

Sarah tells Rex that she didn’t mean to make him feel used but Rex laughs it off and assures that it’s okay as he knew last night was all about rebound sex for her. Rex says he would have to be a complete idiot to think she suddenly fell back in love with him after all this time, but if being with him helps her forget about Xander then he’s happy to be of service.

Leo tells Gwen that there is no way that Xander is with Sarah since she wants nothing to do with him and he is totally in to Gwen now. Leo believes Xander and Gwen will be engaged again in a month. Gwen says that she and Xander slept together once and he made it very clear the next morning that he wasn’t ready to jump in to anything with her. Gwen worries that she scared Xander off by telling him that she loved him before they slept together which Leo calls her first and second mistake.

Xander tells Johnny the sad tale of his marriage coming to an end. Johnny thinks it’s fantastic that Sarah finally got the sense to dump him. Xander is glad his misery could bring him such joy. Johnny remarks that it will bring Sarah joy too when she moves on with someone else and calls Xander a heartless animal. Xander says he has to go but Johnny says they aren’t finished. Johnny reminds him that this conversation started with his role in his grandmother’s death, so it won’t be finished until he’s paid.

Jack reveals to Jennifer that Gwen and Xander are blackmailing him. Jack calls it so awful that it doesn’t seem real but it’s really happening. Jennifer argues that they can’t just hand over the paper as it’s their life’s work. Jack asks what choice they have since they are threatening to go to the police to tell them that Jennifer hit Gwen with her car while she was high on drugs. Jennifer says to let them and then offers to go to the police station herself to make a full confession.

Xander warns Johnny to let him go. Johnny asks if he’s going to kidnap him too. Xander argues that Susan was never supposed to get hurt and that he let her go. Johnny argues that he let her go straight to her death which Xander blames on Ava. Johnny bets that Susan prayed on her way down for herself and for God to have mercy on Xander’s soul because that’s the kind of woman she was. Johnny calls Susan kind, generous, and loving. Johnny shouts that Susan deserved a long life with a peaceful ending but that’s not what she got. Johnny says Xander can deny it or blame Ava all he wants, but he knows damn well the part he played in Susan’s death. Xander says he regrets what he has done. Johnny doesn’t want to hear it but he’s sure that Rafe would be very interested that Xander just confessed. Xander says he’ll just deny it since it’s hearsay. Johnny responds that he recently learned that there are loopholes around those kind of things. Xander tells Johnny that he is truly sorry about Susan. Johnny remarks that people like him don’t feel remorse. Johnny declares that Xander is not sorry, but he will be. Xander then heads in to the Salem Inn.

Paulina questions Chanel almost sleeping with Johnny because she saw Allie doing shots with Alex. Paulina argues that it was more innocent than she thinks. Chanel insists that she knows what she saw and that Allie was in to him. Paulina blames it on the alcohol. Chanel argues that Paulina is just making excuses for Allie. Chanel complains about Allie letting Alex sleep over naked, getting wasted with him, and giving all kinds of signs that she’s in to him but Paulina wants her to think it’s just innocent fun. Paulina says she’s just telling her that she likes Allie and the two of them together, so she doesn’t want Chanel to give up on her until she’s sure that Allie has given her a damn good reason to.

Allie finishes a call with Will and says she’ll be by to pick up Henry later. Alex apologizes for what he said before as he didn’t mean to upset her. Allie asks how he thought she’d feel about the suggestion that her girlfriend slept with her brother. Alex says he knows she was feeling guilty and he just wanted to make her feel better by saying they’d be even. Allie laughs at his logic. Alex admits he’s not a relationship expert, but he does know that Allie and Chanel have something special and he cares about them both, so he’d hate to think he played a part in messing things up for them. Allie says he isn’t a part of the problems they’ve been having and he didn’t betray anyone last night. Allie declares that this is all on her and it’s her mistake to fix. Alex asks what she’s going to do. Allie responds that for starters, she’s going to tell Chanel the truth that she and Alex slept together. Alex argues that the last thing she should do is tell Chanel about them. Allie questions if she should let her find out from somebody else. Alex questions how when nobody knows but them and he would never say anything, so as long as she doesn’t, everything will be fine. Allie disagrees and says she’s been in this situation before when she cheated on Tripp with Chanel and then Johnny told him about it. Allie says in Salem, secrets have a way of coming out. Alex talks about being a player before and finding himself in potentially disastrous situations, so he knows how to keep his mouth shut. Allie questions thinking she should lie to her girlfriend every day and ignore the guilt she feels of sleeping with him behind her back. Allie declares that it’s not right and she won’t do it, so she has to tell her. Allie argues that it’s the only way but Alex disagrees. Alex reminds Allie of how Chanel reacted to finding his underwear when that was innocent and nothing happened but she still freaked out and left. Alex tells her to just imagine how furious Chanel will be if she tells her that they actually did sleep together. Alex worries that Allie might not ever see Chanel again. Alex insists that it’s better for everyone involved if Chanel does not find out about what happened last night.

Paulina tells Chanel to finish telling her about how seeing Allie suck Alex’s lemon almost led her to doing whatever she did. Chanel wants to change the subject but Paulina insists. Chanel tells her that she and Johnny came back here and started reminiscing, so they almost kissed again but Johnny realized it would be a mistake. Paulina comments on Johnny showing some common sense for once. Chanel calls Johnny a decent guy who has been a really good friend to her. Paulina knows she’s been through a lot the last couple months and she will always be here for her, but Allie is her girlfriend and she needs her support. Chanel wishes she had it and she could be there for her too. Paulina tells Chanel that it’s time to stop wishing and she needs to move back in with Allie if she wants to fix things. Paulina instructs Chanel to go handle her business.

Jack tells Jennifer that it’s just a business but Jennifer argues that the paper is a part of who they are and it means nothing to Gwen and Xander. Jennifer doesn’t want to let them take more from them and says it means too much while Jack argues that she means more and she could go to prison. Jennifer argues that maybe it won’t come to that since it was an accident so they could put her on probation or suspend her license. Jack doesn’t want to risk it and says he’ll do anything to protect her including handing over the paper to the daughter he disowned and the son of a bitch that he was foolish to befriend.

Gwen sarcastically thanks Leo for pointing out all the mistakes she made with Xander. Leo says he didn’t mean to be discouraging and that he’s rooting for them. Gwen decides she can’t wait anymore but Leo encourages her to be patient and push her negative thoughts away. Gwen hopes that if she and Xander take over the Spectator, all those long days and nights will bring them closer in every way like it did for Jack and Jennifer. Xander then shows up at the door. Leo greets him as the boss and asks what to call him when he turns in his gossip column. Xander responds that he won’t be calling him anything, because they’re not taking the paper away from Jack.

Rex and Sarah get dressed. Rex asks if she’d be open to having a Valentine’s Day breakfast with him and promises it’s just as friends. Sarah accepts but Rex hopes she doesn’t feel guilty. Sarah insists that she doesn’t and that she and Xander are getting divorced even though she hoped he would change. Rex says people like Xander never do change.

Leo questions Xander saying they’re not taking the paper from Jack which he confirms. Gwen questions his change of heart. Xander explains that he just ran in to Johnny DiMera, who is distraught over the loss of his grandmother and he blames him. Xander notes that Johnny said he’s incapable of feeling remorse. Gwen argues that’s not true which Xander questions, pointing out that he kidnapped an innocent woman for money and now he’s extorting the one true friend he ever had. Leo argues that Jack does not deserve his pity and that he blackmailed the paper away from his mother. Xander tells Leo that he’s sorry but he’ll have to find another way to live out his fantasy as gossip girl. Xander declares that Jack can keep his paper and storms out of the room.

Jennifer and Jack talk about always thinking Abigail would take over the paper one day. Jack declares that as far as he’s concerned, he only ever had one daughter and he lost her, so he’ll be damned if he loses Jennifer too.

Chanel walks through the town square and finds Johnny sitting alone. She asks if he’s okay. Johnny responds that he’s just missing his grandmothers. Chanel says she’s sorry and asks if he needs anything. Johnny says he’s good. Chanel tells him that she’s off to try and hash things out with Allie after Paulina gave her another talking to. Chanel thinks Paulina is right since she really does love Allie and wants to be with her. Chanel thanks Johnny for being the voice of reason last night as she wouldn’t have been able to come back from cheating on Allie and probably would’ve ruined their entire relationship. Johnny wishes her luck. Chanel thanks him and walks away.

Alex asks Allie what she has decided to do about Chanel. Allie decides that she thinks Alex is right which he didn’t expect. Allie says she was adamant about coming clean and she hates lying but she can’t risk the consequences of telling the truth, so she agrees with him that it will be better if what happened last night stays between them.

Xander runs in to Rex and Sarah in the town square. Xander remarks that he thought Rex was working with Doctors Without Borders. Rex informs him that he’s in town to support his family after losing his mother and his aunt. Xander says he’s sorry and guesses Sarah is playing the role of supportive ex-wife by taking him to breakfast. Sarah then responds that breakfast was actually Rex’s idea because they woke up starving after spending the night together.

Leo complains about Xander picking now to grow a conscience and declares that Johnny DiMera has ruined everything. Gwen doesn’t think Xander’s 180 was about Johnny or Susan. Leo asks what she thinks brought it on then. Gwen worries that Xander realized he doesn’t want to be in bed with someone like her. Leo disagrees but Gwen says that what Xander was saying about being incapable of remorse is her influence. Gwen believes that Xander sees her as an evil temptress luring him back to do all the things that he worked so hard to stop doing and the things that make him hate himself the most. Gwen declares that she brings out the worst in Xander, unlike Sarah. Leo argues that Johnny just laid a guilt trip on Xander and he will shake it off. Gwen says all that talk about not wanting to be judged and wanting to be accepted for who he is, is just talk, as what Xander really wants is to be the man that Sarah is proud to be with and that’s why he killed their plan.

Xander tells Sarah that’s not funny and guesses this is her way of getting back at him for sleeping with Gwen but this is beneath her. Sarah and Rex talk about being in bed together and in the shower. Sarah suggests she and Rex go to the Brady Pub for breakfast, so they walk off together. Gwen and Leo then come out of the Salem Inn. Gwen calls out to Xander and asks if everything is alright. Xander responds never better and asks Gwen if she’s ready to go to the Horton House because they have a newspaper to takeover. Gwen thought he changed his mind but Xander says screw that and declares that nice guys finish last as he storms off. Leo encourages Gwen to go, so she follows after him.

Jennifer brings Jack her first ever Spectator byline from the attic. Jack recalls her story about a horse and how he was her editor. Jack comments on what a team they were. Jennifer asks if he’s sure he’s ready to let the paper go.

Johnny walks past the Pub and runs in to Paulina. Paulina warns Johnny to steer clear of her daughter.

Alex tells Allie that he should get going since Valentine’s Day is huge for Titan, so Victor will be blowing up his phone. Allie tells him to have a good day and thanks him for everything. Alex goes to leave but Chanel knocks on the door, calling out that it’s her and she can’t find her keys. Allie worries while Chanel looks through her purse for her keys.

Rex and Sarah have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Rex asks Sarah how it felt to give Xander a taste of his own medicine. Sarah admits it felt really good as they laugh together about it.

Xander and Gwen go to the Horton House. Gwen comments on not knowing Jennifer was in town. Xander guesses Jack filled her in on their proposal. Jennifer accuses them of extorting the paper from them. Gwen asks Jack if he will be handing over the Spectator or if Jennifer will be spending Valentine’s Day in lockup?

Johnny promises Paulina that nothing happened between he and Chanel. Paulina says she knows but that there’s obviously unfinished business between them, so she worries that if they keep having these close encounters then Chanel and Allie are going to be in for a world of hurt. Johnny tells Paulina that she should be more concerned with all the time Allie is spending with Alex because that guy’s the problem, not him.

Chanel continues knocking on the door, saying she knows Allie is in there since she saw her car outside and asks if she’s awake. Allie worries that this can’t be happening while Alex suggests maybe she’ll go away. Chanel then finds her keys and begins to unlock the door while Allie and Alex panic inside.

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