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 Staffing. There you are. Everything. All right? Fine. Why I was expecting to see with the office today was supposed to be your first day Max Co. C e o. Hmm. About that. I’ve actually been having second thoughts. What do you mean? I don’t think I should be in the job. I don’t think you should either.

If you’re here to see your brother, he’s busy right now. I know. I know. You’re more than welcome to wait out here if you’d like till he’s finished. Don’t forget that you need to let me in there now.

Cric acid upsets my stomach. Great. You have nothing.

How much longer will I be subjected to this indignity? I have important work to do. Yeah, you wanna get outta here? I can make that happen when? Soon as you flip on your partners in crime,

you stupid idiot. You had one job at Keep Warhol Roll from coming to Salem. Calm down. Why would I calm down when I’m about to lose everything?

What you doing? What, okay. Looks like you’re having a beer in the middle of the afternoon. Yeah, you care to join me

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

No, I’m not gonna join you, brother. I’m sober. You know that. I can respect that. I thought you were too.

I don’t even, oh, hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on. Blame me for being slightly concerned. I did just take a gun outta here hand, and I was trying to get Kristen to tell us where the OR was. I know. No judgements. I. I get it. It’s a look. It’s a horrific time for all of us right now. We could all use some support. All right.

There’s no shame in that. This is your way of trying to get me to go to a meeting. Brady, please. I’m fine. Nothing says fine, like solo day drinking, honey. I just lost my mom. I mean, can you blame me? Wanting to have a beer, trying to take the hedge?

Absolutely not.

I, I miss my so much, man. I, I, and she wasn’t even my, Hey, hey. She was your mom too.

No, no, no, no. You, she was, you’re absolutely right. She was, she was always just so. Helping us all through the hard stuff, you know? And now I, uh, how are we going, how are we going without a breathing? I know how we go on. We lean on each other and that’s the only way to go.

You are not sure we should be co CEOs, but just yesterday you broke out the champagne to toast to our future. Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Gabby and how badly we treated her.

You feeling? Brother, it sounded as if you were expressing sympathy for Gabriela Hernandez, ej. You and I teamed up to oust her from her job, a job that she was doing very successfully. So yeah, I think it was a mistake. I’m sorry. Are you saying you want to reinstall Gabby as CEO of Damer Enterprises? She’s a strong leader, smart, creative, incredibly driven.

What the hell is wrong with you? The last I heard you hated that woman with every fiber of your being. Yeah. Well, not anymore.

Gabby, your brother asked not to be interrupted. Well forget that I need to speak with Ralph immediately about how you had him perform a medical procedure on Stephan Damara against his will. Stefan doesn’t have any will, not of his own. Anyway, he was brainwashed. Damn it. Jada, please, I need to speak to, he needs to to deprogram Stephan before it’s too late.

This is an emergency.

I am not even sure where to begin with you. It’s just so damn much. Rolf. You know, first off, you hid Steph and Damira from the world for four years and then brought him back to life after which you brainwashed him. Meanwhile, Orpheus somehow managed to get his hands on a toxin. A toxin that killed. Kayla and Marlena.

Where the hell did he get that from? Oh wait. I know a lab. Know anyone who works in a lab, bro, I did everything in my power to save those women. You created the damn pathogen and, but I didn’t infect anyone. As soon as I heard those, remember here, I began going orchid, so I could formulate an antidote. Oh, right.

Yeah. Did you want him to be the hero? You know, hero, Ralph, you’re a coward. And the minute you knew we were closing in on you, you gave Kristen Damir, the York, and right before we busted into your lab, you had no reason to do that. I had nothing to hide. Oh yeah. That’s why you fled overseas, right? Because you’re innocent.

I think it’s a good time for you to start. This is gonna be your last chance to avoid life in prison. Who exactly do you expect me to implicate? All of your accomplices that committed crimes. Obviously there’s Kristin and then there’s uh, there’s the man that broke my sister’s heart, Lee Shin. Why don’t you start with him?

Stop telling me to calm down. Damn it. If we’re all flips, I’ll never get my job back or my wife, not to mention, spend the rest of my life in prison so you can go to hell for screwing this up.

Sounds to me like you could use a lawyer. Sorry. Oh my ears. They perk up whenever I hear anybody in need of an attorney. Hard to have a lawyer. Thank you. But not the best one because that would be me.

Ah, I see. This is personal for you.

Well, we both know that Lee pulled the plug on Stephan. Kristen hadn’t showed up when she did. He’d be dead. He already was dead. Oh, come on Roth. You of all people know better than that. You’re the one who took his twin brother’s heart and put it in Stephan’s chest and then after you stabilize them, you brainwashed ’em.

Cause that’s what Kristen and Lee wanted. I did not know what you’re talking the hell. You don’t. You know damn well what I’m talking about is you admitted everything to Gabby and then you shot her full of something that made her forget. Now, unfortunately, for you, all those memories came flooding back to her at her wedding.

If you know all of this already, what do you need me for? Because Gabby’s word is hearsay. It won’t hold up in court, so I need you to corroborate her. I cannot do that. As I said, I know nothing about any of this. You want to go back to states, Phil Roth. I guarantee you there will not be any pardons this time.

Uh, you offering me a deal, commissioner? Wow. That will be up to the da, but I can guarantee. Get trash on your side. You’re gonna need to give up information. Unleash in and all of his accomplices,

Sloane Peterson, Esquire, we haven’t met, but, uh, your reputation proceeds you, as does yours, Mr. Shin. I’ve read all your stories, keeping up with you in the tabloids arrested at your own wedding for brainwashing your bride’s undead husband only in Salem. The police have no evidence against me whatsoever. I gather from your phone call that could all change very soon.

If Ralph talks, which he has a great incentive to do, the DA will have more than enough to charge you. Hmm. Tell me something that I don’t know. I can tell you you’d be wise to. Why would you wanna represent someone who’s completely screwed? Why else money? You dig deep into those pockets of yours and I will make all of these charges against you.

Go away. I don’t suppose you handled divorces. You just got married. You already wanna call it quits. No, but I have no choice. What kind of attitude is that? It’s a realistic one. I don’t see any way of turning this around. Then I think it’s time that you think outside the box should you know how to do that right?

So I got into this mess in the first place and now I’m gonna get you out of it.

Okay? So you’re saying Dr. Rolf didn’t only did half the job. I need him to get out of there and finish deprogramming seven, or he could get stuck this way forever. Or he can have the procedure in a week or two and it’ll all be just fine. I can’t, I can’t take that risk. Don’t you see? Everything is on the line.

The life, the love, the future. I never thought I could have ch please ste. The love of my life and I need him back all the way back and he needs me to get him there. I was wondering where you disappeared to last night. When I came across Gabby, I thought you were hiding. I never imagined that she had hit me over the head dragged me to the basement so Rolf could deprogram me.

Steph, and I apologize. No need. You were obviously oblivious. Totally. Nicole and I were up here drinking the cocktails you poured to celebrate our.

Hope you enjoy your little drink, you J Cause after a few doses of this, you’re gonna start acting pretty strangely. In fact, your judgments gonna be so impaired that the Derion board will have no choice to remove you. I’m glad someone could enjoy. I think Nicole enjoyed a little bit too much. What do. She can hold her liquor like a champ, but those dreams stayed.

They really hit her hard. I still are hitting me hard and I have no idea why.

So wow. It’s Rachel, Rachel. Mad, confused, angry at Kristen? No, no, no, no. Chloe, yes, she, she blames Chloe for the reason her mom, you know, had to go away. So, uh, I’ve been trying to persuade her otherwise to no avail. And I’m sorry. How about you? Who are all the, uh, women in your life?

Jay and I are doing a great job of avoiding each other, Nicole and I working on it.

Is that what this is all about? What do you mean? Come on, man. I know that you still have feelings for Nicole and you probably always will.

How are you feeling? Do you need an aspirin? Nope, I’ve got some. Thank you. There really was, some have, yeah, and I, I can’t seem to shake it, you know, the headaches, the, the nausea, and I couldn’t even get out of bed till now, which doesn’t make any sense because I only had a mimosa and a glass of champagne.

I’m so sorry. Ma, are you sorry that you’re feeling this way? You know I’m gonna have cook, make you some tea and toast. Yes. All have been eating the last few days. The only thing I can keep down. Thank you, Ste. And then we will finish our conversation. Of course. Oh, uh, I, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Don’t worry about it.

You know, in addition to feeling like death warmed over, um, I still feel so embarrassed about throwing myself at you yesterday. As I told you before, there’s no reason to be. Yeah, I, I, I know we already talked about moving forward, but I understand if you wanna put the brakes.

Not at all. I’m very much looking forward to taking you on the proper dinner that I, uh, promised you. So I . But tonight you are not feeling very well, obviously, and I have a fire that I need to put out with Stephan. Ooh. A fire now. Mm-hmm. , that’s something I’m familiar with particularly. Dumpster variety.

What do you mean? I still have feelings for Nicole. It’s ridiculous. Is it We’re divorced? Yeah. What has it been like 25 years or something. And every time you guys split up, you find a way to get back to one another. Yeah. Well, not this time. Hey, just like I told Dad, you know what? And Cole and I are over.

We’re moving on. Yeah, I’ll bet Roman doesn’t even believe it either. Come on. You know what? Nobody believes me about me and the woman I’m now seeing. Right? I can live with that. Hold on, hold on. Hold the woman you’re now seeing. Mm-hmm. , you talking about that Sloan girl, isn’t that like a friends with benefits kind of situation here?

Mm-hmm. . It is, and it’s exactly what I want right now. Exactly what you want. Yeah. Mm-hmm. , right. Something shallow, something meaningless, without any messy feelings attached. You don’t like the feelings you have for Nicole. You’re not good. Ready? Just admit it. The only reason you’re fooling around with this Sloan is because you’re trying to prove to everybody, mostly yourself, that you’re still not pining away for the love of your life.

I admire your confidence, Ms. Peterson, but this all seems a little too good to be. You swooping outta nowhere, making promises you can’t possibly deliver on Try me. Okay. How are you going to persuade a woman who thinks I’m evil incarnate to stay married to me? Has your wife served you with divorce papers yet?

No. Then how eager can she really be to end your marriage? Sounds like she’s having second thoughts. She certainly pretended to stopped by my room yesterday. It gave me a whole song and dance about how she’s giving up on Stephan and thinks we should give our marriage a second shot. It’s all just a ruse to get her hands on my phone.

Your phone? Yeah. It’s a burner. She used it to find a number to reach out to Ralph. And why is that? The police station right now singing like a canary, so we prioritize, we deal with Ralph first and then we fight the. I can’t force Gabby to stay married to me . Sure you can. You just need the right attorney.

Write down everything you remember. More details are better, especially when it comes to Lee Shin. Hmm. Give me enough detail to put ’em away. You might just earn your Get outta jail free car. Pray. Listen to me. You gotta let go.

I have nothing to prove to anyone. Listen, I moved on Eric. If, if you don’t wanna be honest with me, that’s fine, but at least be honest with yourself.

Eric, I’m so sorry about your mother.

Oh my goodness. You know, Marlena was such a remarkable woman. One of my dearest friends, I can’t believe she’s gone. Gary is, oh, Gary is just heartbroken and poor Roman, his wife, his ex-wife, and his sister. He must be devastated. I came to pay my control. You’re sure. My dad would appreciate that, but he’s not, he’s not here right now.

All right, I’ll come back later then. But if you, in the meantime, if you need anything, anything at all, you just ask. Okay. I will. And the same goes for you, Ray. Oh, honey, you not only lost your, your stepmother, but all this mess with Chloe and Stephan is just seems to get crazier. What? What do you mean? Well, uh, you didn’t hear about last night.

No, I didn’t. What, what happened? Well, uh, Chloe came by the house yesterday to see Stephan, um, to tell him that they shouldn’t see each other anymore. Oh. And then she was explaining it all to me, and then the landline rang, which is funny. I couldn’t even find it at first. I didn’t know we still had a landline.

Anyway, it was a collect call from Vivian Alama who informed us that Gabby had Stephan held captive in the secret room in our basement. What? Chloe and I ran down there and found that the old VAT was telling the truth for once in her life. Gabby had Stephan tied up. And he was rigged to some machine that Dr.

Rolf was using to deprogram him. I would, Dr. Rolf was there. I thought he was Mia a Well, apparently Gabby tracked him down. You say what you will about that woman, but she knows how to get things done. Um, anyway, Stephan’s feelings for Gabby have been successfully rekindled. Hold on, hold on. This, are you, are you telling me that?

Stefan and Chloe are over. Uh, not exactly.

Wow. Stefan is in love with Gabby again. That definitely complicates things. Mm-hmm. , no kidding. The kids talking about me. Oh, I was just filling in Nicole on last night’s exciting events. Uh, I sh I still can’t believe I slept through. You were ill. I have no excuse. And how are you Stefan? What Ralph puts you through?

That’s pretty insane. Yeah. Well, I must admit, I got a little nervous when he said the word improvisation for the procedure, but, uh, pretty happy with the end result. You know, not that I should stick my nose in where it doesn’t belong, but you know, Brady and and Chloe are, are dear friends of mine, and I, I think they belong together.

So I, I’m really glad you decided to let her go. Who told you that? Ej, you said you were in love with Gabby again? That might be true, but, uh, there is an additional piece. An additional piece complication. What do you mean? I am also. Still in love with Chloe

Gabby, what are you doing? I’m in the middle of an interrogation. I tried to stop her. Oh, I can explain. No later. Right now you need to leave. No, I’m not leaving without Rolf. He needs to finish fixing Stephan. No, not until he agrees to testify and gives me a full statement. I already told you I cannot complete the deprogramming process.

The equipment is destroyed. Well then you need to make new equipment or buy it or order it for you on Whatever it costs. Whatever it takes. I don’t care. You need to get Chloe Lane out of my husband’s head. Come on, start writing.

So, because you interrupted the procedure, Ralph wasn’t able to finish? No, he wasn’t able to finish because the machine he was using went cap. When Chloe and I ran down there, there was smoke coming out of it. Gabby was going berserk, yelling at Rolf to do something, and then the cops arrived and arrested him.

What about Chloe? Is she okay? I’m not sure. I don’t know. She got upset and ran out. I can’t believe she didn’t tell you about this. Yeah, yeah. Me neither. Well, maybe she didn’t tell you because tomorrow is Marlena’s funeral, but Brady, I do think she’d appreciates some support. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, it’s straight to voicemail.

Why didn’t you leave a message? Because I’m gonna go to the hotel and talk to him in. Good luck.

Oh, what? What’s wrong? It is that Kate? Yeah. Dad likes having her here. Talking to her gives him comfort. Oh, well I can understand that. Of course, as it turned out, those ashes I was talking to all those years didn’t belong to my Tony. Then maybe Romans should have those checked . I’ll let ’em know you stopped.

All right. Good to see you. Thanks. Thank you. You take care, sweetheart.

Poor boys. All the grief there have to deal.

And I’m just sitting here. Kate, I feel so useless.

Thank you. And you’re right, defeatism be damned. There is definitely something I can do. You are in love with two women. That is quite a situation complicated, like you said, and obviously not tenable over the long term unless you’re into polyamory. Oh,

are you all right? Oh, I, uh, I think I just need some air. Shall I go with you? No, it, it’s okay. I, I’m not dizzy or anything. I just feel a little queasy, so. Be back.

Oh, I hope she’s, uh, gonna be okay. She’ll be fine.

You didn’t mention earlier that Ralph wasn’t able to erase your feelings for Chloe , his equipment malfunctioned before he could finish the p. Right. So if you are still in love with Chloe, you can certainly understand that it would be a terrible idea to reinstall Gabby as c e O. No, actually, I can’t.

Chloe just quit her job at Dira, and you want to make Gabby in charge of the entire company. In fact, you think that’ll burn a few bridges with Chloe? So in other words, keep things as they. With you in charge. With us in charge. Stephanie, we worked so hard to persuade the board to get rid of Gabby, to turn around now and tell them it was a huge mistake.

Not only would that undermine their confidence in us, it could send the stock price tumbling. We can’t take that risk. We need to stay the course. Hmm. I suppose you’re.

What are you waiting for? I have writer’s block Wolf. I swear to God I She is not helping. Could you give us a minute? Of course. Come on Gabby. I Gabby go, please

flock my ass. You know what? Me, listen, I’m sure Rayful wrappings up with roll soon, but I’m not sure how long it’ll be. So just don’t you go home. Try to relax. We’ll call you as soon as he’s done and we release him. Can you call me as soon as he’s done? As soon as they walk outta that door, I will, I promise.

Fine. Fine. I’ll get outta your hair, but please, please stay. Please. I will call you or brave will, but just try to relax. Okay? Not a chance. Not until I get my man. A love of my life.

Even if you can keep Gabby from divorcing me, won’t be much of a marriage. If she hates me and I’m in prison, I already told you I can make the criminal charges go away. How you gonna wave a magic wand? Make Ralph disappear. Don’t you worry, I have a plan, which I’ll put into motion when I’m hired. You’re hired.

So now what? Just sit back, relax, and leave the details to me.

Kristin Dira. Keep going, man. You’re on a roll. Is this not enough? No, it’s not. You want to avoid prison? You give me everyone you’ve got.

Stephen, I thought you were looking forward to us working together. I am. I just, I still feel terrible about what we did to Gabby. You evidently do not, she’s an outsider and I feel very strongly that Dara Enterprises should be run by der. Hmm. As far as one of them’s you, Stefan, I know that you were upset that I didn’t speak up sooner about the brainwashing, but you said that you would forgive me if I was able to put you back in your rightful place as coce O.

That was what you wanted, what you were excited about. It wasn’t until after Gabby forced you to submit to deprogramming that you started. Now that it’s been done, I wish that it had happened months.

For my role that I played in preventing that. Once again, I am very sorry and I’m very grateful that you have forgiven me.

I hope that you were sincere when you said you had. Yes, of course. All is forgiven. Well, I wouldn’t be going into business with you now, would I?

Gabby, I’m glad I ran into you. Are you? Yeah. I thought you’d want an update. Rolfe is back in Salem, and Stephan’s feelings from me have returned. He’s manly in love with me again. So then what are you doing here? Why aren’t you with him? Well, because we’ve had a minor complication. It, nothing that can’t be fixed.

In fact, I’m on cloud nine right now. Can’t you tell? Because I very soon will have my real husband back.

Chloe. Chloe, are you in there? Knock again. Scared me. Anna. Hi. Um, what, what, what are you doing here? I thought you could use a mediator, a woman well versed in the trials and tribulations of romance, just to keep your conversation with Chloe on the right track. Okay, . Thanks for that. Um, I don’t think she’s here though.

I think she’s on an errand or something. Oh, well, that’s too, no, it’s perfect. That’s perfect. When Chloe comes back, she’ll be in for the most wonderful surprise. What do you mean? Well, you just wait right here and I’ll be back in the chair.

Much better. Okay. It’s time to go.

Oh, oh God. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to stand up.

Who’d you? Well, from a very nice gentleman at the front desk, I told him, you two love birds were getting back together. And, uh, that you’d lost your key card , and he just handed it to you. Well, he is a romantic. Bless the hundred dollars. I slipped him. Probably helped. And, uh, come on. No, come on, just go on inside Brady.

Once Chloe walks back in and finds the love of her life waiting for. She’ll be overjoyed. Yeah. I’m not so sure she’s gonna be down with the whole breaking and entering thing. I told her I’d give her space. Anna, she doesn’t want space. Brady, she wants you now open that door.

What? Um, yeah, I, I just, I, I, I thank you for carrying Anna. I just don’t think you need to be here, . I don’t have anywhere better to be . Sorry to hear that. I appreciate the encouragement, but Chloe and I, we don’t need a mediator or anything. Okay. But how about a videographer? Mm-hmm. . Look, I can record the happy reunion for posterity and look around.

We don’t even have to tidy up. Chloe is obviously a new freak. Yeah, she’s, wait a minute, where is all her stuff? Drawers are empty.

Bathroom’s cleaned out and I don’t see her suitcase, so that means that means she’s gone. But where too? Well, if I knew that. Damn it. So Stephan’s feelings for you are back, but he’s still not sure. You’re the woman. He wants . Why stop gloating. Okay, this is just a minor setback. I don’t even know what the hell I told you about it.

You were venting. I understand. Well, I should have vented to somebody who hasn’t made my life miserable. You know what, Rolf, when he finishes this procedure, he’s gonna make stuff and want me and only me. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Of course you wouldn’t because you’re spiteful, cynical, and jealous as hell.

I will never want you again. Le Ro is ratting you out to the cops as we speak, meaning you should be on your way to Statesville very soon. I wouldn’t be so sure about that either.

Good. Just need you to sign on the dotted.

Don’t sign that statement. Who are you? Sloan Peterson, your new attorney?

You Nicole. What’s going on? Ah, Nothing. EJ and I did a little too much celebrating last night. Okay. Well it’s, it’s 5:00 PM and you’re still hungover. Well, it was quite a night. I’m fine. Are you okay to walk? Well, I’m not getting in the car with you if that’s what you’re suggesting, because I can smell beer on your breath.

I’m just gonna offer to call you a cab. I got it

where my phone is. Damn. Oh. Oh. You know what? Maybe, maybe I left it in AJ’s bed. Listen, I’m happy to help you. I can take care of myself. Thank you very much.

Thank you for being willing to put my deception behind this brother for being reasonable and understanding. Not exactly the damer we know. Is it ? Perhaps it might be the new way. Perhaps. Hate to see this tea go to waste. Can I enter you in a. Sure. Great. Sure.

You good, brother? Enjoy.

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