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Chelsea: Thank you.

People say this is the most romantic table at society. Enjoy your evening.

Chelsea: Oh, thanks, but we’re not on A…

Billy: I’m not sure what makes this table the most romantic table. I mean, I’ve sat at every table here. There’s, I mean, nothing special about this table. I think she’s just trying to ingratiate herself, right? And she can expect a big tip from me for doing so.

Chelsea: Yeah, but that was weird, right?

Billy: What part of it?

Chelsea: Well, she totally misinterpreted why we’re here.

Billy: Yeah, she did.

Chelsea: Yeah. She — she thought we were on a date.

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: But we’re not on a — wait, do you think this is a date?

Nick: Hey, sally, it’s me. I got all your, uh — your healthy snacks. I got bananas and carrots and rice cakes, hummus. I even got caramel corn. I know it’s not healthy, but i brought it anyway. What happened?

Nate: Give me the data on those music streamers. There might be an opportunity there for our advertisers. Tonight would be great, but first thing tomorrow works, too. Thanks.

Victoria: I was hoping i would find you here.

Nate: Uh, just to be sure I’m putting in the hours and you’re getting your money’s worth?

Victoria: I never worry about that with you. No, I need your help with something.

Nate: What’s going on?

Victoria: This is what’s going on. It’s the good stuff.

Nate: Nice. Okay, now, I know the company has a lot of divisions, but i didn’t know we had a distillery on site.

Victoria: Well, that’s not a bad idea, but we don’t have one yet.

[ Laughs ] It was a gift. I was told to open it on a special occasion. So, we’re opening it tonight.

Nate: Okay. What’s the occasion?

Victoria: We are gonna forget about business as usual, and we are gonna step outside of the box.

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Billy: You know, now that I’m actually starting to pay attention, that is definitely the most romantic table in this joint.

Chelsea: Really?

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: What’s the criteria?

Billy: That would be instinct.

Chelsea: Ah. No, I think you’re just trying to distract me from that awkward moment earlier.

Billy: Why, because she thinks we’re on a date?

Chelsea: Well, you didn’t answer my question.

Billy: Here’s the thing. When I’m on a date with someone, they know it’s a date. I can be that charming.

Chelsea: Oh, really?

Billy: I said i can be.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ] Well, I am sorry I jumped to conclusions.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] You’re forgiven.

Chelsea: I mean, all joking aside, it’s, I’m sure, way too soon for you to be dating. You just broke up with lily.

Billy: You’re probably right about that.

Chelsea: And that’s certainly the case with me, you know, especially after everything I’ve been through the past few months.

Billy: That’d be a tricky first-date conversation.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Billy: Look, just to ease your mind — okay? — This is nothing more than two friends just checking in on each other, okay? We’ll enjoy some food. We’ll talk about whatever we want, nothing more. That is my promise to you.

Chelsea: I like the sound of that.

Billy: And just to drive the point home, at the end the night, we’ll split the check.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ] That’s fair.

[ Both laugh ]

Diane: Flowers, candles, champagne. And why are you wearing a tux?

Jack: Well, I got out of the shower and I went to the closet and I saw this hanging there. And I thought, “boy, I haven’t worn a tuxedo in a long time.” And I look good in a tuxedo.

Diane: Yes, you certainly do. But, jack, I was just here. How did you pull this together so quickly?

Jack: Oh, I had a little help.

Diane: Oh. Kyle and summer?

Jack: Actually, mrs. Martinez.

Diane: Ah. Ah. Well, I’ll be sure and thank her the next time I see her. You know, this is amazing, but I’m half-expecting the rest of the abbotts to come waltzing through at any minute, and i doubt they’ll be as smitten with your efforts as I am.

Jack: Kyle and summer have taken harrison to the movies. Allie is out with friends. Traci is on a plane on her way to new york to see her publisher. We are alone in this house. You can relax.

Diane: Well, that’s good to know. I know a lot of people are probably thinking the worst of this relationship. They might even think that I was pursuing you all along. But come on. Look at you.

[ Laughs ] Look what you did here tonight. How could I not be falling for you all over again?

Jack: How could you not?

Diane: Mm. [ Chuckles ]

Jack: To hell with the naysayers. To us.

Diane: To us.

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Chuckles ]

Nick: Come on. Talk to me.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Nick: Tell me what’s going on.

Sally: Can we just write it off as hormones? My mind, my body, they’re just — they’re just overwhelmed. And — I don’t know. Everything’s in full-on baby mode right now.

Nick: It seems like there’s more to it than that.

Sally: I don’t know. The whole blood pressure problem got me thinking about so many things that can go wrong bringing a child into this world. That’s not even taking into account when the child’s actually here and having to take care of it and having to raise it. I mean, this is just… this is just my first moment of true and genuine fear. And it definitely won’t be the last. I mean, the child’s not even gonna be here for months, and I’m already a mess? How the hell am I gonna be a mom? I used to pre-rinse dishes cause my old detergent

Victoria: Here you go.

Nate: [ Sniffs ] Wow. Whew. It smells so smooth, it probably drinks itself.

Victoria: 25-year-old single malt. I told you, it’s the good stuff.

Nate: Mmm.

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Nate: Must be some box we’re stepping out of.

[ Both laugh ]

Victoria: I just thought that it would be nice to step away from the 9:00-to-5:00 corporate structure.

Nate: I thought you thrived in that environment.

Victoria: Well, normally i do, but I learned from my father that sometimes it’s good to mix things up, to escape, to brainstorm, to generate ideas, especially when you have your sights set on a target that might be just a little bit unorthodox.

Nate: You have to think like the target. That makes sense. Mmm. Another one of these, and i might generate all the ideas.

Victoria: Ah, see? I think it’s working.

Nate: Okay, so, what is our target?

Victoria: I want to scoop up omega sphere, and I want to take down mccall unlimited.

Nate: You want to go after tucker mccall? I’ll drink to that.

[ Glasses clink ]

Victoria: That’s right.

Nick: Look, this is completely normal, okay? You’re supposed to have fears about becoming a parent.

Sally: Yeah, but you’re not supposed to be overwhelmed by them.

Nate: Of course you are. Everybody goes through it.

Sally: Even you?

Nick: Yeah, even me. Seriously, I was worried sick with every kid. Now, it did get easier, but it’s still very scary.

Sally: But you’re a natural. I’ve seen you with your kids. You’ve got, like, a dozen world’s best dad mugs.

Nick: Well, if everybody says it, it must be true.

Sally: [ Laughs ]

Nick: Look, I got those mugs ironically. Before noah was born, I wasn’t ready for that. I was a mess, like you are, too, but you’re gonna get through it. I promise. You know, part of the problem is the buildup. Nine months seems like it’s forever. But trust me — it goes by so fast. And then the baby gets here, and everything changes.

Sally: Yeah, then it gets really scary.

Nick: No, no, no. That’s the crazy part. When your baby’s born and you see it and you get to hold it, it’s just — everything makes sense. Right now, everything is like the unknown for you, but I’m telling you, when they hand that baby to you, you can’t imagine loving something that much. The fear goes away, and everything becomes clear to you.

Sally: [ Sniffles ] So, that’s what it was like? It was like this magical transformation the second that noah was born?

Nick: I mean, of course there are some bumps and mistakes along the way. I got to be a dad. You know, my life went in a completely different direction. It was natural. It’s going to be that way for you, too.

Sally: Look, I can believe that you became this outstanding father that you were always meant to be fairly easily. It’s just different for me.

Nick: How so?

Sally: When you were growing up, you had a loving mother and father around. Even if they weren’t always together, you knew that they loved you, right?

Nick: Yeah, of course.

Sally: [ Inhales sharply ] I never had that. I — I learned that people let each other down very young.

[ Sniffles ] And as an adult, I’ve learned to deal with it, but as a child

[Voice breaking] It was devastating. The thought of doing that to my own kid, it just — it makes my chest tighten up so much that i can barely breathe.

[ Sighs, sniffles ]

Nick: [ Smooches ]

Sally: [ Gasps ]

Billy: Ooh [Clicks tongue] I think I’m gonna do the clams and the muscles.

Chelsea: Sounds delicious.

Billy: You know what? I’m definitely not. I’m definitely gonna do the crab enchiladas. I can’t say no to those.

Chelsea: [ Sighs heavily ]

Billy: What’s on your mind?

Chelsea: It’s nothing.

Billy: No, it’s — it’s something because you’ve been here a thousand times. You know everything that’s on that menu, and yet you’ve been staring at it for 10 minutes.

Chelsea: [ Whispering ] Our server.

Billy: [ Whispering ] What about her?

Chelsea: She thinks we’re on a date.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] I think she made an innocent mistake.

Chelsea: Yeah, but what if she knows who we are?

Billy: Yeah, maybe she does. I don’t — I don’t see the problem.

Chelsea: Well, she’s gonna say something to abby, like, “I saw your uncle billy with chelsea lawson on a date.” And then it creates a whole rigamarole, and then your family gets involved. I mean, is that what we want?

Billy: No, no, we definitely do not want my family asking any questions about what’s going on between us. Excuse me?

Chelsea: What are you doing?

Billy: Damage control.

Is everything okay?

Billy: Everything is fantastic. We are just about to order, but, um, something that’s a little bit more important for you to know — um, this is not a date.

Music (“I swear”) plays

Diane: How long have you been planning this?

Jack: Uh, I was gonna do something special on new year’s eve, but we kind of had other things to deal with.

Diane: Yes, I am glad that’s all behind us.

Jack: You know what? I’m glad I waited.

Diane: Why is that?

Jack: Because I’m even more enamored with you than I was just weeks ago.

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of taken with you.

Diane: Mm. Likewise. And you don’t even need this tux to impress me, although I do appreciate the effort. You know, this is, uh — this is incredible. A year ago, I would have never imagined that this was happening. I didn’t even know if I could return to my old life here. But for the two of us to have found each other again, it takes my breath away. I mean, nobody could have predicted this.

Jack: There I have to disagree with you. As unexpected, as unpredictable as this moment was, I — I think it’s been in the cards for a long time.

Diane: What do you mean?

Jack: Finding you again may just be the fulfillment of a prophecy, all brought about by my mother.

Nate: I love it. This is bold. This is the kind of move devon would have quashed at chancellor-winters. Too risky.

Victoria: Well, I told you, we do things differently here.

Nate: Yes. I love it. Alright, look, let’s jump right in. First things first, we need to lure daniel and his project to newman media.

Victoria: That’s right. We need to give him something that chancellor-winters can’T. What is that?

Nate: The full power and magnitude of newman enterprises. We have deeper pockets.

Victoria: Yes. Well, the money angle is good, but it might take a little more to convince daniel.

Nate: Well, I can let daniel know that chancellor-winters will micromanage and second-guess him constantly.

Victoria: You’re right.

Nate: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: He’s an artist. He won’t have any control over his baby over there.

Nate: They will be breathing down his neck every step of the way.

Victoria: Why don’t we make that a part of the agreement? Give him autonomy. Put that in writing.

Nate: They’d never give it to him.

Victoria: We’re starting to look pretty good in comparison, don’t you think?

Nate: And I know how they typically structure their deals. We’ll just have to make sure we’re better at it.

Victoria: Wow. You really were wasted over there, weren’t you? They had no idea what they had at chancellor-winters.

Nate: And you haven’t heard about my secret weapon yet.

Nick: I want to help you. I’m just not sure how.

Sally: Well, you brought snacks. That’s pretty good.

Nick: Yeah.

Sally: Although I cannot believe you brought me caramel corn.

Nate: I can take that home with me.

Sally: Oh, don’t you dare. Look, I’m — I’m really sorry that I dumped all this on you.

Nick: That is not the way this works, sally. We’re in this together. You’re not dumping anything on me. You’re sharing, and I want you to continue to do that, alright?

Sally: It’s just hard for me to lean on anyone.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Nick: I know you don’t wanna look too far into the future, but all we have to do is get you through your next doctor’s appointment. Everything gets a lot less scary.

Sally: Maybe.

Nick: I’m here for all of it, from picking out furniture for the nursery to buying all the “I’m having a baby” books. I’m here, okay?

Sally: And snacks. Can you be in charge of snacks?

Nick: Well, obviously.

[ Both laugh ] I’m the king of snacks. You’re never gonna be hungry around me. Everything — I’m serious — from pregnancy to births to school to recitals, soccer, sleepovers. I’ll be right there with you. I promise.

Sally: That sounds amazing.

Nick: It will be.

Sally: You know, besides all of, like, the soccer and the santa claus and all the other kid stuff… where does that leave us? Where do we stand?

Nate: I don’t have an answer, uh, for you regarding that. I think it’s too soon for us to make a decision about our future. But as far as being a parent, I’m solid, okay? That I am certain of. Hey. What’s wrong?

Sally: [ Sniffles ]

Nick: What’s wrong? I thought I was doing a pretty decent job making you feel better. What’s bothering you now?

Sally: [ Inhales sharply ] If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

How was everything?

Billy: Everything was great. Thank you.

Chelsea: It was delicious.

Well, let me know if I can get you anything else.

Billy: O-okay.

Chelsea: You know, I can’t tell whether she’s charmed by you or annoyed by you.

Billy: It’s definitely one or the other, but that’s the way it goes with me. It’s a love and hate thing, not a lot in between.

Chelsea: And why do you think that is?

Billy: I’m a lot.

Chelsea: You are a lot.

Billy: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] Yeah. See, but that’s why this could not be a date — because I would never actually admit that to someone that I was on a date with.

Chloe: That’s a very good point. Well, I wasn’t so concerned whether we thought it was a date. It was more, would your family think this is a date?

Billy: I think my family is a little, uh, busy right now. Apparently, jack and diane are back together.

Chelsea: Huh. Well, you don’t seem too troubled about that.

Billy: I believe in giving someone a second chance.

Chelsea: Sometimes a third chance.

Billy: Whatever it takes.

Chelsea: Well, I’m grateful for it.

Billy: I know what you’re thinking — dessert.

Chelsea: [ Gasps ] I was thinking about dessert. How did you know?

Billy: It’s a talent. I can usually tell when someone’s thinking dessert. I’m usually right. Who doesn’t love dessert?

Chelsea: Yeah. Thank you for this. Dinner with you is exactly what I needed.

Diane: Sorry I wasn’t here when your mother died. She was an amazing woman. But I still don’t see how dina predicted that you and I would reunite after years of everyone thinking I was dead.

Jack: My mother didn’t exactly predict it. Her jewelry did.

Diane: [ Laughs ] What in the world are you talking about? Wait a second. How much champagne have you had?

Jack: [ Laughs ] Hear me out.

Diane: Okay.

Jack: Years ago, when they first met, my father bought my mother an antique emerald necklace. It was beautiful, had lots of history, even had a name — the teardrop of love.

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: I have pictures of dina upstairs, a very young dina wearing it proudly. Anyway, when they split up, my mother traveled all over the world, and in her travels, somehow that necklace got lost. So, just before she died, I was able to track it down.

Diane: Well, I’m — I’m sure she appreciated that.

Jack: Oh, boy, did she. It was quite a reunion. And when she died, each of us got a little piece of the necklace. My section…

Diane: Ah.

Jack: …Got me these cufflinks.

Diane: Nice. And that’s a lovely story, but i still don’t see how it predicted that we would get back together.

Jack: There was a legend attached to the necklace. It held that whoever wore the necklace, whoever was around the gem, found love.

Diane: I see.

Jack: Over time, I realized that if the legend is true, it might just be about family love. After diana died, I was closer to kyle and my sisters and billy and abby and the whole abbott family.

Diane: Hmm.

Jack: But now it turns out the teardrop of love may not have only brought me family love. It may have brought me a beautiful, captivating, gorgeous woman. Maybe the gem just needed a little time to do its magic. That kiss was brought to you by my lucky cufflinks.

Diane: [ Laughs ] I think it had more to do with how charming and thoughtful and handsome you are, but you can think whatever you like.

Jack: You know what? Now that the teardrop has brought us this far, maybe it’s time we take our fate into our own hands, decide where things go next with us.

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ]

Nick: What is it? Sally, you know you can share with me. In fact, you should share with me. I’m here to carry this burden for you.

Sally: Look, I already knew you were gonna be an amazing father. There was no question about that. I’m just concerned.

Nick: About what?

Sally: We were gonna take things slow. We made a point of that. And now the pregnancy and everything is just moving at warp speed, and, I mean, who knows where we’re going? Every decision I make from now on isn’t just for me. I have to get this right.

Nick: And we will. Honestly, I’m still not sure what we’re talking about. What do we have to get right?

Sally: No baby could have a better father. And that is all that matters. I just got my elite box and i am so excited to dive in. I never know what I’m gonna get. Having a personal stylist makes me feel like a complete queen. So powerful. I feel sexy! The elite box by adore me. Get styled for only $10 at adoreme.Com. My asthma felt anything but normal.

Diane: You know I’m not crazy about planning ahead.

Jack: I do know that about you. It’s understandable.

Diane: You know, I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me too many times. I just — I love being here in the present, right now. I’M… I just have a hard time picturing the future. I just… I’m just focusing on being grateful every day with you.

Jack: I love the sound of that. So let me do the grand planning for both of us. You can settle into it when you’re comfortable.

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: I think what we have is awfully special, and I don’t want to waste it.

Diane: I know, jack, but i don’t think —

Jack: I’m not talking about anything written in stone. I’m not trying to be too serious here. I just want the chance to present you, when you are ready…

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: …With an image of what life could be for us. Only positives. Only positives. Nothing scary about that, right?

Diane: No, no, no. I — no, I guess not. So, what is it that you’re envisioning?

Jack: I see travel for us. I want to see all the grand sights of the world with you.

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: On school vacations, we can take harrison off on giant adventures in faraway lands.

Diane: Well, I like that idea.

Jack: And when that’s over, we can drop him off, and I can whisk you off to new york, to the met ball or paris for fashion week. I’ll be your escort.

Diane: [ Laughs ]

Jack: You can upstage all of the celebrities. You’ll probably have to wear a marchetti gown.

Diane: Well, of course. Listen, that all sounds fun, but it’s just — it’s just fantasy. I don’t need gowns or galas. What I want is…

[Voice breaking] Christmas, uh, christmas with the whole family. I want to — I want to celebrate the holidays with people that matter to me. I want… gosh, I want big family dinners where everybody sits around and shares their day and — and those traditional abbott breakfasts. I want picnics on the lake, you know, all those — all those special moments that I missed when I was away.

Jack: And that’s all?

Diane: And this. I want this moment right here with you because I feel — I feel worthy and wanted and safe. And, jack, I want a million moments more just like this. Ah.

[ Gasps, sniffles ]

Chelsea: Yeah, and I was very impressed you gave her a $50 tip. You know, that could be considered bribery.

Billy: In my experience, 50 bucks to buy someone’s silence — that’s a good deal.

Chelsea: Well, it was a lovely dinner.

Billy: It was. Very nice.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] You want to come in? Want some tea or something?

Billy: Tea? Is that the kids are calling it these days?

Chelsea: Don’t make it weird!

Billy: Okay. Yeah, you’re right. I’m not gonna ruin a good night.

Chelsea: I’m just kidding. It’s you and me. It can’t be weird.

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: Whew. Are you okay? You have the same look on your face you had at the restaurant when we were debating whether or not we were on a date. Seeing you flustered twice in one night — that’s rare.

Billy: I guess I’m just uber cautious about not making your life more difficult.

Chelsea: I’m okay. I am. Thanks to you, I’m on the right path. You don’t have to worry about me.

Billy: Yeah, well, I can’t help it. But just so you know, it goes both ways. I lean on you, as well. You know, being with you, hanging out like this — it’s been good for me. I don’t think about anything else. And, uh, you know, I’m just — I’m just here, and that’s nice.

Chelsea: I’m glad. I feel the same way.

[ Sighs ] The past few months have been really intense. I think you know me better than anybody.

Billy: Yeah. I feel like I got a glimpse into your soul. I feel like I saw you. And that’s a gift. I appreciate that.

Victoria: So, why are you keeping me in suspense here? What is your secret weapon?

Nate: Not what, but who? Audra. She left chancellor-winters, but she is still tight with tucker. She’s the one who let me know about his plans for omega sphere.

Victoria: Oh. So you have someone working on the inside. That’s great. I really appreciate you revealing your source. Most people would have tried to keep that quiet.

Nate: I trust you. I hope that goes both ways.

Victoria: [ Laughs ] It does. I have some information for you, too. My father and I have actually already discussed using audra as a way to take control of tucker’s company.

Nate: Ah. Great minds.

[ Both laugh ]

[ Glasses clink ]

Victoria: Yeah. You know, I do trust you completely, but we have to be very careful when it comes to audra. Tucker can’t find out about this, and if she slips up, he could be onto us.

Nate: She’s on our side. She’s agreed to keep me informed and help me predict his moves. We’ll stay one step ahead of him.

Victoria: I like the sound of that. But I’m still a little wary of her.

Nate: Fair enough. Look, she’s good at what she does, but part of that is playing the game. We’ll just have to play it better.

Victoria: I love that.

Nate: Mm. You know, most people don’t like this side of me. I find myself constantly keeping it under wraps. But being here with you, throwing out ideas, this — this is exhilarating.

Victoria: You know, you should never let anyone tell you who you are or how you should act. There’s nothing here that we’re doing wrong. If people want to judge us, they have no idea what it takes to fill our shoes, run a large company, leave behind a meaningful legacy. They have no idea what it takes to make things really happen.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: But you and me…

Nate: We do.

[ Bottle uncorks ]

Victoria: That’s damn right we do.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] #1 isn’t a status earned overnight.

Diane: As much fun as I’ve had fantasizing about our future, I do have some concerns, and I know it violates the “positives only” rule, but we can’t ignore it, jack.

Jack: So, let me guess. Your concerns mostly have to do with people who want to get in the way of our happiness.

Diane: Yes, and no matter how many times you tell me, it doesn’t matter. There are people who will make things difficult for us.

Jack: What does it matter? This is ours. We earned this. We deserve this.

Diane: I don’t know that i do.

Jack: Of course you do. I know now the lengths you went to, to find your way back to us. I know the sacrifices you made. When we were together last time, it didn’t work out because we weren’t the people we needed to be yet. We had to go out into the world and grow and learn and make mistakes so we could find our way back to each other. Now — now we are the people we need to be to make this work. And by luck or fate or the magic of a necklace…

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: …We are together. And I don’t want to waste a moment of this.

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ]

Victoria: [ Exhales sharply ] Uh… those were some really good ideas about omega sphere and — and tucker, too. These are actually the kind of ideas that we need around here. So, good job.

Nate: Uh, great. Um, I’ll, um, set things motion first thing in the morning.

Victoria: Okay.

[ Clears throat ] I-I really think that we have something great started here. I’m — I’m starting to feel it.

Nate: Yeah, I’m feeling it, too.

[ Clears throat ]

Victoria: Okay, great. Well, I’m just gonna leave that here, and maybe we can finish it some other time. The — the drinking.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] Right.

[ Clears throat ]

Victoria: Have a good night, nate.

Nate: You too, victoria.

[ Footsteps departing ]

[ Sighs heavily ]

[ Door opens ]

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: I don’t really know what tonight was, but I do know I had a wonderful time.

Billy: Thank you.

Chelsea: I also know I would never want to do anything to jeopardize our friendship.

Billy: No. No, I agree. And that’s — that’s not gonna happen.

Chelsea: The reality is we went through something traumatizing together, something really intense. But we — we got through it, and we came out the other side.

Billy: Yeah, we did.

Chelsea: And you were right, what you said before.

[ Sighs ] It does go both ways. Over the past few months, I’ve seen your soul, too. I know who you are. And it brings me a lot of comfort.

Sally: I feel so content right now. You make me feel so special.

Nick: Because you are.

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Sniffles ]

Nick: Hey, it’s okay.

Sally: No, it’s not. It’s not.

Nick: Look, I told you. Sally, I’ve got you. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

Sally: You really are the most kind and thoughtful man.

Nick: What is it?

Sally: Nick, I… I have to tell you something. It’s about the baby.

Nick: What about the baby?

Sally: Adam could be the father.

Adam: [ Sighing ]

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

Billy: Let me guess. You have an opinion about me and chelsea going out for dinner together.

Adam: Yes, I do.

Victor: Imagine what we could all accomplish around here if adam applied his business acumen and intelligence to our company.

Kyle: Then what’s it about? What’s going on?

Jack: You’ve been lying to me.

Sally: The paternity test is set for this afternoon.

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