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In the town square, Sarah questions if Xander really slept with Gwen, which he confirms. Sarah argues that the ink on their divorce papers isn’t even dry yet. Xander tells Sarah that what he does now is officially none of her business and he doesn’t want her putting Gwen down. Sarah mocks him defending his girlfriend’s honor. Xander points out that Sarah couldn’t wait to get rid of a criminal like him, so he questions why she cares how he spends his nights.

John sits alone in the Brady Pub and sees a couple at the table nearby that causes him to have a flashback of being there with Marlena.

In the afterlife, Devil Susan brings Marlena breakfast but Marlena complains that she doesn’t want breakfast, she wants information and demands to know where Kayla is.

Kayla bangs on the gates of Heaven, complaining that she’s been dead for weeks and nobody has come for her. Kayla listens against the gate and hears Kate’s voice.

Kate descends a flight of stairs, wondering where she is. She finds “Jordan Ridgeway”, who welcomes her to Purgatory.

Roman approaches John at the Pub and asks if he got any sleep last night. John says maybe a couple hours and asks about him. Roman thinks he’s sleeping a little better. Roman asks if John wants his regular order. John says he’ll just have coffee. Roman points out that this is a long way to come for just coffee. John informs Roman that he got a text from Steve, wanting to talk, so he’s assuming it’s about funeral arrangements. Roman thinks as difficult as that’s going to be, once they get through it, maybe it just might be a little easier to keep going. John hopes he’s right about that because without Marlena by his side, he doesn’t think anything will be easy again.

Marlena insists on needing to find Kayla and asks Susan to check the list again. Susan claims to find Kayla’s name this time and says that’s great because now she’s in the good place just like Marlena is.

Kayla continues trying to listen behind the gates.

Kate can’t believe she’s seeing Jordan. Jordan says it’s been a long time and they have so much catching up to do. Kate guesses this means she died and went straight to Hell.

Kayla tries to get through to Kate and calls for anybody to get her the Hell out of here. “Adrienne Kiriakis” then appears behind her and says they don’t usually cuss up here. Adrienne says she was surprised when she heard Kayla was there. Kayla can’t believe it’s really Adrienne and hugs her.

Sarah feels like she didn’t even know Xander. Xander remarks that he’s just a lying, kidnapping thug. Sarah asks if he denies traumatizing Bonnie or being part of the reason that Susan is dead. Sarah adds that she shouldn’t be surprised that he slept with someone else on the night that their marriage ended, but questions if it had to be Gwen of all the women in the world.

Marlena eats the breakfast she was brought and says she’s relieved that Kayla is going to be there with her. “Susan” tells Marlena not to worry about Kayla as she’s about to meet a familiar face right about now.

Kayla tells “Adrienne” that they have all missed her so much and she wishes Steve, Justin, and the kids could see her. Adrienne knows her passing was a tremendous shock to them. Kayla says she just keeps thinking about her family and what they must be going through. Kayla adds that she assumed people in Heaven didn’t have a care in the world, but she is so worried about Steve and how much pain he must be in. Adrienne assures that Steve will be okay with a little help from his friends.

Steve arrives at the Brady Pub and tells the couple inside that they have to leave because the Pub has been booked for a private event. He tells them that he will pay their bill and that they can have breakfast on Roman tomorrow, so the couple exits. Roman comes over and asks what the hell that was all about. John guesses this meeting is not about funeral arrangements which Steve confirms. Roman asks what’s going on. Steve responds that they have a new case which Roman questions. Steve adds that it needs to be top secret.

Kate asks if her punishment for a lifetime of sin is being stuck in Hell with Jordan. Jordan calls her self-centered as ever and explains that they are not in Hell, but they are somewhere in between Heaven and Hell. Kate asks how long she has to be here before being upgraded. Jordan explains that the souls who end up here must be judged to see if they are worthy of moving forward or if they must descend the eternal stairway. Kate asks who will judge her case. Jordan reveals that will be her.

“Susan” assures Marlena that Kayla is in very good hands. Marlena then asks what about Kate and if she made it here as well. Susan guesses anything is possible. Marlena asks her to check the list again. Susan says this is her last look that she can do for her. She claims to find Kate’s name so Marlena is excited that Kate made it to Heaven, but Susan says not exactly.

Kate questions her eternal fate being in Jordan’s hands and doesn’t see how that’s fair since Jordan hated her guts while they were alive. Jordan argues that she had good reason and calls her a miserable human being that was so jealous of her relationship with Rafe, that she went behind her back to sabotage her. Kate argues that she’s holding a grudge. Jordan says this is hatred. Kate claims that she was just curious about her and did some digging while Jordan complains that she found Clyde Weston and told him where she was hiding. Kate points out that she didn’t know what Clyde had done to her. Jordan declares that Kate ruined her life and now it’s finally coming back to haunt her.

Sarah tells Xander that if he wanted to hurt her, he succeeded by sleeping with the heartless bitch who left her wasting away on Kristen’s private island. Sarah asks if Gwen is sick of hearing about all the awful things she did to her and the people she loves. Sarah reminds Xander that Gwen worked overtime to convince him that she didn’t love him anymore, while she was stuck in Kristen’s mansion. Xander confirms that he remembers. Sarah reminds Xander about Gwen giving her a second dose of a drug that could have left her permanently brain damaged. Gwen points out that it didn’t though. Sarah calls Gwen a sadistic, amoral witch. Sarah says that if Xander was looking for a way to really get back at her for divorcing him, he did it.

Adrienne encourages Kayla not to worry since Steve has a great support system with John, Roman, and their kids. Kayla argues that they are all grieving too, so they need Steve. Kayla feels she’s the only one who really knows Steve and when he’s in this kind of pain, he can really go to a dark place…

Roman is flattered that Steve is willing to tell him details of this top level Black Patch case but says that he stopped playing cops and robbers and runs a business now while Steve is costing him paying customers. Steve offers him money but Roman tells him to keep his money. John asks Steve about the case. Steve reveals that the client is himself. Steve explains that he’s been thinking about what’s going to keep him going, now that he’s lost Kayla, and it came to him in the middle of the night. Steve then declares that the three of them are going to kill Orpheus.

Kayla reminds Adrienne of when she first met Steve and how all he thought about was how to get back at people who crossed him. Kayla worries it’s going to flare up again now that she’s not there to talk him down. Kayla is worried about what kind of trouble Steve will get in to now.

Roman questions Steve wanting them to commit murder. Steve says it would be best for humanity to put Orpheus down. Roman reminds Steve that he’s a retired police commissioner so he shouldn’t be hearing this since he took an oath. Steve asks where that oath got Kate and what about the vows they made to their wives to protect them. Steve states that he can’t live with the way they died because they failed them. Roman points out that there’s a chance that Orpheus could end up on Death Row, so he doesn’t have to go rogue and leave it up to the system. Steve questions leaving Orpheus up to Melinda Trask. Steve declares that they are the ones that Orpheus was after so they should be the ones to end him.

Gwen tells Sarah that the Hortons have no problem looking down on them and judging, but they have no problem looking the other way when it suits them. Gwen argues that Sarah had no problem being with Xander. Sarah says she thought that he wanted to change. Gwen points out that Xander didn’t want to work for Ava or kidnap Susan, but he did it for the money to support Sarah. Xander interrupts and tells her that’s enough. Sarah responds that it explains everything because Gwen would think kidnapping for hire is a perfectly acceptable way to make a living, even if one of the victims dies.

Jordan asks Kate for one reason why she shouldn’t send her soul straight to the bad place. Kate asks about Jordan’s soul, questioning that Jordan can’t find it in her heart to forgive an innocent mistake. Jordan complains about everything Clyde did and calls that a tragic, indefensible mistake. Kate asks if Jordan is blaming her for Abigail’s death. Jordan points out that if Kate never brought Clyde to town, Abigail would still be alive and her children would still have a mother. Kate argues that Clyde never would’ve stopped looking for his son and would’ve found them eventually. Kate adds that she thought Jordan was hiding something but when she found out that Clyde abused her, she felt horrible. Jordan points out that Kate did nothing. Kate admits she didn’t act quickly enough and should’ve washed her hands of Clyde completely. Kate says she’s sorry for that. Jordan argues that she’s sorry now that she has her soul in her hands. Kate gets that it’s too little, too late, but insists that it is a sincere apology. Kate says that Jordan went on and on about her transgressions but turns a blind eye to the plusses of her record. Jordan tells her to indulge her with that. Kate points out that she always tried to be the best mother that she could and was there for her children, no matter what. Kate brings up Roman and how he found it in his heart to forgive her and love her and she found great happiness living with him in their apartment over the Pub. Kate asks if Jordan thinks she could possibly have a soul that could be saved. Kate knows Jordan has legitimate grievances against her, but insists that she has changed because Roman brought out a better side in her. Kate says she was less selfish, more compassionate, and kinder. Jordan admits that Kate makes a compelling argument, but says she’s going to need proof. Kate asks what she has to do. Jordan tells her that she can sign a document, confirming her genuine attrition which Kate agrees to. Jordan warns that if Kate is lying, the document will burst in to flames immediately and she will be doomed for all eternity. Kate insists that she can sign it. Jordan then offers her the paper to sign, saying that every word she said to her was the God’s honest truth. Kate signs it and hands it back, pointing out that there are no flames. Jordan guesses that she does believe Kate feels sorry for ruining her life and that she was on a path to being a batter person. Kate thanks Jordan for coming around and asks if they can fast track her transfer to Heaven. Jordan says not so fast and points out that the decision is beyond her pay grade. Kate thought she was her judge. Jordan says that she is and she recommends that Kate moves forward to the next level. Kate asks if that means she never has to see her ever again. Jordan confirms that and tells Kate that she may now advance to the next rung. Kate calls this so great and thanks her for making her day. Kate calls Jordan an angel and hugs her.

Marlena hopes Kate’s judge is fair and unbiased. Susan responds that everybody here is, encouraging that Kayla and Kate will make their own spiritual journey. Susan tells Marlena to start thinking about how she wants to spend eternity. Marlena responds that she would like to see the people she has lost like her baby DJ, her twin sister Samantha, Tom and Alice Horton, and Shawn and Caroline Brady. Susan says all in due time, but first she needs to sign her release paper to advance her to the next level of Heaven. Susan gives Marlena the paper to sign, which she does.

Adrienne hates to think of Kayla stressing so much over Steve. Kayla asks how could she not when he’s her husband and the love of her life. Adrienne points out that her life is here now in paradise. Adrienne offers Kayla a paper to sign which she says is her way out of this room and in to the afterlife. Kayla questions what it is. Adrienne calls it a formality, stating that she relinquishes her earthly life and pledges her immortal soul to God. Kayla asks if she can have a lawyer look at it but Adrienne says they don’t get many of those. Adrienne encourages Kayla to just trust her so Kayla signs the paper.

Roman asks Steve if this is about payback. Steve says it’s about protecting their families. Steve respects Roman for living by his code but the problem is, it makes him predictable to Orpheus because he only understands one form of justice; an eye for an eye and he will never stop making them pay for his wife’s death. Steve calls it just a game to Orpheus. Roman knows the justice system isn’t perfect but he still believes in it, so he can’t ask him to take the law in to his own hands. Roman asks John to talk some sense in to Steve, but John reveals that he agrees with Steve in wanting to get Orpheus. Roman questions John going along with this, arguing that he can’t believe killing Orpheus is the answer here. John informs Roman that there’s something he doesn’t know. John explains that when Orpheus was first released from prison, he met Steve here and Steve said he wanted to take out Orpheus before he hurt or killed anyone, but he talked him out of it. John points out that if he hadn’t done that, they’d probably be having breakfast with their beautiful wives right now, so he’s siding with Steve.

Adrienne tells Kayla that her destiny is waiting for her. Kayla asks if she’s not coming with her. Adrienne says she has to take this next step on her own, but promises they will have plenty of time together. Kayla says spending time with her warmed her heart as they hug. Adrienne then sends Kayla through the gates. Afterwards, Adrienne is revealed to be possessed by The Devil, who remarks that Kayla is so gullible.

Marlena asks Devil Susan what is next. Susan says she will take it upstairs and then she will come back to introduce her to her heavenly host. After Susan walks away, Kayla finds Marlena. Marlena hugs her and says she’s glad to see her. Kayla questions what Marlena is doing there. Marlena explains that she succumbed to the virus just like her and Kate. Kayla says she prayed they would find an antidote to save her in time. Marlena says it’s okay as she is where she’s supposed to be. Kayla then hugs Marlena.

Kate thanks Jordan for not holding her back as Jordan then sends Kate up the stairs. Jordan is then revealed to be possessed by the Devil as well.

Xander asks Sarah if she’s said what she wanted to say. Sarah doesn’t think they ever need to say another word to each other. Sarah declares that once Justin files their divorce papers, Xander and Gwen will be free to do what they do best; bring misery. Sarah says God help this town and walks away.

Kate joins Kayla and Marlena, surprised to see they are there too. Kate asks where they are. Marlena is relieved to see Kate made it to the good place since she was worried about her. Kate responds that weirdly, Jordan took it easy on her since the fate of her eternal soul was in the hands of Jordan Ridgeway.

Gwen tells Xander that she knows what she said to Sarah was a bit harsh, but she couldn’t take her gonig after them like that. Xander understands that Gwen was only reacting to Sarah lashing out and provoking her. Gwen calls it new for Xander to take up for her like this, especially with Sarah. Xander points out that Gwen had his back through the whole kidnapping and he knows what she gave up. They both say they don’t regret a thing. Xander declares that for the first time in ages, it feels good as he’s sick of apologizing for who he is. Gwen agrees and asks why they should have to go around town holding their hats to people like Jack and Sarah. Xander adds that they assume the worst of them, regardless of what they do. Xander suggests they prove them right and take the good people of Salem for everything they can get.

Sarah stops in the park and breaks down crying as she looks at a photo of her and Xander on her phone.

Steve tells Roman that he heard what he said before, so they can do this without him like this conversation never happened. Roman says no and that if they are going to do this, it has to be all or nothing. Roman says he’s in and declares they will make sure that Orpheus never hurts another living soul. Roman, Steve, and John all put their hands in together.

Kayla tells Kate and Marlena about how she was locked in a room. Kate comments that it doesn’t sound very heavenly. “Susan” returns as they talk about the papers they signed. Susan reveals there’s been some confusion as that wasn’t Jordan or Adrienne with them which they question. “Susan” then reveals not to be Susan either and removes their disguise.

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