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Finn: You were never pregnant with Nik’s baby?

Elizabeth: No.

Finn: Why did you tell me you had a miscarriage?

Elizabeth: Just another lie.

Finn: So you were never carrying Nik’s baby, and you didn’t miscarry. Why would you lie about all this?

Josslyn: Hi.

Dex: Hi. I’m sorry to just show up here like this.

Josslyn: I’m not.

[ Laughter and applause ]

Brook Lynn: You two were brilliant. You’re killing it as a duo. And your — your single just keeps climbing the streaming charts.

Blaze: Well, congrats, partner.

Chase: Congrats to you, too.

Blaze: I’m going in to meet my adoring fans. Are you coming?

Chase: Uh, give me a minute.

Blaze: Okay.

Chase: What?

Brook Lynn: You’re just such a natural on stage. Watching you just makes me so happy.

Austin: Can you hold that door?

Ava: Yeah.

Austin: Hey. It’s stormy. Thank you.

Ava: You’re so welcome. Least I could do for the hero of the hour, right? I-I heard that you helped save Willow Tait’s life, and she’s — she’s very important to a dear friend of mine, so thank you.

Austin: I was just part of a team. You should thank Dr. Navarro.

Ava: Well, still, I-I’d like to buy you supper.

Austin: Totally unnecessary.

Ava: I’m not gonna take no for an answer, Doc. I’m feeling very generous. My divorce has really paid off.

Nikolas: I appreciate you wanting to be involved in your sibling’s life, even if things between us are fraught.

Spencer: [ Chuckling ] Fraught. That doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Laura: Spencer, your father and I both understand how hard Britt’s memorial has been on you. And I want you to know we are both very sorry.

Spencer: Thank you, Grandmother.

Nikolas: I wouldn’t have missed the memorial if something important hadn’t —

Spencer: There’s always something more important than me. Let me ask you something. As my father, why do I keep coming in second?

Nikolas: I am trying to do better, Spencer.

Spencer: And is that what you’re gonna tell your next kid? How many times will you fail before you ruin their life?

Nikolas: What are you talking about?

Spencer: I’m talking about my little brother or sister, which is exactly why I’m seeking full custody of your child.

Nikolas: You’re what?

Laura: Spencer. You’re angry right now.

Spencer: This is not some rash decision that I made in the heat of the moment.

Nikolas: You’ve been planning this? You have no idea what it takes to raise a child.

Spencer: Neither do you.

Laura: Okay, stop. Just stop. I know that you two love each other.

Spencer: That was true once, a long time ago.

Laura: You don’t mean that.

Spencer: He meant the world to me. You’re my only parent.

Nikolas: You were my world, Spencer. Maybe that’s the problem. I spoiled you, didn’t prepare you enough for life.

Spencer: Don’t worry. You taught me all of life’s hardest lessons. He taught me that heroes aren’t always who they seem to be. He taught me that the people who you love can hurt you in unimaginable ways. And you taught me that the people who you should trust to protect you can sacrifice you for their own self-interest.

Laura: Spencer, not now.

Spencer: I learned these lessons because you broke my heart a thousand times, Father, and I refuse to let my sibling suffer the same fate.

Nikolas: You’re serious, aren’t you?

Spencer: Father, I’m dead serious.

Chase: Have you heard from Michael? I mean, I’ve called, I’ve texted.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, me too. No answer.

Chase: I’m sure he hasn’t left Willow’s side. Sasha texted. She said she saw the baby after Britt’s memorial. But, uh, Willow’s still in the ICU.

Brook Lynn: Look, Willow looks weak, but she’s tough. She’s gonna pull through. I have faith.

Chase: Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn: Yes?

Chase: We can’t do this anymore.

Elizabeth: I want to tell you the truth, all of it.

Finn: I would love to hear the truth.

Elizabeth: I was never pregnant because I didn’t have an affair with Nikolas. I didn’t have an affair with anyone. I never cheated on you.

Finn: Okay. Why would you say that you did?

Elizabeth: Because you saw me with those prenatal vitamins.

Finn: So?

Elizabeth: And they were the same ones you saw at Wyndemere when you were asking about Esme, and I —

Finn: I think you probably need to go back and start at the beginning.

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ] Okay. You saw me when I got back from California after learning the truth about what my parents did to me, about what I did to Reiko. I-I just felt so guilty. I couldn’t face you, especially after you had been so good to me, standing by my side the entire time. I wasn’t thinking. So I-I went to Nikolas, needing support from my oldest friend. And that’s when I discovered he had gotten himself into a bad situation and needed my help.

Finn: With what?

Elizabeth: Esme.

Josslyn: Thanks.

Dex: Anytime.

Josslyn: [ Sighs ] I’ve just been in total overload. So much joy, fear, sadness, all at the same time. And next thing I know, I’m here. I’m really happy that you were home.

Dex: Me too. What’s going on?

Josslyn: Oh, well, my niece was born, and she’s healthy and perfect.

Dex: Congratulations.

Josslyn: Thank you. It was really amazing, you know. My mom, me, my grandma — we all went to visit her in the NICU, introduced her to the matriarchy.

Dex: If she’s anything like you, she’s gonna be amazing. Also really stubborn, but I mean that as a compliment.

Josslyn: Yeah, I’m sure. Willow still hasn’t held her baby. She hemorrhaged after the C-section. She’s stable, but not conscious. Michael’s with her in the ICU. And I’m trying to stay positive, but she’s so weak from the leukemia. What if she doesn’t wake up?

Chase: I still want to keep my promise in taking Linc down and getting your songs back. But the CCRB spring meeting is coming up. They’ll decide whether to reinstate me after you worked so hard to get me a second chance. If the review board votes in my favor, that is it. I go back to being a cop full-time, and I can’t go after Linc anymore. And let’s face it, we’re no closer to our goal.

Brook Lynn: These things take time.

Chase: Blaze isn’t interested in turning Linc in for sexual harassment. And I’m not gonna pressure her. Okay, that’s — that’s a choice women have to make on their own. Which leaves us with tempting Linc to buying out my contract, signing your songs over to you just in time for me to quit, leaving him with nothing.

Brook Lynn: Well, it’s still a solid plan.

Chase: Then we need to move on it. By the time the CCRB meets, I have to be done with this.

Brook Lynn: Don’t you really mean done with me?

Josslyn: The whole reason they delivered my niece early was so that they could use the stem cells from the cord blood for Willow’s marrow transplant. And what everyone is thinking but no one’s saying is maybe Willow’s too weak and maybe it’s too late. And I feel guilty even saying that.

Dex: No, you can say whatever you want to me. I won’t tell anyone. Sometimes saying something out loud can take away a little of its power.

Josslyn: I guess so.

Dex: Willow has the best medical care money can buy, right?

Josslyn: Definitely.

Dex: And she wants to live. Not to get all psychological, but attitude can make a crucial difference.

Josslyn: I hope so. I just feel so powerless. And Britt’s memorial was today, and I couldn’t go because of my niece, of course, but I still felt like I should have been there to pay my respects. Britt saved my life. And it killed her.

Elizabeth: The night I saw Esme on the docks, Nikolas was there, too. I didn’t tell anyone. Instead, I went directly to him, and that’s when he told me he knew that Esme had been in town for weeks, that she had shown up pregnant with his child. He thought she was behind The Hook killings, and he couldn’t let her hurt anyone else. But at the same time, he had to protect his unborn baby.

Finn: What did he do?

Elizabeth: He kept Esme locked up in a tower at Wyndemere.

Finn: He locked up a pregnant woman who was carrying his baby. That’s pretty disgusting, even for him.

Elizabeth: I know. I know. I was horrified, too. I wanted to go to the police, but he convinced me not to.

Finn: How?

Elizabeth: He said he wanted to make sure that his child was safe from harm and that the — the people of Port Charles were safe from Esme, so I agreed to help him. And that’s why you saw the bottle of prenatal vitamins at Wyndemere — because I was providing Esme with medical care. And when you saw me with the vitamins and you said you saw the same ones at Wyndemere, and then you asked me if I was pregnant, I just panicked. I panicked. I came up with a lie on the spot saying that I had been with Nikolas and I was pregnant, just to… protect our secret. Say something.

Austin: So, in the divorce you got the house, which is a really big house, and you call it Wyndemere?

Ava: Yes.

Austin: Okay. Great.

Ava: What?

Austin: Nothing, just noticing. It suits you. You seem every bit the lady of the manor. Congratulations.

Ava: It was the least I was owed.

Austin: So if I remember right, when I first got to Port Charles, you were in the middle of divorcing Nikolas back then, right?

Ava: Ugh. Please don’t remind me.

Austin: But you two worked it out. You don’t want to do that now?

Ava: [ Sighs ] Different circumstances. At that time, I left him to protect my daughter. Now I’m leaving to protect myself.

Laura: Spencer, please. You are angry right now, and you have plenty of good reasons to be. But every parent makes mistakes, and it doesn’t erase the bond between parent and child. It really doesn’t.

Nikolas: Mother, it’s okay. I won’t pretend I haven’t betrayed you over and over again. I own everything I’ve done to you. But to take my child away from me? Is that about what’s best for the baby, or are you getting even with me?

Spencer: This is not about revenge. This is about how unfit you are to be a father, not only because of everything that you have done for me over the course of my life, but everything that I’ve learned that you’ve done to other people as well. And unlike you, I’m gonna do what’s best for the baby.

Laura:  Spencer, think about what you’re saying right now.

Spencer: I have. I’ve discussed this with my friends. I’ve discussed my case with Diane Miller. I’d like to make it perfectly clear to you, Father, that I will do everything in my power to ensure that you cannot destroy another innocent life.

Laura: You’re still a kid yourself, Spencer! You can’t raise that baby all alone.

Nikolas: Your grandmother’s right. Whatever you may think, I love this child. And I will make damn sure I don’t repeat my mistakes.

Spencer: You are incapable of keeping that promise!

Nikolas: Spencer, if you go down this path, you’re gonna force me to fight you. And I will use every weapon in my arsenal to make sure a judge grants me custody of my child.

Spencer: Don’t worry.

Nikolas: Don’t make me do that.

Spencer: It’s not going to go that far.

Nikolas: What are you talking about?

Spencer: You’re gonna hand me custody of your own free will, Father.

Finn: Elizabeth, I don’t know what to say, but… do you realize you’re now an accomplice to a kidnapping?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I-I legitimately thought I was doing the right thing. I mean, I was protecting an innocent baby, and Esme couldn’t kill anyone as long as she was locked up.

Finn: The police were looking for Esme. She was their number-one suspect in The Hook attacks. How long were you gonna let them go on thinking that when you knew she couldn’t be the murderer?

Elizabeth: It wasn’t until Officer Cabrera was killed that I realized Nikolas and I made a huge mistake.

Finn: But you didn’t say anything.

Elizabeth: I couldn’t. I — you have no idea how badly I wanted to, but at that point, I’d already given up everything to help Nikolas. I put myself in legal jeopardy, which was gonna affect my kids. I threw away my relationship with you. Believe me, Finn, I have beaten myself up every single day for this, but I couldn’t see a way out. And then Esme escaped, and she was found. And everything I did, everything I gave up — it was all for nothing.

Josslyn: There’s another reason I’m here. You warned me about survivor’s guilt. And you were right. It does affect me. I-I wake up in the middle of the night with my head spinning, thinking if I had done something different, would Britt still be alive?

Dex: That is not on you, okay? I’m the one who got you to leave before the police showed up.

Josslyn: Yeah, because your argument made sense. Because it wouldn’t have made a difference if we stayed. I know that. I just still feel guilty. It’s the same thing with Cam. I knew the right thing was to break up with him. I feel guilty about that, too.

Dex: When you lay it all out there, I really messed up your life.

Chase: That’s not what I meant. I wasn’t talking about us.

Brook Lynn: Doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Chase: Look, I don’t want to be a pop star, okay? It’s not my passion. I want… I want my badge back.

Brook Lynn: The CCRB — they might not even reinstate you.

Chase: Then I will have to figure out what’s next. But music isn’t my future. I can’t do this forever.

Brook Lynn: Translation — don’t want to be around me forever.

Chase: Oh, would you stop putting words in my mouth? It is time we finish what we started.

Brook Lynn: Look, Chase, I get it. Okay? I screwed up when I didn’t write that letter of support after Dante asked me to. I ruined any chance of us having a relationship, even a professional one. Am I wrong?

Nikolas: Like hell I’m gonna grant you custody.

Spencer: You don’t have a choice. One way or another, you’re gonna be out of your child’s life.

Laura: Stop it. Stop it right now. The two of you are father and son. You should be able to work out your differences.

Spencer: My father had every opportunity to work out our differences. And you couldn’t. Or you wouldn’t.

Nikolas: Okay, so you think, what, guilting me over my shortcomings is gonna motivate me to just sign my child away to you?

Spencer: Oh, motivate! What a good word. The motive? Revenge. Justice. Guilt. Ah. Take your pick.

Laura: You said this wasn’t about revenge, Spencer.

Nikolas: The motive? Revenge. Justice. Guilt. Take your pick.

Spencer: Any chance of reconciling with me is ruined.

Nikolas: Any chance I had of reconciling with Spencer was ruined.

Nikolas: This isn’t a game, Spencer.

Spencer: Honestly, my one regret is not doing it sooner.

Nikolas: Honestly, my only regret is not doing it sooner. To spare the people I love the pain I’ve caused them. This I solemnly swear.

Spencer: This I solemnly swear.

Laura: What’s happening right now? What aren’t you telling me?

Nikolas: It’s impossible. How did you…? This is Ava’s doing.

Spencer: [ Scoffs ]

Nikolas: No, she’s thrown in with you, hasn’t she?

Spencer: It sure would be a shame for other people to find out what I know. Like say, um, I don’t know, um, Commissioner Ashford.

Nikolas: You wouldn’t.

Spencer: No. Not if you relinquish your parental rights.

Laura: Okay, stop. Stop right here. Because nothing that has been said or done up to this point can’t be taken back.

Nikolas: [ Scoffs ] There’s no coming back from this. My son… is truly gone.

Finn: [ Scoffs ]  I just — I don’t know why you did it. I know you and Nik are friends, but going along with something like this, I just — I’m sorry. It just doesn’t seem like you at all.

Elizabeth: There were times I didn’t recognize myself. But you saw me when I got back from California after learning about my parents’ betrayal and that I killed your wife.

Finn: Wasn’t like that.

Elizabeth: No… [Sighs] No matter how you look at it, Finn, I was responsible, and I will feel guilty about that for the rest of my life. And then everything was compounded by how deeply I hurt you. I will never forget that look on your face and the way you walked out of here. I was rapidly losing my grip, and there was nothing left for me to hold on to.

Finn: Hey, listen, I never… I never should have walked out on you like that.

Elizabeth: Your life had just been turned upside down. Your reaction was normal. Mine, on the other hand? There’s no excuse. Should have remembered what really matters and held on for dear life — like my boys… like you. But instead, I just shut out everything good in my life.

Finn: Hey, listen, you are… you’re being hard on yourself. Nik bears some responsibility here, too.

Elizabeth: Oh, I’m not letting him off the hook, especially now that he’s gone too far.

Finn: How is that even possible?

Chase: You and I were friends first, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss that. But you put your wants and needs ahead of mine, and I can’t forget that. So we’re gonna take Linc down, get your songs back, have all that squared away before the next CCRB meeting.

Brook Lynn: Understood. There won’t be anything left between us by then. Excuse me.

Blaze: Where is she off to?

Chase: Um…beats me.

Blaze: Well, looks like I came back just in time. Here. I propose a toast.

Chase: To?

Blaze: To the gig we just knocked out of the park, our adoring audience, our new single that drops next week, which I guarantee will be a smash. Or…how about the unlikely successful partnership between the ex-cop and the would-be folk singer? May it be long and profitable. Okay. What’s wrong?

Chase: I told Brook Lynn I want out. I’m taking the steps to make that happen.

Blaze: You can’t quit.

Austin: Well, if you’re standing up for yourself, good for you. Although, it seems to be something you’re good at, ’cause I saw that firsthand with my cousin in my office that time.

Ava: Has Mason given you any more trouble?

Austin: No, everything’s quiet on that front.

Ava: Would you tell me if it wasn’t?

Austin: Oh, 100% no. Only because it’s not your problem, and I’m a grown person, so I can look after my own life.

Ava: You know, it’s funny. There was a time that Ava Jerome would have gone in for the kill — metaphorically speaking, of course — anytime anybody crossed me.

Austin: Okay. But you’re different now? What changed?

Ava: I became Ava Cassadine. And Ava Cassadine made excuses in the name of true love. But she’s gone.

Austin: In my experience, when people are in relationships like the one you’re saying you have with Nikolas, it doesn’t just end with a signature.

Ava: Maybe not. But I did something today that should make it finally perfectly clear to Nikolas where we stand and what could come of crossing me.

Nikolas: How could you team up with Ava? Isn’t she your sworn enemy? Do you really hate me that much?

Spencer: Oh, Father, if I hated you, I wouldn’t be giving you this chance.

Nikolas: What chance?

Spencer: For redemption.

Nikolas: Re–

Spencer:  Hey. Father, we both know what would happen if I were to go to the police with this information.

Laura: What information?

Spencer: Now, I could have gone directly to them. Police Commissioner Ashford was standing right here, right about where we’re standing, at Britt’s memorial, but I didn’t. I came directly to you because I wanted to give you the choice. Now, you can sign away your parental rights and you can go on living your life, or you can face what will happen if I give this to the police. It’s that simple.

Nikolas: For all your talk of wanting to be your own man, you are every bit a Cassadine.

Spencer: [ Clears throat ] [ Exhales sharply ]

Laura: Nikolas! If you go out that door right now, you’re making a big mistake.

Elizabeth: Throughout this whole ordeal, Nikolas promised he would keep me out of it if he ever got caught. I used that to justify my actions, though I’m not sure I ever really believed it. And then Esme was found, and it all became really clear that there’s nothing Nikolas could do to protect me if she regains her memories. Except he did find a way to keep his promise. Ironically, it’s what made me realize that I could never trust him again.

Finn: What did he do now?

Elizabeth: He brought my mother to town. He wanted her to do to Esme what she did to me, to make sure that she never remembers so she can’t implicate either one of us, no matter the damage it did to her like it did to me. That’s it. That’s all of it. You have no idea how many times I just wanted to tell you the truth, but I held back for a lot of reasons. I-I didn’t want to make you an accessory. I wanted to protect Nikolas. I wanted to protect myself. It just — it went too far, and… I lost everything. But I couldn’t stay silent anymore.

Josslyn: You did not mess up my life, okay? You saved my life, remember? As grateful as I am to Britt, The Hook had her cornered when you showed up.

Dex: You’re welcome, but don’t be literal.

Josslyn: Excuse me?

Dex: Look, a lot of awful things have happened to you, either as a direct or indirect result of knowing me. You’ve been an accessory after the fact. You’ve left the scene of crime. You even broke up with your boyfriend.

Josslyn: Look, have you influenced my choices? Obviously, but they’re still my choices. And that includes breaking up with Cameron, okay? If things were perfect between us, I never would have looked twice at you.

Dex: Are you sure about that? ‘Cause I was definitely looking at you.

Josslyn: [ Sighs ] Look, I just mean… after the video of me and Cam came out, things were never the same, and I could feel us growing apart. We both got really busy. There was always a reason not to talk to each other, and more and more, he felt like someone I used to be close with, someone that I cared about but didn’t connect with. And I didn’t say any of that because I didn’t want to hurt him. And in the end, I ended up hurting him even worse. I mean, the breakup was bad, but when he found us together…

Dex: Do you regret it?

Josslyn: Do I regret Cam walking in? Of course I regret it.

Dex: No, I mean, do you regret being with me?

Blaze: Sorry. I just meant you’re hugely talented, and it would be a waste if you walked away from that.

Chase: Thanks, but like I told you, this music industry, performing — it isn’t me.

Blaze: I know.

Chase: But, hey, I had a really nice time collaborating with you.

Blaze: Me, too. Who knew I’d like having a partner?

Chase: Ah, let’s face it. I’m just holding you back.

Blaze: Even if that were true, I wouldn’t care. Working with you has reminded me of my love of singing and performing, of why I got into this business in the first place. Before you came along, I was actually thinking of quitting.

Chase: Why?

Blaze: I signed a contract with Linc, and… well, working with him has really made me question why I’m doing this. I thought my love of music could get me through anything, but lately… singing with you is the only thing making this bearable.

Linc: Hey, there’s my hot new star. Sorry I’m late, sweetheart. Didn’t we agree on a different outfit?

Chase: Show’s over, Brown. There’s no need for you to be here.

Linc: Whoa, whoa, whoa, cool it, Mr. No Longer a Detective. I’m actually looking for Brook Lynn.

Chase: And I will let her know you’re in the building.

Linc: There’s no need. I’ll tell her myself.

Chase: Are you okay?

Linc: Well, hello, Brookie. How’s my favorite ex-nightingale?

Brook Lynn: I am so not in the mood to deal with you tonight.

Linc: But it’s your lucky night. You’re finally getting rid of me for good.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, I’ve heard that before.

Linc: Well, this time it’s true. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten our deal.

Laura: Hey, Nikolas, I don’t know what just happened. But you can’t leave things like that.

Nikolas: Why are you talking to me? Shouldn’t you be lecturing your grandson about the evils of blackmail?

Laura: You’re the adult. You have to go and face your son.

Nikolas: I don’t know who that person is anymore.

Laura: It’s Spencer. It’s still Spencer, the same little boy you loved and you cared for. Look, you have both done horrible things to each other, and I don’t know what exactly that was about. But I do know the worst thing you can do right now is to play into what he has done.

Nikolas: He worked with my ex-wife, intending to destroy me. It wasn’t enough for Ava to divorce me and take my home. She had to take my son, too?

Laura: Okay. I know. I know, sweetie.

Nikolas: [ Crying ]

Laura: I am so sorry. Really, I am as blindsided by all of this as you are. But take a moment to calm down, okay? Because then you need to go back into that chapel, and you have got to face your own son because he is now at the precipice. He is about to make a decision that he is going to regret for the rest of his life. Okay? Don’t turn your back on him now. He needs you.

Austin: So that moment in my office with Mason — that wasn’t just a fluke?

Ava: Oh, that was nothing. You just have to know where someone’s weak spots are.

Austin: Ah. That’s your thing — you find everyone’s weak spot. How’s that working for you?

Ava: Guess I haven’t met my match yet, I suppose. But I thought I had.

Austin: I’m really sorry.

Ava: It’s no matter. I’m very used to taking care of myself. And I intend to keep doing that. So… Well, I’m — I’m off…

Austin: Oh.

Ava: …To my new castle. [ Laughs ]

Austin: Thank you so much.

Ava: Yeah. Enjoy the evening.

Austin: Yeah, you too.

Ava: Thanks.

Nikolas: Oh! You’re the best mother I could ever have. I will always love you.

[ Both crying ]

Linc: Have you forgotten our deal already? You signed a non-disclosure agreement while burnishing my reputation with the media. In exchange, I return all the rights to your songs, except for the ones that have already been sold, of course.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, I remember. It’s been so long, I thought you forgot.

Linc: Oh, I never forget the terms of a deal. And my lawyers are meticulous.

Brook Lynn: I’m aware.

Linc: I must admit, my financial advisors balked at my making this deal. Your catalog is a gold mine.

Brook Lynn: [ Scoffs ] Wow. You must be really scared to get “metoo”d to walk away from all that money.

Linc: This is what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it? To have all your songs back and me out of your hair.

Brook Lynn: Among other things.

Linc: Perfect. Then all you need to do… …is sign on the dotted line.

Chase: Look, you don’t have to put up with Linc. Walk away. Find a manager who respects you.

Blaze: Problem is, my contract is ironclad. My career would be over, after I worked so hard for it. I’m trapped. And it’s not like I have a support system. Excuse the pity party, but when you leave the business, I’ll be all alone. Well… not alone.

Josslyn: I do regret not telling Cam that my feelings have changed. You know, everyone says it’s better to be honest. And now that I’ve lived it, I know it’s true. I should have told him how I felt. I won’t make that mistake with you.

Dex: And how do you feel?

Josslyn: [ Sighs ] I’m…scared. But the good kind of scared. A little part of me wants to hide. But most of me wants to run right into it.

Dex: I like that about you, that you run towards what scares you. If it’s any help, you scare me, too.

Elizabeth: I know what I have to do now. I just wanted to tell you first.

Finn: First?

Elizabeth: I didn’t want there to be any more lies between us before I…

Finn: Before you what? Elizabeth, what are you gonna do?

Elizabeth: Turn myself in.

Mason: Yeah, I’m gonna tail this Jerome woman that gave me such a hard time the other day. I’ll report back.

Spencer: Where did my father go?

Laura: I don’t know. What have you done, Spencer?

[ Knock on door ]

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Austin (to Mason): You want to come after me, Mason? Take your best shot.

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