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Marshall questions if it is safe for Trina to attend Britt’s memorial. Stella rings the doorbell. Portia and Terry talk about the wedding plans. Jordan shows up at the hospital. Anna, Felicia, and Valentine at the safe house and Anna is on guard. Felicia assures them they will nail Victor. Michael and Willow discuss the baby being born. Michael gets a text and Willow talks to the baby after he leaves, telling her that she is her first priority. Sonny comes in. Carly tells Drew that she thinks Willow will be ok and they hug. Drew says they probably shouldn’t have done that and Carly says she doesn’t think they were seen. Nina sees them and spies on them talking.

Stella says she is back for the wedding and talks about her trip. She offers Trina condolences for her loss of Rory. They also discuss Esme. Stella says she has a surprise for Portia. Jordan is at the hospital to support TJ at Britt’s memorial. Portia gets a message about her dress. Sasha and Maxie talk about grief and sadness at the nail salon. Anna, Valentine and Felicia talk about the plan. Michael comes in and asks Sonny what he is doing there. Willow and Michael tell him about the c-section and stem cell procedure. Sonny says he can’t wait to see his granddaughter and that Nina will be overwhelmed. He asks if they are allowed to see her. Drew and Carly talk about having to practice restraint and Nina confronts them over being cozy.

Nina calls Drew out for forgiving Carly no matter how much damaged she caused. Carly asks if she really wants to compare damage and the people that forgive you no matter what. Anna comforts Valentine about his fears of Charlotte thinking he is dead. Felicia says she has an errand to run for her allergies. Valentine and Anna don’t believe her story. They kiss. Maxie and Sasha talk about Nathan, Brando and Liam. Maxie says she is keeping hope alive for Lucy to be ok and they have to remain positive. Sasha agrees. Curtis asks Stella what she is up to. Stella wants to take Portia and Trina to lunch but Trina says she has to go to Britt’s memorial to be there for a friend who needs her. Stella offers to take her to General Hospital for the memorial. Stella says she is prepared to officiate the wedding and asks about the plans for the music. Jordan asks Portia how Trina is. Portia says she is fine and excuses herself. Jordan stops her and says she had a conversation with Taggert, and they have something sensitive to talk about involving Portia, Curtis and Trina.

Nina attacks Carly about daring to judge her and Carly tries to walk away. Nina says she is not going anywhere, and Sonny comes up to them, asking if there is a problem. Drew says there is no problem, and they leave. Nina tells Sonny she hates his ex and he tells her there is good news, that there may be a way to save Willow. Drew asks Carly if she thinks Nina caught on to them, Maxie and Sasha talk about Deception stock doing better and Sasha says Gladys gets some credit. Maxie asks if the guardianship is weird. Sasha tells her about the disagreement they have about selling Brando’s garage. Portia asks why Taggert is talking to her about Trina and Jordan says he is worried about the security for Trina at the wedding. Portia says her and Curtis have it handled and tells Jordan to stay out of her business Jordan tells her she seems stressed and should unburden herself. Portia asks if she wants that so she can have Curtis to herself. Trina and Stella talk about how important family is. Trina tells her about finding a family match on the genealogy website but tells her she chickened out on finding them. Stella is curious about Trina’s use of the website. Nina is happy there is hope to save Willow. Sonny says Willow is putting on a brave face for Michael. Nina thinks there is something she can do for her.

Valentine and Anna are making out. There is a knock at the door. Felicia has brought Charlotte to see Valentine. Drew is worried Nina saw them or heard them. Carly says if Nina knew anything she would have said something. Drew asks if Sonny would say anything. Carly says he wouldn’t since he knows the stakes. Carly said they are fine as long as they don’t go public. Nina goes into Willow’s room and asks to talk to Willow alone. Nina tells Willow she is there for her and Willow tells her she has plenty of support. Nina tells her that she doesn’t have to keep up a brave face for her like she does with Michael. Sonny approaches Michael and says he wants to be there for him. Marshall and Curtis talk about Stella and Marshall’s issues. Marshall says he got the tests done. Portia accuses Jordan of using Trina to drive a wedge between her and Curtis and throws her arresting Trina in her face. Portia flashes back to different conversations she has had with Curtis and she tells Portia she has no idea the things Jordan has done to protect them. She says if she wanted Curtis, she would have told him the secret months ago. Stella comes up and asks what she would tell Curtis.

Marshall tells Curtis he hasn’t gotten the test results back and they discuss why he didn’t want to get the tests done. Marshall says he wants Curtis involved. Portia and Jordan are surprised to see Stella. Stella pushes them for an answer to her question and Jordan lies and tells her that it was about the divorce papers. Charlotte and Valentine catch up and Anna thanks Felicia for bringing her. They talk about their daughters and the toll their jobs took on them growing up. Maxie and Sasha talk about selling Brando’s garage. Sasha asks Maxie how she kept going after all her loss. Nina tells Willow she can tell her anything she wants and Willow says she can’t and has to have her boundaries. Terry comes in and tells Willow it is time to prep her for her c-section. Sonny asks Michael how he is doing, and Michael tells Sonny not worry about him. Nina interrupts to tell Michael Dr. Randolph just went into Willows room and he leaves. Sonny asks Nina how it went and she tells him Willow doesn’t want anything to do with her. They hug. He reminds her about Britt’s memorial, but she says she wants to stay until Willow is taken into surgery. Nina complains to Sonny about Drew forgiving Carly. Sonny tells her to let it go and focus on Willow. Nina blames Carly for her bad relationship with Willow and Sonny tells her they are in the situation because of revenge and fighting helps no one. Nina tells him that sometimes wars are unavoidable.

Sonny asks Nina what she is planning, and she says nothing. She says she agrees they need to focus on helping Michael and Willow. Carly and Drew rush over to see Willow as she is being wheeled towards surgery. They wish her well. Nina watches on jealously. Valentine thanks Felicia as Anna talks to Charlotte. Charlotte thanks her for bringing Valentine home and they hug. Maxie tells Sasha it gets better in time and the material things their loved ones owned matter less as time goes on. Curtis tells Marshall they will handle the test results together. Curtis tells him it is ok if he can’t perform at the wedding as long as he is there. Stella quizzes Jordan about the genealogy test Trina took in high school.

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