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Oh, you didn’t come down for dinner? I thought you’d stepped out. I was here, but I was dealing with a para Uninvasive guests. Anyone I know, commissioner Hernandez and Detective Hunt. They were here before. Yeah. Looking for Kristen. Did they tell you the good news? They have an arrest warrant for your sister, but they can’t find her?

They were hoping I could help them out with that. And could you? No. But while they were here, Reeve got a call from Brady. The police should be closing in on Kristin, as we speak. You understand these rights does. I read them to you. This is ridiculous. I didn’t murder anyone, but you did withhold a life-saving treatment from two women who are now dead and Marlena is hanging by a threat.

I don’t know anything about a life-saving treatment. Kristin, you might as well give up the act because they know the truth. Oh God. What are you talking about? We have a recording of your confession. . Uhuh. You’re bluffing. Yeah. Is this gonna mark? Well, we can talk about all this down at the station. Let’s go take her.

Who off of me? What is this? A police state? Kristin, this is just you getting, what do you deserve?

Yeah, I, I’m hoping Brave has found Kristen by now, but I, I haven’t heard anything from him yet. Don’t, don’t, don’t thank me Uncle Steve. Look, it, it’s, it’s killing me that none of this is gonna bring Aunt Kayla back. You too. Yeah. I’ll, uh, I’ll, I’ll call you if I find out anything more,

Johnny? Hey. Hey. How’s your grandma? Uh, it was, uh, I was just about to check on her. Did you come to see Ellie? Yeah. I figured she could have used the moral support. It’s really bad, isn’t it? It’s really bad.

I can’t take you home, doc. Not in your condition. I don’t. I don’t wanna die. I’m not here. No, you, you don’t get enough. I don’t wanna talk like that. Ok. Don’t do that. We both, no, they’ve done everything they can. Nothing is working.

I just wanna be in my own bed.

The doctors are buying you time until Steve and the ISA can find that damn market. Good.

There’s no time. Now we both know that. Please, please, please get me outta here.

Like sands, through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

And I had Kristen cornered with this thing. If you would’ve stopped me, then she could have been knocked out on the floor before Rafe even got here. You’re serious. There are two dead women because of your sister, and Marlena might be next. So yeah, I’m. Kristen refused to admit to that she made a deal with Brady the first time got sick.

What’s so the deal? Well, she forced Brady to dump me and get back together with her, or else she was gonna let Marlena and Kate and Kayla all die. So Brady had no choice but to accept that deal, but then they all got sick again, and now she’s saying she has no idea where that damn orchid is. I wondered how she managed that reconciliation.

She’s a monster. That’s. She’s using her own child as a weapon to make Brady stay with her. All she does is cause misery and she doesn’t take any responsibility for any of it. Oh, that’s about to change. Why? What happened? Breaking news. Kristen Damer taken into police custody.

So Ray is gonna a restaurant, Kristen, as soon as he can track her down. And he wants you to testify against her. Yeah. Yeah. To, uh, verify the conversation she and I had when she confessed to everything. Oh, that was pretty slick of your Uncle Steve to put a bug in your place, but it kind of put you in a tough position.

No, no it doesn’t. Look, Kristin needs to be stopped. Her withholding of that cure is what led to Kate and Aunt Kayla’s death. And, and I’m. I am scared to death. My grandma might be next.

Johnny, you’ve been through this before.

Had enough time for me to take her back to Venice.

I’m not asking for Venice. I’m asking for a cross town. Honey, there wasn’t anything I could do for the zb.

Well, My odds aren’t much better than than hers were. So please, please, please,

perhaps you’ll settle for a compromise.

Molly, I made sure. What were you thinking?

I should go fine, Allie, right? Um, yeah. Last I knew she was in the chapel. Oh, it’s from her. She decided to leave the hospital. After all, she didn’t want the babysitter to put Henry to bed, but it’s nice to hug him right now. Well, uh, I guess I’ll head back. Uh, grandpa, is it grandma? No, no, no, no. She’s, uh, she’s the same.

Look, if you got a minute, I could really use your help. So I will keep you up to speed on Kristin if you keep me up to speed on Marlene. Okay. Thank you Bell and. , listen, if her condition changes at all, will you let me know anything at all? Okay. Love me.

Wheres mom? Hey, pumpkin. Um, We have to talk. Okay. Do you wanna, you wanna have a seat? Chad? Am I in trouble? No. No, you’re not in trouble, but mommy is okay. Mommy’s in a little bit of trouble. You see? She was gonna take you on a trip and she, she didn’t even ask me, and it’s not, that’s not good. Um, she’s done some bad things.

Some seriously bad things. And, and that’s, that’s why she couldn’t move. Well, she had to move outta the house, remember? Right. And, um, now it seems that she, she may have to go back to prison for a little while.

I know. Come here, come here, come here. It’s not your fault. Come here. It’s not your fault. It’s. Look, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I didn’t wanna hurt Marlaina or the other women. I swear to you.

Look, I will admit I hid the orchid knowing that these women would need more doses of the serum, but I wasn’t gonna withhold it if they got sick. I swear to you, I never wanted those women dead.

Where’d you get that? I got it. That’s all you need to know. Well, I hate to tell you that that’s not me on that tape. Someone who sounds like me or some sort of deep fake, it won’t hold up as evidence. Yeah, nice try. Look, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I didn’t wanna hurt Marna or the other. I swear to you.

Look, I will admit I hid the orchid knowing that these women would need more doses of the serum, but I wasn’t gonna withhold it if they got sick. I swear to you, I never wanted those women dead. Yeah, maybe not, but that’s what happened.

Damara agreed to testify that this conversation took place between the two of you. I demand to call my lawyer.

Let me see that. Describe me. A mugshot of her or something. I still don’t understand. What possessed you to let Kris move back in here and what can I say? She’s, she’s family. Hmm.

How about a game with Jess? I don’t wanna neglect my guest. No, it’s okay. I’m actually ready to go home. You sure? Yes. It’s been quiet a day and I’m pretty tired. You fellas, enjoy your game. I know my way out. Something tells me that I’m going to sleep so much better.

Something tells me she and Kristen don’t get along. You do know that I used to be a chess champion, right? Yes. You’ve told me quite frequently. . Well just want her to be up front.

EJ Dam. It’s your sister. I hear you’ve managed to get into a bit of trouble. Yeah. Now I need you to get me out of it How? How you come down to the police station and you bring your fancy law degree. I’m in the middle of something. Don’t jerk me around. Dj. You get your ass down here and you make this all go away.

Otherwise, my next call is to. And I am sure he would love to hear how his own brother sold him out for control of Tamara Enterprises.

Hey, where did you go? It’s going. A few arrangements. I know. Luckily I ran into a guy that’s gonna set everything up for me so I can stay right here with you.

The compromise, what is it? Come on, God. Will you love me? Surprise you for just one? Yeah. Do I get a hint? Okay. I’ll give you this much.

You’re about to go. On the adventure of a lifetime.

What is that thing? Uh, this thing is a Bluetooth projector.

I wanted to be nice for your grandma. Those good to be useful. Yeah. I still can’t believe you talked that coffee shop into giving you their window display . Oh, they were about to close anyway, and I told the counter guy who it was for four. Turns out your grandma’s a regular customer. Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Yeah, it, uh, takes my mind off my own problems Soon. I thought you said your English lawyer didn’t think Scotland Yard was gonna press charges. Well, that hasn’t stopped Sloan Peterson from suing Mama and Me and Civil Court

Chanel. I’m so sorry. I, I, I wish I would’ve known that. It’s okay. There’s nothing you can do. Yeah, but I still want to know what’s going on in your life. Just cuz we’re not married anymore doesn’t, I mean, I don’t still care about you, but what about Wendy? Is she okay with us being friends? Why would you ask about her?

Johnny, come on. You two are kind of the thing now. Right.

I don’t want mommy go back to prison. I know, baby. I’m sorry. But you look, we can, we can visit her. You’ll be able to see her. It won’t be the same. We won’t get to do stuff together. She won’t get to read to me at night. She does all the voices and she’s funny. I know, I know. She’s, I know she’s funny sweetie, but, and I’ve heard you laughing together and that’s.

You two are supposed to get married, but you wouldn’t and now mommy’s gone. Honey, we will get through it together, okay? You and me. We did before. We’ll be okay. I don’t want you, I want my mommy.

Leave me alone.

There you go. Turkey on rye with lettuce and mayo and cranberry. You remember the cranberry sauce kind of hard. Forget cranberry. What do I owe you? . Oh me. No, this is on me for a job well done. Well, if I would’ve known that I would’ve ordered dessert and apple pie. Carolyn Brady’s secret recipe. Okay. Okay.

Now I feel guilty. I mean, it was Steve Johnson that got Kristen on tape. No, no, no. You were the one who suggested that Johnny testified the tape is accurate. I mean, it’s, it’s a shot in the dark. I’m just hoping it’s enough to get the judge to. Yeah, well hopefully the DA can say that Steve didn’t get a warrant because he was so worried about his wife.

From what I hear, the Deras are experts at Eluting Justice, you heard. Right, and I will bet Kristen’s in there right now talking to EJ about how to do exactly that.

How soon can you get. I’d love to help you, Kristen, but the c e O of Dara Enterprises can’t get involved in a murder investigation. It’s just not a good look for the company. Don’t pull this crap with me, ej. Now you get me out of here tonight, or I will blow you out of the water. My decision is final. Fine.

Then I am giving s Stephan a call. Oh, there’s no need to.

S Stephan is right here with me and you are on speakerphone. Our sister has something she would like to tell you.

I hope we have another extension port. We do, we do.

You never answered my question. Uh, what? You and Wendy. Oh. Um, yeah. There’s really not much to say. I mean, technically we’re not even dating so. Oh, I, I, I guess I got the wrong idea because you two are always together. Ugh. We wanted people to think we were a couple. It was like our cover for what? Uber investigating.

Wendy’s brother le in. He’s uh, my dad’s right hand man at Damara. And what did you think he was? . Well, Lee was engaged to Gabby Hernandez, and we thought he might be doing something shady to keep Gabby from getting back with her husband. Who th she thought was dead? Yeah. My, uh, my Uncle Stephan. Oh, and, and it all came out at the wedding, right?

About the brainwashing? Yes. Oh.

Wendy’s brother. Sure. Sounds like a creep. Yeah, he is. That’s what I think. Anyway.

So, uh, well, now that your uncle and Gabby know the truth and the caper is over, where does that leave you and Wendy? Uh, I guess we, I dunno, we, we decided we didn’t want to. Seeing each other. I really like her. Oh, that’s great. I’m really happy for you.

Yeah. Yeah. We probably would’ve, uh, gone on our first date by now if it wasn’t for grandma getting sick. Hey, be careful on that chair, by the way. It’s not exactly stable. Woo.

You okay?


Krista’s in custody is all thanks to you Steve. We’re gonna make sure she pays for what she. Yeah, don’t worry. Just try to get some rest. Okay.

You okay? Yeah. It’s just, and Steve, he just, he sounds like a light just went out inside of.

Yo, you and Kayla fell in love when they were really young. I don’t know if he’s ever gonna recover from losing her, and it didn’t have to happen. I mean, how could one woman cause so much pain and suffering for so many people? And how does she live with herself?

Happy to see you, but what brings you by. Well, I heard that Kristen was just arrested. I was driving home and I I couldn’t stop thinking about you and Rachel. How are you doing? It’s been a day. Came home to find, uh, Kristen, preparing herself to take Rachel away with her. What? Thank God you stopped her.

Yeah, it was really close too. . Well, did Kristen know she was being arrested? Is that why she was running? No. She realized that she didn’t have any more leverage over me and that I would probably try to prevent her from seeing Rachel. She was very surprised to see Jayden and Rafe showing up here. Oh my goodness.

Was Rachel here when they took her? She was in, she was in the bedroom.

I don’t know how to, how do you, how do you tell your little girl that your mother has done such terrible things that she may be in prison for the rest of her life? How do you say that to your little girl? I dunno, but I’m sure you handled it well. I’ll enough. I can’t believe this is happening to my little girl, pj, this is ridiculous.

Take me off the speaker this instant. But you were so eager to tell S Stephan everything. This is your chance. Tell me what, I don’t know what you’re doing, ej, but it’s not, oh, I’ve grown tired of your games, darling. You wanted Stefan to know the truth. Okay. Why don’t you two quit screwing around and tell me what the hell’s going on?

It’s nothing. EJ is just acting like a child as usual. Fine. I’ll do it myself. What our wants to tell you is that I knew that Lee had RO brainwash you and outta self-interest. I’ve decided to keep that to myself.

You are an idiot, ej, and aren’t you fortunate that I won’t be serving as your attorney? And since you have to find someone else so quickly, why don’t we, don’t you dare hang up on me.

You knew he had me brainwashed only after the fact. Kristen was in on it from the very beginning. And you knew about it for months? Yes.

How’d you find out after you and I managed to pull off our coup? The board meeting, Lee took me to the site and told me everything. I was appalled, of course, but then Lee pointed out that if I decided to set you straight, you might remember your love for Gabby inside with her against me. Mm. So this was a business deal.

For me, yes. It was personal for Lee. And what did Kristen get out of it isn’t that obvious. You kept Chloe occupied and unavailable to Brady.

You knew what Lee did and you still made him your number two at Demira, and then you told me that way. Questioned my mental capacity, which was a lie of course,

but I had just assumed control of the company and I didn’t want that taken away from me.

I can’t believe it. If it makes you feel any better. Lee and Christian have been holding what I did over my head this entire time. But it is over now. I am glad, even if it means dealing with the consequences of my actions.

Okay. Yeah.

Everything ready to. Uh, one second.

Oh, that’s lovely. You too. Did an amazing job in such a short period of time. I won’t forgive it. Uh, this is for the projector. It’s all loaded. What do you do? You just drive around with all this equipment in your car, ? Uh, well, you know, you just, you never know when stuff like this might come in handy. Uh, I, I got this from the diner down the street.

Gus the Counterman, he says he’s praying for you. Bless his heart. Bless. Here’s two.

Anything for you, grandma. I love you. I love you too.

I know this isn’t the same as taking you honey,


Thought that if something might happen, I can get you downstairs in a hurry. Oh my love. Oh my darling.

I’m so sorry. You have to deal with all of this when Marlene is sick. Huh? See, it’s, it’s, it’s all been kind of a perfect storm. Hurricane. Kristen, did you know that when you left the hospital we almost lost Mar? almost lost her. I mean, she, she, it was, it was really touch and go and the doctors were able to, to bring her back.

How is she now? I don’t know how much longer she can hold enlo. All the doctors can do is treat the symptoms. They need a cure for her. Are you sure that Kristen isn’t lying about the orchid being stolen? I, I don’t. All I know is, is the orchid was not where she said it was supposed to be. That’s all I. Wow.

And I feel, you know, I feel powerless to do anything, and I feel a hell of a lot of guilt about what I was supposed to save Marlena’s life by playing Kristin’s game. That was the deal. I should’t trusted her. I mean, I, I should’ve, I should have done something more, anything more. Hey, and I didn’t, your your back was against the wall.

None of this is your fault. No, that’s what my father says, but I’m not, Because look what I mean. Look, look what happened. I hurt you. I fixed it. So, so Kristen could control my daughter, John Marla had been forced to live here without maniac. I mean, it was all for nothing. Do you understand? If my dad loses Marlena, I , he’s not gonna be able to go on.

And I honestly, I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to live with myself if that happens. I’m sorry.

You get away from my daddy.

She one.

She one.

Delicious it.

Would you like some more? No. No? Okay.

Oh, what do you have? No, I had Johnny download some family pictures to my cloud. I thought it might be a nice idea just to.

Reminisce a little.


I love that picture. No,

I love that one too.

You still laughing your eyes.

And yours,

John, how did this go so fast? I know. I just wanna do this all over again, doc. I know. I do, I do all over again.

Thank you again for, uh, helping me get things set up on the roof. Wouldn’t have made John’s deadline without you. That was so sweet. What John did I see where you get your romantic streak? Yeah. John and grandmother, their whole life’s been one big long, epic romance. Yeah. They, they had their breakups, but they never lasted.

You know, they, they always figured out that, We couldn’t live without each other. And now they might have to. Well, Dr. Evans, she seemed like she was hanging in there. Yeah. Yeah. That, that was for John’s benefit, you know, thanks to me. She, ah, she looked so frail and she was smiling, but yeah, I could see it in her eyes.

She knows what’s. Man. Man, you know, all my life, you know, as much as my parents would drive me crazy, I could always go to her.

God, I’m just so not ready to lose her.

Rachel, you will not talk to her that way. Okay? Chloe has done nothing wrong. Mommy said she added to move out because her, listen to me. Mommy says a lot of things that are not, You told my mommy, didn’t you? And that’s why the police came. Honey. The police came because mommy broke the law. Okay? I would never do anything to hurt you, Rachel.

You ruined everything. I hate you. Rachel. Rachel, that’s it. You need a timeout. I want you to go to your bedroom right now. I want you to cool off. And I will be in there in a minute. You seem mad. I’m not gonna be mad when we talk, sweetie. But you and I, we will get some things straight. I love you. Go.

So you hired an. Nope, I had a bit of a snag. We can get you a public defender, , some loser who went to a law school. He founded the back of a matchbook cover. No, thank you. We might wanna rethink that because I’m gonna want a statement from you before I book you and take you down to the holding cells. And while you’re at it, you might wanna tell us what Lian did as step in Damira.

Are you offering to cut me a deal if I roll on shit? It’s possible. Wow. I want murder charges off the table and total immunity.

Tell us what you know about Shannon and we’ll,

I remember when you first came to me, pitched me the idea of us joining forces to hold onto the company. And I thought to myself, finally, finally, I have myself an ally in this pit of vipers.

Finally, I have a sibling that I can connect with, and I thought we made a great. And now you tell me as soon as you got what you wanted, you stabbed me in the back. Kind of makes you king of the wipers. When we joined forces, I had no intention of doing that, but then Gabby made a run for control of the company and I simply could not allow that to happen.

I know that’s a poor excuse for what I did, but no, it. It is, and we both know this just wasn’t about the company. No, no, no. This was about you holding onto total control. You owed me and you hated it. Yes.

I am sincerely sorry for what I did, and you have every right to be furious.

No, I’m furious. All right.

In fact,

the only reason I haven’t knocked your ass out by now is that it wasn’t your idea to rewire my. That part is true, right? That you found out after the fact. Yes. So in your mind, you were doing what was best for the company?

Sure. He would’ve improved.


does this mean

we could work this up?

You mean can I forgive you? I suppose,

I think we can do that under one condition.

I am willing to put what you did behind me and move on if, if we go back to our original deal. Co CEOs

LE in has become a liability. I’ll terminate him in the morning and then you and I will run the Mirror Enterprises together. And we have a deal.

I’ll contact the legal department and get the ball rolling.

Thank you for being so. Reasonable about this, they still don’t trust you. Mm. And I don’t think you trust me, but I would imagine the old man would be proud of what we’re doing.

I agree. Now, if you excuse me, I’m rabbis.

I was being front with you when I told you you’re playing against a champion. I’m gonna get you ej. You’re not gonna see me coming.

I am sorry about Rachel. I really have my work cut out with her while she’s made it very clear. She wants me nowhere near you. Chloe. Chloe, that is not her decision, and I’ll make that very clear to her. Her feelings are her feelings. Brady, you know what? Maybe this is the universe saying that you and I shouldn’t be together.

I am not writing anything down until I consult an attorney. Well, that’s your choice, but if I were you, I would do whatever I could to get a lighter sentence is make no mistake. We’ve already got you for two martyrs. Unless Marlena gets a miracle, it’s gonna be three.

Thank you. Ah, try not to cry. Always makes my throat dry. Maybe you should just cry. This is really sad. No, it’s okay.

Having you to talk to has really helped. I’m glad I ran in you today. Me too. And Johnny, I want you to know, and no matter what went on between us, I will always be your friend. Thank you. Really. And you is a friend right now.

We have had a lifetime of wonderful memories, haven’t we got?

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