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Update written by Barbara

Phyllis comes into Society, spots Jeremy there and starts quizzing him about what he’s up to vis-à-vis Diane and Jack. Jeremy doesn’t let her know anything, but says mentions that by the end of the day, he’ll know where Diane’s loyalty lies. He also calls out Phyllis for her  “obsession” with Diane.

While Diane and Jeremy are there, Diane calls Jeremy and sets up a private meeting with him in his suite before he resumes his conversation with Phyllis. Jeremy warns Phyllis not to push him and adds that he’s better as a friend than an enemy, then gets up and leaves.

When Daniel comes into Society and sits down with Phyllis, the first thing she does is ask him if he noticed the guy who was just leaving the restaurant when Daniel entered. Daniel asks her who she is referring to, the man in the suit? Phyllis’s eyes widen as she tells him that the man is a criminal.

Daniel listens to Phyllis’s continuous ranting about Diane and about the extent of her involvement with Jeremy. Daniel grows impatient and tells his mother that this has to stop. She tells mentions that it had stopped for one brief moment in time when she thought Diane was gone, only to find out that she had never left in the first place.

Daniel urges Phyllis not to let things like this get to her. He also admits that he’s not sure he wants her to work with for him at Omega Sphere anymore, because of her negativity and the turmoil surrounding her.  Phyllis asks Daniel if he’s firing her before the project is even launched,  and he tells her this is not the case, but that she needs to tame her anger.He suggests that she read a self-help book or two.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Diane are in the living room talking about how their plan is coming along, and Jack says that he will prepare for undertaking the next step himself. Summer and Kyle come into the living room, quarreling. Jack and Diane let them know about combining some steps of the scheme to move things along. Summer declares that she doesn’t want any more information and heads out to work in a huff.

Later at Jabot, Summer tells Kyle that she still wants to go to Paris with Harrison and asks Kyle to join them. Kyle refuses.  Summer is adamant about not wanting herself and her husband to become entangled in another one of his mother’s messes. She adds that she won’t apologize for what she is saying.

Daniel walks in on Kyle and Summer’s argument and asks what’s going on, did a bomb go off. Kyle tells Daniel that he’s going to leave him and Daniel. Once Kyle is gone, Daniel tells Summer the latest about their mother. Daniel lets Summer know that he told Phyllis to get a take her anger down a few notches or they they won’t be able to collaborate with her on Omega Sphere. Summer tells Daniel that the best thing they can do is duck and take cover to avoid getting pulled into the path of their mother’s whirling tornado.

Kyle is on his way back and overhears this.  He asks Summer if she was talking about Diane or Phyllis. Summer admits that she was referring to her own mother, but notes that it could be about Diane also. Kyle says he doesn’t think that’s a fair comparison before getting a text from Victor. Victor tells Kyle to come to the ranch so they can discuss their potential plot to get Adam out of Jabot. Kyle is frustrated and tells Summer that this is the least of his concerns, that the only thing on his mind now is his mother, and getting her to the other side of her plan unharmed.

Back at Society, Tucker walks in and sits down with Phyllis. He becomes an audience for her to rant about how there’s no way she could get away with the kind of behavior that Diane has been. Tucker tells Phyllis repeats what he told her before the holidays, that being in general, the more at peace you are, the more things will go your way. He adds thastp fighting the world so hard and take the path of least resistance and he tells her that her anger’s going to eat her alive. Phyllis asks him what happened to the guy who said that he wanted “burn it all down” because she found him more interesting.

In Jeremy’s suite, Diane presents him with the stolen necklace. He is very impressed and asks Diane asks how she liberated the necklace from captivity and how he can be sure it’s Nikki Newman’s. Diane tells him that Nikki was pictured wearing that exact necklace at the at opening of the latest exhibit at the Modern Museum of Chico and many other galas. She also shows him the engraving on the clasp, which is “N and V”.

Jeremy buys into what Diane has been telling him and suggests that they steal from other rich and powerful citizens of Genoa City, starting with Diane’s red-headed arch enemy. He wants to rob her blind. However, Diane likes the idea but manages to convince Jeremy that all of her enemies missing their jewlrobbing her enemies would be a sure way to get caught. She strongly suggests that they need a long-term strategy.

Jeremy tells Diane to turn around, she looks uncomfortable. Jeremy tells her to trust him, just like he’s trusting her. She turns around and he puts the stolen necklace on Diane. He requests a kiss and she has no choice but to go along with it.  Jeremy starts taking his tie off, and kissing Diane’s neck, hoping  to get Diane into bed, but she gets him to back off by coughing and pretending that she’s allergic to his cologne.

He says he’ll take a quick shower to rinse the cologne off, which gives Diane the opportunity to take something out of her purse and stash it in one of the dresser drawers. Then she slips a piece of paper under the mattress while he’s in the bathroom.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Chance talk about his life choices. She offers to give him friendly advice and he tells her to bring it on. She tells him that if he has doubts about his chosen career, that he needs to dig deeper to figure out what the cause might be.  He thinks about this, and mentions that in his current job, he likes the structure and that it feels good to undercover and pretend to be someone else for awhile. On the other hand, he says, he doesn’t want to live a life where he stands to lose so much every minute he’s on the job.

Sharon suggests that he could go back to therapy and consider taking a leave of absence from GCPD to regroup. Jack comes into the coffeehouse, greets Sharon and Chance, orders his “usual” and sits down at a table.

Chance gets a surprise phone call and says “that doesn’t happen every day,” and when Sharon asks who it is, he tells her that it’s the Chicago Polic Department. Jack overhears and takes notice. Then he gets a text from Diane, saying that “it’s set” and he sits, pensively, at the table in Crimson Lights.

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