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In Devon’s penthouse, Lily lets him know that she talked things over with Jill, and they are going to move ahead with the IPO. Lily tells Devon it’s not in the best interest of Chancellor-Winters that Devon buy back Hamilton-Winters. This angers Devon and he blurts out that the situation could get ugly.

Lily explains her and Jill’s counter offer, starting with keeping the companies intact to maximize the potential for having a successful public offering. Then they will rebrand that entity as part of the IPO called Chancellor Worldwide.

She adds that once they go public and the dust settles, they could buy Devon out for a lucrative amount, which would enable him to create a new Hamilton-Winters. Lily suggests that this is a win-win, with no acrimony and no bloodshed. Devon disagrees and says that it’s not fair to force him to start building a new company from scratch.

Devon asks Lily if she’s going to cut him out of her life if he doesn’t accept her and Jill’s offer and she lets him know that this would not be the case. She mentions that the buy-out would be a good opportunity for Devon so he can focus on creating somethingĀ  new. Lily asks Devon to consider the offer because whatever course they take will change their lives. She adds that she hopes they can do something that’ll make Neil proud.

With nothing finalized, Lily says she will show herself out and leaves in a huff. She goes to Society, where she runs into Billy, who’s at the bar waiting for take-out pizza. He invites her to join him at the bar, so she does. He tells her that he can see in her eyes she’s upset about something and just because they’re not together anymore, he still cares about her.

He lets her know that she can open up about what’s bothering her. She tells him about being troubled by the situation with the IPO. Billy offers encouragement. After Billy’s pizza arrives and he leaves, Lily sits alone at the bar, sad and pensive, as she looks at a picture on her phone of her with Devon and Neil, and them all smiling.

At Crimson Lights, Abby stops by to apologize to Sharon for causing a scene the other day when she had the argument with Chance. Shortly thereafter, Mariah and Tessa show up at the coffeehouse, brimming with news about their trip to Portland to meet Delphine, their potential birthmother. They tell Sharon and Abby that Delphine is no longer with the baby’s father, and announce that Delphine decided she wants them to adopt her baby. Sharon and Abby are ecstatic. Mariah and Tessa mention that Delphine could change her mind so they’re being guardedly optimistic.

While Abby is genuinely happy for Mariah and Tessa, Mariah picks up on a sad vibe to Abby. Mariah offers to talk with her on the patio, Abby nods, and when they’re on the patio, Abby fights back tears as she tells Mariah that she and Chance are getting divorced. Mariah is sorry to hear this, but assures Abby that she will still have a family with Chance since they’re going to be great co-parents to Dominic.

As Abby is leaving, she gets a text from Devon, asking her to come over. After she has left, Mariah joins Tessa and Sharon to continue talking about the potential adoption. They tell Sharon that Delphine had some tough questions during their visit, that they put forth their best to answer them and they asked Delphine a lot of questions, also. Sharon asks when the baby is due, so Mariah tells her that if things go smoothly, she and Tessa could be moms by the end of February. Sharon is elated.

At Chelsea’s apartment, Victoria comes by to drop Johnny off for his pizza night with Connor and Chelsea. When the boys go into Connor’s room, Victoria opens up and tells Chelsea that her first instinct was to say no when Chelsea invited Johnny to come over. However, she admits that she knew that Johnny would be eager to go, so she agreed to it.

Victoria adds that she’s still uncomfortable with the whole situation, which Chelsea takes to mean that Victoria is referring to being uncomfortable with her. Victoria replies that she is being protective. Chelsea tells Victoria that she totally understands and starts apologizing for pushing to let Johnny know that she’s his biological mother. She also lets Victoria know that Victoria is Johnny’s only mom and she assures Victoria that she has nothing to fear because they’re on the same page.

When Billy arrives at Chelsea’s apartment with the pizza, he’s surprised to see that Victoria is still there. Chelsea invites Victoria to stay and have dinner with the rest of them. Victoria hesitates, then agrees to join in. At the table, Connor mentions that Katie should come next times since she’s Johnny’s sister and his cousin. After awhile, Victoria says that she has to leave and pick Katie up from ballet class. Outside in the hall, Victoria looks sad and uneasy.

At Devon’s penthouse, Abby sits next to him on the couch as he tells her about what transpired with Lily earlier. He opens up about Lily and Jill rejecting his offer to buy back Hamilton-Winters, which would force him to create another entity from scratch.Ā  He adds that it will be a major struggle for him to walk away from the biggest professional achievement of his life, especially since it was with Neil by his side. He is also concerned about failure, but Abby Abby counters that a new company could soar.

Abby takes Devon’s hand and lets him know that he’s not alone and he notices that she took her rings off. She mentions that she did that a few days ago a few days ago. Devon echoes her words about not having to deal with things alone and they start kissing.

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