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[ Relaxing music ]

Finn: The kids, they’re gonna have a great, safe time.

Steffy: Yeah, amelia has a whole day planned.

Finn: Unfortunately, so do I.

Steffy: Yeah, I– I have to get going too. Or convince you to come back to bed.

Finn: You’re not afraid you’ll fall back asleep?

Steffy: Not after that kiss. But you are right, I– I barely closed my eyes last night. I can’t believe sheila’s out there. She is a free woman and it’s all thanks to bill.

Bill: Mm.

Sheila: Good morning.

Bill: Good morning. How long have you been up?

Sheila: Just a little while. I was gonna go make breakfast, but I– I just– I couldn’t bear to move.

Bill: I hope you weren’t too uncomfortable sleeping on the floor.

Sheila: Not at all. I think it’s one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time, thanks to you.

Hope: So, are you going into work?

Liam: Uh, well, my dad’s not apparently. Sabrina said he called in sick again.

Hope: Oh, so he’s at home with sheila all day?

Liam: Dude, I don’t even know. I don’t know what he’s doing or thinking. I don’t understand the whole blackmailing finn and steffy to keep sheila out of jail thing. Now– and now, he wants to house that monster in his home, it’s like–

Hope: Do you really think he would tell police that taylor was the one who shot him?

Liam: Well, it’s my dad. He doesn’t make idle threats. He says he’s gonna do something, he does it. And now, apparently what he wants to do is everything he can to help sheila carter, so I don’t know.

[ Knocking on door ]

Wyatt: Oh, thank god you’re here.

Liam: Wyatt? Aren’t you supposed to be in san diego?

Wyatt: Yeah, well it’s bad enough dad’s not talking to me, you can’t just text me something crazy and say, “oh, we’ll talk “about it when you get home.” So, sheila’s out? She’s free and she’s mixed up with our father?

Wyatt: Dad and sheila?

Liam: That’s why he’s been so distant lately. And why we found her stuff at his house.

Wyatt: We thought she kidnapped him.

Liam: I know.

Hope: Well she’s done something to him.

Wyatt: Can you stop that?

Liam: Dude!

Hope: What?

Wyatt: Dad knows who sheila is, right? I mean, he would never like– I mean, this can’t be true.

Liam: Yeah, well, unfortunately it is. All of it.

Finn: We’re gonna look out for our family and each other, the same as always.

Steffy: Yeah, that’s why we refused to press charges, to protect my mother, but we didn’t think that sheila would be set free.

Finn: That was bill’s doing, not ours.

Steffy: If bill sides with sheila, she is more dangerous than ever.

Finn: What happened when you talked to katie?

Steffy: She couldn’t get through to him. We just have to snap him out of his involvement with sheila. But how?

Bill: Last night was incredible.

Sheila: For me, too.

Bill: I’ve never been with anyone like you before.

Sheila: Someone who truly and unconditionally loves you. Pain hits fast.

Wyatt: If dad was blackmailing steffy and finn to keep them quiet, what could he possibly have on them? I mean, what’s so bad that they would let that murderous psycho go free?

Liam: Honestly that– that doesn’t even matter right now ’cause it’s done, right? I mean, sheila’s out of jail. What– what’s important is dad’s involvement. He’s lost his way.

Wyatt: Lost his way? He’s lost his freakin’ mind! Okay? We need to do something. Who else knows about this?

Hope: Uh, well, steffy’s family, of course.

Liam: Um…

Hope: Us, uh… katie, carter.

Liam: Katie, carter.

Wyatt: So everybody but me?

Hope: Look, wyatt. So many people have tried to get through to bill and– and nothing has worked. He’s not listening to anyone.

Wyatt: Well, I texted him and he said he didn’t want to be disturbed.

Liam: You know what? I’m glad you’re here because you and me, we have to go over there as a united front and– and make dad put an end to this.

Wyatt: Fine. Yeah.

Liam: All right.

Hope: Please be careful. Your dad is not in his right mind right now and you can never trust sheila, okay?

Liam: Yeah, I know. Okay.

Hope: All right.

Wyatt: You’re driving.

Finn: I wish I could stay with you today.

Steffy: I’d love that. But we can’t put our lives on hold because of sheila and bill.

Finn: She’s just gonna be emboldened with him on her side.

Steffy: She already is. The way she talked to me? The way she talked to katie? Sheila thinks she’s untouchable right now. We need to be careful.

Finn: I think she’s laser focused on bill right at the moment.

Steffy: It’s only a matter of time before she starts this delusional campaign to be part of your family.

Finn: Hey, no. That’s never gonna happen. Okay, bill and sheila went too far. Blackmail, bribery, we were never gonna give her a second chance. And bill just threw his away. Look, we’re gonna figure this out. Okay, we’re gonna make sheila pay for her crimes.

Sheila: Because I admire the man that you truly are. The man that wears the sword that symbolizes what he truly is about.

Liam: Oh, good. Won’t take our calls, but at least he’s not locking the door.

Wyatt: Hi. We knocked. You didn’t answer, we got worried.

Liam: Where’s sheila?

Wyatt: Yeah, is she here? Because we really need to talk to you.

Liam: And we need you to listen. I– I don’t know what’s going on with you, but– but you are making decisions that are putting your family in danger.

Wyatt: Mm-hm.

Bill: There’s no danger, liam. That’s the beauty of this. We all move on and nobody gets hurt.

Wyatt: What? Who are– okay, we are concerned about you, dad.

Liam: Yeah, what– why haven’t you been returning my calls? Why did you tell wyatt to leave you alone?

Bill: I’m not alone.

Wyatt: Then she is here? She is here. Okay. Fine. Whatever. We’re gonna make this quick and simple. Liam.

Liam: All– all right. Okay. Dad, whatever’s going on with you and sheila carter, you have to stop it. Like– like here, like, right now. Mckenzie: Eliza, she’s the little ray of sunshine.

[ Thunder cracks ]

Steffy: Oh, my god, sheila! Yeah, we haven’t been able to call the police.

Bill: No one is calling the police. Sheila deserves a second chance. I’m moving on. I’m moving on with someone that I can’t hurt.

Steffy: Move on! But know there will be bars between you because this woman is going to jail. I am pressing charges and she’s gonna suffer in there for the rest of her life.

Bill: You’re not pressing charges. Your mother will spend her life in prison unless sheila spends the rest of her days as a free woman. That is my deal. Take it or leave it.

Hope: Oh, uh, sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt, I actually didn’t think you would be in today. Uh, I was just going to drop this off, but I can come back another time.

Steffy: No, no, it’s fine, come on in. I need to work, focus on something that’s not driving me crazy.

Hope: I get that it’s probably hard to concentrate right now with everything going on.

Steffy: Yeah, tell me about it.

Hope: Look, steffy. No one would blame you if you just want to be home with your family right now.

Steffy: I’m trying to keep things normal. What’s safe for the kids. I mean, if sheila’s out there, she’s gonna be a problem for a long time. For all of us.

Hope: Look, I know this isn’t how you wanted things to work out, but you and finn were in an impossible situation.

Steffy: Yeah, I– I can’t– I can’t even believe it, hope. What the hell is going on with bill? Even katie can’t get through to him.

Hope: Okay, see, that is the part that shocks me the most because katie is usually able to trigger some kind of conscience in him. You know, make him see that his actions have ramifications.

Steffy: Mm-mm. Not this time. She is confused and frustrated as I am.

Hope: Well, I don’t know, maybe liam and wyatt will be able to talk some sense into him.

Steffy: Are they going to see him?

Hope: Yeah, they should be over at his house right now, they’re trying their best to break this hold that sheila has on him.

Wyatt: Dad, liam told me what happened. What you did to steffy and finn, I mean, what is going on with you?

Liam: Sheila carter is a literal threat to them, dad.

Bill: She’s not.

Liam: Yes, she is. Yes, she is, dad, she hurts people. That’s what she does and she’s gonna hurt you, too. Haven’t you been hurt enough? And– and this, my god, all of this, what you’re doing right now, isolating yourself, it’s only gonna make things worse.

Wyatt: Yeah, ’cause that– that’s what’s happening right now, isn’t it? The feelings that you’re feeling, the– the unappreciated, cut off, katie and brooke have finally shut you out of their lives, will’s away–

Liam: And now, look– look, you’re shutting wyatt and me out. Hell, you’re not even going into the office anymore.

Wyatt: That’s your happy place.

Liam: Dad, just– what you’re going through right now, it’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s actually pretty damn normal. People feel alone sometimes. People feel misjudged and– and misunderstood and we get it. It’s natural, yeah. You’d wanna– you’d wanna pull away, you’d wanna protect yourself.

Wyatt: That’s okay, just don’t shut us out.

Liam: You can come to us about– about this or anything else. We want to help you.

Wyatt: Dad, we love you.

Liam: I mean we’re– I mean we’re your sons, for god’s sake. We’re flesh and blood. We’re here for you, you know?

Wyatt: But not sheila. Not that evil, awful person ’cause whatever– whatever she has on you, whatever she’s holding over your head, we can deal with it together, okay? You don’t have to play her game.

Bill: There’s no game.

Wyatt: Of– of course there is! Like, why– why else would you be doing this? What other reason is there?

Sheila: Love. That’s your explanation. I love your father and he loves me.

Steffy: Liam and wyatt are confronting bill?

Hope: Yes, and just so you know, wyatt was shocked when we told him that bill was trying to blackmail you.

Steffy: You told wyatt?

Hope: Well, not– not the details. Not that taylor shot bill, but he did wanna know how sheila was able to get out of jail and why you and finn decided to stay quiet.

Steffy: I’m sure he was surprised to learn the part his father played in this.

Hope: Yeah. What I don’t get is just how bill doesn’t see that he’s probably being manipulated by sheila. I mean, after every single horrible thing that woman has done.

Steffy: Yeah, and thanks to bill, sheila doesn’t have to pay for any of it. It’s sickening. It really is. Somehow, someway, she just lands on her feet.

Hope: This isn’t– this isn’t over yet.

Steffy: It feels like it’s never gonna be over.

Hope: I know, and I get how you would feel that way after everything sheila has done to our families over the years. I mean, from her fleeing genoa city to reinventing herself here. Marrying your grandfather. I mean, it’s just nonstop chaos and violence over and over and over again.

Steffy: Yeah. We had a chance to hold her accountable, we finally thought justice would be served and then bill jumps in and sheila gets away. I mean, she told everyone she wasn’t going back to prison. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t even think it was possible. There was no way she was gonna get away with this, but somehow she does. For now.

Hope: You’re not giving up?

Steffy: No. Sheila may think she won. Bill’s money and power will protect her, keep her out of prison, but I haven’t forgotten who she is or what she’s done or what bill threatened to do to my mother. That’s a mistake they’re gonna regret. Because I’m gonna make them pay.

Wyatt: You think my father took you in ’cause he’s in love with you? You’re crazier than I thought!

Sheila: Why?

Wyatt: Because it’s not true. Because it can’t be true.

Sheila: Is that because I am so unlovable?

Wyatt: Yes!

Liam: Nobody is talking to you.

Wyatt: Go away.

Liam: Dad. Dad. You don’t– you don’t love her. You– you love us. You love wyatt and me, you love– you love will, you love katie and brooke and your granddaughters, beth and kelly. That’s– that’s who you love.

Wyatt: Hell, you even love money more than you think you love her.

Sheila: You know, he did love katie and brooke. They didn’t love him back, not the way that I do, without reservations. Love him unconditionally. You know, they… they didn’t want him. They wanted to try to change him, they wanted to mute his passions and I embrace them. I admire the man that your father is. And he loves me.

Wyatt: Shut up!

Bill: Watch it, wyatt. When you walk in our home, you will show some respect.

Liam: Dad… she tried to kill steffy and finn. She… she poisoned brooke with alcohol. She should be in prison.

Bill: Sheila isn’t going anywhere. She’s staying right here with me. Our home. Our life. Sheila is my future.

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