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 Well, well, well, if it isn’t exactly the person I wanted to see, Mel, I can’t say the same. Haven’t I stack Valley? Not, not so quick. Kristen, you and I need to talk about how you try to steal my life. God, no. After everything that Kristen has done, I can’t believe I loved her. How the hell am I supposed to face Roman and Steve?

Hey, hey, none of this, none of this is your fault. You know that, right? This is Kristen. Kristen is the reason that they lost their, their wife’s. Yeah. And now I’m afraid that my dad is gonna join him. Hey, grandpa. John is gonna find a way to save grandma somehow. Yeah, I’m gonna check on him. I think you went to the chapel to to pray.

Ah, tell em I’m praying for too. I will. Thank you. Yeah,

that was Indonesian authorities still no sign off. They’ve searched every inch of his secret lab and every Dememer property in the region, but he’s in the wind. Has a mastermind at disappearing this time. He had the help of my new brother-in-law. You can’t talk to her like that. You owe the lady an apology.

You’re right, Lee. I’m sorry. Gabby, I’m sorry that you’re nothing but a cold bottom feeding snake who only gives a damn about yourself. What did you say? Okay, that’s enough.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Well guess we’re even. What does that mean? It means that Lee here must have gotten his ego bruised when I knocked him on his ass earlier. Really? This isn’t about what you did to me. This is about what you did to Gabby . What? What I did to Gabby. Suddenly, you’re the hero of this story. What you come riding to arrest?

Because they said a couple of mean things. You who lied to? Who rewired my brain so that I would hate her. You know, the funny thing is you probably didn’t need to do any of that because considering who Gabby is, I probably would’ve ended up hating her on my own. Save it. You two deserve each other.

Are you all right? I’m fine. He’s wrong about you, Gabby. I know who you really are.

I promised Gabby that I was gonna make Lee pay for what he did. Without Ralph corroborating her story about Stephan’s brainwashing, there’s not enough evidence to prosecute El. He gets away with it. Why don’t you arrest his accomplice? Kristin Damara instead.

And I’m really quite busy and not in the mood for this. You know what? I don’t give a damn. We have a lot to catch up on. Ah, hard pass. Uh, where do I begin? How about you Blackmailing Brady into dumping me, threatening the people that he loves so that you could move into his home. And let’s not forget about you having your own brother, Stephan Brainwashed.

So he would distract me away from Brady. You know, maybe you could put this in a strongly worded email. God, it’s so much better saying it to your face. Oh God. Are you done? Done? Yeah, done. No, I’m just getting started. Oh, kitty. Because none of that compares to what you did to Kate and Kayla, thanks to you hiding that orchid.

Two innocent women are. And your original bargaining chip, Marlena, that poor woman is barely clinging to life. So what do you have to say about any of this? I have no idea what you’re talking about.


I’m so, I’m sorry to interrupt.

Something happened to. No, no, there’s, uh, there’s no change. I, I, I just wanted to check up on you.

How are you guys? How you doing? You holding up?

Come on. I’m okay, man. Yeah.

Oh, I’m not good kid. I can’t believe that I’m

Allie. Hey. How’s grandma? The same. Will and Eric are in there with her now. I didn’t wanna leave the room, but she’s only allowed two visitors at a time. Well, I’m sure they’ll, uh, they’ll let us know if anything changes. Yeah. Hey, okay,

Johnny, what are we gonna do if she doesn’t get better? I mean, what are we supposed to do without her?

I’m so sorry.

We’re No, I mean, it’s my fault. It’s my fault she’s in that hospital. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Just for for months. I, I, I let Kristen hold that’s serum over my head. I didn’t say a damn word. Son. You were in an impossible situation. Dad. I, I made the wrong choice. You knew you tried to help me. You, you, you, you knew that there.

There was something I was hiding. There was a reason why I let Kristen inside the house. You knew it’s only cause it didn’t seem like you to change your mind about her. So suddenly I wanted to tell you the truth. So many times. So many times. I know that I keep thinking about the time when I found you going through all her stuff.

Yeah, that was, that was the day. That was the day I almost told you everything. Yeah, I know. And then she walked in. I’m telling you kid, it was like, she just just sucked the life right outta you. I caved. We caved to her threats over and over and over again. I just thinking to myself, I should, I should have, I should have just told you.

I should have told you what I knew about Kristen having you Orchid. I should have taken the risk, but I didn’t. But now we’re in this position. Kate and Kale are gone. Kristen should be locked up. Maybe that’s where we would be, but I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

So you’re just gonna act like, I don’t know what you did. Is that how we’re playing this ? Honestly, Chloe, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I mean, what great stories you made of such an imagination. Brady told me everything. How you blackmailed him into threatening to withhold the treatment. How you had him on the hook this entire time until he had no choice but to take Rachel.

It was only then that you finally agreed to bring him the orchid. Okay. I really don’t know what to say. I mean, none of this sounds familiar. No, no. You did not get to do that. You did not get to act like none of it happened. Yes, none of it did happen. Honey, my God. You are starting to come unhinged.

Sweetheart. I know you do not get to gaslight me. You do not get to upend my entire life and cause death and destruction, and then pretend like it never happened. Well, you know what? Again, I don’t know what to tell you, but it is time for you to do it. The rope, don’t touch me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What you gonna do, Chloe? Kill me. You know what? I just might.

Kristen is a murder. I understand. I know you blame her for Kate and Kayla’s deaths. She’s the reason they’re gone. She had that orchid. She had a chance to save them, and she chose not to. Steve. I am as disgusted by what she did as anyone, but I can’t arrest her. Why not? Because everything we know about what Kristen did is secondhand.

We have no direct evidence from her. No confession from her or her accomplices. Actually we do.

Look, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I didn’t wanna hurt Marlena or the other women. I swear to you.

Look, I will admit I hate the orchid. Knowing that these women would need more doses of the serum, sounds like a confession.

So, where’d you get that recording? I acquired it myself. Planted a bug in the demer, matched in you and Kristen just admitted everything. Well, not directly to me. I knew she would never admit what she did, and while I was there, I might have, uh, caused a slight distraction. And do I want to know what? It was better that you don’t ask.

Right. So you planted a bug while she was distracted. Yeah. And sure enough, as soon as I left, she spilled everything to her nephew, Johnny. So she’s talking to Johnny on that recording. That’s right. And now we’ve got a confession straight from the horse’s. Well, that’s great. That’s great. This just confirms everything that we believed about Kristen and the orchid.

There is just one problem. We can’t use it.

I keep thinking, I’m so grateful that Grandma Kate and I were on good terms in the end, and I was so upset with her for keeping quiet about my dad. Kidnapping mom. Yeah. How were you able to get past. I just realized that she wasn’t trying to hurt me. She was protecting my dad, and I’m so grateful that I got past it because I was able to tell her that I forgive her and I love her.

You know, if I, if I hadn’t been able to tell her that, Hey, hey, hey, hey. She knew. She always knew, just like Grandma Marlena knows how much we love her, but Johnny, it’s not enough. I don’t wanna just remember what we had, I want, I want it to go on, you know, I wanna make new memories. I want more.

I was, I was in constant fear that if I told you about what Kristen was doing, that she would just, she would just destroy the flower. The orchid and she would let them all get sick again. But hell, it happened Anyway. It happened and it’s all on me. It’s on my head because I, I didn’t have the guts to come and tell you, Don, stop.

That’s, that’s the deal. Stop right there and listen to me. You listened to me. I’m listening. You got nothing to apologize for. Kristin was, was threatening Marlena’s life. If you would’ve told me who knows what she would’ve. Maybe you and I could have figured out something together though. That’s why I should Maybe, maybe.

What if she was watching? Well, I don’t know. What if she got surveillance or cameras on the house? You know how resourceful she is? If you No, that’s, you’re the one that’s, you are the reason Doc Kate and Kayla survived the first time. You sacrificed your happiness for them. If you didn’t make that sacrifice, they wouldn’t have gotten the treatment and we would’ve lost them months ago.

You are the only reason Kristin didn’t let Marla die.

Admit it. Admit that you let them. Come on, put the poker down. Chloe. We both know that you’re not going to kill anyone. Really. Really? I’ve done it before. Don’t underestimate me, Chloe. The hell are you doing? Doing what I should have done years ago. Take my life back. She’s lost her mind. Shut up. She’s acting like nothing happened.

Like we don’t all know that she’s a murderer. We don’t. Why not? Because no matter what Kristen has done, and we both know she’s done some terrible things, that poker is not the answer. He’s right. You know, you shut your mouth. Okay, Chloe, think about this. Think about your son. You have too much to live for you.

Do you say you wanna take your life back? This is not the way to do it.

I, I need, I need.

Oh, Stephan, thank you. Thank God you came when you did. Oh, thank me. You’re lucky I don’t use Sonny myself. I should go. Wait. Why was Stefan so angry at you? I thought you convinced him to get his programmer first. I thought so too. So what happened? We couldn’t find Ralph. Okay? And then I had this idea that maybe Marlina could reverse it somehow.

So I went over to the hospital to ask for help. Isn’t she very sick? I I wasn’t asking her to go clubbing. I was asking for her help. This is what she does. She helps people. And you know what? I could, I could argue that by asking her, it was giving her purpose and, and hope. I know your intentions were good, Gabby.

You’re a passionate person. You go after what you want. Stephan had no right to lash out at you like. You don’t deserve that. Well, this isn’t about what I deserve. What is it about now? Sorry. No. What? Nope, nope, no, to you. Defending me, comforting me, telling me I’m a good, passionate person, and that Stephan is, is treating me the wrong way.

Well, he’s treating me this way because of what you did to. Gabby, wait. Oh. Oh, wow.

I keep thinking about how many times Grandma Marlina helped me save me. Really, like when I started to remember what happened in London. I mean, there’s no way that I could have gotten through remembering what Charlie did to me if it wasn’t for her. Yeah, I know she used, uh, hypnosis to help you recover your memories from that night.

Yeah, but I mean, it wasn’t the hypnosis, it was just her being there, you know, making me feel so safe and so loved. Like it was, it was really her strength that got me there. It gave me the courage to remember, it’s her love and her strength that allowed me to accept what happened to me. And then she helped you.

I really don’t think I would’ve been able to rebuild my life if it wasn’t for her. Be a good mom to Henry, start my own business. Yeah, man. She has done that for so many people in our family, in our town. Well, we, we got to call her grandma, but to everyone else, she was a friend. A. My hero.

I just hope that, uh, while she’s lying there in that bed, she can feel all the love of, of everyone whose life she’s touched.

See, I’m not upset with the choices you made. In fact, I am. I am grateful. For what you did GR doc, I mean, son, you gave up the woman you love for her. Yeah, but she’s your life dad. You know how hard it is for me to, to, to see you like this, afraid that you’re going, that’s not gonna happen. You, you said earlier that Yeah, yeah.

I know. You cut me in a moment of weakness here. You’re your stepmother. She’s a fighter and she’s got more fight in her than. Our story is far from over. Trust me. I trust you. I believe that

speaking of our story, I, I’ve been doing nothing but thinking about our lives together as a family, , and I’ve, I’ve been, I’ve been thinking about all the crap that I gave Marla back in the day when I was a kid. You butted heads now and then. Now, and then . Really? Now, and then, all right. You were a handful.


How if that matters, now does, it doesn’t, I don’t even think I gotta tell you this, but you know that I love her like my mom. Right? I know that. That’s why Kristen threatened. She knew that you would do anything. Well, she would’ve done the same thing for

what’s wrong. It’s nothing. What did you hurt your hand punching step? It’s, it’s fine. It. All right, let me see it. Lemme see it. Your knuckles look bad. Might need an x-ray. He’s got a hard head. Tell me about it. Luckily you’re not a surgeon or a piano player, so you’ll be able to sign a mayor paperwork.

You’re assuming I still have a job there. Oh, you’ll find work. Can you make a fist?

It was worth it. I’m glad you think so. You know, nobody asked you to defend my. Nobody had to. I’ll just go get some ice. That’s fine. Stay here. I’ll get it.

So you gonna gaslight me now too? Tell me you weren’t part of this scheme to monkey with my brain. Nah, I was just playing with Chloe. You and I are family. We can speak honestly with each other. Right? Well, I can honestly say if Chloe used this on you, you would’ve deserved it. Wow. So now you are here to take revenge on me too.

Oh, I think I’m entitled, don’t you? After everything you did to me also, you could hold on to Brady. Oh, I’m sure. If we thought really hard, we could come up with many things you’ve done in the name of love. I have never withheld lifesaving medical treatment for three innocent women. Okay. I gave them the Sierra, and yet two of them are dead.

All because you couldn’t stand the fact that Chloe and Brady were together. Brady and I share a daughter. A daughter. They kept from me. Now, if you had a child, you would understand, from what I understand, Brady’s kicked you out and there is no coming back from this one. Especially not if Marlena dies. So I’m just supposed to let Rachel go.

Seems like your only option. Brady has full custody and any judge worth his soul will see too. You’re not allowed near that little girl, and if there’s any justice, you never will be.

Who the hell do you think you are? I’m the son of a bitch you can’t control anymore. I can’t even stand and look at you. Get outta my sight.

Get out.

So you recorded this without Kristen’s permission. There was kind of the point. We don’t have any kind of warrant for a listening device at that the mayor mentioned. You know, as well as I do, this constitutes an illegal search. Isn’t a recording considered admissible in this state? If one of the parties gives consent?

Are you saying that Johnny was aware that you planted the bug when he got Kristen to confess? Steve, it’s possible and I bet if you went to him right now and explain the situation, no, it does not work that way. I can’t falsify evidence. This confession is real. Ray, why don’t you use it to pressure Kristen into pleading guilty?

No, she’s too cagey for that. Okay, then go to the da. She’s never been shy about bending the rules. There must be some backdoor to getting this confession into evidence. Steve, I can’t do it. The law is the law. Actually. I may have a loophole we can use.

Hey, you know what’s funny is I spent all that time trying to make that movie about grandma’s life. I picked the wrong thing to focus on. I wrote a script about the. Worst stuff that ever happened to her, cuz I thought it’d be, I don’t know, scary or cool. People would wanna watch it. Yeah. Well you got the scary part, right?

I mean, we both know that from experience. Yeah, yeah, I know. But, but the Marlene Heavens story could have been about so many other things. The story of a woman who changed the world, who witnessed tragedy, who suffered heartbreak, and never let it change. Now the story of an icon. I watched that movie. Uh

uh Rafe. What’s up? Hey Johnny, are you available to come down to the station right now? Yeah, pretty. I. Sure. Yeah, I’ll be right there.

Is everything okay? I don’t know. Uh, RA just asked me to go down to the station. I told him I would, but I No, go ahead. You sure you’re gonna be okay here? No, but a lot of people love grandma and, um, I have a lot of friends and family I can lean on. Right.

I love you. I love you.

You know what really bugs me about this whole thing though. I should have forced Kristen’s hands sooner. You still can’t blame yourself for that. I knew. I knew that Marlene and the others, that they were gonna need another dose of the serum. Eventually, if I’d have done something sooner, we would’ve gotten to the orchid in time, you know?

And I didn’t do, you know, second guessing yourself isn’t gonna do anybody and could besides you did do something, you and your brother that was, that was Eric’s idea. He knew that Rachel would be our best bargaining. And that Kristen would do anything.

Oh my goodness. Here we go. This is the best hot chapter ever. Mommy. Oh, well I told you I was gonna be taking you somewhere fun, didn’t I? The daddy said, Nora Jane’s mom was supposed to pick me up from school. Why’d you come instead? Well, your daddy has had you all to himself for the past few days and uh, I wanted quality time with my best girl.

why’d you leave the house? Daddy said it was because you did bad things. Is that what daddy said?

Well, sweetheart, you’re a big girl now, and I can be honest with you.

The reason that I had to leave was because of Chloe. I don’t like her. I I know sweetheart. I know I don’t like her either. She’s selfish and dangerous, but she is the reason. Why we can’t be together. Thought you could use this. Thanks. Did I just threaten to murder Kristen with a fireplace poker? You did? I don’t know.

It’s just she was pretending like she’s innocent and then taunting me and I just lost it. What was I thinking? Well, you said you were trying to take back your. by murdering someone maybe not the most effective strategy. God, there’s just something about that woman. Every time I’m near her, I just lose all capability of rational thought.

Are you freaked out? Are you kidding? When I walked in here and saw you wielding that poker, I thought it was, please don’t say sexy or something equally weird. No, I was actually going to say Badass Noble. After everything Kristen has put you through, you are more than justified to take up arms, but she’s put us both through.

Speaking of, have you spoken to Gabby? Were you able to get Ralph’s programming reversed? Hi, asked you this for some mice and she let me fill up the book. I really appreciate it. It means a lot. You, you didn’t have to do this. Mm-hmm. , what the hell? Oh, you thought I was gonna help you, didn’t you? After everything that you’ve done to me.

Hey, John, Johnny. Hey, thanks for calling Matt. Yeah, yeah, of course. Well, what’s. Uh, well, Steve has some potential evidence and uh, we’d like you to hear it. Okay.

Look, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I didn’t wanna hurt Marna or the other women. I swear to you.

Look, I will admit I hid the organ knowing that these women would need more doses of the. But I wasn’t gonna withhold it if they got sick. I swear to you, I never wanted those women dead. Yeah, maybe not. But that’s what happened. How’d you get that when you interrupted Kristen and me at the mansion earlier?

You planted a recording device. I couldn’t let Kristen get away with what she did. She had that orchid and she let them die. It was the only way to get justice for. I understand. So what I mean, this means you guys can use the recording to nail Kristen. No, not exactly. That’s where you come in. I don’t understand.

Technically this recording is inadmissible in a court of law was made without either person’s consent. Assuming you didn’t know about the bugeye plant, Steve, well maybe you saw me. We don’t know. I just wanna make sure that no one is asking you to lie here and you know that, okay, so, so what does that mean?

What, what can I do you heard Kristen say these things directly? That means is not hearsay.

Are you asking me to testify in court against my aunt? No. No. Exactly. What we need is a sworn statement from you. That you had a conversation with Kristen about the orchid and that this is the conversation and well, that should be enough to get an arrest warrant for her. You willing to do that? Of course, I’ll do it.

I did speak to Gabby. And I don’t think it’s gonna be so easy to undo what Rolf did. Apparently Lee sent Dr. Rolf to parts unknown. Not even the cops have any leads. Ugh. Well, Brady said that Gabby thinks that maybe Marlena could have it reversed. Ilene is practically on her deathbed. You think Gabby gave a damn about that?

Well, you know Gabby, when she wants something very little stands in her way. I’ve noticed that too. I’m sorry. You’ve hit a dead end. Actually, I’m kind of relieved really. Gabby said that you’d made up your mind that you wanted to be deprogrammed. I did, man. When I found proof of what Rolf had done to my brain, I, I felt violated.

I wanted to get back to normal. Normal meaning the guy who fell in love with Gabby. Except when I just saw her, I was only repulsed. Well, that could be because Ralph’s commands are still in your head. No, I was repulsed by her actions today. The fact that she’s so blinded by what she wants, that she didn’t even take a second to think about what Marlena’s family was going through.

Can’t be with somebody.

What about you? What about me?

Now that you know, I’m Brady dumped you because of Kristen’s blackmailing, does that mean you wanna be back with him?

No. We can spend the rest of our lives playing Monday morning. Quarterback,

do you have any idea how many regrets I have a number of things I wish that I could take back if I Sure, sure.

But Kate and Kayla, they’re gone. Dad, there’s no way to take that back. No.

And Doc doesn’t have any time to lose. That’s why all my energy right now has to go into just getting her home happy and healthy. Is there any, is there anything that I can do? You’re doing everything just by being here, kid

What the doctors saying anyway, what’s what they say? They’re just giving her the best care they can. While I’ve got every Black patch agent out there trying to find that damn Dr. Roth on that lifesaving orchid,

then there’s, we’re doing all we can do right.

You’re right. I shouldn’t have expected you to help me. Not after all the lies. I told you that. Why are you smiling ? Sorry. It’s, it’s just. The thing I’ve been the most afraid of isn’t that you’re angry at me. It was that you didn’t care anymore, but the passion was gone. But you went to the Salem in filled a bucket with ice just so you could make me think you were going to help only to dump it on my head.

That’s not passion. I don’t know what is.

I did talk to Brady. He explained how he never stopped loving me and how it was torture when Kristen forced him to end our relationship. He asked if I would take him back, if we could pick up where we left. And what’d you tell him? I told him that when he broke up with me, my heart was broken. I felt like my entire life was just falling apart.

And then you were there and you, you helped me put it back together again. You helped me heal and. I developed feelings for you. Real feelings. I’m glad to hear you say that. Well, Gabby would say that you only care about me because you were programmed too at first. Sure. But I am not a machine. My feelings can grow.

They can change. And my feelings for you are very strong and real, too.

Chloe, you’re the only one I wanna be.

Thanks. I want to thank you for doing this, Johnny. I know Kristen’s your family. Hey, you’re family too. And so was aunt.

She’d be proud of you right now. I hope so. I, I want you to know I will do whatever I can to get justice for her, even if it means sending my aunt Kristin to prison forever.

And Carol’s off today. Which means I’m getting that.

Ah, morning Stephan Detective Commissioner. What can I do for you? Well, we have a warrant for the arrest of Kristen Damira. Sorry, she’s not here. Where is she?

So I can’t see you anymore because of Chloe. Yeah, that’s right. She told you daddy to make me leave and go away. I want a family to be together. I know you do, sweetheart. So do I. But that’s not gonna happen right now. But you know what? The two of us can be together. Just me and you. Mm-hmm. like two peas in a pod.

Only if we are together, we can’t stay here anymore. So what do you say? We love this hot cocoa. And leave SE alone together.

Grandpa, what is it? What’s wrong? You both have to come. Right now it’s from Marlena.

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