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Audra: That sounds like a threat.

Tucker: Consider it a promise…one I intend to keep.

Audra: You blew it with your son, not me.

Tucker: No, you had one job! One!

Audra: Look, I did my job to a T.

Tucker: Eh.

Audra: Devon wasn’t suspicious of me until he realized that we share the same stupid phone alert.


Tucker: What? What are you talking about?

Audra: I guess he didn’t share that part, okay? But this is why he asked if we were colluding against him. Now, why would he wonder about something that could have so easily been dismissed as a coincidence? Because from the moment that he heard that you showed up in town in that ludicrous helicopter, okay, like the attention-seeking narcissist you are, Devon wondered if his dear old dad had an agenda to take over his company. Speaks so well of your personal dynamic. Oh. Have I crossed a line? I’m doing you a favor speaking the truth. You could have reconnected with Devon without all the secrets and lies. But whenever you have to choose between honesty and manipulation, you always choose the latter. It makes you feel like the smartest guy in the room. Only this time, your son was smarter.

Tucker: And now he won’t return my calls. And he’s cut me off from my grandson. My relationship with him means more than any company ever could, and yet he won’t give me a chance to explain. I just want to work side by side with him. I don’t want to… I wasn’t trying to rob him of anything. I wanted — I wanted to build something with him. Just like I was trying to do with Ashley.

Audra: Did things go south there, as well?

Tucker: [Chuckles] Yeah. I guess you could it’s not my day.
Audra: That’s life. Do you want me to cower and beg for forgiveness? Too bad. I am as through with you as you are with me. So that’s not happening.


Kyle: [ Sighs ] Hey, Adam.

Adam: [Sighs] Something on your mind?

Kyle: Wow. Is that what passes for “hello” these days?

Adam: You know, if it’s all the same to you, I would really like to enjoy my drink in peace.

Kyle: Huh. You know, I think I know what this is about. You’re having trouble dealing with the fact sally chose the superior brother.
Adam: You know, I don’t recall you being a particularly big fan of Sally’s, and now you are glad she’s involved with your father-in-law instead of me. Hmm. I doubt summer shares your enthusiasm, so you might want to keep that one to yourself.

Kyle: As usual, you’ve twisted my words around. I was just making an observation.

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