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At Society, Adam interrogates Victor about his collusion with Kyle, demanding to know what they were¬† talking about. Victor lets Adam know that he and Kyle discussed family issues and Adam’s position at Jabot. Adam tells Victor that Kyle can’t be objective about him because he hates that Adam is working there. Adam and Victor start arguing about fatherhood. Victor reminds Adam that he (Victor) had a horrible father, who abandoned his family and left Victor to grow up in an orphanage. Adam tells Victor that he (Victor) uses the image of a family man to justify some abhorrent behavior. Adam calls Victor a hypocrit.

Victor starts talking about Connor and tells Adam that he hopes his own son never treats him the way Victor had been treated by his father. Adam is appalled that Victor would bring Connor into the conversation. Eventually, Victor becomes exasperated and leaves the restaurant.

At Crimson Lights, Billy runs into Lily and Daniel. Lily and Billy keep exchanging sad, despondent looks. Chelsea picks up on Billy and Lily’s vibe, excuses herself and goes through the patio to return to her apartment. After Chelsea is gone, Billy heads to the front door of the coffeehouse, turning around to wish Daniel and Lily a good rest of their night.

Having witnessed what just went on, Daniel is supportive to Lily, telling her that he’s there for her any time and that it’s good to have someone to vent to. Lily is appreciative and tells him that she just wants to sleep for a week but will do with six and-a-half hours.

Adam winds up sitting at the bar in Society and having a drink. Billy walks in and when Adam acknowledges him, Billy tells Adam that he’s not in the mood to get into things with him. He mentions that he doesn’t want the two of them to take shots at each other like they usually do.

However, Adam isn’t having¬† it. He says that he doesn’t want to engage with Billy, but feels like he has to. He tells Billy that he has more or less insinuated himself into his life and he’s tired of it. Adam admits that Billy got Chelsea through her crisis, but says that now Billy is taking advantage of her. He adds that Billy enjoys that Chelsea is vulnerable and that he gets off on being her savior.

Billy suddenly rises from his seat and gets all up in Adam’s face and repeats his warning for Adam to back off. The men start having a heated argument with loud voices until Abby comes over and tells them to knock it off. She says that they’re scaring her customers and if they want to fight, to do it outside, in the cold. She also tells them to tip their bartender on their way out. Adam says he will go and he leaves.

Adam heads over to Chelsea’s apartment, where she was flashing back with a wide smile to when Billy fell asleep on her couch and she put a blanket on him. When she opens the door, she senses that he is upset and something is bothering him.

He comes inside and claims that he’s just checking on her. When he notices the empty popcorn bowls on the coffee table, he’s aware that she had been watching a movie with Billy Chelsea politely tells Adam that she was about to go to bed when he came over, and that she’s fine, just tired.¬† Adam leaves and stands outside in the hallway looking pensive, then frustrated.

Abby is in Devon’s penthouse finishing up a salad as they talk about Tucker’s betrayal. Devon receives a text from Tucker, in which Tucker asks Devon for just 10 minutes of his time. Devon replies that Tucker has five minutes. Abby suggests that Devon meet with Tucker because Tucker will never give up reaching out to Devon.¬† Abby says that Tucker is “obnoxiously persistent.” She tells Devon that meeting with Tucker in person is the only way to be rid of him.

Tucker comes to Devon’s penthouse as Abby is getting ready to leave. She tells Devon to call her later. Tucker delivers a long, heartfelt, sad speech to Devon, letting Devon know that all he really wanted was to work alongside his son. Devon listens as Tucker speaks and Devon¬† tells Tucker that he keeps reaching out to people he claims to love, in all the wrong ways. Tucker asks what he can do to repair things between him and Devon, but Devon shuts him down and tells him to get out of his house.

The Glam Club, Diane is flirting with Jeremy. He finds it appealing and tells her that he wants to tag along with her when she goes to Chicago and steals a piece of Nikki’s jewelry. Diane says that it’s a one person job and him coming with her would be too risky and put the whole plan into jeopardy. She also tells Jeremy that she doesn’t need him looking over her shoulder. He counters that he might be of help if he knows more about what will go down in Chicago. Diane deflects and ultimately, he¬† gives in and tells Diane that the robbery is all hers.

Jeremy changes the direction of the conversation, saying that he wants Diane to come up to his suite for a nightcap.  To avoid doing that, she makes up the excuse that she is on a strict timetable and tells Jeremy she will let Jeremy know the second she gets back. Reluctantly, Jeremy relents.

At the Abbott house, Kyle lets Summer know about his meeting with Victor and how Victor wants him to help set Adam up for an epic failure which will result in him getting fired from Jabot. She is appalled by this and by how Kyle tells her that he didn’t agree to help Victor, but he didn’t shut the plan down either. Kyle says that Victor just wants Adam back in the Newman fold, but Summer is critical of the deceit and manipulation Victor has chosen to make this happen. She warns Kyle that getting involved with Victor is a slippery slope.

Diane shows up at the Abbott house after her meeting with Jeremy, which causes Summer to worry that Diane could have been followed. Summer is upset by all the risks Diane is taking and how they will affect her family.

Shortly thereafter, Jack comes home from Chicago with an expensive necklace he stole from Nikki’s jewelry collection. Summer recognizes it as her grandmother’s and remembers that her grandfather gave it to her grandmother.

Jack and Kyle explain to Summer why Jack has Nikki’s necklace and how the theft is part of a plan to help Diane prove her loyalty to Jeremy. Jack tries to assure Summer that the necklace will be returned before Nikki ever finds out it was gone. Summer is outraged and rants about this plan being grand larceny. She lets Jack and Kyle know that she won’t be part of their scheme and that she doesn’t want Kyle involved any further. She runs out of the room in a huff.

Kyle tells Jack and Diane that he will smooth things over with Summer and leaves the room.¬† Jack then tells Diane that he is impressed by the whole new layer of courage he’s seen in her. She looks into his eyes and they kiss passionately.

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