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Update written by Barbara

At Society, Nick is very surprised when Sally tells him that she will pass on drinking alcohol during their dinner. When he asks her about it, she comes up with the excuse that she wants to get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed for her meeting with Jill tomorrow.

As Nick and Sally are talking, Adam walks in and goes to the bar. When Nick notices him, he suggests to Sally that they leave Society and have dinner elsewhere. Sally says that she is okay with Adam being at Society while she and Nick are having dinner there as long as everyone “behaves””.

Since Nick knows Jill quite well, Sally asks him for tips on how to impress Jill. Nick tells her that Sally has already made a good impression on Jill or Jill would not have expressed interest in what Sally has to offer.

Nick also  gives Sally some do’s and don’ts regarding Jill.He says don’t BS her because she’ll see through it,  don’t try and fake expertise so if you don’t know something or get stumped, tell her this, and immediately follow up by mentioning that you know how to find the answer. Among the things Nick tells her to do are be straightforward since Jill is this way, be confident, but not too confident, and just be real. Nick is optimistic about Sally’s impending meeting with Jill.

Sally changes her mind about eating dinner at Society and starts coming onto Nick, telling him that she wants to be alone with him. Once they arrive in her suite, she starts getting Nick undressed, and tells him that she is going to take off his clothing piece by piece. She starts doing that and is hugging him and letting him kiss her on her neck, when over his shoulder she spots the bottle of prenatal vitamins that Chloe left on the coffee table.

Thinking fast, Sally persuades Nick to take a shower with her and has him go turn on the water. She says she’ll join him in a minute, thereby giving herself the opportunity to hide the prenatal vitamin bottle. So, her secret is safe for now.

Tucker arrives at Audra’s suite and goes off on her for messing up his life in Genoa City and blowing things up for him and Devon. He tells her that she was “messy and careless.”  Audra defends herself by telling him that she did her job for him “to a tee”. She talks about how Devon wasn’t suspicious of her until he realized that she and Tucker had the same phone text alert. She also tells calls Tucker an “attention-seeking narcissist”.

While Tucker is in Audra’s suite, Nate shows up and asks if there’s a problem there. Tucker tells him he was just leaving.  After he’s gone, Audra tells Nate that she’s sorry he had to see any of that.  Nate tells her that she didn’t ever mention to him that she knows Tucker.

Nate asks Audra when exactly did she and Tucker forged their alliance. She answers that she and Tucker go back aways. She says that she worked for one of his companies in London and he paid off her business school loans.  She adds that she is beholden to Tucker ever since then. She also mentions that she and Tucker shared both a business and a personal connection.

She also lets Nate know that Devon figured out she was a trojan horse for Tucker in Chancellor-Winters. She was supposed to help him take over the company when it went public, but their plan failed. She lets Nate know that this is why she no longer works for the company. She adds that Devon let her resign quietly, so as not to cause any public embarassment to the company.

Nate reminds her that she had told him she was done with her assignment at Chancellor-Winters and ready to move on. Audra refers to it as a lie of omission.  She also lets Nate know that she would understand if he wants to rescind his offer of employment at Newman Media.  On the contrary, Nate tells her that his offer for her to be his COO still stands. He tells her that he is in agreement with what she said about how “you play to win when you’ve already lost.”

At Crimson Lights, Kyle and Diane are talking and checking their phones to see if they received any hear updates from Jack. He is heading to Chicago to do his part in enabling Diane to pass Jeremy’s loyalty test. Kyle observes that Diane seems to be getting a kick out of the situation, but she assures him that this is not the case and those days are behind her. She also mentions that she wants to be rid of Jeremy for good but in order to keep up the ruse, she has to go to the Glam Club for drinks with him.

After Diane leaves, Tucker comes into the coffeehouse and Kyle needles him about how his plans went astray. Tucker says that he’s not ready to give up on Ashley, which prompts Kyle to let him know that he better hurry because she is leaving for Paris tonight.

Tucker high tails it over to the Abbott house, where he begs Ashley to hear him out. She agrees to listen to what he has to say but tells him to make it quick because she has a plane to catch.  Even with Tucker’s heartfelt apology to her and his urgent plea for her to stay in Genoa City, Ashley wants nothing further to do with him.

She does admit that she was starting to feel something for him again, but no longer wants to pursue it. Angrily yanking his scarf off, she tells him there’s no chance in hell that she would get back together with him. She brings up how he was a “crappy partner” when they had been together in the past, and tells him that he hasn’t changed.

Over at Society, Kyle comes in, spots Adam alone at the bar and belittles him by mentioning that Sally chose the “superior brother.” Victor shows up for a meeting with Kyle. Adam is suspicious, but Victor mentions that he wants to keep up on how things are with Kyle’s family, which includes his granddaughter and great-grandson.

Victor and Kyle go over to a table to speak privately. Kyle guesses that Victor is there to discuss his mother. However, Victor brushes this aside and brings up Adam working as co-CEO at Jabot.

Diane arrives at the Glam Club and joins Jeremy for drinks. He presses her for specifics about the crime she is going to commit in light of the looming deadline. Diane claims that she is headed out to Chicago to steal an exquisite, expensive, one-of-kind piece of jewelry and informs him that the jewelry is Nikki Newman’s. Jeremy questions how she will be able to pull the theft off, and she convinces him that she’s still quite the insider and can get away with it.

Phyllis is about to enter the Glam Club when she spots Diane and Jeremy together. She stays back and doesn’t go in, so she can spy on them and take a picture of them on her phone.

Later on, Phyllis meets up with Nikki at Crimson Lights. Nikki presumes it’s about Diane and says she’s really not interested in hearing anything more about her. Phyllis continues, however, and lets her know that not only is Diane back in town, but she was at the Glam Club with Jeremy. She adds that Diane did not look the least bit scared to be around him. Phyllis also mentions that Ashley is going out of town for a few weeks and asks Nikki how the two of them are going to get rid of Diane.

Back at Society, Victor and Kyle continue speaking about Adam’s role at the Abbott family company and how neither of them wants him working there. So, Victor suggests to Kyle “why don’t we remedy that?”

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