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, Guinevere, tell me you’ve come to your census. If you mean, am I going to be Trey Zer by cooperating with the Salem pd, my answer is still no. I will not help send him to prison. Better him than us. Look, I know how much you care about that big, sexy Scottish lug, but you know my motto. Always look out for number one.

You sure as hell abide by that? Don’t you

sound asleep. Finally. Poor little guy. He’s so rounded. I think that’s because he senses that you are and it affects him.

Ali, I’m sorry for everything you’re going through. I keep looking at pictures of them. Grandma Kate holding Henry when he was a little baby and I have this selfie of me and Kayla and she’s just smiling her beautiful smile, . I just can’t believe that they’re gone, you know? And now I have to worry about my grandma, Marlena.

I can’t lose her. I can’t lose her too. I just can’t found me. I wish I could take the pain away.

I’m sorry. Just having you by my side. I’m so grateful always, but especially now, I’m so grateful.

Chad, Stephanie shouldn’t blame herself for not being there when Kayla died. It wasn’t her fault. I tried telling her that, but she won’t stop beating herself up for turning off her phone about that. Um, she didn’t. What do you mean she didn’t, Stephanie wasn’t the one who turned off her phone.

Tell me the truth. Are you the reason I didn’t get to say goodbye to my mother,

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Uh, yes. Thank you so much for the time and consideration and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Bye-bye.

Matt, you are getting weird by the minute, Wilhelmina, you’re back. I thought you had returned to the land of direct to streaming movie making and I thought Sunny would’ve seen through your Reform Griffin Act. No. Guests we’re both wrong. I hope you’re not upset with Sonny for letting me crash here a little while longer upset.

I mean, just because I can’t stand the side of you. And I think Sonny’s being incredibly naive to give you the benefit of the doubt, much less a place to stay. Or maybe he’s just a big hearted, generous and forgiving person who is helping a friend in need. You don’t have to explain my husband’s motivations to me.

I know he is a good guy. Unfortunately, that also makes him an easy target for people like you. You know, um, guys who always look out for number one. Oh, that I was finishing up a job interview when you walked in. The employee’s HR rep is. Recruiting for a position on a rather aggressive sales team, and I wanted to be sure I had the killer instinct, a job interview.

You really expect me to believe that that’s what it was. Hmm. Well, I don’t have time for this. I just came by to drop off my luggage. If you see Sunny, please tell ’em I’m at the hospital visiting my grandmother. Oh. I’ll be sure to give him the message verbatim.

I think you would be nice. You rude little queen.

You can’t give up hope. Now your grandmother is strong and brave and she’s battled Satan twice and lived to tell the toe Grandma, Caton and Kayla, they were strong and brave too, and now they’re gone. I have to go to the hospital. Okay. I need to see my grandma Marlena. Okay, then go. Well, I, I have to stay here and watch Little Henry, but I wish I could go with you.

Thank you. I love you.

Call me if there’s any change. I will.

Did you forget your key? Hello? But you forgot to ask. He was at the door.

I don’t get it. How can you be so sure that Stephanie didn’t turn off her own phone? Just trust me on this all sunny. You’re supposed to be best friends. What are you not telling me?

Okay, fine. I’m, I’m sure Stephanie didn’t turn off her phone.

My brother did.

Chad called me multiple times. He left messages about my mom being gravely ill that I didn’t get, and I don’t remember turning my phone off. So the only possible explanation is that you did. So I’ll ask you. Alex, the night my mother died. Did you turn off my phone?

Yes, Steph, I did.

Oh, will. Oh my God. Will. Hi. I’m so happy that you’re here. When did you get in? Um, playing planning about an hour ago. Have you talked to mom? Yeah. Um, she says she’s doing everything she possibly can to get here. Okay, good. Any update on Grandma Marlene’s condition? Um, The doctors are doing everything they can, but it’s not looking great.

Um, well I want to see her. Yeah, me too. But, um, grandpa John and Uncle Eric are in there right now and then, and, um, they’re restricting our visitors, so we’re gonna have to wait out here. Just wait out here and pray. Yeah.

I’m really glad that you’re here. Now we can wait and pray together.

I am sorry. I had to hang up so abruptly before Will Forton showed up for a surprise visit to drop off his luggage and treat me like dirt. He didn’t overhear your conversation, did he? Well part of it, Matt, no girl, relax. He only overheard the part where I told you that my motto is to look out for numero uno.

But I convinced him the call was a job interview. Covered my tracks. Very cleverly as always. As always as some of the time, yes. Well, I should bloody well, hope so. Oh, I know. So no way that nosy aging twink will find out I had anything to do with Xander’s coverup. Yes. Because if he did, I know, I know. He would go running to Sunny so fast, I would lose the only true friend I’ve ever.

Did you actually just say that aside from you, my darling, gw, aside from you,

I don’t get it. Why would Alex turn off Stephanie’s phone? I guess he didn’t want to be interrupted. I see. So your brother admitted to you that he turned off Stephanie’s phone without her knowledge because he didn’t want someone to interrupt their alone time. Not, not someone.

I think you better explain yourself and fast. It happened when he went to the bathroom to change. The phone started ringing. I looked the screen and it was Chad calling again. And so instead of telling me that he called you, decided to turn off my phone. Steph, I didn’t know why he was calling. Why does it matter, Alex?

It was none of your damn business. I know that and that’s why I’m so sorry. Yeah. Well, sorry. Doesn’t cut it. How dare you police my phone calls Steph. I only did it because. We had been wanting to be alone for a long time and we had a beautiful, fun night, and then Chad starts calling and I figured that it was probably about work again, or the kids and the, the guy just interrupted us at Christmas time and I figured, you know what?

No matter what this call is right now, I assumed incorrectly that it would be okay for it to wait this time. That wasn’t your decision to make. But because you had the audacity, the gall, to make it. Anyway, I didn’t find out my mom was dying until it was too late to say goodbye to her. You robbed me of that, and I will never forgive you for it.

Oh hell. Look, this is a bad time. Okay. I’m dealing with a family crisis right now. You mean like the crisis that you put my family in when you seduced my father and killed my mother? Okay. I realize that it is pointless for me to keep trying to explain this to you, but your mother’s death was an accident.

I feel horrible for what happened to her and to your father and to you for that matter. Yeah. You’re. It is pointless to, uh, keep telling me that, look, Sloan, the courts in the UK declined to pursue extradition or press charges. So don’t you think it’s time that we both get on with our lives? It really is that easy for you, isn’t it?

You can just destroy my family’s life and go right back into baking those overpriced pastries and making out with your little girlfriend. Well, that’s over. So I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. See, I made a promise to make you pay for what you did to my family, and I’m gonna do exactly that.

So, how was the flight? Um, I mean, terrible. I, I couldn’t sleep or eat cause I was worried I wouldn’t get here. Yeah, well you did. Thank God Grandma Melina’s hanging on. But where’s Sunny? I don’t know. Actually he wasn’t in the house. Um, but. Unfortunately, his house guest from Hell was there to grieve me. Why don’t we get back to what we were discussing before, will Debe so rudely interrupted us?

Ah Mattie, if you have come over here yet again to try to convince me to Rat Alexander, you have wasted a trip. But QUni, the cops already know you helped him by coming up with that fake company he claimed to be working for. Yes, but they don’t have a shred of proof linking me to any crimes. Not yet. But they will not stop digging until they find something that leads them right to.

Oh, I see what this is. Okay. You are not worried about me going down for helping Zander. You are just trying to save your own hide. Sweetie. I don’t want either of our gorgeous hides being skinned alive for the likes of Zander Cook. He kidnapped those two women, not us. We don’t know that the police can prove any of it, do we?

Um, hello? They already know that his accomplice was wearing a muscled up bodysuit one that fits me perfectly. Once they figure that out, my goose is cooked. No, I’m sorry, Massie. I just, I can’t tie my back on Zand. So then you are prepared for your father to turn his back on you. That won’t happen. I contrary, GU, when Jack finds out that you help Xander, he will disown you maybe permanently.

This time

you have worked so hard to regain his trust. You’re living in his wife’s house, you’re working for their newspaper. All of that goes away. If Jack and Jennifer find out that you weren’t accomplice to that Scottish scoundrel with the bo that won’t quit, who lacks an ounce of moral fiber, unlike you, you mean?

Um, my body is pretty Okay. Thank you very much. I’m talking about moral fiber. Okay, fine. I will not throw stones at poor Xander unless you think me a hypocrite. But I urge you, will you at least agree to, to, to meeting with a lawyer so we can figure out what our options. Fine. Do you have anyone specific in mind?

As a matter of fact, I do. Wait, wait. No. So stop. Please stop. Please relax. What did you think? I had a weapon. I’m not the one here with homicidal tendencies. Normally I’d have a process server deliver this, but I just couldn’t help. I wanted the satisfaction of seeing the look on your face.

You’re suing me for wrongful death. And naming Paulina Price, aka your mom as the co-defendant for her role in helping you cover up the crime of my mother’s murder. Your mother’s death was an accident. Do you know how tired I am appearing? You say that, just, just lie. You keep repeating over and over again making it sound like you are the victim here.

I may not see my day in criminal court, but I can still make you bitches pay and when I, when I’m done with this civil court. How you can bet your money that the only thing left of Paulina price’s fortune will be the crumbs from that pathetic little bakery of yours.

So Alex turned off Stephanie’s phone because he was afraid I was going to interrupt their romantic evening together. Yes. And it was not a cool thing of him to do. And, and in fact it was. selfish thing to do, but he had no idea. You were calling about Kayla. Yeah. But so your brother can’t handle my friendship with Stephanie, so she doesn’t get to see her mom before she died.

Yeah. And he feels terrible about, he should feel terrible about it. She’s been torturing herself because she didn’t get to say goodbye to her mother before she died if she’s in agony, because she could have been there and she wasn’t. Chad, like I said, because your brother was afraid I was gonna interrupt his.

Conquest. He didn’t know what you were calling about. I don’t care. It wasn’t his place to turn off her phone and now I have to be the one to break her heart. Chad, you don’t have to do that. Why? Gimme one reason not to, because Alex is already telling Stephanie himself. Steph, instead of I had any idea why Chad was calling.

It doesn’t matter why he was calling. You had no right to turn off my phone. I know that. I know that, and I, I just, I just, I wanted to be alone with you. Yeah. Well, you got your wish. So instead of being with my mother while she was dying, instead of being able to tell her that I loved her. You and I were having sex.

Do you have any idea how disgusted that makes me feel?

Yeah, I do and I get why it would, and that is why I would do anything to go back in time and change what I did, Steph, but you can’t.

And now my mother is gone.

And so are any feelings that I had for you. I never wanna see you again.

Leo Stark living under the same roof as your husband, , he owns. God, that must be driving you crazy. Yeah. You have no idea. He’s like a, he’s, he’s a parasite that leeched onto Sunny’s goodwill. Mm-hmm. , you actually convinced him that he’s a, he’s a changed person. I take it. You don’t believe that? No, not for a second.

People like Leo don’t change. They just become more adept at being devious and figuring out ways to prey on their victims. Unfortunately, I think you’re right and I’m surprised Sonny of all people wants anything to do with him after what he put the both of you. Me too, but a, a again, it, that’s in his nature.

You know, he prides himself on being forgiving and, and giving people second chances. Mm-hmm. , well, I guess you have to admire him for that, right? That he sees the good in everyone. Uh, I mean, I, I would normally, um, if the person in question was worthy of forgiveness of second chances, but I mean, at this point it’s just gullible.

There is no good in. He does not deserve Sonny’s forgiveness, and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve his friendship.

Let me guess, you had to convince your brother to, uh, to come clean. I may have. Strongly suggested it. Sure. But, but then he, he agreed. Wow. Very big of him. He’s not a bad guy, Chad. He messed up and he wants to make amends. You know, the, uh, you know the expression, timing is everything. Your brother should have grown a conscience before he took it upon himself to shut off her phone without her knowledge, because of his own selfish reasons before he robbed Stephanie of being able to say goodbye to her dying mother.

Why are you still here? I said, I never wanted to see you again.

Steph. Come on. You don’t, you don’t mean that. Don’t tell me what I mean. See, this has been the problem with you from day one. You only hear what you want to, Alex. It’s not true. Steph, what you talking about? I, I’m coming here admitting to you that I made a mistake. No, no, no. You don’t get to trivialize this to make it sound like it was some innocent mistake.

You purposely turned off my phone because you’re envious of my friendship with Chad. Your pathetic insecurities are the reason why I couldn’t be with my mother when she needed me the most,

and you know, the worst part, if I hadn’t figured it. You are never even going to tell me. Who are you?

There she is. Salem’s Top Legal Eagle, Sloan, Peterson, Esquire. Save it Stark. I had a good mind to not show up here when you called, considering you don’t like to pay your legal bills in a timely manner. Oh, please. You got your money and then some and then. Really? Do you not recall that? When I opened that safe in Paulina Price’s office, you stole that file with dirt on my ex-boss and her daughter.

Correction. I stole it back, which you wouldn’t have had an opportunity to do if it weren’t for me, so you’re welcome. Well, since the file was mine in the first place, the only thing I’m gonna thank you for as being careless enough to not catch me in the. and speaking of damaging information on the disgraced almost governor and her homicidal child, I still don’t understand why Ms.

Recheck here wouldn’t publish it in her daddy’s dying newspaper. I had my reasons. Oh, don’t you know, you missed out in the scoop of the decade. Oh. As I’ve been led to believe any charges here and abroad against Paul enter price and Chanel du Priya not being pursued. So that means that your scoop of a decade is just a nothing burger wrong, just because they managed skirt justice doesn’t make their innocent.

Anyway, I’m growing bored of this conversation. Why am I here? Star, we need legal advice, but before we talk, we need to make sure that this is going to remain strictly confidential. Another crime, Ms. Risk check wants to sweep under the rug. Why am I not surprised? Do we have attorney client privilege or not?

That kind of confidentiality is gonna require a, uh, retainer right now. No deferments. What are you waiting for? Gwenny? The woman,

mama. Oh, thank God you’re here. Well, I rush right over as soon as I got your message. Chanel baby. What? What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Is it Marlena? No. No. Dr. Evans is still hanging on. Oh, well that’s good. That’s good news. I’m, I’ve been praying for her. And so has your aunt Tammy. Well, if it isn’t about Allie’s, grandmother, then what’s the matter?

Sloane Peterson was just here. Sloane Peterson. What the hell is she want? Oh, did she hurt you? Cuz if he did, I swear. God, no, no, no. She didn’t hurt me. At least not yet. What? What are you talking about? This, the woman is still very much hell bent on hurting us both.

Okay. Lemme see if I have this straight Xandra cook, kidnapped Egypt, Dara’s mother, and you helped cover it up and then she roped you in. The police already know you were involved and now you’re worried it’s only a matter of time before you are implicated as well. That’s the gist of it. So what are our options?

Options? So aiding and abetting, kidnapping. Falsifying evidence. Yeah. You think you have options? , well, sorry, kids. I mean you guys are pretty much.

Julie. Oh, Halle. Oh, well, my darlings. Hey, please tell me what, what’s Marla’s condition now? She is still in the icu, but from what we hear, it’s it not looking great. Oh, no. Oh, I’m so sorry.

Um, and Kate and Kayla too. I’m so sorry. That’s okay. Um, so what is, uh, what’s all this? I went to Julie’s place and had some sandwiches made up. The, those of of prayer visioning going on. Eric is leading it in the chapel. It’s, it’s for family and friends and, and Doug is actually already there. Oh no. God, what is it?

I forgot my rosary.

I’m not proud of what my brother did. Then why do you keep making excuses for him? I’m not making excuses. It sounds like you are. I know my. . All right. He might be arrogant and a little full of himself, but he’s got a really good heart. Mm-hmm. He knows that he messed up and he, he’s gonna do whatever it takes to, to what?

To, to what? Son. Make it up to Stephanie. How do you make up to someone that you kept from saying their final goodbye to someone they loved, not just someone they loved their mother. You can make that up, son. You’re right. And even if Alex was stupid enough to try, I doubt he will ever get the chance.

I know you have no reason to trust me right now, but I came here. To tell you the truth myself, quite frankly, because I am riddled with guilt and I have never regretted anything more in my life. Steph, so what you want me to feel? Sorry for you. I’m just doing my best to be honest. I came here today on my own accord to not only tell you the truth, but to tell you that I am sorry for what I did and I’m sorry about your mom.

And if you don’t believe me, you can ask my brother. I don’t need to ask Sonny anything. I know all I’ll ever need to know about the kind of man you are.

Steph, I am begging you. I am begging you. Look, look, look at me. Look at me. I know you were upset with me. And I know you are hurt. You are grieving, but please do not throw away what we had. What? I didn’t Throw it away. Alex, you did. When you invaded my privacy, when you disrespected and lied to me, and like I said, I am gonna be regretting that until the day I die.

I just, I wanted us to have a, a romantic, beautiful evening alone together. And instead I made this this stupid thoughtless mistake in which I have learned from, and I swear to God’s you, I swear to God’s you. I will never, I will never do anything like that again in what that’s supposed to make me feel better.

What the hell do I care that you learned from it? I will never have another chance to say goodbye to my mother. Do you not get that? I get that, Steph. I get that. But I know that we can get past this if you allow it. If you allow me to do this for you, if you allow me to make this up to you, please. There is nothing you can.

Every time I look at you, all I see is my mother lying in that hospital room. Cold,


You know what your problem is, son? No, but I’m guessing you’re about to tell me. Yeah, I am because I’m your best friend and if your best friend can’t give it to you straight, then who? All right. Done in life, man. The problem is you spend too much time seeing the best in people. This again, is that a bad trait?

You know what? Call me naive, but I, I happen to think that’s a great attribute. In fact, my mother, God rest her soul always encouraged me and my brothers to do just that. Yeah. But there has to be exceptions. Some people are irredeemable. No, but I, I happen to disagree. I mean, do do you really think it’s more honorable to believe that deep down everyone is devious and, and and cruel and that even if they say they’re gonna change, you shouldn’t believe them?

I mean, is that really the kind of cynicism that you subscribe to? No, I don’t, I don’t think it is more honorable to mistrust everyone. I think it is sure as hell more self-protective. Take Leo for example. Leo is gonna cause you problems. Maybe not now, but in the near distant future, he is gonna let you down because that is who he is and that is what he does.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. There has to be something you can do. I mean, this is small potatoes compared to getting me off on a murder rep. A murder that you didn’t commit. This is very d. The two of you actually did help cook in committing these crimes, and if anyone can get us off, it’s you. Look, I know we’ve only worked together once before, but I have to say you are quite the impressive lady litigator better than Annalise’s Keating and Ally McNeil combined.

Okay? Those are TV lawyers based on real people. I think maybe one day they’ll name a TV show after you better call Sloan. It’s got a nice ring to it, right? Qu, okay. Look, as much as I appreciate the flattery, it’s a pipe dream as much as getting the two of you out of this very dicey situation, UNS. Look, my best advice would be, let me see if I can cut a deal or you will testify against Cook before a grand jury.

See, I told you we should turn on him. Mattie will have you over this. She doesn’t wanna hang Xander out to dry. She’s in love with him. Fancies herself, a Bonita who’s Clyde. Have you seen the way that story ends? Oh heaven’s sake. I do not fancy myself as anything but Zander’s friend. And for the last time, it doesn’t matter what either of you do or say, I am not selling Xander out.

So if, if, if there’s nothing more, I’m going, you can show yourselves out.

What’s that? They say you can lead a criminal conspirator to a potential plea deal, but you can’t make them take the deal. That’s it. I’m out too.

I have a proposition for you.

I was just rushing. So to get here for the prayer vi, I, I forgot to pack the rosary. Where did you leave it? Oh, it’s on, it’s on the top of my dresser in my bedroom. Wow. I’ll go get in. Oh, no darling. I can’t ask that of you. You need to be here for your grandma. No, I was actually just telling Will that they’re restricting Grandma Marlene’s visitors right now.

Wh which means I, I can’t even see her right now anyway, so I, I’ll, I’ll go to your house and grab the rosary. You really don’t mind. Not at all. Not at all. I’ll, I’ll. Soon. Cute. Thank you darling.

Oh, Allie, I know how much you love your grandmother, Marlena. I know how hard this is for you. It’s your strong lady, just like Marlena, just like your mother for that matter. You’ll get through this, sweetheart. Yeah, I have to. I need to be strong for my son. Henry needs me to be. Yes. He needs you. And when our children need us, all the people we love, he need us.

That’s what we’re put on earth for darling. And that’s what keeps us strong. Yeah, it is. And thank God for it. Yes, you. Oh, yes.

I’ll really hit the spot. Good. Let me guess. Is that the first time you’ve eaten today? I had a banana for breakfast. Well, half a banana. I split it with Henry and um, a bite of cookie from the venue machine. Ah-huh Alice, Caroline, I know you’re worried about your grand. But you’ve got to take care of yourself.

You sound like Chanel right now. This whole week she’s been trying to get me to eat more and sleep more. How are things going with you too? Chanel’s been amazing through all of this. I mean, she’s really been my rock, even though she’s been also dealing with her own family drama. I thought things were better for Paulina and Chanel after those awful murder charges were dropped.

Well, they have been. I am just worried that Sloan Peterson is going to continue to cause trouble. That woman is bound and determined to get revenge,

so she’s suing us in civil court. Two. Huh? Little, little heifer. She doesn’t know when to quit. This is bad mom. She isn’t going to stop until we have nothing left. Oh, no, no. Calm down. Calm down. Now it’s not the end of the world. I thought you’d be more upset. Yeah, I am. I am. I’m furious. But I step there. She come over here and try to threaten my daughter.

No, I meant about the lawsuit. Oh, well honey, you know. Well, wouldn’t you have as much money as I do? Frivolous lawsuits, they come with the territory, but my attorneys, they will make myths. Meet the Sloan Peterson. It’s just you. Wait, you have another proposition? I’m listening. What if we. Leave Gwen out of the plea deal.

I could testify against Sandra alone. I’ll say he was the one who hired me to wear the padded clown suit. Knock Gwen. But that’s a boldfaced lie. You have a problem with that? Not necessarily. Good. The only thing is I need to testify anonymously. Oh, you don’t want your little bestie finding out that you drop the dime on Cook.

I’m pretty sure she’ll find out. I’m not worried about Gwen. I am constantly saving her from herself. It’s this thing we do. And sure she’ll be pissed at first, but at least we’ll both be free. Okay. So if you’re not worried about Glen finding out, then what’s the point of having an anonymous testimony because of Sonny, Alex’s brother, or what does he have to do with this?

He’s my friend. He believed in me when nobody else would. Sonny thinks I’ve changed. I can’t have him knowing I was involved in something like this.

Okay, so, so is, is that how you see me? I’m just a pathetic tool. Stumbling around with a, with a, a take advantage of me. Shout out, you know, that’s not what I meant. I just meant you, you know, you, you, you’re too trusting, son. Well, look, I choose to give people like Leo and Alex, the benefit of the doubt, because we could all use a little redemption from time to time.

You know, even me, even you. Just about everyone on this planet. Sure. Yeah. Redemption once in a while is something that we all need, but in this case, what Alex did, he deprived your cousin of Alaska by to her mother. I doubt Stephanie’s gonna be as forgiving as you are.

I am sorry for robbing. Of your last moments with your mom,

but I will spend the rest of my life trying to make up for it. If you let me, you can spend two lifetimes, three lifetimes. Hell, you can spend eternity trying to make it up to me. Nothing you ever say or do will give me back what you took from me, Steph. No, I’m done. I want you to leave Steph. The least you can do is respect my wishes.

Go, Stephanie, please. Just no, Alex now.

Sarah Honey. Hi Bonnie. Hi Justin. We were just about to grab dinner. Um, we’d love for you to join us unless you have other plants. No, I, I don’t, um, I’d actually love to join you. Just, I’m afraid I won’t be much company. I’m kind of wiped out. Oh yeah. I’m sure you’ve been working all out lately. Yeah. Just kinda nonstop trying to find that cure from Elena.

Any luck? No, unfortunately. And without that orchid we can’t do much. But we are gonna keep trying though. Well, we’re all praying for her. Yeah. It’s all my, actually Justin, um, I’m really glad I ran into you. There’s, um, something I would like to discuss. What’s that?

I wanna divorce and I was wondering if you could help me.

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