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Curtis: And it is your play, Trina.

Portia: Trina, w-w-what are you doing on your phone? You’ve been texting this whole evening. W-what’s going on? Who are you texting?

Curtis:  Only if you feel like sharing.

Trina: [ Sighs ] Uh, sorry. Um, I don’t mean to be rude. It’s Spencer. He needs me.

[ Knock on door ]

Spencer: Hey.

Alexis: Hey.

Spencer: Thanks for coming.

Alexis: Yeah. You said it was important. What’s up?

Spencer: [ Sighs ] Take your pick. Um, Esme was found, my father has sunk to a new low, and Britt is dead. [ Sniffles ]

Alexis: I’m really sorry about Britt, Spencer.

Spencer: It’s so wrong that she’s gone. And it scares me that there’s someone else out there who may be even more dangerous and unhinged than Esme is.

Jordan: How’d it go?

Dante: Hey, I’m just cueing up the footage now.

Jordan: I understand the position you’re in, but this investigation needs a break. Bennet’s interview with Westbourne was helpful in that we now know The Hook’s wearing a mask, but she’s still on the loose.

Dante: Yeah, I know.

Jordan: If you feel more comfortable, I can take the lead on the questioning.

Dante: No, no, no, no, no, no. It’s all good. It’s all good. We just — we need to get to the bottom of what happened, uh, to Britt Westbourne that night.

Jordan: That we do. And I’m hoping your connection with the witness pays off for all of our sakes.

Michael: Hey, drew, do you know where my mom is?

Drew: I do, yeah. Um…she’s with Nina.

Michael: Nina? This night is already bad enough. Why would she talk to Nina, of all people?

Drew: Michael, there’s, um… there’s something that you need to know.

Michael: Not — not if it has to do with Nina. Um, not now.

Drew: And I-I get it. I get it. Nina has made life very difficult for you and Willow.

Michael: Yeah, she’s been hounding us for months. I mean, she took us to court over Wiley, she was claiming that Willow was cheating on me. Nina can’t stay out of our lives, no matter what we do to avoid her.

Sonny: Hey.

Josslyn: Hey. Have you seen Michael?

Sonny: No, I, uh… I’m sure he’s close.

Josslyn: Something’s come up and I have to go. But I told Michael I’d stay with Willow, and I just feel really bad leaving her.

Sonny: I’ll sit with Willow. You go ahead — go ahead and go. I-I’ll explain it to Michael.

Josslyn: Okay.

Nina: Carly, before you start, if this is about me upsetting Willow again, I did not go over there for that.

Carly: That’s not what this is about. As you know, Willow is sick.

Nina: Yeah. I know that. That’s why Sonny and I were at the chapel. We were praying for Willow.

Carly: Praying is good. But you can do more to save Willow.

Nina: Anything I can do.

Carly: Good. Because you may be the only person on earth who can help.

Portia: Spencer needs you?

Trina: He needs a friend, Mom.

Portia: I didn’t realize you still considered Spencer to be a friend.

Trina: Well, I mean, Esme resurfaced, and Spencer found out that she’s pregnant — by his father — and then he lost Britt, who he was very close to. I mean, it’s — it’s been a lot on him.

Portia: I don’t doubt it. [ Chuckles ] Especially the pregnancy part. I-I’m sure Spencer has a lot to unpack. But what about Josslyn and Cam? Can’t they help him? [ Stammers ]

Curtis: Your mother and I know how amazingly compassionate you are, Trina.

Portia: Of course, we are extremely proud of your instinct to want to help someone that’s in need. But, um… [Sighs] You have a very giving and forgiving heart, and you’re going through a lot right now yourself.

Curtis: Your mother and I want to make sure that you’re supported. There’s just so much to process. Like, how do you feel about Esme being caught?

Trina: Wow, uh, that’s a question. [ Sighs ] And honestly, I’m conflicted. I mean, for months, I wanted Esme to face consequences for filming that video and framing me. She made my life hell.

Portia: Of course. Yes. You would want justice.

Trina: [ Sighs ] Yeah, I-I did, but… …I wanted more than justice. I wanted revenge. And part of me still does.

Alexis: So you’re living here now?

Spencer: I am living here now.

Alexis: Enough about that. I assume you’ve been told that the PCPD is no longer considering Esme as a suspect?

Spencer: Yes, but that doesn’t mean that she’s innocent of anything else. [ Chuckling ] I’ve learned to never underestimate Esme.

Alexis: No. Hard won wisdom.

Spencer: I did speak with her, though.

Alexis: What’d she say? I’m asking as your aunt, not as a — as an editor.

Spencer: That’s cool. Either way, she didn’t know who I was. Either she’s a very convincing fake, or she’s got amnesia.

Alexis: Or maybe it’s possible she committed the crimes and doesn’t remember.

Spencer: [ Scoffs lightly ]

Alexis: I think it’s smart that the PCPD moved on to other suspects.

Spencer: I almost wish that she was guilty just so that I could stop worrying that someone is targeting Trina and our other friends.

Alexis: Britt was incredibly brave.

Spencer: I almost wish that she wasn’t. Yes, she put her life on the line, but if she had just run away like the person who she was protecting, maybe she would have lived to fight another day. I don’t know.

Dante: Joss, hey. Thanks for, uh, coming down here so quickly.

Josslyn: Yeah, well, you said it was important on the phone.

Dante: Yeah, it is. It’s about The Hook Killer.

Josslyn: Did you find her?

Dante: Not yet. But I’m hoping you can help us out with some questions.

Josslyn: Well, I want to do whatever I can to help, but will it take long?

Dante: I don’t know. Why? Do you have someplace to be?

Josslyn: Actually, yes. I was with Willow. What’s this?

Jordan: Come in, Josslyn. Have a seat.

Sonny: You look so fragile.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Sonny: But I know you’re anything but. I’ve seen you take on Shiloh and Nelle to protect… Wiley. Been in a jail cell. [ Whispering ] Hey, you’re a fighter. That’s why I know you’re gonna fight this. You have the best medical care, and Michael’s gonna do everything he can to take care of you.

[ Beeping continues ]

Sonny: I just — I just wish I-I knew how to take care of you both.

Michael: Nina actually came to our house tonight and accused me of jeopardizing Willow’s health. She confused Wiley. She upset Willow. Look, if I have to get a restraining order, I’ll get one. I’ll do everything in my power to keep Nina away from Wiley and Willow.

Drew: Michael, Michael. You do not want to do that, okay? Listen, Carly and I think that Nina could be a bone marrow match for Willow.

Michael: What do you mean? Why? Why? What?

Drew: Well… [ Sighs ] Y-you know how I’ve been searching for Willow’s birth family, right?

Michael: Oh, come on. Don’t tell me that — that Nina’s some distant relative.

Drew: Not so distant.

Nina: I’m happy to get tested, just like everyone else.

Carly: You’re not like everybody else. You need to get tested now, and you need to rush the results.

Nina: Carly, I understand the urgency — I do, because Willow’s having a medical crisis. But why did you have to come to me personally?

Carly: Because a related donor transplant has the best chance of success, and you are the most likely match.

Nina: Willow and I are not related.

Carly: You are.

Nina: Are you alright? We’re only connected through Wiley, Carly, and that’s only because Nelle was my daughter.

Carly: Nelle isn’t your only daughter, Nina. Willow is, too.

Dante: Uh, you obviously know that, recently, Britt Westbourne was murdered by The Hook.

Josslyn: Yes.

Jordan: Dr. Westbourne was nicked trying to defend someone else.

Dante: We’ve been searching for the intended victim — the person that Britt rescued — and we got video footage from security cameras at the docks, and we think we have a lead. You recognize anyone?

Josslyn: Well… it’s grainy.

Dante: Yeah. Uh, look, Joss, that footage was captured on Pier 54 at 11:57 P.M. The night of December 31st, 15 minutes before Britt called the police about the attack on Pier 55.

Josslyn: What’s your question?

Jordan: Josslyn, was it your life that Dr. Britt Westbourne saved the night she died?

Curtis: You’re only human. It’s perfectly natural that you would want Esme to pay for her crimes.

Trina: Except… I don’t think I do anymore. A-at least not like I used to. I mean, you should have seen her when she showed up on the deck at The Haunted Star. She looked… pathetic. Soaking wet, shivering, pregnant, and completely vulnerable.

Portia: That night, yeah, maybe. But that doesn’t mean that she’s still not a threat.

Curtis: She drugged Oz Haggerty to the point that he had to be in a medically induced coma. And she’s still a suspect in The Hook killings.

Trina: Look, no doubt that Esme has done some horrible things, but that was the old Esme.

Portia: So — so you believe that Esme doesn’t remember what she’s done?

Trina: I heard that’s what the doctors think. And if they’re right, I mean, is it possible that amnesia changed Esme?

Sonny: I’ve lost so many people in my life.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Sonny: My son can’t lose you. For Michael, the sun rises and sets in your eyes.

[ Beeping continues ]

Sonny: You’re the mother of his children. You’re his best friend, his soulmate. And I know you’ve encouraged him to communicate with me, to meet me halfway. You’ve never lost hope. We’re going to be a father and son again. Everybody needs you. Your family needs you. I need you. Losing you would mean there’s no hope of… …my family getting back together again.

Michael: Wait, Nina is Willow’s birth mother? Nina? What, the woman who’s been badgering and antagonizing Willow since the time she was a teacher? You — and Harmony knew the whole time?! I mean, how — how — how could she —

Drew: Michael, Michael, I know that this is a lot to take in. I know that, but Willow needs you. She ne– she needs your support, okay? And, listen, Carly wanted to tell her, but because time is of the essence —

Michael: yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah, you’re right. I j– she’s needs to hear this from me.

Nina: What are you talking about? Willow is not my daughter.

Carly: Look, I understand this is a shock.

Nina: A shock?!

Carly: And there’s an explanation. I’m happy to give it to you, but later. Please come with me to the lab —

Nina: I am not going anywhere with you…

Carly: There is no time to waste here.

Nina: …Until you tell me — then talk fast.

Carly: You had twins.

Nina: Impossible.

Carly: No. No. You were in a coma.

Nina: Well, I had medical attention, Carly. Phyllis was one of my nurses. She took Nelle, they went to Florida, and she gave Nelle to the Bensons.

Carly: Phyllis didn’t know about the second baby. And I’m guessing that was by design, because Madeline wanted to make sure that, if she separated the babies, she could get her hands on your inheritance.

Nina: Okay, I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I-I’ll play along with you. Okay, so if — if Willow was Nelle’s twin, you’re saying that Madeline handed Willow off to — Harmony.

Carly: Your mother gave the baby to Harmony.

Dante: The person in that footage looks a lot like you. And if it is you, Joss, that means you were in the vicinity of the attack and maybe you could help us identify the killer.

Josslyn: Look, I would tell you if I thought it would help.

Robert: There’s no need to be cagey. I mean, you’re in no trouble.

Jordan: We believe you were a victim that night. It’s just curious that you didn’t say anything.

Dante: Joss, we think you were the intended target the night Brando was killed. And if what we suspect is right, then the killer got a second shot at you on New Year’s Eve.

Jordan:  If Britt hadn’t shown up, your family might be planning your funeral.

Robert:  Look, we can’t protect you unless you give us all the information. Talk to us —

[ Police radio chatter in distance ]

Diane: Not one word.

Curtis: Whether or not Esme has amnesia… Trina, you can’t let your guard down. It’s possible that she’s a killer.

Trina: You guys, I hear you. I-I fully believe that Esme’s a psycho. But not a serial killer.

Portia: Look, I-I’m not really clear on the laws dealing with memory loss, but I don’t think it warrants Esme a free pass. She committed crimes. She’s a criminal. She needs to face the consequences of her actions.

Trina: A-and that’s what Spencer said. A-and I don’t disagree. [ Sighs ] Okay. I’m not saying I’ll ever trust Esme again. I’m just not using her as a means for my closure. I am ready to end that chapter of my life and move on.

Portia: And how does letting Spencer back in help you do that?

Alexis: Spencer, you arguably were closest to Esme. She didn’t have any family. True?

Spencer: Um, just adopted siblings. They’re not close. I know that. But in due time, Esme will give birth and contribute directly to her family tree.

Alexis: And ours.

Sonny:  So, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to do everything we can to get you well… so you can get back to your kids and my son.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Sonny:  And even if I’m not invited back into the fold, it doesn’t matter. I just want you to be together and happy. [ Whispering ] Open your eyes. Come on. You can do this. Just…

[ Beeping continues ]

Nina: Well, who knows how Harmony got Willow? I mean, that woman was a pathological liar.

Carly: One that tried to kill me and Alexis just to keep this secret safe.

Nina: Well, if she wanted to keep the secret safe, Carly, how did you find out?

Carly: Harmony told me… …the night she died.

Nina: She told you? You suspected that I was Willow’s mother when Harmony died last year?

Carly: And if I would have known that Willow was sick, I would have said something a long time ago.

Nina: Did you tell Willow this?

Carly: No.

Nina: Good! Because, Carly, there is no evidence beyond a troubled woman’s sick confession on her deathbed!

Carly: Nina, no.

Nina: You know what, this is irresponsible of you to just go out and present this as truth! And I can kind of understand it because of what Willow is going through, but I’m going to do you a big favor right now, and I’m going to pretend that this conversation never took place.

Carly: I know for a fact you’re Willow’s biological mother.

Nina: How?

Carly: I have proof.

Sonny: Josslyn was called away. She didn’t want to leave Willow alone.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Michael: I appreciate you being here.

Sonny: Yeah, of course.

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: Um, I’m gonna let you guys — I’ll leave you two alone.

[ Beeping continues ]

Michael: [ Sighs ] You know, I could hear your voice in my head… telling me to go after him. [ Breathes deeply ] That life’s too short, and he’s trying. Just please don’t tell me that our life is going to be cut short together. [ Breathes deeply ] I need you. [ Sniffles ] Now, you’re my conscience voice in my head. [ Sniffles ] And I need to hear it. [Sniffles] Out loud… [ Sighs ] …Even if it’s scolding me. [ Sighs ]

Willow: I’ll remind you you said that.

Trina:  Since Rory died, Spencer’s really been there for me.

Portia:  At what cost? I will always be grateful that Spencer did the right thing in the end. But I’ll never forget that he lied and he took Esme’s side.

Trina:  Mom, he was playing her.

Portia:  Not the entire time, he wasn’t. I don’t get it. I don’t get how you can excuse that and let him back in. How is that moving on with your life?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Curtis: [ Scoffs lightly ] I gotta check in on the club.

Portia:  [ Sighs ]

Trina:  Yeah? I understand your concerns, Mom, but my eyes are wide open. I see how Spencer’s matured this last year. Those months in Pentonville, and now losing people he loved… it’s — it’s — it’s changed him, given him purpose. He’s committed to doing better.

Portia:  I am genuinely so sorry for what Spencer is going through. I really am. And the way his father betrayed him, it — it — it — it’s indefensible. I know.

Trina:  Spencer’s crushed. He was really tight with Britt. And his father, the — the only parent he has, keeps letting him down over and over again.

Portia:  And that’s one of the other reasons why I am so uncomfortable with you two reconnecting. The Cassadines are dangerous. Even to themselves. Honey, everyone that gets near them ends up getting burned. Look at me. Everyone gets burned.

Alexis: I take it you’re not that thrilled about having a new sibling?

Spencer: [ Scoffs, sniffles ]

Alexis: Just keep in mind, it’s not the baby’s fault. The baby is innocent.

Spencer: I’m not going to hold a grudge against the baby.

Alexis: I know. I know. You’re a good one. You’re filled with forgiveness and empathy.

Spencer: Thank you. Here’s the issue — is that if Esme finds a way out of this, she’s going to take that baby as far away from Port Charles as she possibly can.

Alexis: Yeah, good luck with that. Esme’s got some real serious legal trouble pending. And even if she finds some way to get over that, your father is resolved.

Spencer: Resolved to what?

Alexis: Oh, he wants full custody of that child.

Dante: Well, I should have known Josslyn was going to call Diane. She’s Carly’s daughter. She taught her probably to never talk to the police without a lawyer present.

Robert: Diane looks to be in fighting form.

Dante: Mm.

Robert: Killer Miller.

Diane: Did I hear my name? My client is ready to make a statement.

Dante: We wanted to keep this informal.

Diane: Did you? So you have her stepbrother call her down here and then ambush her with the District Attorney and The Commissioner? You know the rules. You cannot compel a perceived or potential witness to say anything.

Robert: [ Chuckles ] There’s no need to pull out the heavy artillery. We’re just talking.

Diane: [ Clears throat ] My client is ready to make a statement. The moment this turns into an interrogation, I’m pulling the plug. Josslyn.

Josslyn: [ Sighs ] I was on Pier 55 at midnight on New Year’s. Someone did come at me with a hook. I do not know who it was. She was wearing a mask. I tried to get away, but I was in heels. I fell down, and she was basically on top of me. She was going to stab me, and then Britt came out of nowhere swinging her bag. And she told me to run, and I did.

Jordan: Why didn’t you come forward the moment you heard she had died?

Josslyn: I only found out about Britt a couple of hours ago, and we had a family emergency.

Robert: Well, if what you’re saying is truthful, why did you feel the need to engage counsel?

Diane: Well, first of all, it’s her constitutional right.

Robert: If she was arrested, which she wasn’t.

Diane: It is always a sensible idea to retain counsel. She’s only following her mother’s example, and the example of her Uncle Jason, who, if you will recall, never, ever sat down to a police interview without benefit of counsel. And think about how many “misunderstandings” we avoided over the years. And here we are again — avoiding another one.

Robert: Well, there’s really no comparison. Unless, of course, you’re accusing my office of persecuting victims of crime?

Diane: Not at all, District Attorney. I trust you to act in good faith, just as Josslyn trusts me to ensure that you do. Anything to add?

Josslyn: I did not see anything that night that could help you. I wish that I had.

Dante: Do you by any chance remember if your attacker was pregnant?

Josslyn: Um… I mean, I don’t — I don’t really know. I wasn’t paying much attention. I was kind of focused on the hook and trying to get away.

Diane: I know exactly how you feel. Alright, are we done? Yep?

Jordan: Only if Josslyn has nothing more to add.

Josslyn: No.

Diane: Okay.

Robert: I’ll walk you out.

Diane: Alright.

Dante: Hey, Joss, could I have a minute with you?

Diane: Um, only if this is a family matter and not police business.

Dante: It is a family matter.

Diane: Josslyn?

Josslyn: It’s fine.

[ Door opens ]

Dante: [ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

Dante: I’m sorry about this.

Josslyn: Was this your idea?

Dante: No, but I did go along with it.

Josslyn: Dante, if I knew anything that could help you with this case, you wouldn’t have to ambush me. I would have come to you myself.

Dante: I know. [ Breathes deeply ] Looks like you, uh, outmaneuvered us anyway by calling Diane.

Josslyn: Well, like she said, I learned from the best.

Dante: Oh, yeah, you did. Hey, so, what was the, uh, the family emergency?

Nina: What proof do you have that Willow’s my daughter?

Carly: I ran a DNA test on the two of you.

Nina: You did what?

Carly: After Harmony told me that you were Willow’s mother, I was skeptical, so I took a few strands of hair from Willow’s hairbrush and a glass that you had used at Charlie’s pub.

Nina: You stole my DNA, and then you conducted an illegal DNA test without my knowledge or consent?

Carly: The results were conclusive. With a probability of 99.9%… you and Willow are biologically mother and daughter.

Sonny: It’s good you’re here.

Drew: Sorry, what’s that?

Sonny: Michael needs all the support he can get, you know, and, uh, he doesn’t want it from me.

Drew: Josslyn said you filled her in about Willow.

Sonny: Have you known all along?

Drew: No. No. Willow just filled me in a couple weeks ago.

Sonny: Kills me they didn’t loop us in.

Drew: It’s always better to have things out in the open, that’s for sure.

Sonny: Can — can I ask you a question?

Drew: Yeah.

Sonny: Carly’s in the chapel right now with Nina instead of Michael and Willow. Do you know anything about that?

Spencer: My father wants the baby?

Alexis: He plans to sue for custody on the grounds that she’s unfit.

Spencer: Pot, meet kettle.

Alexis: I know. I know. I-I-I don’t know the details. I don’t want to know the details. I just know that he’s serious.

Spencer: And with his considerable resources and no one to vouch for Esme…

Alexis: He stands a good chance.

Spencer: Uh-huh. [ Sniffles ]

Alexis: Okay, so if Esme is not the killer, who is?

Spencer: I wish I could tell you. I really thought it was her.

Alexis: Does Trina have any enemies?

Spencer: No, everyone loves Trina.

Alexis: What about Portia? What about Taggert or Curtis?

Spencer: Her mom? I don’t think so. Her dad and Curtis, they were both in law enforcement, so maybe, but why would they go after Trina instead of going after them directly? Are you looking for a scoop?

Alexis: I’m looking for the truth. I would like the killer caught. I have to go to work. I have a conference call. Please don’t tell your father that I told you about his plans.

Spencer: I won’t. It’s good to see you.

Alexis: And as far as vouching for Esme… is there anyone important to her aside from the sociopath Chamberlain?

Spencer: Um. Yes. There’s a, um — yes. And she’s very devoted to Esme. Maybe even enough to kill for her.

Portia: I’ve tried, Trina. I really tried to be open-minded… about your connection with Spencer. But his father lost me when Nikolas terrorized you kids at Wyndemere because he was trying to teach Spencer a lesson. And now that same man cheated on his wife with Spencer’s girlfriend and got her pregnant. The very same girl that terrorized Ava. And please don’t get me started on Victor Cassadine, because I can’t —

Trina: I know, Mom. I know Spencer’s family is really messed up.

Portia: “Amoral” — I think that’s a better word for it. I don’t want you anywhere near those people, Trina. I don’t.

Trina: Spencer is not his family. He’s his own man.

Portia: He’s a two-time convicted felon, is what he is.

Trina: Growing up, you taught me never to judge people by their worst mistakes. That’s what I’m doing.

Portia: I know. But you also have to look at the patterns that people do, honey.

Trina: Okay. [ Breathes deeply ] I get that you’re looking out for me, Mom. But please, trust my judgment.

Portia: I do. I do.

Trina: But you’re not —

Portia: okay.

Trina: No, but I hope one day you’ll see Spencer the way I do. But ultimately, you don’t have to… because he’s not your friend, Mom. He’s mine.

Willow: What happened?

Michael: You, uh — you collapsed back at home, but you’re stable now.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Willow: Nina. She was in the house with Wiley. Oh, my god, Wiley.

Michael: No. Wiley — Wiley is with — with Brook Lynn and Chase. He’s — he’s — he’s fine.

Willow: Did he see me pass out?

Michael: I’m afraid so, yeah.

[ Beeping continues ]

Willow: He must be terrified now.

Michael: Well, he knows you’re sick, but he doesn’t have all the details. We, um… we can, uh — we can explain it to him together.

Willow: Will I make it home to do that?

Michael: Yeah, of course. Why would you ask that?

Willow: You have the strangest expression on your face. What aren’t you telling me?

Michael: Um… look, it’s about — it’s about Nina.

Willow: I never want to hear that woman’s name again.

Drew: I do know why Carly needed to speak to Nina, but… …it’s not my place to share.

Sonny: Carly’s not here. I need some answers. And if it involves my family, I need to know. So I suggest you tell me.

Nina: I want to see those results.

Carly: I’ll get you a copy —

Nina: No, actually, never mind. Because I don’t even know if you used my sample or Willow’s. I’ll get my own test.

Carly: We don’t have time! Why would I lie?

Nina: I don’t know, Carly! I don’t know why you do the things that you do. Maybe because you’re a liar and maybe because you hate me, or this is some bizarre revenge because I fall in love with Sonny!

Carly: Willow is dying! She has stage IV leukemia! She needs healthy blood-forming cells from a relative, and she has one, Nina — she has you!

Nina: I’m sorry your relationship with your mother was so fraught.

Willow: Yeah, me too. It’d be nice to look to her as an example for how to best be a mom to Wiley.

Nina: You don’t need an example, Willow. You’re a wonderful mother to Wiley.

Nina: He’s my grandson. He’s the only thing that I have left of my daughter. He’s my blood.

Willow: Blood doesn’t entitle you to have a relationship with someone. Not if you’re going to hurt them.

Nina: Willow Tait, you’re as selfish as they come.

Nina: It’s really hard, isn’t it… …growing up with a mother who you think doesn’t care about you at all?

Willow: And even harder when you know that you can’t trust her.

Nina: Get off your damn high horse. I am sorry that Nelle did these horrible things to you, I am, but it has made you so self-righteous that you can’t acknowledge anyone else’s pain!

Nina: You know, Willow, I have a child out there, too, somewhere in the world, and I don’t know where they are. I don’t even know if my child is alive, but see, I hold on to wishful thinking because the alternative is unbearable.

Carly: You can hate me all you want — the feeling’s mutual. This isn’t about us. This is about Willow. Please go get tested. Please!

Nina: [ Sniffles ] [ Voice breaking ] You’re a monster!

Nina: You made me feel like the scum of the earth for a year. You kept saying over and over again how I was wrecking your family. [ Voice breaking ] What about my family? How could you keep me away from my child?

Carly: You can lash out at me all you want after you get tested.

Nina: Don’t tell me what to do, Carly! Go to hell, you selfish bitch! I’m gonna go save my daughter.

[ Door slams ]

Trina: It’s been a long day. Uh, tell Curtis thanks for dinner. I’m not in the mood for dessert. Good night.

Portia: Um, Trina…

Curtis: I heard. Most of it.

Portia: Thank you.

Curtis: Yeah. You want to talk about it?

Portia: Whew. It’s that obvious?

Curtis: I know your face. I’ve literally memorized your every expression.

Portia: [ Sighs ]

Curtis: Call it a survival tactic. [ Chuckles ]

Portia: I really thought that Trina had put Spencer in the rearview, but it seems like she’s determined to revive their friendship.

Curtis: I wondered that when I saw them together. I hoped it wouldn’t become a habit.

Portia: Oh, it won’t. Not if I have anything to say.

Curtis: I’m not sure you do, babe. Trina has made it clear that she values boundaries.

Portia: [ Scoffs lightly ] And I want to respect that, Curtis, I really do, but I’m not going to sit back and watch Spencer Cassadine worm his way back into my daughter’s heart again.

Spencer: Last Esme mentioned, Maggie is living in London, but, um, Sam could tell you more.

Alexis: My Sam?

Spencer: Yeah. I asked Sam to find Maggie Fitzgerald when I thought that she could be the key to getting Esme to confess that she framed Trina, but then Trina was exonerated, and then I never followed up. Oh, um, in a letter, Maggie had warned Esme against having any contact with her birth father.

Alexis: You said that she didn’t have any family.

Spencer: Not that she knew of. But Esme claims that Maggie knew who her biological parents were, but she never told her.

Alexis: Alright, well, thank you for this, Spencer. Let me know if you — if you hear anything else.

Spencer: [ Sighs ]

Alexis: A reporter took a picture of you and Trina together…

Spencer: [ Sighs ]

Alexis: …Leaving Cabrera’s funeral.

Spencer: Uh, we’ve been spending time together.

Alexis: Please be careful. If she’s a target, it’ll put you at risk.

Spencer: Don’t worry. I know how to protect my own.

Alexis: “My own”? My, my. You are growing up.

Drew: Look, Sonny, I’m not gatekeeping family business here. This is a personal matter. It involves Nina.

Sonny: Nina’s my family.

Drew: Well, then I’m sure she’s going to tell you.

Carly: Alright, Sonny, back off, okay?

Sonny: What’s going on, Carly? Where’s Nina?

Willow: Every time I turn around, Nina is invading our space… making wild accusations… trying to get close to our son. Nina is toxic, Michael.

Michael: I know. But you have to try and calm down.

Willow: You need to make me a promise. Promise me, if I lose this battle —

Michael: That’s not gonna happen.

Willow: Promise me Nina will never have access to Wiley ever again.

[ Door opens ]

Willow: Get out. Get out! Leave me alone!

Michael: It’s okay.

Willow: Not now. Not ever. I want you out of this room! I want you out of my life for good!

Nina: I’m sorry. [ Breathing quickly ] I’m…sorry. But your life may depend on me.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Curtis (to Portia): It might end up doing the exact opposite.

Laura: I was about to ask you the very same question.

Spencer (to Diane): This baby will never know either of its parents.

Sonny (to Carly): What do you have to feel guilty about?

Michael (to Willow): We should hear what she has to say.

Nina (to Willow): Your life may depend on me.

Willow: No!

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