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know what, this, this menu’s getting a little dull. So, you know, maybe we could use something to, uh, spice it up. You know, maybe, uh, fucking chicken wrap gumbo. You know, you always had such a good sense about what the customer would like. So what do you think

Lucas Rex?

It’s good to see you.

Hold on just a second.

Jen. Hi. I’m sorry for showing up without calling. I just wanted to see how you were doing. I’m, uh, doing, um,

honestly, I don’t, I don’t really know how to answer that,

of course.

Now losing someone you love so suddenly you understand all too well. I know that.

Is there anything I can do to help? No, but I appreciate you asking. My dad is, um, taking care of most of the arrange.

Well, I just wanted to stop by and see if he needed anything.

Hey, . Hey, um, how’s, how’s Dad doing? He’s pretty broken up about Kayla, but Bonnie’s been really great with him, I have to say. Yeah, I’m sure. I, I just, I can’t believe this, this wonderful woman is gone just because, you know, some evil bastard wanted to get a little even or something. I’m sorry man. I just feel so bad for our kids.

Stephanie trip, Joey. I mean, I, I, I know what it’s like to lose a mother. Oh my God, my uncle Steve. I just, I, I can’t even imagine what he’s going through.

Oh, sweetness.

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

No touching. Come on. Cut us a break. Our mom just died. You were on thin nights after what happened? Withs yesterday. Don’t make me tell you again.

What’s she talking about? Nothing doesn’t sound.

After you told me about what happened to mom, I was upset. I was really upset about what Orpheus did, so I attacked him. Don’t worry, he’s, he’s okay. He’s fine.

But after Orpheus found out what happened to mom, he, uh, He decided to express his sympathy about the whole thing. And, uh, he gave me this, you know, you know, he’s the pain,

so we able to get a flight back. Yeah, he, uh, he nabbed the first seat on standby. Good. So then he’ll be here soon. Let’s hope. I mean, you’re, him is saying goodbye to his grandma Kate. We’re all hoping that Grandma Marlene is gonna pull through, but God forbid he doesn’t. I’m just hoping he gets back in time to say goodbye to her.

Well, I get that. Hey, um, did Stephanie. I mean, was she able to be there with her mother? Did she at least get to say goodbye? No, she didn’t.

This was so sweet of the kids

last night, I told them that their great-aunt Kayla went to Heaven and explained to them that she was your mom. And they wanted to make that for you.

After my mom died, my dad read me some of the Lenic books and it made me feel less sad. If you want, you and I can read them together sometime. They’re really funny. Especially the bad mood and the stick. Love Thomas. What a sweetheart. Charlotte wanted to write something so I had to help her a little bit.

I’m sorry, your mommy died. Mine died too.

I miss my mommy.

My love,

this still doesn’t seem real.

You were so tough. You fought that virus with everything you had. I really thought you were gonna, you were gonna beat it. I really did.

When I woke up this morning, I turned toward you like I always do.

I expected to see you there lying next to me.

I mean, even now, I still expect you to walk through the.

Why the hell would or excuse that to you? He’s trying to get me to fall off the wagon. But I didn’t touch it. I didn’t even open it. I didn’t take a trial. Okay, so then why not just get rid of it? Because it sucks in here. That’s why. And I am tempting. You have no idea what it’s like. I, I’m sure it sucks, and I can only imagine how much you wanted, all the pain.

But Lucas, this, this is, I know, I know. I won’t, I won’t let Lord swear. I promise you. I’ll try my best. I will try to stay strong. Okay. You know what? If not for you, do it for mom. You need the bottle. Lucas, this is the last thing that you’ve won. Hey, you two. Oh, Roman. Oh. Such a terrible, terrible tragedy. Oh, honey, our hearts go out to you.

Hey buddy. Right? I’m sorry. Oh, I’m so sorry. How can we help? I’m sure there are 1,000,001 things that need to be taken care of. Wait. Whatever you need. Well, uh, you know, I appreciate the offer, but, uh, Steve’s he’s taken care of. Kayla’s arrangements and Kate’s well, there’s not a whole lot to help with there either.

Uh, Kate didn’t want a funeral. Oh, then what did she want? This

Jayla. I’m sorry, I should have not. No, it’s not necessary. Come on in.

I hope I’m not bothering you. Steph told me that you were here at the. Yeah, I had to come here and sign some papers so they could release Kayla’s body to the funeral home, and I just wandered in here. I have, I had a feeling that this is where I find you,

all the things are here, just the way she.

Silly, silly, colorful reading glasses she always wore.

Got her water bottle here.


Stephanie made this for her mom, her second grade, I think.

Kayla told me that she liked having pieces of us here

cuz it reminded her that her patients had families too. People who loved them just as much as she loved us.

She, she always did everything she could to send them home to their families

so they wouldn’t have to go through.

I’m so sorry. Sorry, what do you mean? Sorry? Why? Well, it’s just after everything that you’ve been through, I don’t, you don’t need to see me falling apart like this. No. Listen to me. What I, what I need to do. Is be here for you, helping you comforting you a little. If I can,

it’ll help my heart. I’m doing this for purely selfish reasons. You’re being very kind.

And your mom. She was a wonderful woman.

Anytime I was around her, she, she lifted my spirit.

Abby loved her. I loved her.

Everybody loved your mom. She loved Abigail too, and

it’s just the hardest thing about it right now is that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Joey and Tripp, they got to talk to her on the phone and they’re all the way in Seattle. I’m right here in town and not even five minutes from the hospital. I’m sorry,

you finally had gone to the hospital just a little bit sooner. I could have held her in my arms one last time, and I could have told her how much I loved her and I, what a great mom she was. Look at me.

She knew.

I can’t believe I missed your messages. I, I can’t believe I missed your calls.

Stephanie came over here last night with me and we slept together for the first time. Then Chad showed up. He told her that her mother was dying. That’s my fault that she didn’t get there in time. Alex, come on. It’s not your fu there, there’s um, a million reasons why Chad wouldn’t have been able to reach her.

She, uh, Stephanie could have been doing anything. She could have been at dinner, at a movie. She could have been asleep. You, you can’t blame yourself just cuz you were, you know, making them off. Oh, Sonny, that’s not, that’s not why I blame myself. And then why else? I blame myself because Chad was trying to. I turned her phone off.

I’m so sorry you didn’t get my calls when you didn’t answer your phone. I, I did everything I could to find you. I, I had remembered that you and Alex were going to the bistro, so I went to the Bist. It was closed and then I just, I took a gamble and um, went to his house, which is where I was obviously.

And what’s driving me crazy is that you were kind enough to try to call me multiple times, and I never even heard the damn phone ring.

Must have just turned it.

I must have. It’s the only possible explanation. It’s just I don’t remember doing it. You turned her phone off, son. It’s not like I knew Chad was calling to tell her that her mother was dying. Okay. Fun. Why would you turn her phone off in the first place? Because I didn’t, I didn’t want him to be interrupting us.

A again, what do you mean again? It happened on Christmas two, sunny Stephanie and I, we were about to make love for the first time, and then Chad shows up upset and then Stephanie feels for him and lets him stay. Okay. I, I, I see why that could be frustrating. Oh, it’s more than frustrating, man. What was supposed to turn out is this romantic evening.

Really ends up just being the three of us playing video games. And I understand that he’s your best friend at all. I get it. I get it. But he’s the definition of a third wheel. Alex cut the guy a brake. He just lost his wife in the worst way possible. He probably just doesn’t wanna be alone. That I know that.

And I get it, and I feel for him. I really do. But like I said, this is getting ridiculous, man. I, I, I, I just had a meeting scheduled with Stephanie yesterday. Instead, she goes ice skating with, with, with Chad and the. It’s like every time I turn around, this guy’s there and, and, and, and

I, I don’t know. I don’t know. I, I, I saw him calling and Anthony, you turned her phone off without her now. Yes. Without her knowing, obviously. I thought maybe it was just the kids calling to say goodnight. I thought it was harmless. Sunny that maybe she. Call him back, man. I had no idea that she wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to her mom.

I’m sorry. No, no. Don’t be sorry. I should be the one. Sorry, I, I didn’t mean to intrude. I can come back. No, no. Fine. Really? You sure? I’m sure. I’m good now. So tell me, what do you got? Well, unfortunately not much at the moment. If Kristen is telling the truth, we’re gonna track down whoever stole that orchid ray working on it right now.

He’s a team at the Damaris. We are searching every inch of that secret room. I sure hope you find that orchid. It may be too late for Mike, Kayla and Kate. But I sure do hope Marlena can be spared.

Yeah. Was Kate’s express wishes to be cremated? So, uh, here she is. Well not her obviously, but, uh, it’s still very comforting to have this close to me. Of course, it. Yeah, I mean, you know, I always thought it was strange, you know, I am carrying around that room with Tony’s Ices and, uh, talking to it like he was still here, but, uh, kind of get it now, kind of understand whatever helps buddy.

Except, uh, I’m not sure it is helping, you know, I did say that it. Very comforting cabinet here with me, but uh, actually I just, uh, I am numb right now. Jesus doesn’t, doesn’t feel real. And I guess that’s what they call. Denial, right? Yes, of course. Of course. You’re in denial losing your, your wife and your sister.

It is too much. You’re right, Paul. It is. It’s way too much.

It’s alright.

Fine. Take it. Thank you. Thank you for saving me for myself. Hey, you’re my brother. We have to be there for each other, especially now.

Speak bitch. Have you told Billy and Austin yet? I, I spoke with Austin yesterday and he’s trying to get in touch with Billy. On an assignment somewhere, and oh, Cassie spoke with Cassie and now everyone knows not everybody. What, who, who else is there? You gotta tell Phillip. It’s Phillip, Philip. He’s been missing for a year.

Lucas, I, I didn’t wanna believe it, but I just, That he died. Rex, my brother Phillip is very much alive.

Phillip is in a mental institution. How do you know this? Listen to me. Remember when we thought the Brady stabbed Phillip? Yeah. Phillip Framed. What? Yeah, he, he was outta control man. He was in a complete jealous rage over Chloe. He lost it. He had a breakdown, and, and if anyone knew about that, he’d, he’d probably be in here with me.

And mom was okay with this. Mom didn’t think that Philip could handle prisons. Shane Victor said him away, you know, somewhere where he could get better, hopefully. But, She wanted to do the same thing for me, but I wouldn’t let her,

doesn’t surprise me. This is vintage mom, right? ? Yep. Even when the chips were down. She was always looking out for her kids.

Oh, oh, oh honey. It’s more than you should have to bear losing your, your wife and your sister one night after the other. Oh, such wonderful women, and you are your beautiful sister, Kayla. Well, I didn’t know her too well, but she always made me feel welcome here in.

Oh, and Kate. Well, she and I, we knew each other a little bit better. She was direct, honest. Ah, you did not have to guess what that woman was thinking about . It was like someone else I knew. Right. That’s why she and I ended up with a really good connect. Because when we got to talking, really talking, we found we had a a lot in common.

We both been through some bad times with bad men. We, we survived. We got stronger for it. Yeah, no. Talking to Kate that day, I felt like I’d met a kendred spirit. I was, I was lucky to know her.

I remember when I was, Uh, my father would speak very highly of Kayla. He would say how wonderful she was and how, how lucky you were to have found her. Yeah, my old buddy Marcus sure was right about that. And just living in Salem these past few months, I’ve really got to see how amazing Kayla was. She was thought.

Caring. She was. She gave her all, and not just to her friends and family, to her patients. It was really important to her, but her patients felt respected.

But the kids and. We were the lucky ones as we had her. Love Steve. You still do. She lives on through your kids

and her love. Her love will always stay with you te it’s here in your heart.

So you don’t remember turn off your phone? No, but I know it was off because this morning when I went to check my emails, I had to turn it back on. I must have turned it off when I was with Alex.

Maybe he just didn’t wanna be disturbed. I guess

I remember we were in his room and then I went into the bathroom to change. It’s probably when he did it, I guess, but I just, I don’t remember doing it. Damn, man. If I could go back in time, I would give. Anything not to have turned that damn phone off. I’m sure you’re not the only one. As soon as Chad got there, we raced over to the hospital, but it was too late.

My God, if we just got there a little bit sooner, should would’ve been able to see her mom one last time, that now she’s beating herself. She didn’t get there. She didn’t get a chance to say goodbye,

so whatcha you gonna do? I don’t think there’s anything I can do. Sonny. I obviously can’t fix this. No, you can’t. Five. Or what? You can tell Stephanie the truth, come clean about what really happened.

Getting a little misty in here. I better go fix my makeup.

You. A really good one. I know. And I appreciate all the good things she said about, uh, Kate Kayla.

Yeah, but she, she meant every word. She, uh, she was fond of both women and. Buddy, how close I was to both Kate and Kayla and, uh, love Kayla almost as if she were my own sister. Yeah, Kate. Well, we, we had our issues over the years, but we ended up being very good friends.

She did Dad, she did drive me crazy sometimes though. you, me both part. Oh, that’s because she was, well, the woman, she was a force to be reckoned with. Oh. Oh. That she was , you know, when she wanted something. When she wanted something for herself or for. Somebody else. She, she made sure she got it.

you have to go to the sanitarium. You have to tell Philip what happened. Where is he? Roman can give you the details for, my dad knows about this too. Mom wasn’t gonna lie to him. She told him everything. Trust me, he’ll be able to point you in the right.

Okay. Okay. I’ll go. Thank you. I, I know you’ll break the news to him, Jim. Of course, I will. Look, I don’t wanna make his life any worse or more difficult than it already is, besides, now that mom’s gone, we siblings have to stick together.

You know, I understand why you can’t stop replaying what happened last. Trying to figure out why you, why you didn’t get the messages.

Marlena told me,

she told me that, um, thinking that you could change the outcome is just a, a way to feel like you still have some control. Yeah. That sounds about right.

When Abby died,

I kept thinking that, you know, if I just hadn’t taken the kids to see a movie, or, you know, if we had gone to Boston that night that things would be different.

It took me a long time to realize that it wasn’t my.

There was no way that I could’ve known what was gonna happen. No one ever knows. No. No one ever knows.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry to keep harping on this, but Chad, I hardly ever turn my phone off, so for it to be off. Just when I needed it more in my entire life to be reachable.

I’m sorry that, that, that’s making this so much harder for you. It is. Because when I saw that you called, I just wanted to, I just wanted to turn back time and answer the phone so that you could tell me about mom and then I would’ve run to the hospital to. And I would’ve held her in my arms and I would’ve told her what a great mom she was.

I can’t tell Stephanie the truth, son. Are you kidding me? She’ll hate me. Besides, it’s not like it’s gonna change anything now anyway. No, it’s not gonna change what happened last night, but it can change what happens from now. I mean, do, do you really wanna start your relationship with this, this huge secret hanging over your head?

That’s the whole point we just started. If I tell her this, that’s it. We’re done. Okay. But if you don’t, what kind of relationship are you gonna have? Listen, you said that you really care about Stephanie. I do. Then you’re comfortable lying to her about something this important.

Okay, your standing lunch order, I made sure the cheese on your panini is melted, just the way you like it. Thanks. But I didn’t come here just for lunch. No. You know, with everything going on, I haven’t had a moment to tell you how sorry I am about Kayla and Kate. Thank you, Jay. That means a lot. I mean, I’m sure it goes without saying how I felt about Kayla, but I wanted you to know how kind Kate was to me.

Well, I know she liked you a lot and uh, she was a good person to have in your corner.

I sure was lucky to have her and Mar visiting. I was over. I was just gonna leave.

Thanks for coming. Thank you for everything. Of course, man, Lord. Take care of yourself, okay? Not just for your sake. The sake of everyone who cares about you, including me, right?

You tell your buddy Orpheus to stop pushing booze on my brother or I will talk to your warden and I will have you fired. Kate Roberts kids stick together. All right.

Hey. Yeah, come in. I’m sure I am. Come on.

I ran into Jada at the pub. Oh, and she told you where you could find me. Huh? . I appreciate you checking up on me, man. But, uh, I’m, I’m fine. I just had to come down and make some arrangements. Can I help you with anything? No, I can handle it, but thanks Steve. Um, I, I, I know you, you know, the K was one of my closest friends.

Yeah. I was far from the only one. Your wife. She, well, she touched so many lives. And for those of us who, who loved her and would love to by her, what we want to do, what would make her happy? And right now, right now, that means looking after you.

Thanks buddy. Thank you.

Thank you for coming by and saying all the right things. Yeah. I don’t know if I didn’t.

I’m around if you want to talk. Thank you. I appreciate that. And please thank Thomas and Charlotte for my card. Yeah, I will. I love it. They’re crazy about you. You know.

Don’t hesitate to call me. Okay. Day, night, doesn’t matter. I’ll be here. I won’t. Thank you.

Of course I’m not comfortable lying to Steph. I wasn’t trying to hurt her, Sonny. I just made a mistake. Yeah, I know. But this mistake is eating you up inside and, and the longer that you keep her in the dark, the longer you’re gonna be haunted by it. And what, what if she figures the truth out on her own then?

I wish you figured that out. I don’t know, but it, it sure is how possible. And then she’ll know that you didn’t just turn off her phone, but you lied about it too. So wouldn’t it be better if she just found out the truth from you?

Hey son. Hey dad. I just came from seeing Lucas. How is he holding up? As best he can. He also told me about. Yeah, I am really sure about that. You know what, I am really the one that should have told you. No, no. Look, you, you just were doing what you thought was best for him. He wants me to go to the sanitarium.

Tell Philip about mom. I think you should. Okay. I’ve you sure? I don’t wanna leave you alone right now, pres. I appreciate your concern, but I’ll manage. Okay. I want you to go correct. All right. Phil needs to know what happened and you are the best person to tell him. You’re sure about that? Yes, I am sure.

And not only that, which mom would find, okay.

Oh, big track. Hey, sunny. Um, Look, I’m, I’m sorry about Kate. Thank you. And I’m sorry about your Aunt Kayla. I just saw Steph. How’s she doing? It’s a stupid question. She’s, she’s in a lot of grief. She know I’m obsessing about not getting my call to tell her about her mom, which is, which is why she didn’t get to say goodbye to her last night.

That’s, that’s gotta be tougher. She’s in a lot of pain, beating herself up for turning off her phone.

I’m go freshen up. I’ll be right.

Hey, I just stopped by to check on you.

I’m. Because there’s something I have to ask you. Okay,

Alex, last night. When I went into the bathroom to change, did you turn my phone off?

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