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Update written by Barbara

Victor comes over to Chelsea’s apartment where he tries to get her to tell him about what’s troubling her. When he offers to help her and she shuts him down, he reminds her of how he helped her in the past. He reminds her how his efforts prevented her from an murder charge in the case of Rey Rosales.

Not one to be deterred, Victor continues, mentioning that Connor would be welcome at the ranch if Chelsea ever needs a break. She lets him know that Connor is thriving and there is nothing to be concerned about.

There’s a knock on the door and it’s Adam, who is quite bothered by seeing Victor in Chelsea’s apartment.  Victor tells him that he can visit anyone he wants to, which irritates Adam even more. Adam lets Victor know that Chelsea is off-limits and tells Victor to leave.

After Victor departs, Chelsea tells Adam that she is fine and mentions that Victor actually helped her see things clearly. She tells Adam that she is wondering if perhaps she should tell Victor about her emotional decline and how it culminated in her wanting to terminate her life. Adam is against this because he’s leery about how Victor might react.  Chelsea tells Adam that it seemed like Victor genuinely cares about her.

Chelsea becomes upset as she talks about how she nearly killed herself on the rooftop that night. She mentions to Adam that she thought that everyone would be better off without her and she’s come to realize that ending her life would have caused tremendous pain to everyone who cares about her. Adam assures Chelsea that what happened with her was just one terrible moment in time and that she is wonderful with Connor.

He suggests that they go outside for some fresh air and go get some food but Chelsea declines, telling him that she is still not comfortable with the outdoors and her place in. stay there and she tells him that she’d rather be alone, if he doesn’t mind. Adam understands and goes.

At his Devon’s penthouse, he leaves Lily a voicemail about needing to fill her in on the situation with Chancellor-Winters. Meanwhile, Lily is in her office when Billy shows up. He mentions spending the night in the guest room to give her some space.

He does the same romantic gesture he did on Valentine’s Day 2022, with red wrapped heart-shaped chocolates in each of his hands.  Lily understands that it’s a reminder of that special day, but adds that they cannot go back.

Billy urges her to try again but she doesn’t feel that anything will change. Billy says that his heart feels like it’s going through a meat grinder, but this is the most adult breakup he’s ever had. Lily chuckles and tells him that she hopes he finds the happiness he is looking for. They share a heartfelt goodbye embrace.

Later on, a miserable and upset Billy finds himself sitting on the floor in front of Chelsea’s apartment. When she opens the door and sees him sitting there, he tells her that his relationship with Lily is over.

Lily goes over to Devon’s place after finding out from Jill that Devon wants to buy back Hamilton-Winters, thereby ending their business partnership. She is furious that Devon made such a momentous decision without even talking to her about it. She adds that she is appalled that Devon would threaten to go public with his opposition to the IPO if he can’t  have his way.

Devon counters that he never thought the merger was a good idea and that he should have paid attention to his instincts a long time ago.  He tells Lily that at this point, he should resume running Hamilton-Winters and she should go back to being at the helm of Chancellor.

Lily mentions that it feels like Devon is stabbing her in the back and adds that she he’s sabotaging her and asks how he’s any better than better than Nate in this respect.  Devon is outraged at the comparison to what Nate tried to do to them. A few moments later, she tells Devon that he’s acting more like Victor and nothing like Neil.

Over at Crimson Lights, Sharon is flirting with Chancellor, saying double entendres as they have a lighthearted conversation about trying new cuisines. She references their upcoming supper club meals.

Abby walks in to the coffeehouse and sees Chance and Sharon smiling and laughing. Abby asks to talk with Chance on the patio. Once there, Abby tells him that she hasn’t seen him smile like that in quite awhile.

Chance is impatient and wants Abby to just tell him whatever it is that’s on her mind. She replies that she has made a decision that affects him. Abby lets Chance know that she feels it’s time to move out of the Chancellor mansion.

Chance tells her that he presumes this means she’s moving in with Devon and moving on with him. Abby takes offense to what Chance says. She wonders if that is the kind of person Chance considers her, that she’d just slide into another relationship before the ink on their divorce papers is even dry. Chance tells her that he doesn’t really know who she is anymore and raises his voice at her when he mentions that she spends every waking moment with the guy that ruined their marriage.

Chance and Abby decide that it would not be prudent to uproot Dominic from the only home he has known, so Abby says she will stay put for now.  After Abby leaves, Chance apologizes to Sharon since she had to witness him going off on Abby. Sharon tells her no apology is necessary and mentions that he’s been bottling up a lot of emotions lately and it’s not healthy. She says that not talking about what he’s going through and feeling can slow down the healing process.

Chance opens up to Sharon about how angry and he is, and that he feels an enormous sense of failure. Sharon points out that he was not the one who cheated. Nonetheless, Chance tells her that he wonders if he was wrong taking the assignment overseas, leaving Abby in Genoa City all alone to handle the surrogacy and pregnancy.

He adds that he made too many mistakes when he got back and that he got lost in his job. He adds that his problems stem from who he is, which is tied to whwat he does, and without it he wouldn’t know who he is.

After her upsetting encounter with Chance, Abby shows up at Devon’s penthouse. As he opens the door,  he tells her that he’s happy to see her face. Abby is insecure about Devon really meaning this and she worries about running to him every time she has a problem. Devon assures her that he’s always happy to see her and that he wants her to feel she can always come to him when needed.  Abby and Devon give each other a heartfelt hug, in light of the highly charged situations they find themselves in.

Victor goes to Society to meet up with Nikki. He tells her that he’s concerned about Chelsea and whatever it is that she is hiding.  Adam shows up and blasts Victor, telling him to stop trying to control his family and mentioning that they will never be under Victor’s thumb. Once Adam is gone, Nikki suggests that Victor try to just let it roll off his back.

Victor tells her that he’s going to try a different approach with Adam. He asserts to Nikki that Adam needs a wake up call, that he needs to hit rock bottom with massive failure, to realize where he belongs. Victor then states emphatically, “that boy is getting out of line … and I’ve had it.”

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