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Rafe questions Johnny saying that he knows where Dr. Rolf is. Johnny informs Rafe that Dr. Rolf is in Jakarta, Indonesia. Rafe questions what he’s doing there. Johnny reveals that Li Shin set him up with a secret lab there. Rafe guesses Li thought no one would find Dr. Rolf on the other side of the world. Johnny says but he did find him, with the help of Li’s own sister.

Li goes to find Wendy at Allie’s apartment in a rush. Wendy asks him what’s going on. Li says that his life is falling apart and he needs her help.

Stefan shows up at Gabi’s door. Gabi asks what he’s doing there. Stefan informs her that he just spoke to Johnny and apparently Johnny and Wendy found Dr. Rolf in Jakarta back in November and Rolf told them the same thing he told Gabi about Li and Kristen brainwashing him to turn him against her. Gabi asks if that means he believes her now. Stefan confirms that he does.

EJ questions Kristen saying she’s coming home. Kristen points out that he has a room and she needs a place to stay. EJ thought she was staying with her baby daddy at John and Marlena’s. Kristen reveals that she was until Brady threw her out. EJ calls that not surprising, considering what she did to him. Kristen asks what exactly he’s heard. EJ responds that Johnny just spoke to Allie, so he knows everything which is why he doesn’t want Kristen living in this house.

Chloe questions Brady as to how Kristen forced him to break up with her. Brady calls it extortion. Chloe asks what she was holding over his head. Brady responds that it was the lives of people that he loves. Brady reveals that Kristen played God and now two women are dead.

Nicole and Eric come across each other in the town square. Nicole mentions that she heard about Kayla and she’s so sorry. Eric thanks her. Nicole asks how Marlena is doing. Eric responds that she’s in ICU and not doing well. Nicole doesn’t know what to say but says it’s awful and she wanted to reach out before. Eric says he should get going. Nicole stops him and says Eric just lost his aunt and this is so much more important than what’s going on between them. Nicole asks Eric to just talk to her.

Chloe can’t believe Kate and Kayla have died and asks about Marlena. Brady responds that she’s barely hanging on and is at the hospital because of Kristen. Brady explains that all three women had a relapse of the virus that Orpheus infected them with. Chloe thought they were out of the woods and doesn’t understand what Kristen has to do with this. Brady reveals that Kristen had the Orchid and was the one who provided the serum in the first place. Brady adds that the only way she was willing to turn it over was if he agreed to end his relationship with Chloe.

EJ can’t believe Kristen was holding the lives of the three women over Brady’s head. Kristen argues that EJ would’ve done the same thing to win over the person he loves. EJ questions doing all of this so he would break up with Chloe. Kristen explains that Rachel wanted them to be a family and she wanted to give that to her. Kristen insists that she and Brady belong together. EJ says they need to talk about the fact that two women are dead and there could be a third. Kristen insists that she had every intention of giving them their dose but someone stole the orchid so that’s not her fault. EJ calls that debatable and says Brady doesn’t see it that way. Kristen acknowledges that Brady is furious which is why he kicked her out the door. EJ mocks her coming back here with her tail between her legs. Kristen argues that she came because this has always been her home and EJ is going to welcome her with open arms. EJ asks why he would do that. Kristen then threatens to tell Stefan exactly what he did to him if he doesn’t.

Gabi gets excited about Stefan seeing what she’s been saying this whole time about Dr. Rolf messing with his head and making him hate her. Gabi questions Wendy knowing since November and just telling him now. Stefan guesses that she was protecting her big brother. Gabi argues that they were going to be sisters and questions how she could let her marry a man who did something so horrible. Stefan says that Johnny told him that Wendy felt horrible but couldn’t bring herself to betray her brother. Gabi remarks that Wendy betrayed her instead. Gabi declares that now they know what they all did to keep them apart.

Li tells Wendy that he just went to beg Gabi for another chance but she threw their wedding cookies at him, told him that she hates him and that they are done forever. Wendy says she’s so sorry. Li appreciates her sympathy but says that’s not what he needs from her right now. Li tells Wendy that she must talk to Gabi and change her mind.

Chloe questions Brady about Kristen withholding the serum until he broke up with her. Brady adds that Kristen forced him to move her in and if he didn’t, she would let all three women die. Brady says she wasn’t bluffing since he watched the women get weaker. Chloe asks why he didn’t tell her and argues that she could’ve kept quiet and helped him. Brady says she has no idea how much he wanted to tell her the truth and admits he almost slipped a couple of times but she was threatening him so he was nervous that if he told her and Kristen somehow found out, those three women would have died. Brady notes that Kristen claimed the women needed supplemental doses to stay healthy and that’s how she kept him on the hook. Chloe questions Brady not telling anyone. Brady admits that he reached his breaking point and confided in Eric, then they came up with a plan to get the Orchid back.

Eric tells Nicole about Kristen blackmailing Brady this whole time and that’s why he broke up with Chloe. Eric says it was the only way to save Marlena, Kayla, and Kate, but he couldn’t tell Chloe. Nicole mentions that she just came from seeing Chloe and then Brady showed up to talk to her alone. Eric confirms that Brady is finally telling Chloe the truth. Nicole says that will be a shock since Brady broke Chloe’s heart. Eric says at least Brady will be free to be with the person he loves and belongs to. Nicole questions what happened to the Orchid. Eric says that Kristen claims it was stolen and that John has his people looking everywhere for it. Eric wishes they came up with their plan sooner to force Kristen to turn over the Orchid. Nicole questions what the plan was and how they were going to force her. Eric reveals that it was by kidnapping Rachel.

EJ tells Kristen that he has no idea what she thinks he did to Stefan. Kristen tells him to stop playing games as she had a very long day. Kristen goes over Brady kicking her out, her daughter being kidnapped, and Eric pulling a gun on her. EJ remarks that she’s lucky Eric didn’t pull the trigger considering what she did to his mother. Kristen guesses he’s disappointed. EJ says he has no ill will towards her, despite the fact that she betrayed him and voted to keep DiMera Enterprises in Gabi’s hands. EJ adds that he doesn’t want Kristen’s drama or machinations in this house. Kristen mocks that he only wants his own drama and machinations. EJ argues that he didn’t do anything to Stefan. Kristen brings up EJ knowing about Stefan’s brainwashing for quite some time and keeping it a secret. Kristen warns that she also kept it a secret until now, but they both know how fast that can change.

Johnny sends Rafe the address in Jakarta and knows it’s out of his jurisdiction but asks if there’s any way he can get to Dr. Rolf. Rafe assures that he has contacts over there so he’s sure he can get in touch with someone. Johnny warns that they have to hurry because finding Dr. Rolf is the only way they could save Marlena’s life. Rafe asks if Johnny remembers seeing an Orchid in Dr. Rolf’s lab. Johnny says he doesn’t but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Johnny adds that Kate and Kayla are already gone while Marlena is fading fast, so this is their only hope. Rafe promises to do everything they can to find Dr. Rolf and the serum.

Wendy questions Li thinking anything she says to Gabi will make her take him back. Li argues that Gabi is very fond of her. Wendy calls it a lost cause. Li disagrees and argues that they both know he’s better for Gabi than Stefan. Li brings up how Stefan has treated her. Wendy brings up that being because Li had Dr. Rolf change how he feels towards her. Li insists that he loves Gabi in a way that Stefan never could and they were good together. Wendy says it’s not up to her. Li pleads with Wendy to talk to Gabi, insisting that she will listen to her.

Gabi complains that Wendy is a hypocrite for pretending to be on her side while lying the whole time to protect her brother. Stefan states that they have both been lied to a lot. Gabi says she will deal with Wendy later, but what matters now is that Stefan knows the truth. Gabi talks about thinking she lost him forever and then he came back but couldn’t stand her and now he knows why. Gabi argues that if it wasn’t for Dr. Rolf, they would be together and that’s why he came here. Gabi declares that this changes everything for them but Stefan says it does not.

Brady tells Chloe about Kristen leading him to the Orchid, but it was gone and she claims she has no idea what happened to it. Chloe questions believing her. Brady points out that Kristen would never willingly give up her leverage over him, since now she has nothing to hold over him. Chloe questions that being why he kicked her out. Brady says he kicked her out as soon as he could and came straight here because he wanted Chloe to know that he never stopped loving her. Brady says he was forced to do what he did, but he knew he would find his way back to her. Brady notes that Chloe isn’t saying anything. Chloe wishes she would’ve known all of this before she slept with Stefan.

Gabi questions Stefan saying this doesn’t change anything between them. Stefan reminds her that she’s now married to someone else. Gabi says that’s someone she now despises and she needs to call a lawyer about a divorce or annulment. Gabi asks how she could want to be with Li after what he did to them. Gabi argues that Li’s lies ripped their lives apart. Stefan admits now that he knows the truth, he feels horrible for how badly Gabi has been hurt in all of this and he’s so sorry for the way he treated her. Gabi blames it all on Dr. Rolf and Li. Gabi assures that she still loves him. Stefan knows she does but responds that he doesn’t still love her. Gabi argues that’s because Dr. Rolf turned him against her and pushed him in to Chloe’s arms. Stefan says however it happened, his feelings for Chloe are real and he knows in his head that he used to love Gabi, but now he only feels terrible for how much Gabi has been suffering and doesn’t feel any attraction towards her. Gabi repeats that it’s because Dr. Rolf conditioned his brain to hate her but he doesn’t hate her, he loves her. Gabi tells Stefan to answer one question and asks if he wants to be with Chloe, who is someone that someone else forced him to love, or if he wants to be with her, the person he chose to love.

Li argues that he’s asking Wendy to do the right thing. Li insists that it’s clear that Stefan belongs with Chloe and he belongs with Gabi. Wendy argues that Gabi wants nothing to do with him and is furious with him. Li says Gabi just needs tor remember how good they were and instructs Wendy to tell her how sorry he is. Wendy argues that Gabi won’t listen. Li orders Wendy to make Gabi listen and says he believes that she can do this for him. Li goes to open the door right as Johnny arrives. Wendy hugs him and says she’s so sorry about his aunt. Wendy asks about his grandmother. Johnny responds that they are holding out hope that she’ll beat this thing. Li interrupts and says he’s very sorry about all of this, but Wendy needs to get going. Wendy tells Li to see how upset Johnny is right now. Johnny understands if she has something important to do. Wendy says it can wait but Li says it can’t. Wendy then informs Johnny that Li wants her to convince Gabi to give him another chance. Johnny then informs Wendy that they knew about the brainwashing before the wedding as he thought it was only right that Stefan knew Gabi was telling the truth. Li argues that’s all the more reason for Wendy to go talk to Gabi before Stefan does. Li urges Wendy that this is his life and he needs her. Wendy tells Johnny that she will call him later and then exits the apartment. Johnny wishes Li luck. Li stops him and says they need to have a word.

Kristen tells EJ that it’s always refreshing when they can be honest with each other. EJ brings up that it wasn’t long ago Kristen was telling him that she was sorry about his mother’s death. Kristen argues that she offered to accompany him to the funeral but he didn’t want her sympathy. EJ asks if this is payback. Kristen calls it desperation because she needs a place to regroup and figure out her next move on winning Brady back. EJ mockingly suggests she could have Dr. Rolf mess with Brady’s brain to have him fall back in love with her. Kristen asks EJ if she can stay or if she needs to go find Stefan to tell him how EJ betrayed him. EJ reminds Kristen that she was apart of it long before he was. Kristen argues that she’s not running the company, so she has nothing to lose. Kristen adds that what she and Li did was for a higher moral purpose as they did it for true love while EJ kept the secret to hold onto power that he could lose if Stefan learns he was complicit. Kristen tells EJ to go ahead and grab her bag as she still stay in the guest room on the west wing. Kristen asks if he would rather she tell everyone what she knows. Rafe then walks in and asks what she knows about.

Nicole questions Eric about kidnapping Rachel. Eric explains that it was a ruse to get Kristen to turn over the Orchid. Nicole argues that Rachel must have been traumatized and he knows how dangerous Kristen is. Eric insists that Rachel was safe the entire time. Nicole asks where she kept her. Eric informs her that she was with Sloan. Nicole can’t believe it and calls Sloan his shady hookup buddy. Eric calls Sloan someone he completely trusts and questions Nicole having a problem with that. Nicole says the question is why Eric doesn’t have a problem with it. Nicole calls Sloan a menace. Eric says it’s not his place to judge her. Nicole argues that he has no problem judging her. Eric says here we go again. Nicole complains about what Sloan did to Chanel and Paulina. Eric asks if it’s really about them or if Nicole is just jealous that he and Sloan are sleeping together.

Rafe says he’s sorry to interrupt but Harold let him in. EJ shouts that he’ll have a word with him about that. Kristen asks if there’s something they can help him with. Rafe says he hopes so and asks if they were just discussing the missing orchid. Kristen calls it the stolen orchid. Rafe asks if it’s been recovered. EJ assures that if he knew anything, he wouldn’t keep it to himself. Rafe asks if he’s sure about that. EJ argues that Marlena is his son’s grandmother, so losing her right after losing his other grandmother would break his heart and he’d never want that to happen. Rafe then asks how Kristen would feel if Marlena didn’t survive.

Johnny tells Li that he should get to the hospital to check on his grandma. Li says he won’t keep him long and just has one question before he leaves. Li questions if Johnny happened to tell Stefan about EJ’s role in all of this and that EJ knew what Dr. Rolf did and kept quiet. Johnny admits he did not. Li complains that the DiMeras all stick together but he had no problem throwing him under the bus.

Gabi tells Stefan that she’s not asking him how he feels right now, but who he wants to love. Gabi asks if he doesn’t want to take back his free will. Stefan asks if that means losing Chloe. Wendy shows up and says she understands Gabi is upset with her. Gabi says that Stefan just told her that Wendy knew all about what Li did, so she does want to talk.

Brady questions Chloe sleeping with Stefan. Chloe informs him that it was on New Year’s Eve right before Gabi burst in to their hotel room. Brady admits he was afraid that’s where they were headed. Chloe just wishes she knew any of this. Brady says that it hurts, but it’s not her fault, since he put her in this position. Brady adds that at least Chloe knows Stefan’s feelings for her aren’t real. Chloe understands that but reveals that her feelings for Stefan are real, which shocks Brady. Chloe explains that when Brady ended things between them, she was devastated as it felt like she lost him as well as solid ground in life because it felt like he still loved her and that’s why it made no sense and was so hard to process. Brady is so sorry he put her through that. Chloe knows he wasn’t trying to hurt her and that he had to sacrifice his own happiness to save someone else that he loves. Brady acknowledges that he saw how much pain it was causing her. Chloe cries that she won’t pretend it wasn’t awful and that she didn’t cry herself to sleep every night, but Stefan was there for her at her lowest moments and he helped her heal. Chloe admits they got close and she would’ve never slept with him if her feelings for him weren’t strong and real, but they are.

Gabi tells Wendy that she thought they were friends and almost sisters, so she questions how she could keep something like this from her. Wendy assures it’s not something she’s proud of. Gabi asks if that’s supposed to make it better. Wendy responds that she came to say she’s sorry. Gabi cuts her off and says she hates Li for what he did to her and Stefan. Gabi says that won’t change even if Dr. Rolf tries to brainwash her. Wendy tries to plead with her but Gabi says she’ll see her around and shuts the door on her.

Kristen tells Rafe that she and EJ were both just stating the obvious that losing Marlena would be a tragedy, just like Kayla and Kate’s deaths. Rafe doesn’t believe her. Rafe thinks they were conspiring about something when he walked in and asks if they want to share. EJ responds that they were discussing a family matter. Kristen says it doesn’t concern Rafe. Rafe says speaking of family, he thought they might want to know that their family doctor, Dr. Rolf, is about to be arrested in Jakarta. Kristen questions him finding Rolf. Rafe confirms that as soon as he is arrested, he will be extradited to Salem where he will have to answer for his crimes. EJ tells Rafe that Li was the one who stashed away Dr. Rolf and they had nothing to do with that. Rafe thanks him for the clarification and guesses they won’t mind if he has a forensics team check out the secret room for any leads. Kristen questions calling it a secret room when everybody knows about it. EJ tells Rafe to go ahead because they have nothing to hide. Rafe adds that he will also need to review the security tapes for the past week. EJ insists that they want the orchid found just as much as he does. EJ declares that Johnny has already lost one grandmother, so he will do everything he can to make sure he does not lose another.

Johnny tells Li that EJ had no idea what Li had Dr. Rolf do to Stefan until after the fact. Li mocks that Stefan won’t be delighted to hear that. Johnny argues that EJ was not the one who had Dr. Rolf dig around Stefan’s brain, pull him away from the woman he loves, and almost pull the plug on him as that was all Li. Li responds that he had his reasons. Johnny remarks that Li sending Wendy to talk to Gabi is weak. Li argues that Wendy is being a good sister. Johnny accuses Li of pressuring Wendy into it and putting her in another impossible situation. Li says he just wants Gabi to understand how much he loves her. Johnny reminds him that DiMeras stick together, so he hopes Gabi makes it explicitly clear to Wendy that she’s not taking him back, because she loves Stefan and she always will. Johnny then exits the apartment.

Nicole tells Eric that this is not about jealousy and that Abe is like family to her, so she is protective of anyone in his family. Eric argues that Chanel and Paulina are hardly innocent in this situation. Nicole can’t believe Eric is defending Sloan. Eric says she doesn’t even know her. Nicole feels she knows enough. Eric states that Sloan lost her mother under terrible circumstances and he’s afraid that he’s about to relate to that. Nicole decides this is not the appropriate time to be arguing about Sloan. Eric asks why and says he’s very happy to have this conversation. Eric adds that they can also talk about who Nicole is shacking up with. Nicole responds that she’s not pretending she or EJ are saints, but when they decided to end their marriage, they agreed that she was too much of a sinner and Eric was too much of a choir boy, but now she doesn’t know. Nicole questions what kind of man Eric is. Eric responds that he did what he did because he was protecting his family. Nicole asks if he slept with Sloan to protect his family. Eric clarifies that he’s talking about the kidnapping and that he did it to protect his mother. Nicole says she gets that. Eric questions her not liking that he had Rachel babysat by someone that she doesn’t approve of. Eric suggests they can talk about Nicole and how she acted to end the life of his child.

Chloe tells Brady that he can’t expect her to just come back to him and act like nothing has changed. Brady argues that nothing has changed for him. Chloe cries that she thought he didn’t want her and that he chose to be with Kristen and that was devastating, so she had to protect herself and force herself to get over him.

Rafe informs EJ and Kristen that the forensics team is on their way so he assumes they won’t give them any trouble. EJ jokes that he’ll even offer them snacks. Rafe then informs Kristen that Eric was in his office earlier, demanding that he arrest him for withholding the orchid that could save his mother’s life. Kristen questions Rafe not complying with his demand. Rafe responds that he doesn’t have the facts to back up an arrest yet, but he’s sure as soon as he gets his hands on Dr. Rolf, he can get him to flip on Kristen, Li, and anyone else who might be involved. Rafe says he’ll be in touch and tells them to have a great day as he exits the mansion.

Gabi tells Stefan that she can’t believe Li sent his little sister to try and change her mind about him, especially since she was keeping his secret. Stefan calls it not a winning strategy. Gabi adds that no one can change her mind about how she feels about Stefan. Gabi wishes he would say something. Stefan knows she wants to be with him and he feels horrible for how badly she’s been hurt through all of this, but it’s not going to happen. Gabi knows it’s hard to imagine but insists that they can find Dr. Rolf and have him undo what he did. Stefan questions if she thinks he’ll just fall back in love with her. Gabi admits she doesn’t know as he may continue hating her or continue to love Chloe. Gabi asks if Stefan doesn’t want to be whole again, to make his own choices, or to want his free will back.

EJ returns from the tunnels and informs Kristen that Rafe’s team have descended into the tunnels and the not so secret room. Kristen asks if they are going to find anything. EJ calls it unlikely. Kristen then asks if he’s going to welcome his sister in. EJ remarks that she hasn’t given him a choice. EJ agrees to let Kristen stay for now but warns that she better pray for her and Marlena’s sake that they find the orchid.

Brady knows he can’t just ask Chloe to flip a switch and go back to where things were before, but says she needs to know that he didn’t have a choice when it came to being with Kristen while Chloe has a choice. Chloe understands that but she can’t make that choice in this moment. Brady decides to give her all the time she needs and he will wait for as long as he has to. Brady says he better get back to the hospital to check on John. Chloe sends them her best. Brady tells Chloe that he loves her and when she’s done figuring this whole thing out, he hopes she will come to realize that she loves him too. Brady then exits.

Nicole asks Eric if he knows how cruel it is to blame her over and over again for Jada’s choice. Nicole calls it unfair and repeats that she did not talk Jada in to not having his baby but he goes on and on accusing her as if she dragged her to the abortion clinic. Eric argues that she helped by painting a negative picture of what motherhood would be like. Nicole argues that if Jada wanted to have the baby and be a mother, then nothing anyone said would’ve made a damn bit of difference. Eric disagrees. Nicole decides she no longer cares if Eric thinks she deprived him of his dreams of being a father. They agree to no longer discuss it. Nicole declares that she’s off to go pray for his mother and for him too as she storms off.

Wendy returns home where Li is waiting. Li asks if she talked to Gabi. Wendy confirms that she did, but Stefan was there when she arrived. Li screams in frustration that Stefan got to her first. Li blames Wendy for fighting with him. Wendy cuts him off and says this is over because Gabi hates him for what he did. Wendy declares that it’s time to face reality and accept that Gabi never wants to be with him again.

Rafe returns to the police station and finishes a call as Gabi and Stefan arrive. Gabi tells Rafe that they need his help in finding Dr. Rolf. Rafe asks why. Stefan responds that he now believes Rolf brainwashed him. Gabi adds that Stefan has agreed to have Dr. Rolf undo whatever he did and then they will see where that leads them. Stefan mentions that Johnny thinks he knows where Dr. Rolf is. Rafe reveals he has some bad news as he just got off the phone with the Jakarta police and they raided Dr. Rolf’s lab, but he wasn’t there. Gabi questions him being gone. Rafe declares that he disappeared without a trace.

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