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know where Dr. Rolf is? Yeah. He’s in Jakarta. Jakarta as in Indonesia. Yes. What’s he doing there? Lee Shin set him up with a secret lab. Ugh. I guess Lee thought no one would find him on the other side of the world. Yeah, but I found him. With the Elise own sister,

please. I’m glad I found you here. Why? What’s going on? My life is falling apart. I need your help.

Look, what are you doing here?

I just spoke to my nephew, Johnny. Apparently he and Wendy. Went to Jakarta back in November and found Dr. Rolf November. Yeah. He told them the same thing he told you, which is that Lee and my sister Kristen made him brainwash me to turn me against you. Does that mean that you believe me now?

I do.

What do you mean you are coming home? Well, you have a room and I need a place to sleep. Aren’t you staying with your baby daddy at John o Malina’s? I did until my baby daddy threw me out. Not surprising. Considering what you did to him, what exactly have you. Johnny just spoke with Allie, so I suppose you could say, I know everything, which is why I don’t want you living in this house.

Kristen forced you to break up with me. How would she do that? I guess she would call it extortion, but what was she holding over your. The lives of people that I love. Kristin played God, Chloe, and now two women are dead.

I heard about Kayla. I’m so sorry.

Thank you. How’s your mom doing? She’s an icu. She’s not, she’s not doing well. I don’t know what to say. It’s, it’s awful. I was gonna reach out to you before, so you know what, I should get going. Well, Eric, wait, what?

You just lost your. And now your mom is, yeah. This is so much more important than what’s going on between us. And could you just talk to me please?

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

I can’t believe it. Kate and Kayla. Oh my God. Marlena. Is she, Marlena is, uh, she’s, she’s barely, barely hanging on Chloe. She’s, she’s at the hospital and it’s all because of Kristen. All three women had a relapse from the virus that Orpheus infected them with. Oh my God. That is, that is horrible. I thought they were out of the woods.

We all did. I don’t understand. What does Kristen have to do with. Kristen had the orchid. She was the one that provided the serum in the first place, and the only reason she was willing to turn it over was if I agreed to end my relationship with you. I cannot believe you’ve been holding those women’s lives over Brady’s head for months.

Oh my God. Just stop clutching your. You would’ve done the same thing to win over the person you love . All of this was so that he would break up with Chloe Lang. Well, like you said, Brady’s my baby daddy, and Rachel wanted us to be a family and I wanted to give that to her. So it was about Rachel. Yes, and Bri and I belong.

Well, as warm and fuzzy as that sounds, we need to talk about the fact that two women are dead and there could be a third. I had every intention of giving all those three women their doses. If someone stole the orchid, that is not my fault. Well, that’s debatable, and Brady clearly doesn’t see it that way.

Now he’s furious. That’s why he kicked me out the door.

So now you’ve come crawling back here with your tail between your legs. No, I came because this has always been my home. And you, my loving, wonderful brother are gonna welcome me with open. And why would I do that? Because if you don’t, I’m gonna tell our brother, Stefan exactly what you did to him. Hmm. Oh my God.

It it happened. You, you believe what I’ve been saying this whole time, that, that Rolf messed with your head, that he made you hate me. . Yeah. And, and Wendy knew about this since November and she just told you now, protecting her big brother, I guess she was by maid of honor. We were, we were gonna be sisters.

How could she just stand there and let me marry a man who would do something this horrible? Well, from what Johnny said, she hated what Lee did, but couldn’t bring herself to betray him. Oh. So she betrayed me instead. Well, now we know what they did. Now we know what they all. Stephan to keep you and me apart.

I just wanted to see Gabby. I begged her for another chance. How’d she react? She threw her wedding cookies at me. She said she hates me, that our marriage is over, that were done forever and I’m so sorry. I appreciate your sympathy, Jing. But that’s not what I need from you right now. What is it that you need?

You must talk to Gabby and change her mind.

So Kristen said that she would withhold the serum unless you agree to break up with me. And then she forced me to move her in. And, and, and if I didn’t, she would let all three women die. She wasn’t bluffing either, cuz I, I’ve watched the women get weaker and weaker.

What did you tell me, Brady? I could have kept quiet. I could have helped you. Just, you, you, you, no idea how much I wanted to tell you. I wanted to be honest with you. I wanted to tell you the truth. I almost did. I almost slipped a couple times, but I was, I was, she was threatening me, Chloe. I was nervous that if, that, if I told you and somehow she found out that I told you or anyone, those three women would’ve died.

But once they got the treatment and they recovered, oh, she, she, she claimed that they needed supplemental doses in order to stay healthy. That is how she kept me on the hook. Oh my God. And you didn’t tell anyone Very, my pinpoint. I eventually confided in Eric and we came up with a plan to get the orchid.

So Kristen was blackmailing Brady this whole time, and that’s why he broke up with Chloe. It’s the only way to save my mom, Caitlin and Kate. But he couldn’t tell Chloe well, I just came from seeing her, and then Brady showed up and said that he wanted to talk to her alone because he’s finally telling her the truth.

Wow. That’s gonna be a shock. I mean, he broke her heart. Hopeful. Only one good thing comes of this Brady will be free. He’ll be what? The person he loves, the one he belongs to.

So Christian led Brady to this orchid and it wasn’t there. What happened to it? She claims that it was stolen. John. He wouldn’t leave my mom’s bed. But he has his people looking everywhere for, well, hopefully he’ll find it soon. Yeah. If only we just come up with our plans sooner to force Kristen and turn it over.

What plan and how are you gonna force her? My kidnapping, Rachel,

I have no idea what you think I do to Stephan. Oh, , let’s stop playing games. I’ve had a very, very long day. Ready kicked me out. My daughter was kidnapped and former father Eric pointed a gun at me. Hmm. You’re lucky he didn’t pull the trigger given what you did to his mother, you seem disappointed. I have no ill will toward you despite the fact that you betrayed me and voted to keep dira in Gabby’s hands.

God bygones, right? Sure. But I don’t want your drama or machinations in this house. Oh, you only want your drama and machinations in this house. I didn’t do anything to Stephanie . Oh God. Did Ralph inject you with something to make you forget? Huh cuz I will be clearly happy to refresh your memory. My memory’s just fine.

Okay. Then you should remember, um, that you’ve known about Stephan’s brainwashing for quite some time yet you chose to keep it a secret. So, so I also kept it a secret until now and we both know how fast that could change. All right. I just sent you the address. Look, I know it’s outta your jurisdiction. I know it’s it’s way outta your jurisdiction, but is there any way you can get anyone to Ralph’s lap?

Oh yeah. I’ve got contacts on the State Department over there. I’m sure I can get in touch with someone, right? If we gotta hurry. All right. Finding Ralph is, is the only way we’re gonna find the serum that could save Grandma Marlena’s life. You and Wendy were in that lab Yeah, back in November. Do you remember seeing an orchid there?

No. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there. The Goun, Kayla Kate. They’re already gone. Grandma Marlene is fading fast. Please pray if this is our only hope. I understand. Listen, I promise you we are gonna do everything that we can to find Dr. Rolf and net zero. I promise

you think anything I say to Gabby will make her take you back. She’s very fond of you. She said she liked you from the moment she met you. I, I liked her too. Li but come on, this is a lost cause. The hell it is. We both know I’m better for Gabby than s Stephan Damara. Look at how he treated her because you had Dr.

Ralph condition his brain to hate her. Even so, even so. No, no, no. How does there, and even so, you made sure the guy not only didn’t love Gabby anymore, you made him repulsed by her. I know that. Just hear me out.

I love Gabby in a way. Stephan never could. We are good together. You said it yourself. It’s not up to me, but you can help. Please, please, Jing win. Just talk to her. She’ll. She’ll listen to you. I know she will. That little hypocrite pretended to be on my side. She even drove me to the airport to come see you and the whole time she was covering for her.

We’ve both been lied to whole hell of a lot. You know, I’m gonna deal with Wendy later. But what matters now is that you, you know the truth. You know, I thought I lost you forever, but then you, then you came back and you couldn’t stand the side of me. But now you understand why you, you know the truth, which is why you came back here.

Because if it wasn’t for Rolfe, we’d be together. Right? You know that this changes everything for us.

No, it doesn’t.

So when Kristen finally led me to the place where she was keeping the orchid, it was gone. She claims that she has no idea what happened to it, and you believe her. She would never willingly give up her leverage on me because now, now she has nothing to hold over my hand, and that’s why you kicked her out.

Chloe, I kicked her ass out of there as soon as I could, and I came right here because I wanted to let you know, baby, I’ve never stopped loving you. I was forced to do what I did and I knew that I would find my way back.

You are not saying anything. I just wish I know. I baby. I know, I know. No, no. You don’t understand. I, I wish I would’ve known all of this before I slept with Stephan.

How could you say this doesn’t change anything between us? Are you forgetting you’re married to someone else? Someone that I know despise? I, I need to call a voy and try to figure out how to file for a divorce or an annulment, anything to get away from the son of a bitch. I mean, how could I wanna be with this person after what they did to me?

To you? His lies ripped our lives apart. Yes, Gabby. They did. And now that I know the truth, I feel horrible for how badly you’ve been hurt and all this. And I am so sorry for the way I treated you. No, that none of that was your fault. That was all. And me maybe. But I’m the one who said the words, Gabby, you loved me and I still love you.

I know you do,

but I don’t still love you. Well, that’s because Rolf turned you against me. He pushed you into Chloe’s arms. However, it happened, Gabby, my feelings for Chloe are real,

and there’s really no way to say this next part that won’t sound. But well just say it. I know in my head that I used to love you, but as I stand here and I look at you,

I only feel terrible for how much you’ve been.

I don’t feel any attraction toward you. That’s because Rolf has conditioned your brain. The fact that it’s it’s still working shows how successful Rolf was at programming you to hate mete. You. You don’t hate me, Stephen. You love me jammy. No, listen. You just have to answer one question. Do you wanna be with Chloe, somebody that someone else forced you to love?

Or do you wanna be with a person that you chose to love me, Lee, what you’re asking of me, I’m asking you to do the right thing. Have you seen Stephan with. , it’s clear they belong together and I belong with Gabby. No. How is it clear? How is it clear? She, she wants nothing to do with you. She’s furious with you.

She’s just hurt. Okay. She can get past the betrayal and remember how good it was. Go help her. Remember. Tell her how sorry I am. Yes, you vote. Listen, then make her listen. You could do this for me. Okay? I believe in you

Johnny. Hey,

I’m so sorry about your aunt. Thank you. Uh, how’s your grandmother doing? Uh, you know, we’re, uh, we’re holding out hope that she’ll beat this thing, but with, you know, with what happened with, uh, Kate, not Kayla, Johnny, I, I’m, I’m very sorry about all of this, but Wendy really needs to get going. God, please.

Can’t you see how upset he’s right now? Look, if you, if you’ve got something important to do, I don’t wanna keep No, it can wait. No, it can’t. Lee wants me to convince Gabby that he deserves another chance. Oh. Uh, well in that case, Wendy, I should tell you that I, uh, I told Ste. That we knew about the brainwashing before the wedding, and I just, I, I, I thought it was only right that, that he know that Gabby was telling the truth.

Oh, all the more reason for Wendy to get over there and talk to Gabby before Stephan does. Jing, when this is my life, I need you.

I’ll call you later.

Oh, good luck, Lee. Before you go, oh, we need to have a learn.

It’s always so refreshing when we can be honest with each other, don’t you? You want to talk? Honestly, it wasn’t that long ago that you stood in this very room and told me how sorry you were, that my mother was dead. I offered to accompany you to the funeral, but you turned me down ej. You didn’t want my sympathy.

So this is payback for that slack? No, it’s called desperation. See, I need a place where I can regroup and, uh, figure out my next move on winning Brady back.

Here’s an idea. Maybe you could have Rolf fill around in his brain so he falls back in love with you. If I could find Rolf, I, it was a. Hilarious. Can we just stick to the subject at hand? Can I stay or do I need to go find Stephan and tell him how you betrayed him? Are you forgetting your role in our brother’s ordeal?

You were a part of it long before I was. So what? I’m not running the company, so I have nothing to lose. And besides Lee Shannon and. What we did was for a higher moral purpose, . Oh, and what was that about? Love. Yeah. We did it for true. Love you, . You kept a secret to hold onto power. Power, which you could lose if Stephan learns about your complicity.

What? Huh? Oh, no. Witty retort for that one. Yeah. Brother, why don’t you. Be a deer and grab my bag. I think I’m gonna stay in the guest room in the west Wing. I’m in the sunsets on the balcony. So striking this time of year, or would you rather I tell everyone what I know. Know about what

you kidnapped Rachel. It wasn’t a real kidnapping. It was a ruse to pressure, Kristen to turn it over. She’s just a child. She must have been traumatized. She was, and you know how dangerous Kristen is? Used pawn in this game. She was safe. I’m telling you. She was safe the entire time. Really? Really? Where did you keep her?

I left her with Sloan. Sloan, your shady hookup buddy. She’s someone I totally trust. Why do you have a problem with that? I have a problem with it. The question is, why don’t you have a problem with it?

I, oh my God, Eric, that woman is a menace. It’s not my place to judge her. Oh, . Oh, really? Oh, but you have no problem judging me. Here we go again. Oh, here we go again. In, you know what Sloane did to Chanel and Paulina? She blackmailed them. She threatened to send them to prison. She tried to ruin their lives.

Is this really about Chanel and Paulina? Are you just jealous that Sloane and I are sleeping together?

Sorry to interrupt. You know Harold’s let me in. I’ll be sure to have a word with him about that. Is there something we can help you with? I hope so. Were you two just discussing the missing orchid? You mean the stolen orchid, right? Stolen, yes. Perhaps it’s been, um, recovered. I assure you, commissioner, if I knew anything about the whereabouts of that, I wouldn’t keep it to myself.

Are you sure about that? Marna is my son’s grandmother. Losing her, especially after having just lost his other grandmother would break his heart. I never want that to happen. Right. What about you, Kristen? How would you feel if Marlena didn’t survive?

I should, uh, I, I should get to the hospital to check on my grandma. Then I won’t keep you. I just have one question before you leave. Okay. When you were being so honest with your Uncle Stephan, did you happen to tell him your father’s role in all this? Did you inform s Stephan that his brother EJ knew what Dr.

Rolf had done and decided to keep his mouth shut? No. No, I, I didn’t mention to him that my father knew that. Had Ralph brainwash him. It’s nice to see you Tamara’s all stick together. But you have no problem throwing me under the bus.

I’m not asking you how you feel right now. No. You’re asking me who I want to love. Stephen, don’t you wanna take back your free will even if it means losing. Okay, that is Helen. It’s you, Javi. Can we please talk? Look, I understand that you’re upset with me, but I’m here because yes, Stephen just told me how you knew all about what your brother did to us and you kept it a secret.

So yes, I do wanna talk.

You slept with Stephan

on New Year’s Eve, right before Gabby burst into our hotel room. I was, I, I was afraid that’s where the two of you were headed. I just wish I would’ve known any of this. Chloe. Chloe.

It hurts, but it’s not your fault, not your fault. I, I, I put you in this position and at at least you know that Stephan’s feelings for you aren’t real. I understand that, but the thing is, my feelings for him. They are real.

When you ended things between us, I was devastated. It felt like not only had I lost you, but that I had lost solid ground in. Because when we were in the same room together, it felt like you still loved me. Yes, I did. Which is why it made no sense why it was so hard to process, and I, I, I, I, I’m, I’m so sorry that I put you through that, Chloe, and I know, I know, I know that you weren’t trying to hurt me, that you had to sacrifice your own happiness to save someone else that you loved.

And the, wow, the worst part about it was that I, I saw how much pain it was causing you.

I’m not gonna pretend that it wasn’t awful. Then I didn’t cry myself to sleep almost every night. Okay. But then Stefan was there at my lowest moments. He was there for me, and he helped me heal. We got close, and I would’ve never slept with him if my feelings were him weren’t strong and real because they were.

And they are.

I thought we were friends. Wendy, almost sisters. We were. Well then how could you keep this from me? Believe me, it’s not something I’m proud of. Is that supposed to make it better? No. I just, I came here to say I’m sorry and my brother Lee, he, he, all right, lemme save your breath and tell you what I told your big.

I hate him for what he did to me and I hate him for what he did to Stephan. And that’s not gonna change even if Roth straps me to a table and tries to brainwash me. Just please, Wendy. Bye-bye. See you around.

My brother and I were just stating the obvious actually. That losing Marlena would be a tragedy just as Kate’s St. Kayla’s death was a tragedy. Yeah, I don’t think so. Do you know what I think? I think the two of you were conspiring about something when I walked in. Do you wanna share? My sister and I were discussing a family mag, which doesn’t concern you.

Okay, fair enough. But. Speaking of family, I thought you might want to know that your family doctor is, uh, about to be arrested in Jakarta. Dr. Wilhelm Rolf, he found Rolf. I also called in some favors, so as soon as he’s arrested, he will be extradited to Salem where he will have to answer for his crimes in case you’re about to make an accusation.

Lee was the one who stashed the way, the good doctor. We had nothing to do with that. Well, thank you for the clarification and um, since you’re being so cooperative, I’m sure you won’t mind if I have a forensics team come search the, uh, secret room in the tunnels for leads. Why do we still call it a secret room?

And everyone knows about it. , you don’t, right ahead. You have nothing to hide. Oh, that’s, Fantastic. I’m also gonna need to review these security tapes for the past week. Mm-hmm. To start, we want the Orchid fan just as much as you do. Joni has already lost one grandmother, and I will do everything I can to make sure he doesn’t lose another.

Just so we’re clear on this, my father had no idea what you had Ralph do to Stephan until after the fact. I’m sure s Stephan would be delighted to hear that look. I am not excusing what my dad did. Okay. But he’s not the one who had Ralph dig around into Stephan’s brain, rip him away from the woman he loves.

He’s also not the one who pulled the plug on my uncle. No, that was you. I had my reasons. Sure you did. And listen, while we’re having this little, uh, heart to heart, let me just say you sending Wendy over there to talk to Gabby, that’s weak. Wendy is being a good sister. But you pressured her into it. See, you’ve put her into yet another impossible position.

Again, I just want Gabby to understand how much I love her. Sure. But like you said, Damara stick together. So I’m hoping that Gabby makes it explicitly clear to Wendy that she’s not going to take you back because she loves. She always will.

This is not about jealousy. You know, A is like family to me and I am protective of anyone who is in his family. Chanel and Paulina, hardly innocent in this situation. Oh my God, I cannot believe you are defending that woman. You don’t even know her. I know. Sloan lost her mother under terrible circumstances, and I’m afraid I’m about to relate to that.

Very sweet. Sorry, this is not the appropriate time to be arguing about Sloan. Why? I’m very happy to have this conversation and why we’re at it. Why don’t we talk about who you are shacking up with now? No point. I am not pretending that EJ is a saint and neither am I, but when we end our marriage, Decided that we were too different to make it work.

I was too much of a sinner and you were too much of a choir boy. But now I don’t know anymore. Eric, what kind of man are you?

I did what I did because I was protecting my family. You slept with Sloan to protect your family. I’m talking about the kidnapping I call my mother could die. I get that. So you don’t like the way I acted because I allowed Rachel to be babysat by someone you don’t approve of babysat. Okay. My soul is not questionable.

Maybe what I did because I was trying to protect my mother, but let’s talk about. And how you acted to end the life of my child,

Brady, as much as I wish I could, you can’t expect me to just come back to you and act as if nothing has changed. Chloe. Chloe, nothing’s, nothing has changed for me, Brady. I thought that you didn’t want me and that you chose to be with Kristen, and that was devastating, so I had to protect myself. I had to force myself to get over you.

The folks from the forensics lab are on their way. I assume you won’t give them any trouble. I’ll even offer them snacks. Wow. What a guy, huh? Oh, and Kristen? Yes. Eric Brady was in my office earlier demanding that I arrest. Arrest me for what? Just withholding the orchid that could save his mother’s life.

And you haven’t complied with his demand? Yeah. Well, I don’t have the facts to back up an arrest yet, but I’m sure as soon as I get my hands on Dr. Rolf, I can get him to flip on you and Lee and anybody else who might be involved. I’ll be in touch. Have a great day.

I can’t believe that Lee sent his little sister to try to change my mind about him, especially since she’d been keeping a secret. Clearly not a winning strategy. Yeah, but nobody could change my mind about how I feel about you.

I wish that you would say something,

Gabby, I know that you want to be with me and I feel horrible for how badly you’ve been hurt. Through all this, but it’s not gonna happen. Look, I know it’s hard to imagine, but if we could just find and have him undo what he did, when do you think I’m just gonna fall back in love with you? I don’t know. I mean, maybe you’ll still go on hitting me.

Maybe you still left. But don’t you wanna be yourself fully? Again, don’t you wanna make your own choices? Don’t you want your free will back?

How’s it going down there? Race team is descended upon the not so seeker room and the tunnels. Well, are they going to find anything? Unlikely. Well then it’s a good thing you welcome to him. I know. Hmm. Well, the next big question is, are you gonna do the same for your sister as if you’ve given me a choice?

At a boy you can stay for now. You better pray for Marlene’s sake and for yours if they find that orchid

look. Um,

I know I can’t just ask you to flip switch and go back to where things were before, but you need to know that I didn’t have a choice when it came to being with Kristen and, and, and you, you have a choice.

I under. I understand that, but I just, I can’t make that choice in this.

I, um, I’ll give you all the time you need and I’ll wait for as long as I have to.

I, I, I better go back to the hospital and check on, check on my dad. I’ll give him and Marlene on my best. Yeah. I, I will.

I love you

and when you are done figuring this whole thing out, I hope you’ll come to realize that you love me too.

Do you know how cruel it is to blame me over and over again for Jada’s choice? Jada’s choice? It is unfair. You know what? I’ve said this before, but I’m gonna say it again cuz maybe this time you’ll actually hear. I did not talk your ex-girlfriend into not having your baby. The way you go on and on accusing me.

It’s as if I dragged her to the abortion clinic myself. Oh, damn. Why you helped her make a choice. . You painted a total negative picture of what motherhood would be. If Jada wanted the baby, if she wanted to be a mother, then nothing I said or anyone said would’ve made a damn bit of difference. I totally disagree.

Of course you do. Oh, you know what? I no longer care if you agree or disagree, or if you think I’m the one who deprived you of your dreams of being a father. So how about this? How about we don’t discuss it anymore? Okay. Does that work for you? Dad works great for me. Oh, great. Now this sin is gonna go pray for your mother.

And you know what, while I’m at it, I’m gonna go pray for you too.

Did you talk to Gabby?

I did, but Stephan was there when I arrived. See your act. You got to her first. Lee. If we, if we hadn’t waited, if you hadn’t fought with me, please stop. Okay. I know how much you wanna be with Gabby, but this, this is over. No. Yes. She hates you for what you did. It is time to face reality and accept that she never wants to be with you again.

Okay. Let me know if you hear something Gabby. Hey, um, hey, we need your help. We need to find, we’ll roll. Why I now believe that that quack brainwashed me. Yeah. So Stephan’s agreed to have the mad doctor undo whatever it is he did. And after that, we’ll see where that leaves us. Uhhuh. Johnny thinks he knows where he is.

Yeah. Well, I’m sorry about, I got some bad news. I just got off the phone with the Jakarta police. They raided Ross lab, but he wasn’t there. He’s gone. Disappeared without a trace.

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