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Judge craig: Case dismissed.

[ Gavel bangs ]

Judge craig: That’s it for today. Please remove ms. Carter’s handcuffs. Escort her from my chamber. She’s free to go.

Steffy: No, no, no. This is– this is wrong.

Finn: Your honor.

Steffy: This is wrong. She– sheila’s dangerous. She– she faked her own death. She hid from the police. This is wrong. She can’t be free. No, you have to do something. No! You can’t do this.

[ Inaudible ]

Steffy: Sheila’s free to go?

Finn: You’re just gonna let her walk out of here?

Judge craig: You won’t testify. There’s no other physical evidence that links Ms. Carter to the crime scene. No other witnesses, just the two of you who’ve decided not to press charges. And like I told you, as far as the escape goes, there’s new evidence that’s been brought to light that clearly implicates mr. Guthrie in forcibly removing her from custody. And with no other claims being brought forth, I have no choice. All charges are dropped.

Attorney: Thank you, your honor.

Judge craig: Ms. Carter will be in her cell awaiting official release.

Steffy: No!

Finn: Look, you can’t just– you can’t do this.

Steffy: No, you can’t let her go.

Judge craig: That’s all for today.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Judge craig: Come in.

Bill: Your honor.

Judge craig: Bill.

[ Birds chirping ]

Taylor: Yeah, I can see you again tomorrow at 10:00. Does that work? I know. Don’t forget you’ve survived a hundred percent of your worst days. Today is no different. Okay. See you then. Bye. Hi.

Eric: Hi, taylor.

Taylor: Ah, look at me taking over your office. I’m sorry, I had to– I had to call a patient. My lunch with brooke went a little longer than expected.

Eric: Wait, wait, wait. You had lunch with brooke?

Taylor: I did. And it was really fun.

Eric: I’m delighted to hear that.

Taylor: Yeah. You know, today is just a– it’s just a good day all around. You know what? I bet sheila is in front of the judge right now as we speak. And after all this is done, she’s gonna be back in prison where she belongs. All thanks to steffy and finn.

Eric: A judge called a preliminary meeting about all this?

Taylor: Yeah. Yes. It’s just protocol. I– I don’t know. But it’s kind of poetic justice that steffy and finn are gonna be the ones to bring sheila carter down.

Eric: Yeah. Well, it’s about time. She’s caused enough trouble for both of our families.

Taylor: Yes. It’s gonna feel so good to know that we don’t have to worry about her, ever again.

[ Door buzzing ]

Officer: Make yourself comfortable. I’ll get your personal effects. Once the paperwork is done, you’ll be free to go.

Sheila: Oh my god, I am really getting out of this dump.

Officer: Won’t be long now.

[ Sheila laughing ]

[ Door buzzing ]

Sheila: Mike. Oh, you came to say goodbye?

Mike: So, it’s true? You’re going free? I’m stuck in this place and you’re getting out?

Bill: It’s good to see you in person, craig. Trust that julie and audrey are well?

Judge craig: Still reaping the benefits of those two weeks on your yacht. The stella maris is just– it’s magnificent, bill. That’s the best vacation my family ever had. The mcmullens will always be indebted to you.

Bill: It was my pleasure. And by the way, I hired a new chef. She is magnificent. Please take the family out again, anytime.

Judge craig: Well, your continued generosity, uh, is appreciated.

Bill: You can count on it. As I’m sure I can count on yours.

Judge craig: I’ll have julie call and arrange the night when we can have you over for dinner. What do you say?

Bill: Sounds good. And thanks again for today.

Judge craig: Well, with the evidence you provided, what other choice did I have? I’ve got a hearing.

Bill: You mind if I make a phone call before I go?

Judge bill: No, make yourself at home.

Eric: Taylor, when I first came in, you were on the phone with a patient. Do you need to do more of that? ‘Cause you can use the office across the way.

Taylor: Oh, thank you. No, I am done. I can’t wait to get back to steffy and finn’s and get the official word that sheila is finally out of our lives.

Mike: So, you’re sailing off into the sunset and I’m stuck in this place.

Sheila: I thought you’d be happy for me.

Mike: Well, at least I’ll have my memories of our time together. Get me through the long nights in here.

Sheila: Oh, mike, you are so sweet.

Mike: Of course I’m happy for you. You shouldn’t be locked up. I sure am gonna miss you.

Sheila: Yeah, well, we do have a way of running into each other, don’t we? Maybe that’ll still hold true.

Mike: Hell of a move, by the way, getting bill spencer in your corner.

Sheila: That just– that just happened.

Mike: I know you, sheila. You made it happen and it was genius. Hey, just come see me every once in a while. Oh, no, listen, that’s probably too much to ask. Why would you voluntarily ever come back into this place? But it sure would mean a lot to me.

Sheila: I’ll try. Just depends on where my life is taking me at the time.

Mike: Well, wherever that is, think about me, in the yard, in my cell, loving you always. I never stopped having feelings for you, sheila. Can I ask you something?

Sheila: Sure.

Mike: One more thing.

Sheila: What?

[ Slapping ] You bad boy.

Mike: Yes, I am.

[ Sheila laughing ]

[ Door opens ]

Officer: You’re free to go.

Sheila: I guess this is it. I really thank you for everything, mike. I really mean that.

Mike: I love you, sheila. I’ll wait a lifetime for you.

Bill: That’s good to hear. I’ll have my people send over the contract. Yeah, you, too.

Steffy: You. You! I should have known.

Finn: Whoa, whoa, hey, hey.

Steffy: Oh, my god. You were the one. You’re behind guthrie’s affidavit. The compelling evidence of him forcing sheila out of jail.

Finn: You own the judge.

Steffy: You somehow got him assigned to sheila’s trial.

Bill: You did the right thing not testifying, not pressing charges.

Steffy: Oh, my god. I can’t believe you’re doing this, bill. The length you’re going to. For once in your life, can you just not lie? Tell me the truth. Are– is– is sheila blackmailing you? Is she threatening someone that you love?

Finn: Look, you bought a judge to free sheila!

Bill: There’s no point in fighting this. You will lose. More importantly, taylor will lose.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Bill: Sheila is a free woman.

Steffy: Oh, my…

Bill: So, your mother will maintain her freedom as well.

Steffy: I’m begging you, can you just come to your senses and realize what you are doing is wrong? Sheila is using you. We can work together. We can– we can call the judge and– and we’ll find a way to get this dangerous psychopath off of the streets. Oh. You obviously don’t care about me. Or finn. Or your granddaughters. Do you realize if sheila is free, kelly and beth are in harm’s way. They are not safe. And– and sheila is not above using them to get to hayes and finn.

Bill: I give you my word. My word. You’ll have nothing to fear from sheila.

Steffy: Your– your word? I hate you, bill. I am never gonna forgive you for this. Never! Do you hear me? Never!

[ Steffy sobbing ] I’m jonathan lawson

[ Gate clanging ]

Officer: Might as well get used to it. You’re gonna be hearing that sound for a good long time, guthrie.

Mike: Yeah, I know. May not have my freedom, but… at least I’ll always have my memories of that very special lady.

[ Inaudible ]

[ Whirring ]

Sheila: I like you, mike.

Don’t stop being my friend.

Because you should know better

than anyone what happens

to my enemies.

Mike: Okay! Okay!

I get the point.

Sheila: Just wanna make sure

of it.

Mike: Sheila.

[ Dog growling ]

Sheila: Welcome to

forrester creations, mike!

Just this once.

Mike: Fine by me.

[ Sighing ]

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Door opening ]

Sheila: I– I could barely– I could barely breathe in the car. I– I ke– I kept waiting for flashing lights and sirens, uh, and for someone to pull us over and say that they were taking me back in– into custody. I just… I don’t know how I’m ever gonna thank you. You really came through for me, bill.

Bill: You’re worth it.

Sheila: There– there aren’t too many people that would agree with that.

Bill: Most people don’t know you the way I do.

Sheila: I just– it feels amazing to be fully seen. I’m– that– I’m out of that– that hell hole. It’s– and it’s because of you. Your plan, it– it– it worked. You– you got your judge onto my case and– and– and finn and steffy, they didn’t testify against me. It… you are one hell of a man, bill spencer.

Finn: So, what the hell just happened? Sheila’s free?

Steffy: Because of bill. What was he thinking? He knows sheila. He knows her murderous history.

Finn: Well, obviously, he doesn’t care. Seems to make her more his type.

Steffy: Oh, god. He said he was gonna use my mother’s name as his shooter. He swore he wasn’t gonna do that.

Finn: Yeah, so you trusted him.

Steffy: I– yeah, I did. I mean, I know, I know bill can be ruthless and he’s not above using something as leverage to get what he wants, but not against us. For sheila? That is unthinkable. Look, I am– I’m just– I’m so sorry I put you in this position. This is all my fault.

Finn: No, hey. It’s okay. All right, your problems are my problems. We’re a team. And we never lose sight of that.

Steffy: It killed me to watch sheila walk away. All I had to do was just be honest. Tell them what happened and she would’ve been locked up forever. But it was too risky. I really believe that bill would’ve turned my mother in.

Finn: Look, he gave us a terrible choice, but we made the right one. Okay? It was the only one. But the question now is, how do we explain not testifying?

Steffy: Oh, god.

Finn: And dropping these charges, especially to taylor?

Steffy: I can’t think about that right now. I’m still spiraling after everything that happened.

[ Door opening, taylor gasping]

Taylor: There they are. The heroes of the day!

[ Taylor giggling ] Okay. How does it feel to know that because of you, sheila will spend the rest of her life behind bars?

Hey! Did you hear?

Sheila: It’s finally happened. I’m free. I’m– I’m free. I– I kept warning people not to count me out. And they kept saying that I– I didn’t stand a chance. I would never see the light of day. That there would– there would be no way back. But there’s always a way back. All of this was possible because of– of your kindness and your support. And I am so grateful. So lucky. You inspire me, just watching you work. The way you blackmailed steffy and– and finn into not saying anything about the shooting, and the way you masterfully manipulated your own judge onto my case.

Bill: I put a lot on the line for you.

Sheila: I’m aware.

Bill: I need to know that I’m not going to regret it. That you will never let me down.

Sheila: You don’t need to worry about that. I will always be your partner. For life.

Taylor: Come on, guys. Don’t keep me in suspense. Please, please. I– I– I wanna feel like I was there. I wanna feel like I was watching sheila’s face as you guys testified. Oh, my god, the satisfaction you must be feeling right now. Right? Come on, guys. Justice was served!

Steffy: About that. There’s something you need to know, mom.

Taylor: Okay? I’ve been waiting all day for this. What?

Finn: It doesn’t have the ending you’re expecting.

Taylor: What does that mean?

Steffy: She’s free. All the charges have been dropped.

Taylor: What? That doesn’t make sense. Okay. Hold on a second. The judge just let her walk after you guys testified that she shot you?

Steffy: Finn and I never pressed charges, mom.

Taylor: Uh, you both want sheila to go to prison, right?

Finn: Yeah. Yeah.

Taylor: But you didn’t give a testimony? I don’t understand. Guys, stop looking at each other, look at me. Tell me what’s going on. Why isn’t sheila in prison right now?

Steffy: Bill said he, uh–

Taylor: Bill? Bill spencer? What does he have to do with you pressing charges?

Finn: He’s got everything to do with us not pressing charges.

Steffy: Bill said if we testify against sheila, he’ll let it be known that he was shot, too. By you, mom. By you.

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