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Oh, breakfast in bed again, . It’s uh, Harold’s morning off. Oh, even so that’s lovely of you. Uh oh. There’s no paper there. Harold always brings me a paper with breakfast. I know. Okay, well, I’ll let it slide. Just this once.

Let’s find on with you this morning, Nicole. I have some sad news and I wanted to break it to you myself,

Callie. I’m, uh, I am so sorry about Kate. Yeah, yeah, of course. Um, I will, uh, I’ll meet you at the hospital as soon as visiting hours start.

I love you too.

Uh, uncle Stephan, you’re. You’re finally back. Yeah. Sheer pan and moaning at the airport. I’m telling you, every single flight delayed or canceled, it’s a miracle. I even made it back from Miami, although I probably wouldn’t have minded another couple extra days in paradise with Chloe. So you uh, you had a good time.

Yeah. We rang in the new year on the dance floor at the hottest club in South Beach. No, uh, I don’t un unforeseen. Interruptions or Ah, you know about Gabby? Yeah. Yeah, I know about Gabby. I drove over to the airport. So she found you on New Year’s Eve? Yeah, she found me. It was a little bit after midnight, but yeah, she found me, told me everything.

Hey, welcome back. How’d it go? Did you.

Oh no, that doesn’t look good. Are you okay? I’m sorry,

Gabby. I,

Hey. I know, I know. It’s

Abby if you only knew. Damn it.

Hello, Lee Chloe. Hello. You’re. Did, uh, did um, Gabby just stop right there. I’m not really interested in answering your questions. Be damn well. Better answer mine.

Ugh. Rachel’s lunch. I knew we forgot something.

I hope. Eric,

I just came from seeing my phone. How is he doing? How is he doing? His wife just died and soon did his sister, my mother, she could be next.

Or maybe you beat her to it,

like Sam through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Then when I finally arrived in Miami, Stephen, who was in bed with Chloe, it was awful. Ra It was just, they just, Ugh. But, but you told him, right? You told him what Ralph did, that he planted those negative feelings about you that made him fall in love with Chloe? Yeah, I told him, I told him everything, but he says that, that, that, that doesn’t matter at all.

That he doesn’t care at all.

When you say Gabby told you everything, I mean that she told me everything. The whole alleged conspiracy theory, the brainwashing Lee pulling the plug, Rolfe and Lee playing God with me on the slab. All of it. Okay. I’m, I’m, I’m sorry, but you seem pretty blase about all this. You’re not upset. Did Rolf turned you against a woman that you love?

I mean, she married somebody else because you pushed her away. How am I supposed to believe any of that? Huh? What do you mean? Gabby tracked Ro down a couple of weeks ago before he left Salem. He swore up and down according. He swore up and down that he did nothing to manipulate my feelings for her and she believed him.

Now, all of a sudden, what? She changes her story and says the opposite. How am I supposed to know what story to believe?

I know. You know what? I know that Ralph brainwashed you. How do you know that? Because I heard it straight from the source. Himself,

Kate and Kayla, are they gone?

They um, They had a relapse of that rare disease they had months ago.

A relapse. May I, I, I don’t get it. I, I thought they, I mean that, that anonymous vial, right. They all, they all took it. I know. We all thought they were cur. They’ve been perfectly healthy all this time, but now,

oh my God.

What about Marlina? I mean, she had a too. Yes,

apparently she’s been similarly afflicted. She’s very ill, but. She’s still holding off. Hello?

Oh my God.

Poor Eric.

So you want revenge. Is that it Eric? You’re not a murderer. You are a priest. For God’s sake, Bible says hi for. Isn’t that a metaphor for, uh, shop hell up? Not a king. And I’m not a coward, apparently. You think I am kidnapped your daughter, didn’t I? Oh, yes, yes you did. I mean, it’s more of a glorified play date.

I mean, what you watched minions pop some popcorn put on makeup? I know you wouldn’t hurt Rachel. Just like, you’re not gonna hurt me. Hurt you is what you.

I didn’t think so. You hand over that a woo kid. We’re both about to find out what I’m capable of.

Well, he threw me out. He told me that he wanted to stay with Chloe and he threw me out. He didn’t even believe. I’m so sorry, Gabby. What we need to do is find Rolf. Okay. Maybe that sick bastard can undo what he did. If he still can, if Stephan will let him. Believe me, I am doing everything that I possibly can to try and find Rolf.

We need to get him to corroborate your story to, to pack it up. That that Lee and Kristen masterminding this whole mess. Yeah. Right. But I did have to release them from custody. What? I just don’t have the evidence to hold them, but believe me, I am going to get it. They are not gonna get away with what they did to you and Stephan.

Well, I’m not sure what you’ve heard, but I know everything, Lee. I was with Stephan when Gabby crashed our New Year’s in Miami. She told us everything. How you ordered Ralph to brainwash Stephan to keep him away from Gabby. He only did that because you knew you couldn’t compete. You played Godly with Stephan’s life.

With Gabby’s life, the woman that you claim to love. I do love Gabby very much who you have won hell of a wave showing. She hates you now, and not only did you tinker with s Stephan’s mind and manipulate Gabby, you got me involved in this nightmare. Why did you drag me into this? Lee

Ralph told you about this when, when overheard her brother having a conversation about Ralph and you, she got worried. You know, he might have gotten in over his head somehow. So she and I, we, uh, we, uh,

Jakarta, we took the company jet to Indonesia to find Rolf. It wasn’t some joy right? To impress Wendy. Okay. We, we were on a mission and you found him there, and Wendy tricked him into. Everything okay. Brainwashing you. All this stuff with Gabby and Roth got the upper hand on us and tried to inject us with some drug that would make us forget everything, just like he did to Gabby when she confronted him.

Right before he fled Salem. So Gabby was really drugged.

That’s why she was convinced he was innocent. Yeah. Oh my God. And when the drug wore off, she blew up her whole wedding. Expose the truth, God, on a plane to Miami to find you, to tell you everything.

Okay, well this is all very uh, Enlightening, but there’s just one piece missing for me. You said that you went to Jakarta weeks ago. Why am I just now hearing about this

Eric’s aunt and his stepmother and now possibly his mother? I mean, just like that. Oh my God, it’s an unspeakable tragedy.

Eric’s already in a bad place and after everything he’s been through, I mean, being kicked out of the priesthood and, and then there’s Jada thinking he was gonna be a father and having that taken away from him and. Whatever the hell he’s doing with Sloan, hateful woman.

And then of course there’s me. You didn’t do anything. Nicole. Look at me. He turned his back on you for no goodies.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. I just, I wanna be there for him and I am sure I am. The last person he wants to see.

I’m afraid. Might be right about that,

Eric. If I knew where that orchid was, I would tell you, I swear. But how am I supposed to convince you that I’m telling the truth when you’ve got a gun pointed at me? Why would I believe anything you say? You have been a liar, not to mention a murder rapist. You now I’m not. Well, you love it. My mother died.

That is not true. Eric, shut up. I know you’re, you convinced Brady, you found ready to give up that orchid when poof, magically disappeared when we needed the most. No. I swear to you, I watched, I said shut the hell up.

It’s too convenient for all this to be a coincidence.

You’ve planned all this, but now your game is super

cause I got the gun.

You’re gonna to where that or is?

What the hell are you doing?

I’m so sorry, Nicole. Thank you. Yeah, but I, I, uh, I played my part in this. And you say, Eric pushed me away for no good reason and. Disagree because you’re too hard on yourself. It’s kind of you to say, but I think it’s the opposite. I think I am not hard enough on myself. Don’t say that, Nicole. You are a good person.

Hmm. And speaking for myself, having you stay here with me, to put it quite simply, it’s been very good to have you around your great company.

Well, I’m glad someone thinks so.

Um, before I forget,

think this belongs to you. I, uh, you know, I must have come off when I am. I ripped your shirt off the other.

Listen, I, I know it seems crazy that I am not ready to move on from Eric, especially when he hates my guts.

Look, you know what feels right. I will impress you.

Did I not pour to your liking?

No. No. It’s just this, this stupid. New Year’s resolution of mine. It just seems trivial now. No, I’m trying to, to quit caffeine and I’ve already failed.

I’ll be sure to add decaf after the shopping. Thanks. You know, but after the year, I’ve had, uh, no offense. But I’m thinking I’m gonna give up men instead.

What a fool. I was a trust shin. Right now I’m actually married to the creep way. We can be divorced buddies. I just got my papers from Nicole. Oh, we, I’m sorry. No, no. Hey, that’s for the best. . Oh my God. I gotta get to work. You gonna be okay? Oh yeah. Huh? Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, of course. Hey, my unsolicited advice, don’t give up on Steph, me.

Mm-hmm. give up. Come on. You know me better than that, I will never ever give up on the man I love. Dang. See. That’s what I like to hear. Okay.

See, you and Wendy flew halfway around the.

She risked her job and you risked, well, nothing really except maybe a stern talking to from your father, and you come back after having learned the truth. And you lie to my face.

I don’t get it.

If you tell him, not only could I lose Dira Enterprises, but I could also go back to prison for my complicity, please. I just lost my mother. Please don’t take anything else away from me, Johnny.

What are you not telling me?

Stephan, you’re back.

What’s going on here?

When Stephan woke up or came back to life, however you wanna put it, he not only hated Gabby, but he was fixated on. , why made no sense. We’d broken up way before he supposedly died, and I was with Brady then. So why, maybe you should ask yourself, who would stand to benefit from driving a wedge between you and Brady?

Are you saying that Kristen had a hand of this? Well, I’m not saying. But you happen to draw your own conclusions. No, no, no, no, no. You son of a bitch. You cannot screw around with people’s lives and then not own up to it. When you get caught, take some sort of responsibility. But no, you can’t do that can you?

Cuz you’re a disgusting excuse for a human being. Have you forgotten something? Uh, what to tell you to go to? No, but you work for me. Hmm. Not anymore. I quit.

Eric, she doesn’t know where the orchid is. Gimme, gimme the gun, man. Why are you doing this? Why you do everything she says or believe anything she says. Eric, Eric. Eric. She swore on our daughter’s life, okay? She has no reason to lie. She has every reason to manipulate you. Eric. Your mother needs you, brother.

We are running outta time. Gimme the. Please,

I’m playing your game.

If anything happens to a mother, she dies.

Thank you. I didn’t do it for you. I did it for my brother. Now that he’s gone, will you kindly go pack with bags and get out of this house?

Hey, I heard s Stephen was home, so I figured you were back too. Hey, I’m so happy to see you. Same here. I’m assuming you heard about that disaster in Miami? No, no. Actually, I, I, I didn’t even talk to s Stephan, but Chloe, listen, I’m, I’m so sorry. I really am. I mean, after what happened at Gabby’s wedding, I just felt that she should know where Stefan was.

No, it’s, it’s okay. Really? Honestly, I wish someone would’ve told her sooner. What do you mean? I mean, s Stephan and I rang in the new year by sleeping together. Okay. Yeah, I mean, I almost didn’t go through with it. When we got to Miami. I couldn’t stop thinking about Brady and I didn’t think I was ready.

But then I just thought, I deserve to be happy and I deserve to feel good. Yes, of course you do. So I went through with it and it really was wonderful. But then we were lying there together in each other’s arms, and Gabby comes bursting into our hotel room and she tells us everything that. Wolf had brainwashed Stephan into hating Gabby and fixating on me.

Oh, Chloe, I, I just feel so stupid. I mean, the only reason Stephan wanted me was because Wolf had engineered those feelings. No, I am sure. That is not the only reason. I don’t know. Nicole Stephan says he still hates Gabby and that his feelings for me are real no matter what Ralph did or didn’t do. But can I really believe.

You were just talking about what Ralph did. It’s Uncle Stephan. Yes. Johnny just informed me that he’s known all about this and he was just about to attempt to explain himself. Right. Um, well really, I, I kept quiet because of someone I care. Who?

Wendy. Wendy, um, yeah. She and I, she and I had gotten really close and her brother begged her not to expose him. She agreed. So I felt that I had to keep my mouth shut too for her. And that’s the whole story, huh? That’s the whole story.

Go away.

I said go away. I have nothing to say to you. Please, you, you don’t have to say anything. Just, just hear. Why should I, and all you’ve done is lie to me. You knew Stefan wasn’t alive and you didn’t tell me anything. Ke there was nothing to be done. He had no heart and all I had was a vague promise from a mad scientist who said, said there was a possibility he might wake up someday.

My interest in Stefan had nothing to do with you. It was about what resurrecting him might do for dam. Oh, okay. Who’s business over pleasure. Is that it, Gabby? No. Don’t Gabby me because you chose business over me, Lee over me. The the woman that you supposedly loved. If you just let me put this all in context, Gabby, in, in context, in in what context could, you’re lying to me.

You’re manipulating my feelings. Ever make it forgivable? Okay, let’s get things straight. Second was on a slab heartless, and that was on a need to know basis because of business reasons. And then he gets a heart, Jake’s heart. So what was the business reason for you trying to pull the plug? Could you please put that in context for me?

But Dave, you know what? Don’t worry because Rolf. Explained everything. The, the, the brainwashing, the plug pulling, the whole thing. And then he drug me, which I’m sure you knew about, didn’t you, Gabby? I was desperate. I was deeply in love with you. I, I didn’t wanna lose you. Okay. Well now because you, you’re a lying bastard with zero integrity.

You have lost me forever.

We need access to Dara’s records. Proof they financed Ralph’s experiments and his relocation in Indonesia. Okay, well, we’ll figure out as soon as we get the warrant. All right, just call me as soon as you get it. Thanks. Uh, the mirror, the mirror’s enough about liars cover up the truth and they don’t tell you what you need to know until people you love are gonna die.

You know, I’m really sorry for what you’re going through, and I wish to hell that there was something I could do. There is, I’m gonna arrest Kristen right now.

You want me to go? Don’t, don’t, don’t act surprise. You know, the only reason you were living here was because you were holding that orchid over my head. Now two women are dead and a third may not make it, and you lost the only thing that could save her life. So, yeah, I want you Al What about Rachel? How is she gonna feel when she comes home from school and I’m not here?

Kristen. Rachel, we’ll be fine cuz she’s, And she will eventually understand why you cannot be a part of her life. You know, who’s not okay? Is Marlena. Marlena, my dad’s wife, she’s in the I C U dying, fighting for her life. And I don’t want my dad coming through that door seeing your face as a widower. So get, get out of here.

Now. I have nowhere else to go. How in the hell is that my problem?

Look, I know what I did was wrong. Are you really that arrogant, that diluted, that you think you’re just gonna say, whoops, I, I made a mistake, and then all is forgiven, Gabby, you know damn well what it’s like to cross the line when it comes to love. You and I are the same. We’re not afraid to take drastic measures when something’s truly worth the.

And you were worth it. Stefan’s not like us. He gave up on you. And that’s something that I will never do. He didn’t give up, Lee. He was, he was brainwashed by you. He didn’t have a choice. If he loved you enough, no amount of brainwashing could have stopped him. Face it, Gabby. Stephan never loved you the way I do, and he never will.

You have every right to to be mad at me, to judge me harshly, but deep down, you know why I did it? Because you would’ve done it too, proving that we are the same. We belong together and you.

Oh, you

obviously, we all thought it was strange when Stephan started showing up at my door with flowers and wooing me , especially when we all thought he was. Well and how much in love he was with Gabby, and I wasn’t interested in him. I only had eyes for Brady, but then Brady walked out on me and he went back to Kristen, and then there was Stephan.

There was Stephan literally knocking on my door, treating me like I was the best thing that had ever happened to him,

and lying there next to him in Miami for the first time in a long time, I stopped hurting and I was happy. Even just that moment. And then Gabby comes crashing in and she ruins that too. Chloe, I am so sorry. This is is such a mess. But even though that I’m here for you, I know. Thanks for listening. Always enough about me.

How was your New Year’s? Oh, ah.

Con Stephan, I’m sorry.

One would hope that family loyalty would trump your burgeoning relationship with Wendy, but hey, what’s done is done Right kid.

Now, no. Excuse me.

Thank you, Johnny. It’s one thing for Stefan to believe you are involved in the coverup, but I’m his brother. And he’s boss, well kept the secret this long. No reason to let it out now.

He didn’t really seem to care. It’s like, bro, you know, I don’t know. Maybe a that’ll change with time. The, uh, shock of knowing the truth will wear off. Uh, you know what, that’s Allie. I gotta take this AFI about Grandma Marlina. Allie. Hey, well, what, what’s happening? I, I was just about to.


Kristen claims she doesn’t know who could have stolen New York. If she’s playing dumb, she knows more than she’s letting on. I’m sure it so go and haul her ass in there and get it out of her. Eric, I don’t have any basis. I know you blame me for what happened between me and Nicole. Eric, I’m sorry. I really.

But don’t let my mother suffer because you’re angry with me.

I’m so sorry about Kayla, and, and please, please, please don’t tell Tate about Marlene yet. Thank you, Teresa. I’ll talk to you soon.

You don’t need to do this. Rachel’s gonna need her mother more than ever. Right? Because, uh, she might lose her grandmother cuz of.

You have nothing to say. You know what? I don’t. I don’t know why I let you get away with this for as long as you did. I was really worried that if I confided in someone that you would let them die, and here we are happened anyway.

Maybe if I put the screws in you a little harder. In the beginning we would’ve had the orchid and Kate and Caleb might still be here. I don’t want you to blame yourself for this. I don’t. Kristin, I blame you. I’ve made that abundantly clear.

Tell Rachel I. Love her.

Are you, are you kidding me? You think I’m supposed to say no harm, no foul and bygones and all that? You’ve tried to kill the man that I loved Lee, and then, and then you married me. Knowing what you’ve done. And you just want me to ride off to the sunset with you? No, th that’s not exactly what I’m Okay, stop.

Because you’re, apparently, you’re not getting the hint, so I’m gonna be blunt. Get the hell out. I’ll kick you out Gabby.

Allie just finished talking to Brady. Apparently Kristin’s been hiding an orchid here in the mansion. What? Yeah. Yeah. Down in the secret passages for months. And now that it’s needed to make a serum for grandma, it’s missing. Of course. Kristin, what the hell have you done? Yeah, she, uh, she swears she doesn’t know where it is.

The clock is ticking, right? Grandma’s getting worse by the minute. Nobody knows how much longer she has. We need that serum like now , there’s gotta be a way we can make more of it, right? Maybe Dr. Wolf would know.

Yeah, I need to go see break right now.

Eric, I underst. That you are worried about your mother and not just worried. You are desperate to save her, and I feel terrible for what you are going through. But please, no more plan. Amateur detective, next time you come to me, excuse me, for trying to get medical help from my critically new mother. I will follow up on every lead, but right now you are wasting my.

So if you really want me to help your mother, the best thing that you can do right now is leave.

I spent New Year’s with ej. Nothing happened. Not really. Anyway, so Eric, he’s sleeping with Sloan Peterson. . What? Yeah, I know. It’s, it’s insane. And we’re fairly speaking to each other. I just wish I could reach out to him with everything that’s going on with his family. What do you mean? Oh, th that’s right.

You just got back. You haven’t heard about Kate and Kayla and Marlena. Wait, what’s going on? What’s happening with them? Oh, uh, hold that thought,

Brady. Hey, uh, what are you doing here?

Oh, hey man. I heard about . I’m so sorry if there’s anything that I can do. Yeah, I, I, uh, I, I just found out from my sister that she’s in desperate need of this medication that comes from a rare orchid. It’s gone missing, but it’s possible. Dr. Roth could make more, we’re actually looking for him regarding another case, but, It’s tough going.

I know that’s why I came. Your search is over. I know where he is.

Can I talk to you alone? Alone? If, if, Yes, Freddie. Actually, I was, I was just leaving. Oh, Chloe, listen. Call me anytime. Okay? I mean it.

So, Brady, what do you want? I, uh, wanted to tell you the reason why I broke up with you. It had nothing to do with Rachel. Kristen had forced me to do it.

Christ, what the hell are you doing here? What the hell does it look like? I’m coming home.

Due to increases in the overseas third quarter market contraction, the commodities markets took a tumble finishing up only 10 points above last year’s market record low with treasury bills becoming more in demand due to European volatility, the Treasury Department has suspended trading on 10 year T-bills until opening up trading.

So that interest rates. Serena

Serena’s seven 20 and you’re not here, can you please call me and let me know that you’re on your way? I’ve left checks for the girls’ new school uniforms on the table and the new backpacks from the front hall closet. Alright, thank you Harry. Caitlin. Girls have a wake up. Come on, wake up. Um, it’s summer.

Ah, I know, but Serena’s late and I have an early work meeting, so I’m gonna have to drop you off at Daddy’s, but it’s not Daddy’s weekend. Yes, I know, but I have a breakfast meeting.

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