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ooh, what a treat! Dessert is exactly what the doctor ordered. Thank you. Doctor told you to have dessert? No. It’s just something that people say, bud. Thank you. Why do they say it? Well, in this case, it means that I can’t think of anything better than family time — just the three of us. When my little sister’s born, there’s gonna be four of us. Four! That’s a lot! Carly: Hey! Right on time. Hi. Uh… what’s going on? Is everything okay? I just would, um — I’d feel like an ass if I kissed you and then I ambushed you with a question. Oh. Okay. Ask me the question. Why don’t you want to find willow’s birth mother? Where did these papers come from? Well, aunt liesl, she cleaned out britt’s office, including some G.H. Papers that she shouldn’t have. I was gonna sort through it and return the papers that belong to the h– why? See for yourself.

[ Exhales sharply ] Willow’s getting chemotherapy.

[ Knock on door ] Joss. Can I come in? Of course. I can’t stop thinking about britt. If she hadn’t held off the hook, I would be dead right now! Joss, stop. No, no, no. No! Listen to me. I couldn’t have held her off on my own. And by the time you got to the pier, it would have been too late. Britt got cut saving me. The hook was after me. This all happened because of me! Joss, stop, stop. Take a breath. What you’re feeling is called “survivor’s guilt.” And if you’re not careful, it can really mess you up.

[ Monitor beeping ] Can I ask you a question? I don’t know if I’ll be able to answer it, but sure. Do you think my lawyer is any good? I mean, I-I’m being accused of these terrible things that I don’t remember doing. And mr. Grey says that if I can find out where I’ve been hiding, then I-I would have an alibi. Spencer. Grandmother, thank you for meeting me here. I wanted to see you. Maybe you don’t approve of me moving in with uncle sonny, but I did have to get out of wyndemere. No, no, I’m happy that you’re with sonny. I just wanted to see for myself how you were doing. Truthfully? I’m heartbroken that britt is dead. And if esme killed her, if she is the hook, then she needs to be held accountable. Are we waiting for a warrant or what? If robert can get the judge to sign in the next 10 minutes. Otherwise, we’ll ask mr. Cassadine to cooperate. I wouldn’t hold your breath on that. When I questioned him this morning, the only thing he would tell me is that he was the father of esme’s baby. Did the lab turn up anything in her personal effects? The only thing that really stood out was the christmas ornament. Are we sure she had it on her? Yeah. Yeah, she definitely did. I asked the doctor. She had it on her. Okay. Can we trace it? It wasn’t mass-produced. Apparently it’s from poland, and it’s been hand-painted. So if we find out who painted it, then we can find out maybe who they sold it to. Apparent ly there was a firein the north tower bedroom. Seems a christmas tree went up in flames. Which begs the question, who would put a christmas tree in an unoccupied bedroom? You want to know

my guess? Same person that put toiletries in the bathroom or clothes in the closet. Oh, nothing fancy — just some sweats and the like, you know, loose-fitting, you know, suitable for a pregnant woman. You’ve been keeping esme prisoner, haven’t you? Right under my nose.

this is really personal medical information. Maybe we shouldn’t be looking at this. Nina, do you think this is a violation of your ethics? Look at it this way. I found it. You didn’T.

[ Sighs ] What are you gonna do with this information? Willow is wiley’s mother. She’s carrying my grandchild. I don’t care what’s going on as far as the fighting and all that stuff. She’s still family. So I’m gonna do everything I can to find out about her condition. Those are my ethics. From now on, I don’t care about right or wrong. I only want to help willow. What’s my sister’s name? Actually, your mom and I haven’t chosen one yet. What do you think it should be? Annabelle the third!

[ Chuckles ] Okay. It might be a little confusing for the baby and the dog to have the exact same name, so any other ideas? Ashoka! My sister could be a jedi padawan! Ashoka? That is —

[ Chuckles ] That is — that’s — that’s interesting. We’ll have to think about that one, okay, bud? What do you — what do you — what do you think, mommy? Oh, whatever you two decide.

[ Chuckles ] You didn’t like your cookie? Um, I-I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I’m gonna save it for a late-night treat. Speaking of late night, it’s almost your bedtime. Okay? So let’s get upstairs, get you in your pjs, and read a bedtime story. Night, mommy! Night, my love. Oh, sweet dreams.

[ Chuckles ] Night, ashoka. Take good care of mommy. So what story should we read? “My truck is stuck!” And “goodnight moon.” Michael: Oh. Two? Alright.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sobbing ] Ever since I told you that I was searching for willow’s birth parents, I just… I’ve felt resistance. Like, w-when I told you I tracked down a source, you questioned their credibility. And then I mentioned that I had some great information, and you were — you were opposed… telling willow. You think I was wrong? Well, at the time, the reason seemed to make sense to me. Once we told her willow that her birth mother was dead, why get her hopes up when we found out that that was a lie? Why stress her out by saying that she might have been kidnapped and stolen from her birth parents? But then… I took a step back. And there was a pattern there, and the pattern became very clear. You don’t want willow’s birth parents to be found. No. I don’T. It is one thing to be grateful to britt. I’m grateful, too. I don’t even want to think about how I would be feeling if you had gotten killed. But there’s only one person who is responsible for britt’s death, and that is the hook. And, look, I am sorrier that I can ever say that I’m not a better shot and I didn’t kill the hook when I had the chance. I’m sorry, too. I mean, the world would be a much safer and… happier place. But even if you had shot the hook, there’s no guarantee that britt would have survived. There was poison in her system. She didn’t even know it. Do you think that it would have made a difference? We took off, and we left britt to cover for us. Does that make us partly responsible for her death? Esme: Mr. Grey seems very competent. He seems like he cares about defending me, but…

[ Monitor beeping ] I’m not paying him. He’s defending me for free. How do I know that I can trust him or his strategy? He says that if I can get an alibi — but I have no idea where I’ve been for the past few months — or my whole life, for that matter. I don’t know how I got here. I don’t know who got me pregnant. You’ll remember. What if I don’t? Traumatic memory loss isn’t uncommon. Permanent memory loss does happen, but it’s extremely rare, so the chances that you’ll remember are good. But to answer your question, mr. Grey is a great attorney. I think you can trust him. Spencer: If esme is the hook, then britt is dead because of me because I brought esme to port charles. No. We have talked about this. You are not responsible for anything that esme does. And if esme is the hook, that hasn’t been proven yet. Look, she’s in her third trimester of her pregnancy. I think it’s highly unlikely that she’d have the physical strength to attack britt with a hook. You do not know esme like I do. She can do a lot of damage when she wants. Alright, but… there isn’t just esme to consider now. There is also her baby. Did you have a plan, an end game, or were you just winging it, keeping her prisoner because, I don’t know, you couldn’t think of anything else to do? Esme turned up alive and pregnant with my child. I had every reason to believe that she was the hook. I couldn’t allow her to harm anyone else. I couldn’t turn her over to the police and risk her giving birth to my unborn child while incarcerated. So you lured her to wyndemere.No, esme was already here. She was stealing money from my safe. I took her to a tower bedroom. I locked her in. I enlisted demetrius to take care of her, and that was my mistake. Esme was able to manipulate demetrius. Esme manipulated you, nikolas! She fooled you into keeping her somewhere she could easily escape from, which she did — very successfully, I might add. She is cunning, creative, and she keeps a cool head. Qualities, my dear nephew, that I’m afraid you sadly lack. Wait a second! I have been protecting you for the sake of this family. Perhaps the cassadines would be better off if they cut their losses.

[ Doorbell rings ] Shouldn’t you answer that?

[ Sighs ]

[ Doorbell rings ] Mr. Cassadine, we’d like to ask you a few more questions about esme prince.

Long after willow learnedthe truth about harmony, she made the decision not to search for her birth parents. And I have to say, I was relieved. Why? I’m confused. You and I both grew up without our biological family, and — and we both went searching for answers. I mean, unlike me, you found your mother right away. I waited years to connect with the quartermaines. Okay. What’s the point? The point is, is that you and bobbie have a strong, loving relationship. Why wouldn’t you want that for willow? Because willow was afraid that her birth mother would turn out to be someone like nina. And the truth is, not all reunions turn out to be happy. Okay? Some of them are awful. They are. And willow has had so much loss and pain, I just wanted to spare her any more. That wasn’t your call to make! Well, the case notes said that she was originally diagnosed with leukemia in late august, but she didn’t start her first round of chemotherapy until late november. Why the delay? Well, when she was first diagnosed, her leukemia was in stage two. Mm-hmm. By the time she received treatment… it was stage four. Well, t-the doctors must have warned her. I mean, you don’t get diagnosed with leukemia and then wait three months to get treatment. You do if you’re pregnant. Once again, “goodnight moon” does the trick. Bedtime’s best friend.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. What happened? What happened? Chemo isn’t working. And my marrow donor can’t donate. What happened is I can barely be a mother to wiley. I can’t join in the conversation or ask about his day or even eat a damn cookie. Hey, look, willow. Willow. Willow? Wiley’s going to be okay. He’s not okay. He knows something is wrong. He’s scared. And it’s all my fault. This whole thing… is my fault. You were willing to stay and talk to the police. I was the one who asked britt to cover. I didn’t want to explain the gun. So our leaving is on me.

[ Scoffs ] You didn’t drag me. I left with you willingly. And, yeah, britt told us that she had it covered. And there was no reason not to believe her. But… I still feel like I’m alive at her expense. Maybe there’s another way to look at this. Britt saved your life. So don’t you owe it to her to live the best life you can? Nikolas: You know, I already sat through one pointless investigation at the pcpd, so if you want to ask more questions, you can call my lawyer. Nonsense! Please, do come in. Now, how can we be of help? Well, uh, esme prince showed up on the haunted star in the early morning hours of january 1st. She was soaking wet and suffering from hypothermia. Which, nikolas, you’re aware of because you showed up at the hospital with elizabeth. Oh, is it — is it a crime to show concern?

[ Chuckles ] So, the last time she was seen — esme — before that was back in november on pier 55, near the haunted star, which is coincidentally near where the boat from wyndemere docks, yeah? And seeing as she used to live at wyndemere, we’re thinking maybe she was either hiding out somewhere on spoon island or… maybe right here in this house.

That baby is innocent. Britt is gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring her back. But you can do something to make sure that esme’s baby is born safely. What? Don’t confront esme. Okay? Don’t interrogate her about britt or anything else, spencer. What if esme is lying about the…memory loss? Okay, but she is not lying about the pregnancy. And the priority right now should be the health and safety of that baby. And that means allowing esme to rest and recover.

[ Door opens ] Spencer: Is she awake? Awake and alert. I’d like to see her. You can tell commissioner ashford that I’ve okayed this visit. Thank you.

[ Knocking ] Esme: Yes?

[ Monitor beeping ] Do I know you? I think I would know if esme were living in my house. It’s a big house. There must be plenty of rooms that go unused. Esme could have taken refuge in any one of them, and you’d never know. Which is why we’d like to search the premises. Absolutely not. Dante: Come on. Nikolas, we search the house, we find out esme was never here, and we can move on with our investigation, yeah? Well, if you want to search my home, get a warrant. And for that, you’re gonna need to show probable cause, which there isn’t any. Jordan: D.A. Scorpio found plenty of evidence and was able to get judge winters to sign off on a warrant, but I thought I’d spare us all the time and trouble by giving you the option to voluntarily agree to the search. What evidence did the district attorney find? We do appreciate the courtesy, commissioner ashford, but as my nephew made clear, we have nothing to hide, so please feel free to search the house. That would take hours. Then best get started. Why don’t you accompany the detective and his officers, nikolas, so they don’t get lost? The way I give thanks for my life is I live it. Maybe you could try it. Yeah, maybe I could. Well, apparently the danger chemo poses to the fetus is higher during the first trimester because the organs are still, um, developing. It’s safer for the baby to c-chemotherapy in the second or third trimester. It’s safe for the baby, but not for willow. Is that what you’re saying? I have no idea how she is getting through this. To find out that she is pregnant and then to be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness? To have to choose between your own health… and the health of your unborn baby? What’s wrong? It’s not fair to lean on you. Willow, hey. You agreed to marry me. That’s what married people do. They lean on each other. Why aren’t you angry with me? What? When I got diagnosed, I didn’t share it with you. I didn’t include you in my decision-making. I didn’t give you a vote. I-I gambled with my life, with wiley’s security and future, with everything you and I planned together. And now… it looks like I’ve lost. You fight like hell when someone tries to make choices for you, so I-I’m confused. What gives you the right to decide what willow could and couldn’t know about her own family? Because for so long willow didn’t want to know! Yeah, but she reconsidered! She decided that she wants to track down her family. And not only that, she asked me — me — to search for them. I get that, but willow is having a really hard pregnancy, and the last thing she needs is stress. And I thought it was best not to open the door to total strangers with whom she shares biology and nothing else! You denied willow her own family! She has a family! She has michael and wiley, and she has you and me and a whole houseful of quartermaines! Enough! Carly, enough excuses! Enough, okay?! Willow’s biological family can give her things that none of us can!

of my many, manyclashes with michael and willow, I went to track them down, and they were at… the hospital. And I found them in dr. Terry randolph’s office. The chief of staff at general hospital. And an oncologist, sonny. I didn’t think much about it then, but, hey… dr. Terry randolph was treating willow. Hey. Listen. Willow and michael probably wanted to keep it quiet because the family didn’t say anything to me. Yeah. They probably do. And they don’t want to upset wile– you know, willow, by delaying treatment, she’s risking leaving wiley without a mother, the only mother that he has ever known. This must be so difficult for her. You know, I wonder how much influence michael has on her decision to delay this cancer treatment. We know michael. He’s very selfish. Yeah. He’s — he’s very focused. He’s single-minded in getting what he wants. Nina, this family infighting has to stop. We have to pull together for willow. Look, drew. I get it. Willow’s pregnant, and she wants her medical history to be complete as possible for her child’s sake. I understand that, but I felt… that the emotional consideration outweighed that, so, yes… I obstructed your efforts. Pretty considerably. Wha– describe “considerably.” Okay. When you tracked down denise makenzie, the firefighter who was on the colorado commune with harmony? I intercepted her before her meeting with you, and I paid her to back harmony’s original story about getting willow from some mythical “joan.” Then when denise recanted her story, I paid her off for not giving me up. When you went out after denise to “give her her glove back.” And then… most recently… I found the information on the commune leader, josiah, and I took it and I hid it so you couldn’t follow up on him. So the whole time that we were supposed to be working together, you were actually sabotaging me. I understand that you’re disappointed and frustrated. I am, too. Willow, we found one bone-marrow match, right? We can find another. There’s still time. There’s a lot less time than there was when I was first diagnosed, when I made the choice not to tell you, not to include you in my decision to wait. Which is the exact opposite of how you’ve always treated me. You didn’t have to include me in wiley’s life, much less let me adopt him. But you trusted me with your son. You made wiley our son. And now I may be leaving you both. At the very moment when I should have shared with you, I shut you out. Why don’t you hate me for that? How does esme seem to you? If this is your way of asking if she’s faking the memory loss, the answer is, I don’t know.

[ Sighs ] You know, kevin had started to assess her, and then my brother came and threw him out of the room. And he would never violate patient privacy, so he hasn’t said anything, but I have the feeling… that he believes her, you know? And he got to see her in all of her manipulative glory when she was living with us, so I think that he’d know if she was lying. Maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll never remember. Why would that be a good thing? I’m spencer cassadine. My friend trina robinson and i are the ones who brought you to the hospital. Oh, um, thank you for that. How are you feeling? I, um, see-saw between numb and total panic. They say I could be charged with everything from revenge porn to… attempted murder, which is really scary. I don’t suppose you know where I’ve been hiding out the past few months. Apparently, that’s the only thing that could exonerate me. How much contact did you have with esme prince? Oh, minimal, really. I was staying at the metro court until recently. Esme and I never lived at wyndemere at the same time. And your paths never crossed? Well, occasionally. While esme was dating spencer. But our interactions were, oh, superficial at best. And what about nikolas? How would you characterize your nephew’s interactions with esme prince? What’s in here? It’s a bedroom. Anyone using it? I can’t say with certainty. It’s possible that one of the staff is staying there. The staff? You have the staff staying in the house with you? I thought they’d be out on the grounds. As the commissioner pointed out, it is a big house. If, for whatever reason, one of the staff members needed to stay the night, I don’t see the harm. I’d like to check this room out. Well, it’s locked. I’d probably have to grab — it’s just —

I am so sorry for misleading you. For lying to me. I made the choice to protect willow long before we got together. There’s no contract, carly. There’s no “pre-existing condition” clause here. This is about us trusting each other. I let you in on an investigation, and you took advantage of my trust to undermine it. I was protecting willow! Do you understand?! You knew damn well that willow was the one who asked me to do the search. And… I get that willow was initially resistant to finding, to tracking down her birth mother, but then once you know that she reconsidered, didn’t that change your calculations? Yes. I was conflicted. I was conflicted. But then I decided that willow was better off not knowing. God, carly, if you knew the complete information about her health situation, you would’ve acted differently! Why? What are you talking about? What information? Is there something wrong with willow? She’s got leukemia. I could never hate you, willow. Never. And, yes, while I wish you would have shared your diagnosis with me from the start, I understand why you didn’T. I’ll never forget the pain of losing jonah. And I know… I know you won’t, either. You chose to protect the life you were carrying the way that seemed best to you, okay? And I’m — I’m good with that. I was selfish. You are the least selfish person that I know. I did what I wanted, and if I chose wrong, you and wiley will be left alone. That’s not gonna happen. Hey. Willow, we’re not gonna lose you. You can’t promise that. I can promise you this much… I will never regret — regret any — any day that I’ve spent with you. Making you wiley’s mother. I’ll never regret the love that you’ve given him and the place that you have in his life. And even if — even if wiley has to grow up without you — hey, even if wiley has to grow up without you, your love will sustain him. Even if he can’t consciously remember. Because I will remember. I’ll remember all of it. Everything. I will love you for the rest of my life. This wasn’t the plan. I know. Do you regret it? No. Good. ‘Cause if I haven’t made myself clear, I don’t want this to be a one- or two-time thing. Neither do I. I don’t know what I feel for you… but I know that it’s strong. Me too.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Okay. Okay. I’m sorry. But that might be my mom, and she’s gonna freak out if I don’t answer her right away.

[ Scoffs ] Unbelievable. What? Sonny. “Need to see you. My office. Important.” I mean, how dare he summon me like that. He doesn’t have the right to do that. Who does he think he is? Where are you going? Well, I’m gonna go to his office and I’m gonna tell him that I can see whoever I want to see, and it’s none of his damn business. Well, if I were esme, I’d want to forget everything, too — all the crimes, all the mistakes. I can almost wish that for my own life. Not really, of course. I would never want to forget my kids or the people I love. But it would be nice to forget all the ways I’ve messed up. Would this have anything to do with, uh, whatever it is that’s going on between you and nikolas? Sorry. I don’t have an alibi for you.

[ Monitor beeping ] I suppose you never laid eyes on me before you and your friend brought me to the hospital. That’s not true.

[ Inhales sharply ] I know you. Better than anyone else in port charles.

[ Stammers ] You know me? How? From where? D-do you know why I’m in port charles? Do you really think I did all this crazy stuff?

You’ve finished the search already? Lang and mendez are still searching, but nikolas was kind enough to show me the north wing. And? No, please — don’t keep us in suspense. You know what? We checked out that room at the top there. No sign of esme. I said this was a waste of time. Due diligence is never a waste of time. If our officers find anything of interest, detective falconeri and i may need to return and search further. We’ll be sure to bring a warrant. I’ll show you out. Jordan: Thank you for your time. Well? That top tower room had been cleaned and painted. Could smell the cleaning agents, could smell the paint. Probably in the last few hours. They’ve definitely been hiding something or someone up there. Why the hell did you agree to the search?! Because there was nothing to find. Oh, I had demetrius do a thorough cleaning job of the room and then put everything in storage. Storage? No, I kept everything. Ample evidence of esme’s imprisonment. Just in case I need to ensure your future cooperation. I don’t really know what’s going on between me and nikolas. He’s my oldest friend. We have a lot of history. He knows me like nobody else does. But I know him, too. I know he can be selfish and reckless and make really, really foolish choices. But I also know him to be generous and loving. And, for the most part, he has good intentions. You have always been loyal to my son and you’ve seen the good in him, and thank you for that. You know, I treasure you. And not just because you’re the mother of my grandchildren. I have known you for most of your life. And I think of you as another daughter. That means a lot to me. And I am very worried right now. I feel like nikolas has backed himself into a corner and that he is in a very dark place. We went to boarding school together, in france. Ecole internationale

de chtel. Doesn’t ring a bell. I have family here in port charles. When I graduated from boarding school, I came back here and I brought you with me. Brought me along as a buddy? We were dating. You were my girlfriend, and we broke up… for many reasons. Uh, how long ago did we break up? Is this your baby? Possibly. Call me. We’ve got a problem. Look. Before you start in, I have a few things to say about the way I choose to live my life and how it’s none of your damn business. Thank you. And don’t let me sleep too late. I want to see wiley get off to school. And maybe we can all have breakfast together in the morning. Yeah. We’ll figure it out. Just, uh — just get some rest, okay? I love you. I love you, too.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Knock on door ] Now is not a good time. I realize that, michael. And I know that you don’t want me here, but I’ll make it quick. I need to talk about my grandson. Willow has leukemia? Stage four. Oh, my god. That’s why she’s so pale and…weak. It’s why she fainted… and why michael’s been hovering and… oh, my god. Why didn’t I see it?! Willow has been going out of her way to keep it a secret, okay? Michael didn’t even know until willow was in her second trimester. I just found out a few weeks ago. How? How? How did you find out? Well, at first, willow was saying that the whole search was for medical history, but I knew there was more to it, and she admitted that… she needs a bone-marrow transplant. And the best chance for a match is from a family member. That’s why I stepped up the search. You don’t need to search. Nina is willow’s birth mother.

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