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At the police station, Rafe asks Jada if she’s had any luck on finding Dr. Rolf. Jada responds that so far, every lead has been a dead end. Rafe tells her to keep on it because they need to find Dr. Rolf and get him to admit what Li did to Stefan. Jada gives Rafe an envelope that was dropped off for him. Rafe opens it and it’s his divorce papers.

Maggie questions Sarah wanting to divorce Xander. Sarah responds that she doesn’t want to but feels she has no choice after what Xander has done. Maggie knows how hurt she is, but asks if it’s possible that she’s overreacting. Sarah argues that Xander kidnapped two women, committed multiple felonies, and now one of those women is dead, so she thinks she’s underreacting.

Gwen questions Leo as to who Sarah told that Xander was the kidnapper. Leo reveals to her that Sarah told Maggie, Bonnie, and Justin and they were not too happy about what Xander did to Bonnie.

Bonnie and Justin go to see Xander. Bonnie punches Xander in the stomach and warns him that this isn’t over as they are just getting started. Xander asks what it’s for. Bonnie questions if he’s going to pretend they don’t know what he did. Justin reveals that Sarah told them everything. Bonnie declares that Xander is going to pay for what he did to her.

In the park, Alex asks Stephanie why she’s upset. Stephanie reveals that she just heard him telling Chad that he needs to back off because they are together. Alex explains that he didn’t think this was appropriate on a work day. Alex calls this a misunderstanding. Stephanie argues that he has no right to tell her who she can and can’t see because she’s not his property. Alex assures that he does not think she is his property. Stephanie questions him thinking it’s his right to tell Chad to stay away from her. Alex argues that is not what he was saying. Stephanie asks how he would describe the conversation then. Alex argues that Chad was not being honest about his feelings because he had romantic feeling for Stephanie and he doesn’t think he’s over that. Stephanie insists that Chad made it very clear that he’s not ready to be with anyone yet because he’s still in mourning. Alex questions Chad still finding ways to spend times with her. Stephanie argues that they work together while Alex complains that Chad shows up on Christmas with gifts for her and then asks her to go ice skating with he and his kids on a work day. Stephanie clarfies that Chad didn’t ask her but the kids did. Alex comments on the Christmas presents being from the kids too. Stephanie asks if he’s accusing Chad of using his kids to get close to her. Alex believes that Chad is taking advantage of the situation.

Sarah questions if Maggie is defending Xander to her. Maggie clarifies that she’s not defending his actions, but she just thinks that she should think about what drove Xander to such a terrible decision before making such a drastic step as divorce. Sarah asks if being in debt justifies kidnapping two women. Maggie insists that nothing justifies that, but she believes that Xander never meant to hurt either of them and points out that Xander did eventually let them go. Sarah mocks the idea of that making him a hero. Maggie says she’s just trying to help her see that it doesn’t have to end if she doesn’t want it to because she can save her marriage. Sarah asks what kind of person she would be if she condoned that. Maggie doesn’t think staying with Xander means she condones it. Sarah argues that she’s a doctor and it’s her job to help people, so she questions how she could be with someone who put someone else’s life in danger. Sarah declares that she can not be married to a man like Xander.

Justin guesses now he knows why Xander didn’t want to sue “Rednax”. Xander asks him to let him explain. Justin can’t believe he actually tried to help him. Xander didn’t want to involve him. Justin complains that he involved him when he kidnapped his wife and lied to him about it for weeks. Xander says he never wanted Bonnie involved. Bonnie says he has a funny way of showing it and complains that he must have thought it was funny to watch her trip all over herself to thank him and calling him her hero. Xander promises that he felt terrible guilt and shame. Justin says he should be ashamed. Bonnie tells Xander that he should be proud of being a criminal mastermind, so he should enjoy his handy work. Bonnie calls it a genius move to get someone else to pretend to be the Clown. Bonnie demands to know who his accomplice was and asks if it was Gwen.

Jada tells Rafe that she’s sorry. Rafe says it’s not like he wasn’t expecting it. Jada knows it’s not fun to see the papers. Rafe explains that he actually sent the divorce papers to Nicole, so she just signed them and sent them back. Jada guesses it’s basically done then. Rafe confirms that as soon as he signs the papers, his marriage is over. Jada asks if he’s sure he wants to do it right here instead of in his office. Rafe says it’s fine but hesitates and admits maybe it isn’t. Jada recalls when her divorce papers came and how they had been separated for awhile but there’s still something about how final it feels. Jada says she tried very hard to save her marriage but it was just over. Rafe assures that if he thought there was a chance to save it, he would still be fighting. Jada asks why the hesitation then. Rafe guesses he feels like he failed again.

Maggie can’t imagine how betrayed Sarah must feel by Xander’s actions and she’s sure that she feels the best solution is to wash her hands of him. Maggie relates to feeling that way in her marriage a few times. Sarah argues that this is different since Victor never pretended to be anything other than who he was. Maggie states that Victor did a lot of things that she didn’t like. Sarah doesn’t think she is as forgiving as Maggie. Maggie responds that it’s not about forgiving, but about love. Sarah questions if loving someone means accepting them no matter what. Maggie encourages that you have to hang on and fight until you can’t any longer. Maggie reminds Sarah that she made vows to Xander. Sarah is not sure that for better or worse included kidnapping. Maggie asks if Sarah still loves Xander. Sarah admits that she does and she’s always going to, but questions how she can trust that he’ll never do something like this again and how she stays in a marriage if she can’t trust her husband. Maggie declares that if Sarah decides she can never trust him again, then she should divorce him. Sarah asks if Maggie thinks there’s still a chance. Maggie says it’s too soon to make that decision because the pain and betrayal is too raw, so she needs time to think and make sure because she may change her mind tomorrow, next week, or next month. Maggie doesn’t want Sarah to do something that she can’t undo. Maggie tells her that she loves her and calls her the strongest person she knows, so whatever she decides, she’ll be here to support her. They hug as Sarah thanks her. Maggie then exits the room.

Gwen complains to Leo that it was wishful thinking that Sarah would keep her mouth shut. Leo can’t believe that Gwen and Xander were so careless to have a conversation in the middle of the park. Gwen decides she has to warn Xander but Leo takes her phone and asks why. Gwen says she already feels guilty about her role in Sarah finding out, so she can’t be the reason he goes to prison. Leo argues that Xander kidnapping people would be the reason he goes to prison. Gwen thinks if she gets to him in time, maybe she can help. Leo stops her and tells her that she needs to stay the hell away from Xander.

Xander questions why they would think Gwen was the clown who attacked them. Justin calls it the clown that he enlisted. Xander tries to deny it but Bonnie reveals that they know Gwen created the fake website for him and covered up his crimes. Xander promises that Gwen had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Justin guesses Xander won’t roll over on Gwen, but maybe he’ll change his mind when he talks to the cops which Xander questions. Xander argues that Justin doesn’t have to do this. Justin advises Xander to get himself a good attorney because he’s going to need one. Xander tries to plead with him but Justin and Bonnie exit the room.

Stephanie tells Alex that she and Chad are friends and he’s not forcing her to hang out with him. Stephanie states that coming here today was her decision and certainly not Alex’s. Alex tells her that she’s right and he’s sorry for overstepping. Alex says he can’t help that he cares about her and worries about her. Stephanie asks if he thinks Chad is manipulating her. Alex calls the whole situation unfair. Stephanie doesn’t understand where this is coming from since Alex was the one who asked Chad to stay and play video games on Christmas. Stephanie asks if he was just pretending to be nice and he didn’t really want him to stay. Alex admits he didn’t want Chad to stay considering they were about to have sex. Stephanie asks why he didn’t say something then. Alex says he wasn’t going to throw Chad out in the cold on Christmas and he didn’t want to look like a jerk. Stephanie remarks that he’s making up for that now. Stephanie says she’s sorry that he didn’t want to spend Christmas with Chad and that he thinks she spends too much time with Chad, but he’s still grieving his wife, who was her cousin. Stephanie declares that if she can help Chad, then she owes it to Abigail. Alex asks if she really thinks that’s helping or maybe making it worse. Stephanie questions what that’s supposed to mean. Alex asks if it ever occurred to her that maybe she’s leading Chad on. Stephanie argues that she would never do that. Alex says maybe not intentionally, but she hired him to consult at her company, he comes over on Christmas with gifts, and she goes ice skating with him and his kids. Stephanie points out that the kids are her family and they just lost their mother. Alex argues that she’s not just going with the kids, but together as a family. Alex complains that it’s not just today or Christmas, but any time that Chad shows up, upset, she lets him in. Stephanie remarks that he’s her friend. Alex points out that Chad wanted something more out of the relationship. Alex argues that the more chances she gives him and the more time she spends with him, the more of a chance that Chad thinks there will be something more between them. Stephanie questions Alex thinking that her being kind to Chad is signifying that she wants to be with him and for him to get over his dead wife. Alex says maybe he’s not explaining this correctly. Stephanie assures Alex that there is nothing romantic going on between her and Chad. Stephanie adds that Chad knows she and Alex are seeing each other and he respects that and respects her, which is more than she can say for some people right now. Stephanie then tells Alex that the kids are waiting, so she will text him to reschedule their meeting. Stephanie then walks away, leaving Alex frustrated.

Jada tells Rafe that just because his marriage failed, doesn’t make him a failure. Rafe informs her that he’s had three marriages and now three divorces. Rafe says at a certain point, you got to start looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering what the hell is wrong with you that you couldn’t make it work. Jada encourages him not to think like that, so Rafe asks how he should think. Jada states that she hasn’t known him very long, but he still seems to believe in love. Rafe doesn’t know why. Jada says he’s been hurt but he’s still taking chances. Jada feels it’s better to have loved and lost. Rafe doesn’t know if that’s true. Jada tells Rafe that nobody said he has to sign the divorce papers right now. Jada advises him to take his time, go for a walk, and make sure it’s something he’s ready to do. Rafe instead then quickly signs the divorce papers. Jada questions him not even waiting until she finished her advice. Rafe says he appreciates her effort, but he was just dragging out the pain and now, he’s glad it’s over. Jada asks if he’s sure he’s okay. Rafe responds that it wasn’t actually that bad. Jada suggests he take the rest of the day off but Rafe refuses and declares that he will get back to doing what he does best and that’s getting rid of the bad guys. Justin and Bonnie then arrive at the station. Bonnie announces that they have one of those bad guys for him.

Gwen questions Leo thinking she should stop talking to Xander. Gwen argues that she can’t abandon him now. Leo tells her to save her ass while she can. Gwen asks what if Xander needs her. Leo argues that Xander roped her in to a kidnapping scheme that ended with somebody dead so she needs to abandon ship. Gwen wants to offer a lifeboat. Leo points out that Gwen hasn’t been arrested. Gwen wonders if Sarah will leave her name out of it. Leo guesses that Sarah is probably blaring her name out in neon lights.

Sarah goes to her and Xander’s motel room. Xander is surprised to see her and offers to leave if she needs to rest. Sarah clarifies that she’s not staying. Xander admits he should’ve known that would be too much to hope for. Xander adds that she just missed Bonnie and Justin. Sarah asks how that went. Xander responds that Bonnie punched him in the gut and Justin vowed to have him thrown in prison. Sarah argues that Bonnie has been living in terror, thinking some maniac was out to get her. Xander understands why she told them and doesn’t blame her. Xander asks if that means she’s also going to talk to the police. Sarah responds that she has not spoken to the police. Xander notes that Justin and Bonnie just left for the police station to turn him in as the kidnapper, but the whole case is based on what Sarah told them that she overheard. Xander wonders if she will corroborate their story. Sarah admits she hasn’t thought about it. Xander guesses it must have crossed her mind before telling Bonnie. Sarah argues that Bonnie was a victim and deserved to know who terrorized her. Xander worries that now she’s going to share that knowledge with the police and their first question will be who she heard this from, so Sarah will be their next call. Xander asks Sarah what she’s going to say to the police.

Rafe and Jada take Justin and Bonnie in to the interrogation room where they fill them in on everything. Bonnie asks if Rafe is going to arrest Xander now that he knows exactly what he did to her. Bonnie adds that she knows exactly where he is, unless he tried to flee already. Rafe is afraid it’s not that simple. Bonnie asks why not. Justin points out that they brought secondhand knowledge that can’t be used in court which Jada confirms. Bonnie argues that Sarah heard Xander talking about it and told them, so she can tell them. Justin notes that they will still need proof. Bonnie asks about the fact that she was held prisoner or the fact that Susan is dead. Rafe clarifies that they need proof that it was Xander under the clown mask. Bonnie questions if they are going to let him get away with it and if they are just supposed to move on like nothing happened. Rafe assures they want to make sure he faces the consequences, but to do that, they need definitive evidence or someone to confess.

Leo tells Gwen that he’s never done a better acting job than when Bonnie was questioning him about the second clown. Gwen is relieved that she didn’t figure out it was Leo, but then Leo reveals that Bonnie thought the clown was Gwen.

Chad and Stephanie sit together on the bench. Chad asks where Alex is. Stephanie says he had to go back to work. Chad apologizes about before. Stephanie asks what he means. Chad says they had a meeting scheduled, so he’s sorry for making her miss it. Stephanie tells him not to worry about it. Chad still feels a little guilty. Stephanie asks if that’s because of what Alex said to him and admits she heard a bit of their conversation before she walked up earlier. Stephanie tells Chad that she doesn’t agree with Alex since they are friends and she enjoys spending time with him. Chad notes that Alex seemed pretty upset. Stephanie insists that he has no reason to be and is just letting his insecurities get the best of him. Chad still feels like he’s becoming an issue and he didn’t’ want to become a problem for them. Stephanie assures that he’s not, because it’s Alex’s issue, not hers or Chad’s. Chad responds that it’s not unreasonable for Alex to want to spend time with the woman that he’s seeing. Chad admits that if they were dating, he wouldn’t want to share her with another man either.

Gwen questions Leo saying that Bonnie thought she was the clown. Leo explains that it was technically Sarah’s theory which wasn’t a stretch since she knows that Gwen helped cover the original kidnapping. Gwen questions how she could pass for a muscle bound clown. Leo says the same way he did and reveals they knew about the bodysuit thanks to the cops finding some evidence. Gwen questions Sarah and Bonnie thinking that Xander actually had a physical fight with her. Leo admits Bonnie was skeptical. Gwen hopes so, but Leo worries that they could be led right to him. Leo argues that he’s finally getting his life together and Sonny’s starting to trust him, so he’s not a complete screw up and the last thing he needs is trouble with the law. The doorbell then rings. Gwen wonders who that could be and goes to answer the door. Gwen then returns with Rafe and Jada. Rafe says he hopes they aren’t interrupting.

Sarah tells Xander that she can’t lie to the police, so if they ask her what she heard he and Gwen talking about, then she has no choice but to tell them. Xander understands and says he would never ask her to lie, but she might not have to. Sarah asks what he means. Xander points out that she does have the option of not saying anything at all. Sarah argues that she’s not the one under suspicion. Xander explains that a wife can’t be compelled to testify against her husband. Sarah remarks that would be presuming that she still is his wife.

Stephanie appreciates Chad trying to understand Alex’s point of view, but she doesn’t want anything he said to affect their friendship. Chad assures that it won’t and says he’s really grateful for the time she has spent with him and the kids. Chad thinks it really helped the kids get through their first holiday without their mother. Chad notes that they are past Christmas now if she needs a break. Stephanie assures that she doesn’t as she likes spending time with Chad and the kids. Chad thinks that’s part of Alex’s issue. Stephanie says that’s too bad as she’s not looking to upset Alex, but who she spends her time with is her decision and not his. Stephanie adds that Alex has nothing to worry about since she and Chad are just friends. Chad then responds that they are more than that.

Justin and Bonnie return home to the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin tells Bonnie that he’s really proud of her for telling the police what Xander did to her as he knows how hard that was for her. Bonnie is just glad it’s over, but it was worth bringing up those awful memories if it can make sure that Xander gets what he deserves. Justin hopes it will put an end to her nightmares, so she no longer has to live in fear of being attacked by a clown. Bonnie thanks him and says he makes her feel so safe. Justin always wants her to feel that way as he hugs her. Bonnie says she feels bad for him because Xander is his family and he trusted and cared about him. Bonnie says Justin must feel so betrayed. Justin admits that he is, but the most important thing is to make sure that Xander and whoever helped him get what they deserve.

Gwen asks what she can do for Rafe and Jada. Rafe says it won’t take long. Gwen asks what this is about. Jada responds that it’s the kidnapping of Bonnie Kiriakis and Susan Banks. Gwen asks what about it. Rafe says there’s no need for the innocent act since they already know she was an accessory after the fact. Gwen is not sure what that means. Jada explains that Bonnie came by the police station and laid out everything about the kidnapping and it’s aftermath. Gwen responds that Bonnie must be so traumatized and asks if she accused her of something. Rafe informs them that Bonnie told them that Xander was her kidnapper. Leo calls that so awful. Jada says that’s why they are here. Gwen claims not to understand. Rafe explains that they know Gwen helped Xander, but they also know she wasn’t the mastermind. Rafe says any details Gwen could provide to help them build a case against Xander would be greatly appreciated. Gwen claims she would love to help but that she doesn’t know anything about the incident. Rafe says if she suddenly remembers something, they can work something out which Leo questions. Rafe says it seems unfair for Gwen to be punished for Xander’s crimes, especially after how he treated her. Rafe adds that he knows Xander and promises that as soon as Xander is faced with prison, he’s going to take Gwen down with him.

Stephanie questions Chad saying they are more than friends. Chad says they are family, so they will always be connected and he thinks that’s probably what struck a nerve with Alex. Stephanie says Alex will either get over it or he won’t. Chad knows the kids love spending time with her and he does too. Stephanie assures that she doesn’t think he’d ever be taking advantage but promises to let him know if it ever became too much for any reason. Chad jokingly asks Stephanie not to hurt his feelings too bad and let him down easy. Stephanie tells him not to give this Alex stuff another thought as that’s for her to worry about.

Gwen tells Rafe that his offer is very generous, but she’s afraid she has nothing to say. Jada questions if she has nothing to say or if she’s just not going to say anything. Gwen responds that either way, she won’t be talking until she talks with her attorney. Rafe says that’s fine but warns her not to wait too long because this case is not going away. Gwen says she understands. Jada tells them to have a nice day as she and Rafe then exit. Leo tells Gwen that was stressful. Gwen complains that they practically threatened to arrest her. Leo asks what she’s going to do. Gwen doesn’t know. Leo asks if she thought about taking the deal. Gwen questions throwing Xander under the bus. Leo knows she still loves him, but says he’s still pining after Sarah. Leo agrees with the cops in questioning why Gwen should suffer for something that Xander did.

Maggie joins Justin and Bonnie in the living room. Bonnie tells her about punching Xander in the stomach. Maggie calls it understandable. Justin explains that the police are trying to build a case against Xander as they speak. Justin asks how Maggie feels about that. Maggie thinks Xander should face the music for what he did to Bonnie. Bonnie appreciates her saying that since Xander is her son-in-law. Maggie acknowledges that she cares about Xander very much and despite what he did, he loves her daughter. Bonnie calls it so awful for Sarah to know that she’s married to a kidnapper. Maggie then reveals that Sarah is thinking about ending the marriage.

Xander asks if Sarah is saying she doesn’t want to be married to him anymore. Sarah responds that Maggie tried to convince her that she was rushing in to this and she admits that she didn’t know how she would feel when she saw him. Sarah adds that her heart was racing when she got to the door as she wasn’t sure what she would find. Xander asks what she means. Sarah says she didn’t expect him to be in here with his clown mask, but it just proved to her that she doesn’t trust him anymore and she never will. Xander tells her not to say that. Sarah announces that she will be filing for divorce when she leaves here. Sarah then goes to pack her things, leaving Xander holding back tears.

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