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Nate: Good. I’m glad we discussed this. Is there anything else on your mind? Something that’s bothering you?

Victoria: Why would you think that?

Nate: Well, I feel like I’ve gotten to know you pretty well, and you haven’t seemed like your usual self since you walked in here. Would you like to talk about it?

Victoria: [Gasps]

Nate: Uh, tell you what. Let’s clock out for a bit. I can grab us two coffees from the break room, then the personal won’t encroach on the business.

Victoria: Okay, I’d like that.


Chelsea: This is what you’re gonna do. You go to Lily, you bring her a ton of flowers or — or, um, you play her her favorite song on your phone — anything to help make her listen.

Billy: Stop, please. Okay? This is not about me spending too much time with you.

Chelsea: Are you sure about that?

Billy: I am sure about that. It’s actually the one thing we agree on. And I knew that’s what your assumption would be, which is why I didn’t want to bring it up in the first place. So can you please just get that out of your head?

Chelsea: [Sighs] So, what happened? Why would Lily want to call it quits?

Billy: Because of me. Because of who I am, you know? I’m self-centered and I’m restless, and it’s the same reason why I quit the podcast, ’cause I thought I needed to focus on my corporate gig. But that didn’t work either. I’m just constantly in need of the next best thing, the next — next thing that’s gonna give me a rush to make me feel alive. It’s — it’s, you know — it’s who I am. It’s my track record. I am less than an ideal long-term partner.

Chelsea: I’m not gonna let you talk like this. Tearing yourself down. There is so much more to you. There’s a reason Lily loves you so much, and you love her. You two are great together. Are you really willing to just give up?

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