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cody? Are you here? Felicia! Hey. You just missed it. Missed what? Well, I brought in the new year by staying up all night helping a-a struggling filly. She was, uh, trying to give birth. Uh! It reminded me of the time I helped britt with that miracle baby born on christmas eve. You know, if you think about it, I guess every life is a miracle.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. So, uh, what brings you to the q stables so bright and early? Mac has been trying to reach you. He’s in the middle of an investigation. Otherwise he would have come here to tell you himself. Tell me what? I am so sorry, cody. Britt died last night. Maxie jones, you and britt westbourne were friends and related by marriage, right? Do you have a comment on her tragic death? Can you please have the decency to let us grieve before you hound us with questions? Hey! Hey! Leave her alone! Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is my hotel. Get away from her! If you don’t leave now, I’m calling security. No. Leave! Go!

[ Sighs ] Thank you, nina. I can’t believe this. Any of it. No. Neither can I. Liesl, what are you doing? What does it look like? I’m saving what’s left of my daughter. I need to make a phone call.You already made a phone call. If your lawyer doesn’t want to show up, I don’t know what to tell you. I need to talk to my son. Britt westbourne is dead. She wasn’t just my ex-girlfriend, she was — she was an important part of spencer’s life. And I need to reach him before anyone else tells him about it. But he’s not taking any of my calls. You can do that on your own time. I mean, we got a string of murders we’re trying to solve here, and I need answers. So why don’t we start with you telling me about your relationship with spencer’s girlfriend, esme prince?

[ Monitor beeping ] Can’t you take these off me? Sorry, the staff’s not allowedto remove the restraints. All I remember is… waking up here with some police detective asking me questions that I couldn’t answer. Are you sure there’s nothing else you remember, esme?

[ Door closes ] Did we have a good night’s sleep last night? And did we make all gone with our breakfast smoothie? Where were you last night? My favorite security guard looked the other way again and covered for me while I slipped out for a little night air. And where’d you go? Oh, you know, this way and that. Did your, uh…walk take you anywhere near the pier? I don’t know what you mean. Word is someone’s sunk a hook into britt westbourne last night. Oh, dear. How is she? She’s dead. I don’t know how I couldn’t have seen it. I mean, I must be blind. It was right in front of my face. What was? Not what. Who. It was you.

Oh. Hi, honey. What are you doing here? Well, um… trina called. Said she’s worried about you. Said you’re having a hard time shaking the news about britt’s death. It’s just so tragic and unbelievable. And [Sighs, chuckles] She wasn’t just my boss. I-I respected her. She was my friend. I know. It is tragic, baby. Look, I want you to know, right here and now, that I will stand by your side. I will hold your hand at britt’s memorial service, okay? I’m here for you. Because… this morning when I woke up, I watched you sleep. And, baby, I was just… I was overcome with gratitude for you and for us. Look, life goes on. Just has to. So, I went to the florist and I said, “help me. Please help me with something that will give us hope for the future.” And… what is that, babe?

[ Chuckles ] That is a calathea. The florist says it symbolizes new beginnings. Well, that gave me hope. Because you and i are a new beginning. Britt got nicked by the hook and — and — and the venom poisoned her. So she died on the night of her first birthday party. It’s tragic. It’s hard to make sense of it. Yep. W-w-why would the hook target her? From what I understand, the attacker was targeting someone else. Britt stepped in and saved one life, only to lose her own. Yeah, but she was a doctor. She was destined to save so many more lives. Her poor mother.

[ Sighs deeply ] Does dr. Obrecht know? Britt died in her mother’s arms. At least she wasn’t alone. This is just so unbelievable. I mean… you know, as smart and as beautiful as britt was, she… life never seemed to give her a break. That sounds like someone else I know. Thank you both for — for meeting me here. Um… I had — I talked to the funeral home and they need something for britt to wear.

[ Sighs ] And aunt liesl, she’s not up to it, of course. And honestly, I’m not sure I am, either. Did anyone talk to the police? Are they okay with us going to her room? Y-yeah. I talked to mac and he said it was fine because britt was not the intended target. She… she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wrong for her, but she did manage to save someone else’s life. Britt would have loved to hear people talk about her as a hero.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] And I could just s-see her lapping it up. Making all the haters eat every nasty word they ever said to her.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Voice breaking ] Why isn’t she here? My whole life I was always a loner. I didn’t make many friends, and then to meet your bff in your 30s… how can I live in a world without her?

[ Sobbing ] Hey. Remember the last time we saw her? How hard she pushed for us to become friends? Let’s honor her in that way. And — and let’s spare liesl from having to pick out her last outfit. You’re right. Let’s do this. For britt. Packing up britt’s office is not something that needs to happen right now. Well, on the contrary, it can’t wait. Do you want me to call scott? No, he’s busy taking care of the arrangements, dealing with the press, attending to all the details. The least I can do is collect britta’s things and keep them safe. Even if I couldn’t keep my own daughter safe. Someone had to look out for our daughter. Protect her from all those people out there trying to destroy her. And no offense, lover, but you’re not exactly the man you used to be. Stuck in the chair like that. And you still can’t seem to hook the right fish. I never said I was perfect! And…when you bat .300 in baseball, even if they’re not all home runs, you still get into the hall of fame. That’s me. Besides, I’m gonna make it right this time. How about you make it right, now? Like, how, oh, so wise one? Confess. So our daughter can go free.

[ Recorder beeps ] Is that really necessary? I’ve already admitted that esme’s carrying my baby. What happened there? Esme and spencer break up, and — and you what? You’re just there to pick up the pieces? I’m not a predator, if that’s what you’re saying. Okay, when’s the last time you saw esme? Must have been trina’s trial. Did you know she was pregnant at the time? Of course not. So when did you find out? Like, before or after she allegedly went on the run? Where are you going with this? Where am I going with this?

[ Mumbles ] The problem I’m having is if esme’s the killer, sure, I can see her getting the drop on diane. Maybe, maybe she nicks britt with the hook dipped in venom. But I don’t see her taking down a military veteran like brando or a cop — cabrera. Especially if she’s seven months pregnant. What are you saying? I’m saying if esme is the killer, I think she’s getting help. My memory begins when I woke up in this hospital bed. I mean, being pregnant? How far along? Seven months. You really don’t remember how this happened? Or who the father is? I’m sorry, but no. The… the police say that I’ve done terrible things, but I-I-I don’t remember any of it. I mean, revenge porn? I-I don’t even remember my own name or — or what i like for breakfast! All right. It’s okay. I think I know someone who can help you.

[ Sighs deeply ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Door opens ] Hello. Wait. I… I know you. I-I-I remember that face. But… I know who you are.

It’s empty. So is the closet. Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much for the info. All right. So, apparently britt had some of her things shipped on her birthday, I’m guessing, to wherever she was going on vacation. Her entire wardrobe? The front desk also said that she arranged to have a bunch of her clothes delivered to G.H. Charities. It’s almost like britt knew she wasn’t coming back. No, no, no way. She had just thrown herself this huge birthday party. Yeah. Yeah. But why have us plan it and insist that we become friends? When we’re so obviously not. Yeah, but the point is, britt wanted us to be. It was really important to her. It’s almost like she knew we would need each other. Wait. Her will. She said she’d just written one and was leaving everything to me. I mean, who — who does that at her age? And then plans a vacation out of nowhere? Not to mention her giving cody the heave-ho. It’s like she was burning all of her bridges. Yeah, but why? And why couldn’t she share that with me? We were friends. Best friends, but… I guess I never really knew britt at all. Okay. All right. I want you to sit, both of you. Why? Because… I know something that you two don’T. But you should. I promise you, no one will take anything that’s in here without checking with me first. Okay? And I-I’ll make sure that everything that belongs to the hospital is returned and that everything that belonged to britt will get to you. Thank you, austin. And thank you for your birthdaypresent for britta. It meant so much to her. Seeing that photo montage of britta and the people in her life — that was proof. It was proof that her life was worthwhile. I think every life is worthwhile. My britta was loved, wasn’t she? Yes, she was. Of course. She really was. Love, real love was in short supply when britta was growing up. I wonder if she ever knew how much she was loved when she saw those faces on the screen. I don’t think we’re ever really gonna know for sure. But I’m gonna choose to believe that it changed her mind. About what? About leaving town for good. What do you mean, for good? She was just going on a vacation. That’s what she wanted everyone to believe. Yeah. She was going away to die, wasn’t she? Esme, this is dr. Kevin collins. Doctor, um, yes, tha– that’s right. I-I remember that you’re a doctor now. Um, but that name. What did you say your name was again? Kevin collins. And what kind of doctor are you? I’m a psychiatrist. Do you know what that means? I lost my memory. I’m not stupid.

[ Chuckles ] You’re a shrink. Are you here to pick my brain? I’m here to listen. Nurse baldwin. Uh, uh, that’s your name? Baldwin? Elizabeth baldwin. I’ll be in the hallway if you need me. May I? So, esme. Is there anything that you’d like to ask me or anything you’d like to tell me? You have a very trustworthy face. And a familiar one, apparently. It’s like… I know you, but… …I-it’s just outside of my reach and I can’t put my finger on it. Have we met before? Actually, our paths have crossed. I’m related to spencer by marriage. Who’s spencer? Well, maybe you remember his father, nikolas cassadine? I’m sorry, but, no, it doesn’t ring a bell. Anyone else we would have had in common? As a matter of fact, yes. You know my twin brother, ryan. So that’s your plan? Throw me to the wolves? Look, the next time I hook another target, the cops are gonna realize that our daughter is innocent. That’s a vast oversimplification of a complex problem. Not if you do it right. Ouch! Ow! What happened to you? Let’s just say I took one for the team last night. Are you badly hurt? Oh. Like you care.

[ Groans ] It’s — it’s not like I don’t share your motivation. It’s, uh… it’s your methods I have an issue with. Oh. That’s the thanks I get? You do your very best for your child. You give her your whole heart and soul. And when it turns out that not only is she wanted for murder, but she’s also become public enemy number one, I did what every good mother would do, and I tried to set things right. Trust me, our daughter will thank me. Not if the rest of our family has to pay a price. What are you blathering about now? Are you suggesting that I’m esme’s accomplice? I’m suggesting that, uh, esme’s the key, whether or not she’s a killer. I don’t follow. You don’t follow? Well, she’s seven months pregnant. I’m right on that, right? Okay. So how does she go from hiding to on the run to maybe killing people, maybe not killing people all by herself? Someone’s looking out for her. Someone’s helping her. And who would have more reason to do that than the father of her baby?

I love the calathea. But what I love most of all is your thoughtfulness. And I didn’t think I could love you any more.

[ Laughs ] Well, you are welcome. And I love you so much, baby. It feels like, um… ever since trina was arrested, I can’t stop thinking about all the bad things. And our family, we’ve been through a lot over the past year, right? Um, but I feel like we’ve come through it stronger. Trina was acquitted. You and your father — your relationship is better than ever. And aunt stella, she accepted me.

[ Both laugh ] Thank goodness. Right? Yeah. No, um… things are going good with trina and me. You know she told me she loved me the other day? She did? Oh, my god, honey. That was a major, major accomplishment. Yeah. It is. Oh, my god. In a few weeks, I am gonna walk down the aisle and I am gonna be your wife. And, honey, I can’t wait. Mm. If you think about it, you and britt had a lot in common. I’m not at all surprised you two hit it off. Yeah, um… yeah, we had a connection. But, um… I wasn’t straight with her. Britt had something that I wanted and I thought that I could ma– [ Sighs ] You know, it doesn’t really matter what I thought. Truth is, I used her until she caught on and then rightfully kicked me to the curb, which was a smart decision on her part. Except now she’ll never know. Brit will never know what? Um, that I learned too late, that all I really wanted was her. For some time, britt knew that she had a ticking bomb inside her. What does that mean? Well, it means that she inherited something from her father. Britt had huntington’s disease. Oh, my god. When I was working at G.H., I saw people with huntington’S. It took a terrible toll on their lives. Well, why didn’t britt tell us? Why — why’d she face this alone? No. Well, she wasn’t alone. She wasn’T. She had her mom, and scott knew. Yeah, but why wouldn’t she tell me o-or brad? Well, she didn’t actually tell me. It was aunt liesl. And aunt liesl told me when she — she was just overwhelmed with everything that britt was facing. She had to talk to someone. Wait a minute. Austin knew, too, didn’t he? The birthday gift he gave her? The photos of her life? That’s why he did it. Yeah. Seeing all the people that she loves gave her courage.

[ Sniffles ] At my worst moment when the baby switch came out, britt didn’t walk away from me, and I never would have walked away from her.

[ Voice breaking ] I didn’t need her to be brave. I just need her in my life. I still do.

[ Exhales sharply ] We all do. Liesl, I’m really sorry that you have to hear this from me. I-I-I begged britt to open up to you, but she just [Sighs] She couldn’t, I guess. I don’t know. I mean, the only reason that I know that she was leaving town for good was I happened to catch her in a particularly vulnerable moment. You don’t understand. I’ve never been prouder of mein britta.

[ Exhales sharply ] You see, my relationship with britta was… complicated, to say the least. There were times she hated me and times that I felt she betrayed me. But somehow, despite all that, we — we found our way back together, not just as mother and daughter, but as good friends.

[ Laughs ] It’s just like her to spare the rest of us and sail off into the sunset alone. But you said she came back for us? Why? What changed her mind? You’re sure you don’t remember my twin brother? He’s kind of hard to forget. Is he as kind as you are, doctor?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I guess you could say he’s being kind at the moment because he has no other choice. You actually used to take care of him. I did. Was I a nurse? Mm. No. You, uh — you had an internship. Elizabeth: The patient is in with dr. Collins. Not for long. Martin? I’m in the middle of counseling a patient. Yeah, well, that’s the problem. One man’s counseling is another man’s third degree. I’m afraid I have to ask you to cease and desist immediately. On whose authority? By the authority of the superior court of port charles county. This poor, unfortunate soul may be your patient, but as of… one hour and 15 minutes ago, she’s my client.

Can I, uh, leave it to you two to…

[Voice breaking] Try to find something for britt to wear? Absolutely. Don’t worry about it. We’ve got it under — under control. Okay. I’m counting on you. You’re strong. I love you. I love you. What do we do now? I was kinda hoping you could tell me. Austin: Liesl, you’re a doctor. I’m a doctor. And we know better than most that every life ends. So i t’s how you chooseto live your life that matters. And if britt knew that huntington’s was bringing her close to the end, let’s consider her last week. She delivered a breach baby on christmas eve. She threw an epic party surrounded by people who loved her. People she loved. Affection. Support. Love. And her final act was to save someone’s life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly sad that she’s gone. I am. But if you have to exit this world, that is a pretty badass way to go. I, uh… I appreciate your kind words, austin, I-I do. But… my daughter is gone. Ryan: Oh, that’s rich. You spend a lifetime ignoring that esme even exists, and now you’re what — joan crawford? Joan crawford? I like wire hangers. But what’s this you’re saying about the rest of our family? Wouldn’t you like to know? Ryan, don’t push me. Is something the matter with our baby girl?

[ Inhales sharply ] Well, that depends. Do you knit? I mean, not big things. Just, like, little baby booties and things? I mean, the little one could probably use protection from the cold winter wind. Are you saying — yes. Our baby… is having a baby.

[ Gasps ] I’m not gonna sit here while you go on a fishing expedition. All right. Well, uh… I have a feeling I’m gonna have to ask you more questions at some point, so don’t leave town. You know what I think… what’s that? …Detective falconeri? Mm-hmm? I think you got nothing. And if I got nothing, why are you getting so angry? Okay. Hello, esme. My name is martin grey, and I am your attorney. Try not to hate me. I was assigned by judge holloway. Um, I have no idea if I have any money or any way to pay you. Oh, no, no, that’s okay. This is a pro bono case. That means, as far as you’re concerned, it’s absolutely free. The only thing you have to do is exactly what I tell you. Starting with do not talk to anyone. Not even the doctors? Especially the doctors. Just doing my job. Far be it from me to argue with a judge.

[ Monitor beeping ] Okay, my young friend. First order of business is probably to get you to eat something. Even if it is hospital food. Uh, nurse baldwin, if you don’t mind, I think I’d like to confer with my client in private. If that’s okay? Oh, oh, please don’t make her go. She’s been so good to me. Young lady , for the time being,the only person in this town that’s good to you is yours truly. Everyone is being so sketchy about what I’ve done. Acting like it’s not this revenge porn thing. You’ve done nothing until proven guilty. Guilty of what? Well, ms. Prince, it’s murder in the first degree.

I can’t believe it! I’m gonna be a grandmother! Franco never had kids of his own. Neither did steven and lars. This is my first grandbaby. Maybe it’s not too late to have a family of our own. There could even be a place for ava. Oh! Dare to dream! But a baby? This is so exciting. I — I’m gonna make up for lost time and be there when that baby’s born. Right there in the room to support my baby girl. You do know that’s impossible, right? I’ll just speed up the timeline. Now you’re talking. Allow me to help. Talk about impossible. Just let mama bear finish the work that she’s begun. And papa bear will sit tight until baby bear and lil baby bear in the oven are free. I need to prepare. When do you plan to attack? The minute that my friendly guard is back on duty. Don’t worry. Mama will take care of everything. Kevin. I thought you’d still be interviewing esme. Session was cut short when her lawyer showed up. Wow. Anyone I know? Martin grey. Martin grey? Wow! For someone who showed up with nothing, not even her memory, esme sure has friends in high places. About esme’s memory. You think she’s faking it? I don’t understand. What’s wrong with her? Should we call for her doctor? I got this. Would you step out and give me a minute? Gladly. Thanks for nothing, judge holloway. Who do I gotta bribe to get off of this? I swear it wasn’t even my turn in the rotation. Don’t blame the judge. It wasn’t his doing. Oh, my god. It was you, wasn’t it? What’d you do? Pull some strings to get me assigned to this crazy case? I did. Why? Because esme is carrying my baby. Who better to trust with her case than family? Esme, if you’re faking, I’ll know. So don’t even try. You know, when my marriage ended with jordan… mm. …I never thought I’d get married again. In fact, I was so down on the institution altogether. But even though living with you has been a joy, I just want to make everything official. I’m so excited to take these vows and become your husband. I wasn’t gonna tell you this. Oh. No, no, it’s okay. But, um, I was at wyndham’s the other day. Yeah? And I saw these little towels, and they have a little “his and hers” on them. And I almost got it, but I was like, no, no, no, no. It’s just too cheesy. That’s not cheesy. I think you should have bought them.

[ Chuckles ] Look, I don’t care if they said his or hers, or husband and wife. I want whoever comes into our house to know how absolutely proud we are to be each other’s significant other. Okay. I’m gonna go buy those towels. Go buy those towels. Go buy the towels. Come here, baby.

All that’s left is an empty hotel room. God, she must have felt so alone and so scared.

[ Exhales sharply ] If I only knew. Hey, you heard nina. It’s the way britt wanted it. I don’t care what she wanted! I want her, the one and only britch, my best friend in this whole lousy and messed-up world! And now she’s just gone, just like that. Without so much as a goodbye! And now I’m the one left all alone to go shopping for this stupid funeral get-up.

[ Breathing heavily ] You know what? Don’t worry about it. I’ve got it handled. This is gonna be britt’s last look ever.

[ Sniffles ] I’m not letting you choose some boring dress at wyndham’S. Well, if you think I’m letting you dress her in some fast fashion trash, you’ve got another thing coming.

[ Sighs ] Come on, maxie. She needs something with style and — and impact. Maxie: Style? Yes! I would like to spend some more time observing esme and consult with the neurologist that dr. Ashford brought in. But my initial assessment… is that esme has suffered significant memory loss. Permanent? No way to tell. But if so, we may never know where she’s been or who’s been taking care of her. Well, at seven months pregnant, esme was in no condition to be able to take out an officer or kill britt westbourne on the pier last night. So the more pressing question is, who really is the hook killer? I don’t believe that britt’s murderer will go unpunished. I don’t know if you know this, but the police have a suspect, here in G.H. Under guard 24/7. All I remember is waking up in here. I-I haven’t killed anyone. I couldn’t! You do believe me, don’t you? It’s okay. The best thing you can do for yourself is just rest. Nurse baldwin. Yes? You do believe me, right? Nikolas, my priority is finding lucy. I haven’t got time for this. Hey, you may have been assigned the case pro bono, but I will double your normal fee. The mother of my child, she must be kept safe, not hounded by the police until she gives birth. And then what? Triple your normal fee.

[ Scoffs ] Deal. Esme is in good hands with uncle martin. I am so happy we had this little talk. I will just find another hook, and then we are back in business. Uh, what happened to the first hook? Ugh, it got snagged. But don’t worry. There’s no way they could trace it back to me. Just let me do what I do best. And you just look forward to the happy day when we’re all reunited as a family. The three of us! You miscounted by two. There’s ava…

[ Scoffs ] …And… oh, and the little baby bear in the oven makes five. That’s it. I always knew you were a softy. Hey. Grandpa. All right.

[ Door closes ]

[ Monitor beeping ] Thank you, felicia, for coming out here in person to break the news about britt. Thank mac. It was his idea. He would have come himself if he wasn’t so busy on the case.

[ Voice breaking ] Can I hug you? Yeah. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Okay. All right.

[ Door opens, closes ] Hey. Aunt liesl, I got your text. Aunt liesl! I can’t sleep. Can you give me some thing stronger? Yes. That can be arranged.

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